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Aborted Landings and Incredible Go-Arounds!
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Aborted landings, unbelievable go-arounds and amazing touch and goes. ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK: goo.gl/qADPAE Incredible go arounds and stunning landings in some of the most challenging airports in the world: ⇒ London City Airpo..
You can always go around song
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Not sure about your landing? Vientos cruzados? Danger? Aterrizaje peligroso? You can always go around!
Pilot stories: Go Around in stormy Tivat
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Full story of the flight: drive.google.com/file/d/1ryxlzBes9JXv6bdcrhVWz644XHKD82Nt/view It was one of my most difficult flights. I flew together with a trainee-captain. The weather in Tivat was supposed to be windy, and the only approach av..
Cockpit View - KUL GO AROUND (ATC) !!
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KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), Sepang. Music: TheFatRat - "Fly Away feat. Anjulie" tvclip.biz/video/cMg8KaMdDYo/video.html Recorded with : GOPRO HERO 5 Edited by: Timothy Facebook: facebook.com/edwardsudung.limbong Inst..
FULL POWER GO AROUND!!! Aeroflot 77W Go Around | Aborted Landing | Missed Approach at New York JFK
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FLIGHT REPORT: tvclip.biz/video/9Cts4Qj9TvY/video.html GE90 Startup Compilation: tvclip.biz/video/AijFLB7tCA0/video.html Initial approach to 22L and then to 13L. We were forced to go around due to runway incursion. My first go around exper..
Boeing 737MAX Go-Around
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JustPlanes in the Cockpit of the Aeromexico Boeing 737MAX (XA-MAK) operating flight AM902 from Mexico City to Monterrey. During the final approach you will see that at the time of the "minimums" call the pilots cannot see the runway and have to proce..
Bongi Dube - Go around
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South african music
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#avgeek #planespotting #frankfurt Hey guys, Plane spotting at its best. Last weekend the pilots had the chance to show their skills while Germany was hit by the first real storm/hurricane (Eberhard and Franz) in 2019. Wind gust up to 60 knots from ..
Bongi Dube Go Around (official video)
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nice house track
Captain Rod GO-AROUND due to heavy winds!
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JustPlanes on the Flightdeck of the GOL Airlines Boeing 737 for a flight from Sao Paulo to Chapeco. In command Captain Rod Arana, a very experienced pilot shows you how to play it safe... if the approach isn't fully stable you go-around without hesit..
GO-AROUND Lufthansa A321 RARE!! [FullHD]
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Lufthansa A321 performing a go-around in Faro, Portugal. This one's also filmed by Leo. Something like that never happens to me lol
Unexpected 737 Extreme Go Around + WINDSHEAR! + hail storm
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737 Extreme Go Around WINDSHEAR! hail storm captain's reaction. COCKPIT VIEW!!! This is the link that I use to book plane tickets that has all the latest discounts and lowest prices!!! Link : dapalan.com/Oh9N(The link might include ads, j..
*DOUBLE GO-AROUND* | Turkish Airlines B737-800 | Istanbul Atatürk | 2 aborted crosswind landings
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The flight from Izmir to Istanbul Atatürk should have lasted 1h05m as per official schedule, with just 45 minutes in flight. However, that evening (9 April 2015), the weather conditions got worse, with strong crosswinds both in flight and during app..
EXTREME ABORTED LANDING! London Heathrow Airport *TOUCH & GO + CROSSWIND!* Swiss Intl Airlines A321
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This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, "RachaelMatt" CHECK OUT THE FULL FLIGHT VIDEO HERE: tvclip.biz/video/zX611k9U50U/video.html Including the Take Off from Zurich, the entire Turbulent approach and the successful second landing... One o..
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around
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Justin Timberlake's official music video for 'What Goes Around...Comes Around'. Click to listen to Justin Timberlake on Spotify: smarturl.it/JTSpot?IQid=JTWGA As featured on FutureSex/LoveSounds. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: ht..
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Today a severe storm crossed germany and caused lots of trouble for the pilots which had to land an airplane in western germany. Storm "Friederike" was the strongest storm in germany since 11 years. Pilots had to deal with wind speeds up to 75knts. ..
747-400 Goes Around on Very Short Final! (Miami)
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Please visit our website at www.justplanes.com For this DVD www.worldairroutes.com/Polar.html
GO AROUND !! MD-11 Cockpit View
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Late Go-Around due to an Adria Airways A319 vacating the Runway too slowly. Filmed from the MD-11 Flight Deck, approaching Frankfurt, RWY07R
Dj Euphonik/ Busi Dube_I Dont Wanna Go Around
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Late Go-Around due to an Adria Airways A319 vacating the Runway too slowly. Filmed from the MD-11 Flight Deck, approaching Frankfurt, RWY07R
San Diego Runway 9 DOUBLE Go Around
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Flight No: United 1440 March 27, 2015 EWR - SAN Model: 737-924ER Tail No: N69840 (Just delivered 1/19/15 - Brand New!) Double missed approach into San Diego Runway 9 due to poor visibility, eventually diverted to Ontario Airport in eastern LA.
You can always go around song (Swiss001 Remix)
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TADAAA: You can always go around song (Swiss001 Remix) ORIGINAL VIDEO: tvclip.biz/video/lr5d3sGxSXQ/video.html Links: The BEST IF-addon: inflightassistant.info SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/swiss001 Instagram: www.instagram...
Easyjet A319 ABORTED landing & go around at London Stansted Airport (STN/EGSS) 31/3/14 [1080p HD]
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WOW! Easyjet A319 late go-around at London Stansted Airport (STN/EGSS) on Monday 31st March 2014. PLEASE READ: We was already almost 2 hours late leaving Ljubljana due to over running maintenance on our scheduled aircraft. G-EZBE, based at London Ga..
[A380 GO AROUND at HKG!!] British Airways Airbus A380 landing at Hong Kong
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[FLIGHT REVIEW is AVAILABLE] BA31 flight review (LHR-HKG): tvclip.biz/video/mpOtqewrYrc/video.html GO AROUND announcement by the captain: 18:20 and 19:28 Watch the latest takeoff and landing videos: tvclip.biz/p/PLP6CeSsl-b2VTg0DRg2ght..
Airbus A320 Going Around from Rwy 14 VABB (Mumbai) | India | Cockpit View
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Airbus A320 Going Around from Rwy 14 VABB (Mumbai) India, A tail wind gust at 20ft Radio Altimeter made the Aeroplane float, Aeroplane was just eating up the runway with no sign of touching down, split second decision was made to Execute a Go-Around ..
Rare! Boeing 777 Breathtaking Late Go Around!
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Follow me on Facebook: facebook.com/fernousdu972.aviation One Hundred, Fifty, Fourty, Thirty, Twenty... and go around! The airplane was only 20 ft over the runway before going around. A very rare sight here in Martinique. HD1080p availa..
Go Around
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If in doubt, go-around! While it sounds simple, making the decision to go-around, and then properly executing the maneuver is actually quite involved! We take the mystery out of the maneuver in this video. www.erau,edu
Boeing 747 GO-AROUND Just Above Runway!
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In 2004 JustPlanes filmed a "Round the World" Boeing 747 cockpit film with POLAR AIR CARGO. This featured 10 flights including this one en route from Chicago to Brazil with a stopover in Miami. During the final approach into Miami you will notice the..
Air Canada A320 lands at SFO after being instructed to go around!
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Do you want to get into the VASAviation team? Send an email to VASAviation1@gmail.com :) Follow @VASAviation on TWITTER to get all the news about the channel and more! :D twitter.com/VASAviation Please, give a big LIKE to support and f..
[FULL HD] UTair Aviation 767-300 NEAR MISS? GO AROUND at Barcelona-El Prat
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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW Yesterday, early in the morning...What you see is what happened. An UTair Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) incoming from Moscow as UT5187 and Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV)... The Utair 767 was about..
Awesome Finnair MD 11 Go Around Cockpit View
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Finnair MD-11 Go Around Cockpit View 100ft from the ground Landing in New York. Awesome video just owe some. The complete approach is now on my channel and i've posted a responce Enjoy.
LAST SECOND GO AROUND | Stormy Leeds Bradford | Jet2 B737-3QC
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✈ If you haven't already, please take a moment to subscribe and support the channel! ✈ We were greeted by some gusty winds and heavy rain on our arrival into a grim-looking UK. It certainly made for contrast to the weather in Spain. Up front on ..
Onboard Go-around at LAX: American Airbus A321 (With ATC)
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Onboard view of a late go-around at Los Angeles (LAX), onboard an American Airlines Airbus A321T operating flight AA171 from New York's JFK on September 13 2015. Includes ATC for the entire landing and go-around. We commence our final approach for ..
UA 757 Go-Around @ SFO After Losing Separation w/ Cathay 747
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UA900 from SAN executes an ATC-ordered go-around from the approach to 28L after the Cathay Pacific 747 from HKG for 28R. ATC asked Cathay to "slow and avoid overtaking United 757 on your left." Cathay responded they were at "minimum speed" and afte..
[REAL ATC] Aeromexico Embraer forces American to go around at JFK!
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Do you want to get into the VASAviation team? Send an email to VASAviation1@gmail.com :) VASAviation's Discord discord.gg/ap5reFs Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @VASAviation Audio source: www.liveatc.net Please, give a big LIKE to suppor..
Go Around! Lufty 747 Aborted Landing Boston Logan
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Wow - listen to those engines scream when she pulls back up! I see go arounds pretty often but never seem to have my camera rolling, but I did today! I am wondering if this might have been wind shear, I could not tell from the ATC but the landing d..
**VERY LOW GO-AROUND** British Airways Airbus A380-841 [G-XLEH] at YVR
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Awesome Go-Around for this British Airways A380 coming in to Vancouver. Looks like she may have flared a little too early, and ended up floating before going around. What an impressive BEAST!! This is a definite must watch!! Second attempt was succes..
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#avgeek #aviation #crosswind #ryanair #corfu #spectacular Hey guys, This time it is about my latest flight from Frankfurt to Corfu in Greece with Ryanair Boeing 737-800, EI-FOG, in July 2019. The whole approach for Rwy35 can be seen. First everythi..
Why Aircraft GO-AROUND?!
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Start protecting yourself on the web at nordvpn.org/pilot and use code "pilot" and save 75%! Why would an aircraft choose to abort a Landing? Is it a dangerous manoeuvre and how is it actually handled by the pilots in the cockpit? In Todays ..
Go-Around During Parallel Runway Landing (Plane on Runway). Speakers up for full effect.
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I was on a B737 on United landing on 28L. You can see on 28R is a Virgin America airbus also landing. There is a plane on the runway, and the pilots pull up and do a go around. This is the 2nd go around I have been on, and it's always very exciting. ..
Thomas Cook A321-211 Powerful GO AROUND at Skiathos Airport | Low Aborted Landing [w/ ATC Comms ]
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Watch this Thomas Cook A321 on a low approach at Skiathos Airport, Greece, when it encounters a 13kt tailwind. The pilot was forced to apply full thrust and go around for a second attempt, which turned out to be a picture perfect landing! ➤Subscrib..
GO AROUND with ATC Singapore Airlines A330 Landing at Brisbane Airport
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PLEASE READ: Go around onboard 'Singapore 255' yesterday arriving at Brisbane due to a Virgin 737-800 taking too long on the runway. I've included full ATC taken from liveatc.net and added transcripts for cabin announcements and communication betwee..
WINDSHEAR Go Arounds : Boeing 747,767,777,787 Airbus 330, 350
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What a crazy crosswind day. More Go Arounds than I've ever seen. Windshear alerts. /- 30 kts. UAL, ANA, JAL, Korean, Air Canada, Delta A350, Air Busan A321 and more. With ATC audio
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An extremely windy day for much of the UK, with winds exceeding 60mph in some places, MAN was subject to wind from the North West reaching peak gusts of 38 knots. The direction meant that aircraft landing on 23R were faced with a 90 crosswind and som..
Storm Hannah Go Around & Aborted Landings in Strong Wind at Manchester Airport! 27/4/19
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A rather unsettled and unseasonable day in late April, the latest storm of the 2018/2019 season, Hannah, has been battering the UK and Ireland for the past couple of days. Winds of over 60 knots reported in places. As per the norm with me, and my qu..
Cross Wind Landing and Go Around BHX Birmingham Airport
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#CrossWindLandins #BHX #Birmingham #A380 #Emitates Something a little different from me, With an unseasonal deep low pressure for Summer forecast we headed for BHX to see if we could get some bumpy landings!! Boeing’s 737 Max Go around
Delta B757-200 Approach and GO AROUND - San Francisco International
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Aboard a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 approaching KSFO, including a go around at low altitude due to traffic on the runway. A first for me - nice adrenaline rush and a nice surprise to hear those PW2037s spooling back up to TOGA power once again!
Santez PMMG - Go Around (Music Video)
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SUBSCRIBE to the official I Am Hip-Hop channel for more music premieres and more: goo.gl/rruwH0 '“Go Around' By Santez PMMG Download song: ffm.to/skcgqhy3oa Connect with I Am Hip Hop: Instagram: goo.gl/L9oc5Y Twitter: htt..
Boeing 777-300(ER) Go Around at Frankfurt Airport, 03-07-19
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An interesting capture from my Frankfurt visit. Due to some rather breezy crosswinds, some aircraft had experienced some windshear on approach to Runway 07R at Frankfurt, this Boeing 777 of Kuwait Airways decided it was better to abort the landing an..