Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesCuphead Boss Headcanon Voices
Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesLuigiFan00001
10 months ago
And now for something completely different... Voice Headcanons for every boss in Cuphead! Really loved the overall aesthetic of the game, and wanted to get ...
Undertale Headcanon VoicesUndertale Headcanon Voices
Undertale Headcanon VoicesHazel Grey
2 years ago
This is for my brother, Jared, who got me into Undertale. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave your love comments!!! Twitter: @JosieAlyvia Tumblr: ...
My OC Headcanon VoicesMy OC Headcanon Voices
My OC Headcanon VoicesAlexandraToons
5 months ago
All voices belongs to the owner!!! All voices really fits and i enjoyed Zendy's voice sm as finn aa alex/glitch are not in here cuz they will be voiced by me hope u ...
Headcanon OC voices ( read the desc )Headcanon OC voices ( read the desc )
Headcanon OC voices ( read the desc )crispymilk
Year ago
Hi so i didnt get to edit the last part because the program crashed and didnt save what i did do with the glitch effects and name,, h Also the last character just ...
My Character's Headcanon VoicesMy Character's Headcanon Voices
My Character's Headcanon VoicesMokii
2 months ago
I've been wanting to do this video for ages and I finally got around to doing it :D Also don't ask why half of these are from Persona 5 idk either they just fitted lolol ...
Oc headcanon voices [or something...?]Oc headcanon voices [or something...?]
Oc headcanon voices [or something...?]Sassy Skeletøn
Year ago
ya sé que a nadie le importan mis ocs pero bueno jajsanfjsad tenía ganas de hacer esto?? supongo que la mayoría no los conocen, así que les presento a mis ...
OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)
OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)Jo Jo
Year ago
BIO (ONLY IN SPANISH) Bobby es rudo con cualquiera, expecto su pareja, actualmente trabaja para bob y recibe una recompensa a cambio. Bob esta ...
6 months ago
twitter: twitter.com/Michchama1 Tumblr: micho-trash.tumblr.com/
[HS] - Headcanon Voices[HS] - Headcanon Voices
[HS] - Headcanon VoicesMylittle Polly
2 years ago
I own nothing, all voices are copyrighted in the video.
OC Headcanon voicesOC Headcanon voices
OC Headcanon voicesMeltumi
Year ago
ahhh I've wanted to do this for so long, it took me a whole day to get this done hhh.
Headcanon homestuck troll voicesHeadcanon homestuck troll voices
Headcanon homestuck troll voicesBrooke Steele TV
Month ago
I don't own the drawing and audio Drawings belongs to: snowy-town on DA aradia: Anna (frozen) Tavros: hiro (big hero 6) Sollux: wayne (Hotel transylvania) ...
OC headcanon voicesOC headcanon voices
OC headcanon voicesvademort
10 months ago
I always wanted to do it aaaaaaaa I will do a few more in the future, because I have a lot of OCs, but for now I did the one with my main 6 lol i love my english ...
Headcanon Friendsim Singing VoicesHeadcanon Friendsim Singing Voices
Headcanon Friendsim Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
4 months ago
merry christmas guys!!!!!!!!!! my gift to you is uploading a video for once LMAO man, friendsim was a wild adventure and i love (almost) every character! also ...
My OC's headcanon voices :vMy OC's headcanon voices :v
My OC's headcanon voices :vTamashirø 5901
9 months ago
Se ya esta muy choteado ,pero no quería quedarme con las ganas, y tal vez haga otra parte SONG: TAMMY: Natalia Lafourcade - Hasta la raiz TOM: Twenty ...
Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)
Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)Peach Tea
4 months ago
These are the headcanon voices that I have for the characters in Deltarune (aka the best game ever) Audio belongs to the rightful owners (all info in video) Link ...
Year ago
aaaaAAAA It's about time I got to doing one of these! GOD I put too many characters into this, but I hope you guys enjoy it! I sure do!! I GOT INSPIRATION TO DO ...
OC Headcanon voices - RE:Vex (Japanese)OC Headcanon voices - RE:Vex (Japanese)
OC Headcanon voices - RE:Vex (Japanese)Akumarou
5 months ago
Hellooo i know this video is kinda...useless? But I always wanted to post this so here with the whole characters in RE:Vex ^^' Credits Voices : (Anime fans.
More OC Headcanon VoicesMore OC Headcanon Voices
More OC Headcanon Voicesorinkuu
Year ago
aaAAA I MADE ANOTHER ONE!! this is basically a sequel to my last video with newer OCs! voice credits: Mel - Molly Pease (song: The Villain I Appear to Be by ...
Year ago
So these are the headcanon voices for the most of my oc:s! You can ask me about the characters in the comment section, I will gladly answer all questions.
Headcanon OFF Singing VoicesHeadcanon OFF Singing Voices
Headcanon OFF Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
2 years ago
i decided that doing a different fandom this time would be cool. ~~~ The Batter : Lord Of The Rings Theme Song (cover by Markiplier) Zacharie : Johnny Ringo ...
Applejack's Parents: A Headcanon BackstoryApplejack's Parents: A Headcanon Backstory
Applejack's Parents: A Headcanon BackstoryInk Rose
5 years ago
By absurdly popular request, here is the history of Applejack's parents! Check out my DeviantArt page: inkrose98.deviantart.com/ Follow me on Tumblr: ...
Headcanon My Hero Academia Singing VoicesHeadcanon My Hero Academia Singing Voices
Headcanon My Hero Academia Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
Year ago
BASED OFF OF THE ENGLISH DUB ((i tried my very best to find voices to fit the english dub voices pls dont sue me)) apologies for not putting everyone in this, ...
Undertale: Headcanon VoicesUndertale: Headcanon Voices
Undertale: Headcanon VoicesStormy Night
3 years ago
A collection of my ideal voice cast for a voiced adaptation of Undertale. I'll post more information on each voice actor later. But, for now, here's a list of every ...
Rainbow Dash's Parents: A Headcanon BackstoryRainbow Dash's Parents: A Headcanon Backstory
Rainbow Dash's Parents: A Headcanon BackstoryInk Rose
5 years ago
I hope you enjoy my story! Like my Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Ink-Rose/152280908311925 Watch me on DeviantArt: ...
Monster Kid Headcanon ComicMonster Kid Headcanon Comic
Monster Kid Headcanon ComicCosmicPixel
3 years ago
Hey guys! Haven't come out with a video in a while now, so I figure, why not return with a little Undertale Comic headcanon I had? I posted it on my tumblr blog, ...
OC's headcanon voicesOC's headcanon voices
OC's headcanon voicesMacata Dash
Year ago
Redes sociales: (/;-;)/:instagram.com/macataii/ (/;-;)/:facebook.com/MacataDashOf... (/;-;)/:twitter.com/macatadash.
My Headcanon Voices For Undertale CharactersMy Headcanon Voices For Undertale Characters
My Headcanon Voices For Undertale CharactersTheCrypticFang
2 years ago
All Undertale Characters belong to TobyFox Toriel through Asriel sprites belong to TobyFox Frisk and Chara sprite belongs to SkelyHat ...
[OC] headcanon voices[OC] headcanon voices
[OC] headcanon voicesVelleity :
10 months ago
me me big tired and i died making this two of these are my iz ocs sxksmxksk whoops that's all i got im tired • Ollie: Hiro from Big Hero 6 Emprett: Demon Kitty Rag ...
Trolls Headcanon VoicesTrolls Headcanon Voices
Trolls Headcanon VoicesInvidiaEsc
6 years ago
Just my headcanon voices for the troll's of Homestuck. :) Aradia Megido - Gossip Girl Tavros Nitram - Ash (pokemon) Sollux Captor - Pato Donald Karkat Vantas ...
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYHetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULY
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYBlackLionPants
3 years ago
Hello everyone! We are finally going to make as many of your headcanon suggestions come true and most likely on a regular basis too! :D This is our first one of ...
Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]
Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]e_884
9 months ago
No content in this video belongs to me. Voices are in order down below. Fozzer: Patrick Star (Spongebob) Diemen: Ricken (Fire Emblem: Awakening) Marsti: ...
NEW Homestuck Character Headcanon Voices BETA kids and trolls *READ DESC*NEW Homestuck Character Headcanon Voices BETA kids and trolls *READ DESC*
NEW Homestuck Character Headcanon Voices BETA kids and trolls *READ DESC*Jedflah
3 years ago
HEY LISTEN! Okay before you get too far into this video, there are some spoilers for Adventure Time and Psychonauts. If you don't know what those are, ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)homosexual troll
2 years ago
baCK AT IT AGAIN ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 100 SUBS MY DUDES :'00 ~~~~ Handmaid : Panic! At The Disco Medley (cover by Connor Ball) ...
Voces Headcanon - Okegom - DiosesVoces Headcanon - Okegom - Dioses
Voces Headcanon - Okegom - DiosesMomijibayashi
Year ago
Ningún fanart o audio que se muestre en el vídeo me pertenecen, créditos a los autores originales.
Headcanon Night In The Woods Singing VoicesHeadcanon Night In The Woods Singing Voices
Headcanon Night In The Woods Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
2 years ago
hey another non homestuck video whoops credit for a few artists (along with their channels) are at the bottom Mae : Sound Of Silence (from the movie Trolls) ...
Nate Speaks: My Top Ten Warrior Cats LGBT Headcanons!Nate Speaks: My Top Ten Warrior Cats LGBT Headcanons!
Nate Speaks: My Top Ten Warrior Cats LGBT Headcanons!Draikinator
5 months ago
im gay and i love cats lol heads up in advance, homophobic/mean comments will be deleted without response. you have been warned. Support me on Patreon: ...
Headcanon Homestuck Voices (Beta Trolls)Headcanon Homestuck Voices (Beta Trolls)
Headcanon Homestuck Voices (Beta Trolls)homosexual troll
Year ago
i couldnt wait for the weekend to post this aaahahhsa true talking voices this time, rather than songs :^) Aradia : Poppy ( tvclip.biz/video/QO7tCTQaADY/video.html ) ...
[♫~My characters headcanon voices~♫][♫~My characters headcanon voices~♫]
[♫~My characters headcanon voices~♫]_Alex _Fletcher_
Year ago
Группа- vk.com/club165046498 ~Песенки~ Раен- Ты же хотела узнать, что будет завтра Кай- Rickey F-Free Fall Хико- Markul-Повер...
Homestuck Headcanon Voices [Fantrolls & Fankids]Homestuck Headcanon Voices [Fantrolls & Fankids]
Homestuck Headcanon Voices [Fantrolls & Fankids]e_884
Year ago
Talksprite bases credited to Andrew Hussie, and edited by me :) I don't claim any music or audio in this video as mine. Ciodre: Chrollo Lucifer from HXH (1999 ...
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesthat oc voice headcanon thing everyone does
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesDoodle Dude
Year ago
there wouldve been more characters but i got WAY TOO TIRED TO DRAW EVERYONE ELSE i dont own any of the audio, im not that talented to make em. i am ...
Sans AU's Headcanon Voices + Theme SongsSans AU's Headcanon Voices + Theme Songs
Sans AU's Headcanon Voices + Theme SongsDawn Vampyra the Saccubus
2 years ago
The audio files, art, AUs, and Characters do NOT belong to me.