FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]
FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]Lightblade Absol
2 years ago
EDIT: Sorry, but comments are disabled. It was getting disrespectful. Nobody was reading the description. Besides, I posted this BEFORE Sister Location came ...
Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesCuphead Boss Headcanon Voices
Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesLuigiFan00001
5 months ago
And now for something completely different... Voice Headcanons for every boss in Cuphead! Really loved the overall aesthetic of the game, and wanted to get ...
My OC Headcanon VoicesMy OC Headcanon Voices
My OC Headcanon VoicesAlexandraToons
3 days ago
All voices belongs to the owner!!! All voices really fits and i enjoyed Zendy's voice sm as finn aa alex/glitch are not in here cuz they will be voiced by me hope u ...
FNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voicesFNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voices
FNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voicesSockyAnimatics
7 months ago
None of the musics belong to me! (only the art) Toy Freddy: When Can I See You Again? by Owl City Toy Bonnie: The Show must go on by MandoPony Toy ...
OC Headcanon VoicesOC Headcanon Voices
OC Headcanon VoicesRinaTheKitty
2 years ago
i swear im working on animations i just really wanted to make this video none of the audio clips belong to me!! except for.. mine, of course Alucilia - Tessa Violet ...
Month ago
twitter: twitter.com/Michchama1 Tumblr: micho-trash.tumblr.com/
my OC's headcanon voices (part 2....)my OC's headcanon voices (part 2....)
my OC's headcanon voices (part 2....)AvA-Ria
11 months ago
all ocs belongs to ⓒAvA-Ria (lmfao it's me) BLA BLA BLA DO NOT COPY THEM THX (if anyone is interesed) my social media: -ava-ria.tumblr.com/ ...
| OC's headcanon voices // NEW! || OC's headcanon voices // NEW! |
| OC's headcanon voices // NEW! |Just Ferfini
Year ago
Nespi voice song // tvclip.biz/video/QEGgNsPXTRE/video.html Blackie voice song // tvclip.biz/video/GecjFKr2EuM/video.html...
OC's HeadCanon VoicesOC's HeadCanon Voices
OC's HeadCanon Voicesҽɱι ɱαƚʂυɳσ
8 months ago
OCs: Emi LostBoy Right For now its only these OC's, maybe next month i'll update this.
OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)
OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)Leigh is Lucid
Year ago
PLEASE READ THE DESC. FOR VOICES/SONGS! Yeah...I uh... probably spelled some names wrong... Anyway, thanks to everyone who humored me and let ...
Slendytubbies headcanon voices (READ DESCRIPTION)Slendytubbies headcanon voices (READ DESCRIPTION)
Slendytubbies headcanon voices (READ DESCRIPTION)mekmek orange
5 months ago
Tinky Winky - Beliver by: ImagineDragons Tinky Tank - Welcome to the family by: Avenged Sevenfold Dipsy - Discord (2015) by: Eurobeat bony Lake Dipsy ...
Undertale: Headcanon VoicesUndertale: Headcanon Voices
Undertale: Headcanon VoicesStormy Night
2 years ago
A collection of my ideal voice cast for a voiced adaptation of Undertale. I'll post more information on each voice actor later. But, for now, here's a list of every ...
Undertale Headcanon VoicesUndertale Headcanon Voices
Undertale Headcanon VoicesHikaru Weasley
2 years ago
These voices in my opinion would work best for these characters :3 some people may not agree, but that's okay. This is just what I think. Thanks to Jacksepticeye ...
Headcanon My Hero Academia Singing VoicesHeadcanon My Hero Academia Singing Voices
Headcanon My Hero Academia Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
10 months ago
BASED OFF OF THE ENGLISH DUB-- ((i tried my very best to find voices to fit the english dub voices pls dont sue me)) apologies for not putting everyone in this, ...
oc headcanon voices {alien kids}oc headcanon voices {alien kids}
oc headcanon voices {alien kids}misterpoof
4 months ago
eyyy i'm back at it again with my ocs;;; i swear to god if any of you compare them to VLD characters i wILL DELETE.
More OC Headcanon VoicesMore OC Headcanon Voices
More OC Headcanon VoicesRinaTheKitty
Year ago
aaAAA I MADE ANOTHER ONE!! this is basically a sequel to my last video with newer OCs! voice credits: Mel - Molly Pease (song: The Villain I Appear to Be by ...
OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)
OC'S HEADCANON VOICES (Principal oc's)Max Ren
10 months ago
BIO (ONLY IN SPANISH) Bobby es rudo con cualquiera, expecto su pareja, actualmente trabaja para bob y recibe una recompensa a cambio. Bob esta ...
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYHetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULY
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYBlackLionPants
3 years ago
Hello everyone! We are finally going to make as many of your headcanon suggestions come true and most likely on a regular basis too! :D This is our first one of ...
oc headcanon voicesoc headcanon voices
oc headcanon voicesshikkakyuu
11 months ago
i was making an original meme but i was exhausted so have??? whatever this is instead??? if anything its a filler hGDFS --- character/voice info: - souko // ghost ...
Year ago
aaaaAAAA It's about time I got to doing one of these! GOD I put too many characters into this, but I hope you guys enjoy it! I sure do!! I GOT INSPIRATION TO DO ...
My characters headcanon voicesMy characters headcanon voices
My characters headcanon voicesDraw Pon
Year ago
My characters headcanon voices Music: 1. The Game of Life (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】 2. Get Scared - Sarcasm 3. Natsu Fuji - Kawaii Party 4. Serebro - Mi ...
Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]
Hiveswap Headcanon Voices [Trollcall]e_884
3 months ago
No content in this video belongs to me. Voices are in order down below. Fozzer: Patrick Star (Spongebob) Diemen: Ricken (Fire Emblem: Awakening) Marsti: ...
Undertale Headcanon VoicesUndertale Headcanon Voices
Undertale Headcanon VoicesHazel Grey
2 years ago
This is for my brother, Jared, who got me into Undertale. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave your love comments!!! Twitter: @JosieAlyvia Tumblr: ...
Asexual HeadcanonsAsexual Headcanons
Asexual HeadcanonsAmeliaAce
3 years ago
I share some of my personal asexual/aromantic-spectrum headcanons, and talk a little about why it's important to me that people find representation for their ...
Mlp [speedpaint] - Headcanon and Caring Heart Ref Sheet #1 - Base EditMlp [speedpaint] - Headcanon and Caring Heart Ref Sheet #1 - Base Edit
Mlp [speedpaint] - Headcanon and Caring Heart Ref Sheet #1 - Base EditNazo no Akuma
Year ago
Yay for really long videos and titles!! Thank you all so much for waiting so long for my next up load, you are all so amazing!! And 500 substers, wow...that's so ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Ancestors)Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Ancestors)
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Ancestors)homosexual troll
Year ago
EDIT 12/24/16* holy jumping jegus on a breadstick how are there so many views- ---- finally im not lazy enough to upload something (((: ~~~ The Handmaid ...
Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)
Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)Stormy Night
2 years ago
Because you guys liked the first one so much, I made a second covering a bunch of characters I missed the first go around. Obviously, I can't pick a voice for ...
Headcanon Hiveswap Singing VoicesHeadcanon Hiveswap Singing Voices
Headcanon Hiveswap Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
8 months ago
ITS FINALLY HERE, KIDS and yeah, this will definitely be remade once the other trolls are seen in the game 0: ------ Joey : 26 (cover by Slyleaf) Jude : The ...
Headcanon voices OC memeHeadcanon voices OC meme
Headcanon voices OC meme-Glitch Hat-
3 days ago
1.Super science friends episode 3/Sneaky little nazis episode 2 2.??? - I can't decide 3.Twenty one pilots - The run and go 4.Jonas blue - I see love 5.
[Homestuck] Headcanon voices (SPANISH)[Homestuck] Headcanon voices (SPANISH)
[Homestuck] Headcanon voices (SPANISH)PukyBear
6 years ago
Ok, I own nothing about this, I tried the best to choose every single one of them... I hope you like it!! Nada del video me pertenece, hice lo mejor que pude para ...
My Headcanon Voices For Undertale CharactersMy Headcanon Voices For Undertale Characters
My Headcanon Voices For Undertale CharactersTheCrypticFang
Year ago
All Undertale Characters belong to TobyFox Toriel through Asriel sprites belong to TobyFox Frisk and Chara sprite belongs to SkelyHat ...
Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt  1 the kids)Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt  1 the kids)
Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt 1 the kids)Sketch Love
7 months ago
I decided to do one of these videos because im a sucker for voice acting and headcanons I'll do part two soon, it will cover the main antagonists and some other ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Trickster Dancestors)Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Trickster Dancestors)
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Trickster Dancestors)homosexual troll
Year ago
EDIT 12/15/16* OKAY BUT OVER 100 VIEWS WHAT-- woowooo another video ~~~ Damara : Wonderland (by Caravan Palace) Rufioh : Hot Mess (by Hedley) ...
FNAF Headcanon VoicesFNAF Headcanon Voices
FNAF Headcanon VoicesBlue Bearys
Year ago
Here are the songs: Freddy (day): tvclip.biz/video/xasuMEESUoY/video.html Freddy (night): tvclip.biz/video/9Gye3-ivTTk/video.html Bonnie ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)homosexual troll
Year ago
baCK AT IT AGAIN ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 100 SUBS MY DUDES :'00 ~~~~ Handmaid : Panic! At The Disco Medley (cover by Connor Ball) ...
Asexual Headcanons: Anime EditionAsexual Headcanons: Anime Edition
Asexual Headcanons: Anime EditionAmeliaAce
6 months ago
Look, I know my anime tastes are basic af. You don't have to tell me. Anyway, here are some headcanons. If you like my videos, please consider supporting me ...
Headcanon OFF Singing VoicesHeadcanon OFF Singing Voices
Headcanon OFF Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
Year ago
i decided that doing a different fandom this time would be cool. ~~~ The Batter : Lord Of The Rings Theme Song (cover by Markiplier) Zacharie : Johnny Ringo ...
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesthat oc voice headcanon thing everyone does
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesDoodle Dude
Year ago
there wouldve been more characters but i got WAY TOO TIRED TO DRAW EVERYONE ELSE i dont own any of the audio, im not that talented to make em. i am ...
OC Headcanon voicesOC Headcanon voices
OC Headcanon voicesMeltumi
8 months ago
ahhh I've wanted to do this for so long, it took me a whole day to get this done hhh.
[Reels] OC Headcanon Voices[Reels] OC Headcanon Voices
[Reels] OC Headcanon VoicesKittenSneeze
3 years ago
Just some voice clips for the headcanon voices of some of my characters. The only thing I own is the characters and my art. Inspired by Vivziepop. Voices: Alex ...
FNAF Headcanon VoicesFNAF Headcanon Voices
FNAF Headcanon Voicescarameloreo
Year ago
These are the voices I think fit the characters best. Which one did you like the most? Freddy Fazbear - Mark Fischbach(Markiplier) Fredbear - Timber Puppers ...
BIONICLE Headcanon Voice Actors Part 2: Makuta and Shadow MatoranBIONICLE Headcanon Voice Actors Part 2: Makuta and Shadow Matoran
BIONICLE Headcanon Voice Actors Part 2: Makuta and Shadow MatoranBionicle Legacy
Year ago
Part 2 of my personal list of voice actors for BIONICLE characters.
oc headcanon voicesoc headcanon voices
oc headcanon voiceslakrej
8 months ago
lol hiii here are my childrens voices....i lov them all --- ALL VOICES BELONG TO RIGHTFUL OWNERS??? dodie khalid garrett watts shane dawson ethan nestor ...
Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta Trolls)Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta Trolls)
Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta Trolls)homosexual troll
2 years ago
aaaaa here we go!!! Aradia-My Immortal (cover by Sharmy D'Hondt) Tavros-Killer (by The Ready Set) Sollux-Secrets (by One Republic) Karkat-Take It Out On ...