Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesCuphead Boss Headcanon Voices
Cuphead Boss Headcanon VoicesLuigiFan00001
7 months ago
And now for something completely different... Voice Headcanons for every boss in Cuphead! Really loved the overall aesthetic of the game, and wanted to get ...
FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]
FNaF Headcanon Voices All Night Party AU [READ THE DESCRIPTION!]Lightblade Absol
2 years ago
EDIT: Sorry, but comments are disabled. It was getting disrespectful. Nobody was reading the description. Besides, I posted this BEFORE Sister Location came ...
My OC Headcanon VoicesMy OC Headcanon Voices
My OC Headcanon VoicesAlexandraToons
2 months ago
All voices belongs to the owner!!! All voices really fits and i enjoyed Zendy's voice sm as finn aa alex/glitch are not in here cuz they will be voiced by me hope u ...
Headcanon OC voicesHeadcanon OC voices
Headcanon OC voices{Nebula }
2 months ago
Ocs: Sugi: Dexter Manning tvclip.biz/video/3udPMn70AKc/video.html tvclip.biz/video/trKKhIWboiM/video.html Quattro: Bo Burnham tvclip.biz/video/DnRqnlnOLMU/video.html Tod: Flowey ...
3 months ago
twitter: twitter.com/Michchama1 Tumblr: micho-trash.tumblr.com/
OC Headcanon VoicesOC Headcanon Voices
OC Headcanon Voicesorinkuu
2 years ago
i swear im working on animations i just really wanted to make this video none of the audio clips belong to me!! except for.. mine, of course Alucilia - Tessa Violet ...
| OC's headcanon voices // NEW! || OC's headcanon voices // NEW! |
| OC's headcanon voices // NEW! |Ferfini
Year ago
Nespi voice song // tvclip.biz/video/QEGgNsPXTRE/video.html Blackie voice song // tvclip.biz/video/GecjFKr2EuM/video.html...
[ Headcanon Voices ][ Headcanon Voices ]
[ Headcanon Voices ]Tayplets
11 months ago
Here I am! Finally I got ready and made this video. Nope, it's not all my characters (I have 16 characters.). I chose only those who are able to speak. The rest of ...
More OC Headcanon VoicesMore OC Headcanon Voices
More OC Headcanon Voicesorinkuu
Year ago
aaAAA I MADE ANOTHER ONE!! this is basically a sequel to my last video with newer OCs! voice credits: Mel - Molly Pease (song: The Villain I Appear to Be by ...
.Hateful Wonderland Headcanon Voices. [CaramelCraze].Hateful Wonderland Headcanon Voices. [CaramelCraze]
.Hateful Wonderland Headcanon Voices. [CaramelCraze]Where All The Magic Happens
Year ago
"I love how you have such great art.. but.. you rename fnaf characters.. hnn.. km please?" "This is just Foxy and Springtrap renamed" "Is this fnaf?" "Clickbait that's ...
OC Headcanon Voices (New... I guess-) ~Your Presence~OC Headcanon Voices (New... I guess-) ~Your Presence~
OC Headcanon Voices (New... I guess-) ~Your Presence~Kiiro
6 months ago
Yeah I did this again. I know it's the same, but I gave the others different ones and I added 2 OCs here.
Headcanon Friendsim Singing VoicesHeadcanon Friendsim Singing Voices
Headcanon Friendsim Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
26 days ago
merry christmas guys!!!!!!!!!! my gift to you is uploading a video for once LMAO man, friendsim was a wild adventure and i love (almost) every character! also ...
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesthat oc voice headcanon thing everyone does
that oc voice headcanon thing everyone doesDoodle Dude
Year ago
there wouldve been more characters but i got WAY TOO TIRED TO DRAW EVERYONE ELSE i dont own any of the audio, im not that talented to make em. i am ...
MLP [Headcanon] - You have beautiful eyes.. - (SpeedPaint)MLP [Headcanon] - You have beautiful eyes.. - (SpeedPaint)
MLP [Headcanon] - You have beautiful eyes.. - (SpeedPaint)Fun With Lynnie
3 months ago
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- YAY A SPOILER FOR MY NEW HEADCANON Wee This is just a doodle X3 I gotta do homework now bye, btw I'll post a big ...
Year ago
aaaaAAAA It's about time I got to doing one of these! GOD I put too many characters into this, but I hope you guys enjoy it! I sure do!! I GOT INSPIRATION TO DO ...
Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)
Undertale: Headcanon Voices (Round 2)Stormy Night
2 years ago
Because you guys liked the first one so much, I made a second covering a bunch of characters I missed the first go around. Obviously, I can't pick a voice for ...
FNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voicesFNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voices
FNaF 2 | Characters Headcanon voicesSockyAnimatics
10 months ago
None of the musics belong to me! (only the art) Toy Freddy: When Can I See You Again? by Owl City Toy Bonnie: The Show must go on by MandoPony Toy ...
Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)
Deltarune Headcanon Voices (pt. 1)Peach Tea
Month ago
These are the headcanon voices that I have for the characters in Deltarune (aka the best game ever) Audio belongs to the rightful owners (all info in video) Link ...
【Headcanon】OCs voices【Headcanon】OCs voices
【Headcanon】OCs voicesKwitchi
Year ago
Just the main ones for now because I'm lazy c: Character used: Jun: -Toussaint Neshibara (Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon) -Damian (Zero no Tsukaima F) -Hayama ...
arcana headcanon voicesarcana headcanon voices
arcana headcanon voicesZee Thorne
4 months ago
A compilation of voices i think would fit the characters from The Arcana, the visual novel by Nix Hydra. Nadia - Cate Blanchett Asra - Jerry Jewell Julian - Eric ...
Undertale Headcanon VoicesUndertale Headcanon Voices
Undertale Headcanon VoicesHazel Grey
2 years ago
This is for my brother, Jared, who got me into Undertale. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave your love comments!!! Twitter: @JosieAlyvia Tumblr: ...
Voces Headcanon - Okegom - DiosesVoces Headcanon - Okegom - Dioses
Voces Headcanon - Okegom - DiosesMilk Shake
11 months ago
Ningún fanart o audio que se muestre en el vídeo me pertenecen, créditos a los autores originales.
Dragon Age Headcanon: Loghain Mac TirDragon Age Headcanon: Loghain Mac Tir
Dragon Age Headcanon: Loghain Mac TirThe Kingdom
10 months ago
Hey, everybody! Today, we're talking about why I choose to execute Loghain in Dragon Age Origins. I DO wish I could have imprisoned him instead, but that ...
OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)
OC Headcanon Voices (Part 1)Leigh is Lucid
Year ago
PLEASE READ THE DESC. FOR VOICES/SONGS! Yeah...I uh... probably spelled some names wrong... Anyway, thanks to everyone who humored me and let ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)
Headcanon Homestuck Singing Voices (Genderbent Ancestors)homosexual troll
2 years ago
baCK AT IT AGAIN ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 100 SUBS MY DUDES :'00 ~~~~ Handmaid : Panic! At The Disco Medley (cover by Connor Ball) ...
Animatic/Meme | Mother Mary | Just Shapes & Beats [a headcanon thing?]Animatic/Meme | Mother Mary | Just Shapes & Beats [a headcanon thing?]
Animatic/Meme | Mother Mary | Just Shapes & Beats [a headcanon thing?]Late TeH
23 days ago
A little headcanon: Blixer have different personality in his phase/form; - Original Blixer was so grumpy, have anger issue, cold heart, but he had soft and nice side ...
Undertale Headcanon VoicesUndertale Headcanon Voices
Undertale Headcanon VoicesCommander Karl
3 years ago
Cast List: Bruce Greenwood as Sans (Captain Pike - Star Trek 2009). Christoph Waltz as Papyrus (Dr King Schultz - Django Unchained). Zelda Williams as ...
Headcanon Homestuck Singing VoiceHeadcanon Homestuck Singing Voice
Headcanon Homestuck Singing VoiceNepeta Leijon
Year ago
None of these belong to me. Everything is copyrighted.
oc headcanon voicesoc headcanon voices
oc headcanon voicesteapup
Year ago
In order: November - secondary fursona - Jaidenanimations (animator) Tea - main fursona - Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps) Caramel - fennec fox oc ...
Asexual Headcanons | Jenna ClareAsexual Headcanons | Jenna Clare
Asexual Headcanons | Jenna Clarejennaclarek
Year ago
OPEN FOR LINKS - ☛ For Business Inquiries: jennaclarek@gmail.com Twitter | twitter.com/jennaclarek Instagram | instagram.com/jennaclarek ...
Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta and Alpha Kids)Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta and Alpha Kids)
Homestuck Headcanon Singing Voices (Beta and Alpha Kids)homosexual troll
2 years ago
heyooooo my first lame video lmao these are basically my headcanons John - Reluctant Heroes (cover by Natewantstobattle) Rose - Come Little Children (cover ...
Headcanon Ava's Demon Singing VoicesHeadcanon Ava's Demon Singing Voices
Headcanon Ava's Demon Singing Voiceshomosexual troll
Year ago
something that isnt homestuck! thanks for over 900 subs btw yall are amazing ------- Ava : B Team (cover by emmanoodle) Maggie : Honeybee (cover by ...
Oc Headcanon Voices!Oc Headcanon Voices!
Oc Headcanon Voices!_Izi Pizi_
10 months ago
Song in order: tvclip.biz/p/PLra7vNXmmknRtcGN7Qc8EkW8OgKYSdCHA.
Dragon Age Headcanon: Mage RebellionDragon Age Headcanon: Mage Rebellion
Dragon Age Headcanon: Mage RebellionThe Kingdom
5 months ago
Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my Dragon Age Headcanon series! today, we're talking about why I choose to ally with the rebel mages in Inquisition. We also ...
[Reels] OC Headcanon Voices[Reels] OC Headcanon Voices
[Reels] OC Headcanon VoicesKittenSneeze
3 years ago
Just some voice clips for the headcanon voices of some of my characters. The only thing I own is the characters and my art. Inspired by Vivziepop. Voices: Alex ...
Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt  1 the kids)Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt  1 the kids)
Little Nightmares Headcanon Voices (pt 1 the kids)Sketch Love
9 months ago
I decided to do one of these videos because im a sucker for voice acting and headcanons I'll do part two soon, it will cover the main antagonists and some other ...
FNAF Headcanon VoicesFNAF Headcanon Voices
FNAF Headcanon Voicescarameloreo
Year ago
These are the voices I think fit the characters best. Which one did you like the most? Freddy Fazbear - Mark Fischbach(Markiplier) Fredbear - Timber Puppers ...
OC Headcanon Voices ~WILLOW~OC Headcanon Voices ~WILLOW~
OC Headcanon Voices ~WILLOW~AlexTheHellArtist
2 years ago
okay so i did headcanon voices for my original series called Willow ...it's in full planning right now ....and i use it for test animations ...test animatics ...i rlly wanna ...
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYHetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULY
Hetalia Headcanon 5# - 4TH OF JULYBlackLionPants
3 years ago
Hello everyone! We are finally going to make as many of your headcanon suggestions come true and most likely on a regular basis too! :D This is our first one of ...
[DanganRonpa: Unknown] - Headcanon Voices[DanganRonpa: Unknown] - Headcanon Voices
[DanganRonpa: Unknown] - Headcanon Voices- Quixilvrr -
Year ago
Headcanon Voices for my own DanganRonpa characters. Voices you may recognise, even from other DR Series.
Fam Headcanon voices // fam auFam Headcanon voices // fam au
Fam Headcanon voices // fam auHeartletz
2 days ago
The fam Quartelz (mom) Gay child (dad) Sibs Pinksie (older sis) Alestra (mid sis) Song Bitch lasagna owo remix Take on me ...
My Oc Headcanon voices【My Hero Academia】My Oc Headcanon voices【My Hero Academia】
My Oc Headcanon voices【My Hero Academia】【Ayako-chan】 ๑òωó๑
9 months ago
I would say that everything is already written on the video, so I just hope you like it~ I think the next one, if I will do it, will be from Nanbaka~ Bye~ Inspired by: ...
OC's HeadCanon VoicesOC's HeadCanon Voices
OC's HeadCanon Voicesҽɱι ɱαƚʂυɳσ
10 months ago
OCs: Emi LostBoy Right For now its only these OC's, maybe next month i'll update this.
The Story of Countess Coloratura (Part 1) An Ink Rose Headcanon StoryThe Story of Countess Coloratura (Part 1) An Ink Rose Headcanon Story
The Story of Countess Coloratura (Part 1) An Ink Rose Headcanon StoryInk Rose
3 years ago
Support these videos on Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=133526&ty=h Watch me on DeviantArt for more fun: inkrose98.deviantart.com Follow ...
My Headcanon Theories: Discord's BackstoryMy Headcanon Theories: Discord's Backstory
My Headcanon Theories: Discord's BackstoryILoveKimPossibleAlot
5 years ago
I didn't really have to put too much thought into this, because I've simply thought about it before, but, ya know. But do you agree? What do you think happened to ...