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Junior Guzman Killing Left Bronx Bodega Owner Traumatized
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The man who owned a New York City bodega where a teen was killed is speaking about the incident. Modesto Cruz owned the Bronx store where 15-year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz sought help from gang members who were chasing him. Cruz spoke to MTV..
Brother of Missing Idaho Siblings Pleads for Mom's Help
Views 11K5 hours ago
Joshua "JJ" Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, have been missing since Sept. 23. Now, Arizona police have released the 911 call and bodycam footage of the altercation between JJ's father, Charles Vallow, and the children's uncle, Alex Cox, that led to Ch..
Couple Chase Suspected Kidnapper After Amber Alert
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Dramatic video shows a couple get into a high-speed chase with a suspected child kidnapper on a Massachusetts highway after an Amber Alert was issued for a while who went missing in Springfield. “He just blew through a red light,” a woman can be ..
Andrew Yang’s Wife Says She Was Sexually Assaulted
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The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed in an emotional interview that she was sexually assaulted while pregnant. "Everyone has their own #MeToo story. It's far too prevalent," she told CNN. "But not everyone can tell their..
The Top Inside Edition Stories of 2019
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Inside Edition finds incredible stories to tell every day, and some of them are particularly memorable. In 2019, we found a mailman whose simple act of kindness warmed hearts across the country. We found a homeless woman whose angelic singing in the ..
Why These Pineapples Are Turning Grey
Views 22K7 hours ago
The lava and thick ash the Taal volcano spewed into the sky this week has destroyed millions of dollars’ worth of crops that Filipino farmers make their livings selling. Jack Imperial, 49, planned to harvest his one-hectare pineapple plantation to ..
Mom Says Driver Didn't Help 5-Year-Old in Chokehold on Bus
Views 162KDay ago
One mom was horrified after watching video of her 5-year-old daughter getting put into a chokehold on a school bus. The little girl in pigtails can be seen and heard desperately yelling for help saying, "bus driver! Bus driver!" But the bus driver al..
The Rude Behavior of New York Commuters
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Most people shave their legs in the bathroom but Inside Edition found one person who chose to do it on the train while on the way to work. It is just one of the disgusting things commuters in the tri-state area encounter every day. Inside Edition’s..
How to Safely Give Your Baby a Bath
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A Tennessee mom is charged with first degree murder after being accused of leaving her 11-month-old in the bathtub. Lindsee Leonardo, 32, is accused of leaving Aiden in the bathtub with his 2-year-old sister. “I have cried my eyes out. I want to wa..
Toddler Chain-Smokes Through 2 Packs of Cigarettes a Day
Views 2.9MYear ago
This toddler has a shocking habit! New footage shows the Indonesian child puffing away on cigarettes in front of his smiling mother. He's been chain-smoking for two months, going through multiple packs of cigarettes a day. He even calls cigarettes de..
Woman Meets Man Who Received Her Brother's Face in Transplant
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More from Inside Edition: Richard Norris made medical history when he received the first ever full face transplant, a face that once belonged to Rebekah Aversano's brother, Joshua. As Rebekah traveled to meet Norris, Inside Edi..
Woman Sentenced After Poisoning Husband With Eye Drops
Views 14K3 hours ago
A South Carolina woman has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing her husband by poisoning his water with eye drops. As Lana Clayton's husband, Steven, lay dying at their mansion in July 2018, she took his phone away so he couldn't call for..
Family Torn Over Mom Who Put 14-Month-Old Daughter in Oven: She's Not a Monster
Views 3.5M3 years ago
Two sisters are at war over whether their mom should remain jailed for a horrific crime committed 14 years ago, for which one of the women still bears the scars. Ashley Smith was just 14 months-old when her mother, Melissa Wright, removed the racks f..
Is Dragon’s Breath Snack Safe to Eat?
Views 8MYear ago
There is a tasty controversial frozen treat known as Dragon's Breath, but is it safe to eat? It consists of cereal that’s instantly frozen in liquid nitrogen, it is found at malls, festivals, and fairs. You grab a skewer, put it in a dipping sauce...
11-Year-Old Girl Scalped From Carnival Ride Gets Wig For First Day of School
Views 4.7M3 years ago
Three months after losing her hair and most of her scalp, 11-year-old Lulu Gilreath is ready for a new look. The Nebraska girl has become famous for her resiliency since an amusement park ride turned into a horror show that ripped her hair from her h..
Hiker’s Terrifying Fall From Hawaii Cliff Captured on GoPro
Views 3.1M4 months ago
A hiker’s GoPro captured the insane moment she plunged down a 50-foot waterfall in Hawaii. Heather Friesen, 26, an American beach volleyball player was hiking Ka'au Crater Trail in Hawaii with friends in 2016 when she slipped and fell into fast-flo..
Why This Woman Called 911 to Order Pizza
Views 3.9MMonth ago
When an Ohio woman called 911 on Nov. 13 to report that her mother was being abused, she couldn't explicitly say what was happening with the alleged attacker nearby, so she pretended to order pizza. Tiffany Urban is the quick-thinking daughter who ma..
Woman Gets 100 Texts From Airline Employee During Flight
Views 559K2 days ago
An airline passenger was waiting to board a flight when she received a strange text on her cell phone, “Hey, Ashley! How are you?” Ashley Barno didn't recognize the phone number. Moments later came this text: “You are looking very gorgeous in t..
14-Year-Old Cries When Missing Dog Returns Home
Views 1.9MMonth ago
It was a holiday miracle for 14-year-old Carter to be reunited with his pug, Piper. The dog was a very special gift for Carter’s 12th birthday, and soon the pup became close to his entire family. But one day, Piper was let out to go to the bathroom..
Sister Jumps Into Pool to Rescue 3-Year-Old
Views 5M7 months ago
A swim safety expert is offering life-saving tips to parents after a 3-year-old girl almost drowned in her community pool before being rescued by her big sister. Jayla and Kayli Dallis were at the pool in their Atlanta apartment complex when Kayli ju..
What Happened on Juice WRLD’s Private Jet?
Views 2.3MMonth ago
His smash single, “Lucid Dreams,” and album, “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” took him to the top of the charts. He was collaborating with A-list artists and on his way to super-stardom. But all of the Juice WRLD’s potential was shattered with hi..
Silliest Pranks to Inspire You on April Fools' Day
Views 1.7M9 months ago
It's that time of year again when merry pranksters scare and shock their unsuspecting victims. To help inspire you this April Fools' Day, the team has rounded up some of the funniest, scariest and wackiest pranks we've seen over the..
Cop Tases 65-Year-Old Woman in Traffic Stop Gone Wrong
Views 3.2M5 months ago
What started as a routine traffic stop outside Oklahoma City escalated when the 65-year-old woman at the wheel refused to sign an $80 ticket for having a broken tail light. Debra Hamil tells the officer in an exchange captured on bodycam footage she ..
Dad Insists 16-Year-Old Son’s Death Was an Accident
Views 384K9 days ago
Sam Koets, 16, was diagnosed with severe autism and couldn’t talk or take care of himself. Last year, investigators say his dad, professor Timothy Koets, left his Grand Rapids, Michigan, home to teach a class while Sam was outside playing. His wife..
Cousins Who Got Married Are Expecting Their 1st Child
Views 232K3 days ago
A Utah man and woman who married in spite of their being first cousins are now expecting their first child together. Michael Lee and Angela Peang are speaking to Inside Edition as they appear on the new TV series “Extreme Love.” People have told ..
Daughters Cry Remembering Mom Who Fell Off Cruise Ship
Views 717K11 months ago
It was an all-girls cruise vacation aboard the Carnival Liberty when disaster struck. Samantha Broberg, 33, climbed a rail on a 10th-floor deck around 2 a.m. while the ship was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship's thermal imaging camera captured..
17-Year-Old Discovers a Brand New Planet
Views 1.3M6 days ago
A New York teen did something pretty out of this world: he discovered a new planet while interning with NASA. Wolf Cukier, 17, discovered a planet that is 1,300 light years away and seven times larger than Earth. Cukier is a senior at Scarsdale High ..
Why Is This Woman Carrying So Many Bags of Cheetos?
Views 3.7M3 months ago
You’ve never seen contraband like this! This woman carried 20 bags of Cheetos with her in her airplane carry-on bag. TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport wanted to know what that was all about as her bag was searched. Turns out, the trav..
Moms Say This Dentist Unjustly Pulled Children's Teeth and Even Hit Them!
Views 11M4 years ago
Parents are furious at Dr. Harold Schneider because they claim the dentist allegedly tortured their children. One mom says her daughter was having one tooth extracted but she was horrified to see eight teeth missing. Another parent says he strapp...
10-Year-Old Girl Wears Whistle to School to Scare Bullies
Views 285K2 days ago
Giada Oates, 10, says it was the scariest moment of her life when a seventh grade boy at her New Jersey middle school allegedly put her in a headlock and threatened her. She says she felt completely helpless. Her mother couldn't believe what little G..
The Incredible Moment Police Rescue a Texas 8-Year-Old
Views 6M2 months ago
Seven months after an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped while walking with her mom in their Texas neighborhood, police released heart-stopping video of the moment officers busted into the suspect's hotel room and rescued her. Michael Webb, 51, kidnapped ..
6 Holiday Disasters
Views 1.2MMonth ago
Disaster can strike any time and the winter holidays are no exception. Andrew Woodard was excited to open his Christmas presents, and so was his cat, Magneto. The spirited feline attacked Andrew, causing cuts that needed stitches. In Florida, a black..
Flight Attendant on Why Passengers Shouldn’t Order Coffee
Views 8M4 months ago
A flight attendant is sharing secrets that airlines won't tell you. Inside Edition went to Air Hollywood and met up with flight attendant Jamila Hardwick, who says her colleagues never order warm beverages when they fly. “The thing about the coffee..
10-Year-Old Goes Into Cardiac Arrest While on Water Slide
Views 1.9M8 months ago
The parents of a 10-year-old girl who died of cardiac arrest after getting too excited on a water slide are heartbroken. London Eisenbeis was so thrilled to finally ride a Michigan amusement park’s water slide in February 2018 that she suffered a f..
Insane Ways These People Destroyed Art
Views 1.9M4 months ago
While art is meant to be admired, you don't want to get too close or things could go horribly wrong. In one case, a sand sculpture was purposefully destroyed after it was allegedly vandalized by a teen in Hawaii. In another case, the damage was accid..
Why President Trump’s D.C. Hotel Is Under Scrutiny
Views 26K10 hours ago
As the Senate is sworn in ahead of President Trump's impeachment trial, the former businessman's luxurious Trump International in D.C. is under scrutiny. Lev Parnas, the associate of Rudy Giuliani serving as a witness in the case who claims the presi..
Wife Accidentally Burned By Husband Claims He Split Because He Couldn't Deal
Views 8M2 years ago
Courtney Waldon and her husband, Mitch, were sitting by a campfire. The fire was dying out so Mitch threw gasoline on it to keep it going. But in the process, he says he accidentally burned Courtney. She was rushed to the hospital with severe burns a..
Who’s the Man Who Slapped Reporter Live on Air?
Views 4.5MMonth ago
Alex Bozarjian, a young reporter in Savannah, Georgia, was covering a race when one of the runners smacked her backside. The 23-year-old was doing a live shot on television when the incident occurred. She maintained her composure but took to social m..
What Happened to the ‘Portal to Hell’ House?
Views 518K3 months ago
In 2014, Inside Edition visited a house in Indiana that was known as “the Portal to Hell.” There were so many reports of unexplained and eerie occurrences in the house that a local Catholic priest performed an exorcism on the site. Now, five y..
5-Year-Old’s Hair Grows Back After She's Scalped on Go-Kart
Views 2.4M6 months ago
This little girl is lucky to be alive after a fun day of go-karting turned into a nightmare. Five-year-old Lani Use was riding an old gas-powered go-kart with her family members in Louisiana, and they were all having a good time. Mother Macie had pul..
Lisa Guerrero Gets Infection After Microblading Procedure
Views 2.2M8 months ago
Microblading is a hot new beauty trend that involves tattooing your eyebrows for a more defined and fuller look. Thousands of women have done it safely each year. So Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero was excited to give..
Grandma Helps Save Base Jumper Dangling Off Building
Views 609K5 days ago
A base jumper crashed into the side of a high-rise apartment building in Acapulco, Mexico and was left helplessly dangling. But a sweet grandma came to the rescue. The little old lady can be seen grabbing the base jumper by the hand and helping him s..
You Won't Believe How Much That Pizza-Dilla Costs
Views 2.2M4 months ago
It's a recipe many cooks are comparing to a car wreck. A quesadilla with 33 ingredients has gone viral. The name of the dish alone could send you into cardiac arrest: Deep-fried barbecue chicken-stuffed pizza-dilla. Inside Edition made the massive fo..
16-Year-Olds Explain Why They Made TikTok Video After Crash
Views 688KMonth ago
It may look like an amateur music video, but the teens in the video were actually recording the aftermath of a bad car accident that happened only moments earlier. In the video, you can see the cracked windshield. Then they got camera-ready and made ..
Wendy Williams Apologizes for Joaquin Phoenix Lip Scar Joke
Views 192KDay ago
Wendy Williams is in apology mode after mocking "Joker" star Joaquin Phoenix's lip scar. The attack on the actor came as he's on a roll this awards season, winning multiple awards for his performance. Williams said on her show that she found Phoenix ..
What This Air Duct Cleaner Was Caught Doing on the Job
Views 3M4 months ago
Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero and the Inside Edition I-Squad put air duct service people to the test in the fourth installment in a special series of investigations. Inside Edition rented a house in Montclair, New Jersey, for an ent..
Starbucks Barista Flips Out Over Creating Hyped-Up Unicorn Frappuccinos
Views 16M2 years ago
More from Inside Edition: One Starbucks employee has had enough of the company's new limited edition signature drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino. Braden Burson is not alone as Starbucks..
Watch This 8-Year-Old Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping
Views 16M4 years ago
More from Inside Edition: A menacing kidnapper was caught on surveillance camera running down the street with a toddler that was snatched from a playground and his brave siblings who are only 8-years-old and 10-years-old came t..
Electrician Makes Creepy Comment on Lisa Guerrero's Looks
Views 2M4 months ago
Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero and the Inside Edition I-Squad put electricians to the test in the third installment in a special series of investigations. Inside Edition rented a house in Montclair, New Jersey, tricking it out with m..
See Which Hotels Were Caught Not Changing Bedsheets for New Guests
Views 20M3 years ago
An Inside Edition investigation found that you might not always be getting clean bedsheets when you stay at a hotel. We visited rooms at different hotels and sprayed messages on the sheets using washable paint only visible under UV light. We checked ..