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monitoring and evaluation course - A 100% Free monitoring and evaluation training for Everybody
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Taking this Monitoring and Evaluation Course will equip you with the very basic principles of M&E. Whether or not you have undertaken a monitoring and evaluation training before you have to understand the this is a very important aspect of organizati..
what is an M&E plan? Monitoring and Evaluation planning for project development
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What is an M&E plan? A monitoring and evaluation plan details the logical framework, indicators, tools that will be utilized when operationalizing the monitoring and evaluation system. During the planning exercise, it becomes very vital to have prese..
Basic Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts
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Creative way of presenting the difference between an input, activity, output, outcome and impact.
Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects
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Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects Webinar.
Tools for Effective Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
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Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects Webinar.
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Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
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Adaptable Monitoring and Evaluation framework in Excel to be used during HRP development and implementation to agree with partners on what should be monitored and to track cluster progress towards targets in the HRP. It also contains an example of a ..
Basic Monitoring & Evaluation Concepts: relationship between monitoring and evaluation for projects
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Relationship between monitoring and evaluation? Many projects or programme interventions undertake alot of activities in order to measure a substantial amount of change. There is ofcourse many reasons for that, but among the most important, change ne..
how monitoring and evaluation is done
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This video presentation provides insight on how monitoring and evaluation is done. If you want to learn more about M&E subscribe to this channel If you want to learn more about monitoring and evaluation please subscribe to this channel TVclip Chann..
The seven secrets of good monitoring and evaluation
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Listen to Jess Dart from Clear Horizon share her secrets about: - how to design your project with M&E in mind - different ways of approaching your M&E - how to keep on track during the life of your project - ways of achieving a great final evalua..
Monitoring and Evaluation.mp4
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Using the logic model framework to develop monitoring and evaluation questions and indicators
How to build a learning city? Monitor and evaluate progress
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The video tutorials on 'How to build a learning city' provide insights into the core areas of action for building a learning city: Planning, involving stakeholders, celebrating learning, making learning accessible to all, monitoring and evaluating pr..
NGO Experiences with Linking Monitoring and Evaluation to Impact Evaluation
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With financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation, InterAction is developing a series of guidance notes and webinars on impact evaluation. In this fourth webinar in the series, two InterAction members - Mercy Corps and Africare - present example..
Project Design, Monitoring & Evaluation
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This course introduces the six phases of a project cycle, and is designed to build and/or strengthen an individual’s knowledge, methods, and skills to (1) design a development, governance, or post-conflict project for a specific population, and (2) d..
Monitoring and Evaluation made Simple for everyone
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Monitoring and Evaluation is an important means to measure whether results of specific interventions have been achieved. Many governments and developmental actors alike have invested huge amounts of money into ensuring project activities and interven..
Indicators: Basic Concepts
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This video presentation/podcast explains the basic concepts around indicators used for the measurement in the Monitoring and Evaluation of social programmes. It forms part of a larger collection of M&E resources which we provide on our Growing Confi..
What is an M&E System?
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An M&E System is a very important component for any organization around the world. In simple terms this video showcases the M&E system as not only being a source of information but something that can accelerate growth. A monitoring and evaluation (M&..
12. A Perspective on Monitoring and Evaluation
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MIT HST.S14 Health Information Systems to Improve Quality of Care in Resource-Poor Settings, Spring 2012 View the complete course: Instructor: Chaitali Sinha License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http:/..
How to Create Evaluation Form Using MS Excel
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This video will show how to create a simple form that enable you to rate your staff merit point. In this example I am using form feature in MS Excel. You can apply the same technique using check box. Enjoy it...
How to Develop a Logical Framework (Logframe)
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EWB-USA's mission and vision requires that the programs we implement are well planned and sustainable. The Logical Framework approach enables the main elements of a program to be concisely summarized and brings structure and logic to the relationship..
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Webinar
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The third installment of our HPS Presentation Series looking at Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning in health partnerships.
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Training - Chaplowe & Cousins
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This video introduces the book by Scott Chaplowe and Brad Cousins, “Monitoring and Evaluation Training: A Systematic Approach,” (Sage Publications, 2016). Bridging theoretical concepts with practical, how-to knowledge for M&E training for programs an..
how to write evaluation report - how to write a good evaluation
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How to write evaluation report. Writing an evaluation report is an essential component when it comes to M&E reporting. How to write a good evaluation? Writing a report is a skill that requires that report findings are communicated in a concise manner..
Real Time Data Loading and Monitoring
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Real Time Data Loading and Monitoring watch more videos at Lecture By: Mr. Parth Panjab, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
M&E online course: Webinar Week 1
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Real Time Data Loading and Monitoring watch more videos at Lecture By: Mr. Parth Panjab, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Impact assessment session for Open Knowledge staff - Project planning, monitoring and evaluation
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- Introduction to basic M&E tools (which can be used for project planning, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation): LogFrame and Theory of Change - Importance of mixed methods for IA, and M&E data collection methods (including strengt..
DevOps Monitoring Tools | DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | DevOps Tutorial | Simplilearn
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Thid DevOps Tutorial will help you understand the DevOps Monitoring process and the tools involved in monitoring. Monitoring tools are an important part of production environments. They monitor servers, switches, and services. They generate alerts wh..
Resource Monitoring Tutorial Video V1.0
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How to use / operate AK Controls Resource monitoring system
How to evaluate policy - CRIE | Centre for Research on Impact Evaluation
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The Centre for Research on Impact Evaluation (CRIE) is part of the Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation (CC-ME) and provides scientific expertise and methodological support for Counterfactual Impact Evaluation (CIE) to the Directorate Genera..
Monitoring & evaluation aspects in investment planning – Tommaso Alacevich
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Many countries face formidable challenges to maintain the integrity of their natural resources and to mobilize and use effectively resources available to manage climate-induced threats. Bangladesh, however, is pioneering an innovative multi-sectoral..
57- Server performance monitoring tools in Hindi
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#infotechshesh #Performance_monitoring About This Video :-guys in this video i will show you that how to configure and manage performance monitoring tool and check the server performance step by step ..
Monitoring And Evaluation System
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It is a Complete Web Based Easy to Use Tool; across offices; across countries. The application enables Generating Reports for Donors "ON DEMAND". I am enclosing a Document which explains the various Modules. The Software Application has following Mo..
what is a logframe?
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what exactly is a logframe? well a logframe details the logical flow from activities to the overall objective. Logframes are the heart of M&E interventions and every M&E officer is keenly interested to derived the required information to make his wor..
10 Strategic Management: Strategy Evaluation and Control
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In this final lesson of strategic management, we learn about how to keep strategy execution on track and achieving what is intended. Learn more and become student at EF University for FREE - Like us Facebook..
Project Planning Process: 5 Steps To Project Management Planning
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Director Jennifer Whitt takes you through all 5 steps of the project planning process. Try our award-winning PM software for free:
How to Develop Key Performance Indicators
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Your Key Performance Indicators are the vehicle to tell the story of your organization’s strategic performance. Learn how to develop your Key Performance Indicators to manage the performance of your strategic plan. Want more practical tips and insi..
Project Monitoring & Evaluation video 1
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Monitoring & Evaluation video 1
Project Management Simplified: Learn The Fundamentals of PMI's Framework ✓
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✅ - Need a better job? Most LIG members find their ideal employment within as little as 15 days. Welcome to this week's episode where I make project management simple for you. To make it applicable to the majority of the audienc..
Project monitoring and evaluation: results and highlights
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Presentation by Geoffrey Namara from Malaria Consortium.
Project management tutorial: An overview of project scheduling |
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This tutorial explores the purposes of a project schedule and describes how to manage project scheduling. Watch more at
How to Check Vital Signs | Checking Vitals Nursing Assessment
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Watch the NEW & UPDATED version of this video: How to check vital signs as a nurse or nursing assistant video. Checking vital signs are essential nursing assistant skills that registered nurses, licensed p..
Environmental Impact Assessment - Analyzing Benefits and Actions (Examrace)
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Dr. Manishika Jain in this lecture explains the concept of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and difference between EIA and Strategic EIA. Tool to identify environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision-making – UNEP ..
Monitoring & Evaluation Promo
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Dr. Manishika Jain in this lecture explains the concept of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and difference between EIA and Strategic EIA. Tool to identify environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision-making – UNEP ..
Supplier Qualification | Monitoring Supplier Qualifications and Assessments
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This video tutorial applies to Rel 9 through Rel 12. It shows you how to monitor your supplier assessments and qualifications.
Pulseway Tutorials - Mobile IT monitoring application (mobile IT monitoring)
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More Pulseway info on GetApp: Key Features of Pulseway Monitor and Control Systems Application Monitoring and Management Premier Remote Desktop Active Directory System Ce..
Monitoring & Measurement
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Monitoring & Measurement Watch more Videos at Lecture By: Mr. Ajay, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Dr Peter Tobin interviewed by Dr James Robertson about Monitoring and Evaluation
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This is an interview with Dr Peter Tobin of which explores an introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation.
RMMM ( Rish Mitigation Monitoring Management ) in Software engineering in hindi | SE Tutorials
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Video credit goes to Aayush Notes will be coming soon visit our website for full course NOTES: NOTES FORM : Risk identification in Software Enginee..
Demo | Monitoring and evaluation platform | TolaData
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TolaData is a web-based monitoring and evaluation software, built to fit all organisations and development projects. Conceptualised by M&E experts and designed by digital innovators, TolaData simplifies the process of M&E by providing users with an e..
Verint - reviewing an evaluation
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TolaData is a web-based monitoring and evaluation software, built to fit all organisations and development projects. Conceptualised by M&E experts and designed by digital innovators, TolaData simplifies the process of M&E by providing users with an e..
NSQHS Standards Monitoring Tool Tutorial (Part 1)
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This is the first video in a 2-part series and covers the following: - The features and functionalities of the tool - Tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel