Rockhounding utah

Second Location Found! - Rockhounding in Utah
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Rockhounding in Wendover is always a treat. It was a nice windy cold day but the company was fantastic. The Mexican place went out of business and it was replaced by an Indian buffet. Searched for new locations for agate and jasper this time. Wel..
Mining Gem Quality Topaz and Red Beryl/Utah Rockhounding
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I spend a few days camping, filming, and mining Topaz and Red Beryl with Utah Rockhounding! Red Beryl is among the top 10 RAREST gemstones in the world!! Hope you enjoy!
Rockhounding Utah Sunstones
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Another Nomadic Adventure rockhounding Sunstone Knoll located north of Clear Lake road on Highway 257 in Millard County, Utah. Sunstones are a transparent yellowish labradorite crystals.
Septarian Nodule Rockhounding Utah
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Septarian Nodule (Dragon Egg) Rockhounding Utah
Rockhounding Utah- Finding quartz crystals
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Looking for quartz crystals with my daughter and some Facebook friends
Rock Hounding for Banded Calcite West of Utah Lake, UT
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I was looking for Root Beer Onyx (banded calcite) but came across something totally different. ChapStick: Gloves: SPF 50: Stainless Water Bottle: My Wish..
Rockhounding Utah episode 1 pyrite var. Limonite and gypsum crystals
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You travel with me as I hunt out and find Crystal's in two locations in utah. Pyrite cubes and gypsum blade crystals. I share links to my patreon act and other websites I run that you can join. Check out dremel lapidary by kersten safford art on Face..
Topaz Crystal Treasures Popping Out The Ground in Utah
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OPEN TO PUBLIC LOCATION!!! This round we ended up in Utah digging Topaz Crystals with "Topaz Mountain Adventures" Check out their facebook page for public fee digs! They have several options, blasting being one of them! This area is 2 Million Year..
Utah Rockhounding Introduction
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Utah Rockhounding Introduction is a short slideshow narrated with information on rockhounding in Utah. here's a link to my Facebook group please join groups/178709892978928/ Created by
Rockhounding Adventure Maxfield Mine, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
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Come with me on a rockhounding adventure Maxfield Mine, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. I take you on an adventure into the wilderness of salt lake city utah. here's a link to my Facebook group please join groups/178709892978928..
Digging Sherry Topaz and Red Beryl in Utah
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Digging Sherry Topaz and Red Beryl in the Thomas Range, Utah with our friends Justin Meyer and Jake Liston. Red Beryl is so rare that for every 1 crystal found there are 150,000 gem quality diamonds found. For the 10 Red Beryl crystals that we found ..
Rock Hounding for Agate /Jasper in Summit, UT
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Agate (jasper) I found here where mostly shades of reds, oranges, yellows, whites, blacks, and some sky blue. Such vibrant colors! There is tons of material waiting for you at this location. I suggest moving away from the road to find the best piece..
Collecting Obsidian in Utah
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We went hunting obsidian near Milford, Utah. It turned out to be a great adventure. We found plenty of obsidian for making arrowheads and knives this winter. At least I plan to try.
Snowflake Obsidian collecting in the Black Rock Desert of Utah.
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Surface collecting beautiful snowflake obsidian among the lava beds of the Black Rock Desert of Utah is fun and easy.
Eureka Rockhounding
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Eureka, Utah Aaron Grimshaw Edson Ramirez Videography Music by David Ramirez
Episode 1: Utah Lace Opal
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Episode One in the Opal Earth Series Interview with Larry and Joyce Wright Utah Lace Opal
Rockhounding: Fluorite Edition!
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*For best quality, please watch on the highest resolution possible* Patreon: Facebook: Southern-Utah-Explorers-1849848015046818/ Instagram: soutahexpl..
Rockhounding with Grimshaw Minerals
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See what Rockhounding in Utah is all about! Through Utah Rockhounding on Facebook, and Aaron Grimshaw​ of Grimshaw Minerals out of Salt Lake City, M M Productions is proud bring to you a video on a venture of historic proportions. Mammoth Mines i..
Geode hunting trip in Utah desert
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We started from Springville Utah and followed the Pony Express Trail most of the way to the Dugway Geode beds. It was a 3 hour trip. 50 miles on gravel roads. We passed the Pony Express station and ancestors of the wild mustangs used for the hard rid..
Rockhounding Utah - Pyrite "Fools Gold"
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Did a short road trip with my dad and we found some Iron pyrite and some old mines. Music: Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License ( Artist: audion..
Digging giant crystals at the great salt lake Utah
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digging Crystal's at the great salt lake in utah with my husband and kids. it was a good day for rockhounding.
Rockhounding Utah Wonderstone
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Rockhounding Vernon Wonderstone in Utah
Tour Of Utah Rockhounding Trip
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Multiple sites of rockhounding, sunstone knoll, west desert of utah
Selenite Crystals- Utah Rockhounding Hunt
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Utah Selenite Crystals Rockhounding Hunt Http://
Trilobite Quarry Rockhounding Utah
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U-Dig Fossils Quarry. Is located approximately 180 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah near Antelope Springs.
Amethyst found near Cedar City, Utah, rockhounding in Utah
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Found ameythst near Cedar City! Great place to hound and add more rocks to your collection.
Rock Hounding West of Utah Lake, UT - The Find
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This trip I followed the direction straight to the Root Beer Onyx (banded calcite) but digging out the rocks sure wore me out. ChapStick: Gloves: SPF 50: Stainless Water Bottle: ..
Utah Rockhounding/Mammoth Mines Utah
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Grimshaw minerals and The Jive Productions spend a day rockhounding at the historic Mammoth Mines in Eureka Utah! Mammoth Mines is privately owned and operated. Please, NO trespassing.
Rockhounding Mammoth Mine, Utah.
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Trying our best to make it to the top, we encounter so many beautiful stones. If only I had more time....
How To Find Druzy Geodes Rock Crystals Gems - Dugway Utah
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On my first dig, I found the Dugway Geode beds with druzy quartz in Utah with the help of local rockhound Grim. This was such a cool experience. I've always loved geodes ever since I was a kid. But too dig my own geodes out of the earth was just frea..
Rockhounding- Honey Onyx, Utah
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Rockhounding w RockNGemsUtah for 'Honey Onyx' (Yellow Calcite). This is a private mining claim. You can get permission to collect there by emailing the owner- contact info available in beginning of video. Music: Ode to Sleep, Twenty One Pilots (Do n..
Topaz Mountain found Red beryl
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Topaz hunting trip to Topaz mountain Utah 2018. Found 5 red beryl
Fossil & Rock Hunting - Near Caineville, Utah
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2015.07.15, On our way from Bryce Canyon National Park to Hanksville, we tried to find some fossils and nice looking rocks. Rocks were all we came away with. Debbie's patience is limited for these kind of adventures, so we had to get in and get ou..
Rockhounding: Septarian Nodules near Mount Carmel!
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*For best quality, please watch on the highest resolution possible* Septarian Nodules near Mount Carmel just outside of Orderville, Utah. If you liked this video, or you have hope for us, or you even just want to see more of Utah, SUBSCRIBE! :D We h..
Dugway Geode beds
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Dugway Geode beds | Geode hunting In this video we went on a adventure to Dugway Utah to find Geodes. leave a comment if you have any questions :) thanks for watching like and subscribe
Rockhounding in Utah - October 2010
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Alfred lead the expedition to the deserts of Utah for some rockhounding.
Rockhounding in southern Utah near Zion park 2014
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Thank you for the music! Help us identify the rocks in this video. We were rockhounding in southern Utah on a warm January day and enjoyed the views of Zion national park and PineValley mnt. We found lots of neat rocks but we don't kn..
Rock hounding (crystals) at Highway 97 and Westside road.
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Took the kids out rock hounding today, looking for zeolites, quartz crystals, Amethyst, and found some citrine too. The new Westside road interchange off highway 97 in West Kelowna has blasted out some of Mount Boucherie's basalt revealing many fres..
Rock hunters watch me find a 2 lb fire agate in the Arizona desert.
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Finding a huge chunk of fire agate in the Saddle Mountain area, Arizona
Labradorite - Sunstone Rockhounding near Delta Utah
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Labradorite also known as Sunstone found in the desert of Utah near Delta.
Black Horn Coral Utah
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EVERYTHING you need to know about digging black horn coral in utah. brokenoxcreations brokenoxcreations
Rockhounding Utah - Some of the rough honey agates and septarian nodules from SE Utah
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Some of the nice pieces we found to create some slabs and cabochons. What a day....
Rockhounding in Utah 2012
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We found some Coprolites, petrified wood and agates in Utah and showed them to Scott at the Escalante Rock Shop then took it a couple to be split. Still need to polish them.
Collecting dugway geodes by topaz mountain utah
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Collecting geodes. Watch my channel for quartz agate crystal collecting collectors and prospecting tips. I also do lapidary work and cutting and polishing of most stones. Many jaspers found petrified wood gems and minerals also. Mine, mining, old min..
Utah Rockhounding
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The North Seattle Lapidary & Mineral Club does some exploring in beautiful Utah in 2016.
Topaz Mountain, Utah digging.
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Watch and see how easy it is to dig for beautiful champagne topaz in a stunning mountain setting. Digging in the Topaz Mountain amphitheater just north and west of Delta, Utah is a rockhound favorite.
Look what was discovered in the desert near st. George utah
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Out in the desert near the Utah/Arizona border flying the Phantom 4 Pro. Went and checked out the old Fort Pearce and found something pretty damn cool that was discovered in the early 80's. Cool as hell. My boy loved it. Music credit to
Amazing Topaz Crystals Found | Gem Mining in Utah | Topaz Mountain
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Finding Amazing Topaz Crystals at Topaz Mountain in Utah! Check out the first video to see more about the blasting! The kids and adults alike all had a great time! link here In this video a large b..