Rockhounding Swollen Creeks • For Agates & Chalcedony Treats
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After a bunch of rain we take to the creeks to see what the waters have unearthed. Carnelian agates, blue chalcedony, and many more treasure along the way. in order to create this video i would like to show super appreciation to the artists behind t..
Rockhounding Crystals at Buddy's Mineral Claim
Views 51K10 months ago
A good day exploring my buddy's mineral claim in Eastern Ontario (Canada), rockhounding for rocks and crystals in vein dykes.
Lets Cut Some Rocks - A Year Of Rockhounding
Views 38K4 months ago
It’s been a year since I began making videos on rocks/rockhounding! I celebrate by looking at some of my favourites and seeing what’s inside the stone by cutting them open. Chalcedony to spherulitic Rhyolite and even some thunder egg cores. See some ..
Rockhounding at Graves Mountain for Iridescent Hematite & Starburst Pyrophyllite
Views 49K2 months ago
Finding crystals in Georgia! Twice a year, spring and fall, you will find hundreds sometimes thousands of rockhounders gathering at Graves Mountain in Georgia! This location is epic and world class for several minerals including the rutile and iride..
Rockhounding for Fluorite & other Cool Crystals
Views 13K2 months ago
Meminer goes rockhounding, for Fluorite and other cool crystals in an active limestone quarry. Wind and snow did not stop the fun.
Oregon Only Stones: RockHounding Opal Jasper Agate 2019
Views 294KMonth ago Give a like on Facebook: I few of our favorites of this years start! All the wonderful Opal, Jasper, Agate, Petrified Wood and more that Oregon has to off..
Rockhounding in the flooded North - Huntsville, Ontario
Views 3.2KMonth ago
Jeff and I make a rockhounding foray into the flooded north of Ontario near Huntsville and Burk's Falls
Amateur Rockhounding ep 6 FIND OF THE YEAR
Views 2K4 months ago
Amateur Rockhounding episode 6 I hope you all enjoy
Finding Cambrian Moonstones on Moonstone Beach - Cambria, CA - Rockhounding - Crystal Collector
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🌻🌻🌻WANT A POSTCARD? 🌻🌻🌻 Send your mailing address in an email or private message and we will ship off an awesome postcard straight to your door! This is a video of our trip to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. We find gorgeous beach jade, ..
Rockhounding Tips, Tricks and Secrets
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For your FREE gift of the list mentioned in this video which expands beyond the tips SeaJay just gave you. Simply click on the link below, fill in your email address on the page that comes up and we will shortly send you your copy of the list: http..
Basic Guide to Rock Hounding 324
Views 8K2 years ago
This video will give you a very basic understanding of what's needed to do some amateur rock hounding. Recorded in 4K resolution at 30 FPS.
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystal Hunting | Fossil Hunters try Rockhounding!
Views 4.7K4 months ago
This video is the second part of PaleoCris and I's 3 day trip up north to go crystal collecting! In this video we went to Jackson's Crossroads in Tignall, Georgia to go hunting for Amethyst Crystals for our very first time! It was extremely rewarding..
ROCKHOUNDING Fire In The Water Quest 4 Treasure # 339 By : Quest For Details
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ROCKHOUNDING Fire In The Water Quest 4 Treasure # 339 By : Quest For Details The water is all the way drop-down, we have access to all of the best gravels, we head back to a Creek where we found fire opal, in the past. I can't wait for you to see a..
Rockhounding XXL crystal cluster in Sweden/Blåkulleberg
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Rockhounding XXL crystal cluster in Sweden/Blåkulleberg. "Edited because of music rights alerts"
Rockhounding Quartz Points
Views 3.5K2 months ago
Looking in vugs (holes) for quartz crystal points with my dog Daisy. I forgot my backpack, so will return for more rockhounding soon and to retrieve my tools and rocks.
Rock Hounding at the Lake...
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I like rocks.
rockhounding bliss digging crystals in washington
Views 35K2 years ago
spending the day showing our buddy mike our crystal digging spot in the mountains . my autistic son for some reason really likes this place . so he blurts out a lot . lol
Rockhounding in the Arizona Dessert- Broken Ox Creations
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Rockhounding ! Three New Locations !! Q.4.T. # 311 By : Quest For Details
Views 11K2 months ago
I went on a little road trip trying to prospect some new spots for the channel and for anyone who gets the chance to visit the area, thank you for coming along on another wander up the gravel bars, lets go !!! remember you can support this channel b..
Mining Gem Quality Topaz and Red Beryl/Utah Rockhounding
Views 6K9 months ago
I spend a few days camping, filming, and mining Topaz and Red Beryl with Utah Rockhounding! Red Beryl is among the top 10 RAREST gemstones in the world!! Hope you enjoy!
Rockhounding The Waterline • Searching For Agates
Views 8K5 months ago
We head out to find the source of one of the river systems we recently rockhounded but unfortunately weren't able to get permission. Never the less we were able to turn the bad news into a great day of creek hopping and stumbling across an area where..
When Life Gives You Lemons • Just Keep Rockhounding
Views 6K25 days ago
Come Rockhounding on the east coast of Australia with Benny and I as we explore downstream of a creek we discovered last video. We soon realise we weren’t the only ones to find the gems that this area has to offer. With ..
[Обзор][1.12.2] Rockhounding mod: Chemistry - Получение осколков минералов - S6-EP04
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#обзормода #rockhoundingmod #chemistry #minecraft #майнкрафт #mod #zigthehedge Утилитарный мод для хардкорных модпаков! Химия! Во второй части мы поговорим о получении частичек минералов для последующей переработки. Версия майнкрафт: 1.12.2 Версия м..
Rockhounding A New Creek, For Mummy & Daddy Rocks (big ones)
Views 8KMonth ago
Rockhounding a new creek is always exciting, you never know what treasures you're going to find. Come along with the boys and I as we discover what this new creek on the East Coast of Australia has to offer. From crystal quartz to chalcedony, carneli..
Rockhounding Pennsylvania
Views 3.8KMonth ago
On the hunt for quartz crystals and rainbow anthracite in a northeast PA coal mine...again.
Exploring New Rockhounding Locations
Views 10K7 months ago
Benny and I head out to some new and old favourite locations to go hunting agates and all things chalcedony. The terrain is different to start and even un passable, but we make the most of our long day looking for natures gems in an old spot and benn..
Rock hounding (crystals) at Highway 97 and Westside road.
Views 92K4 years ago
Took the kids out rock hounding today, looking for zeolites, quartz crystals, Amethyst, and found some citrine too. The new Westside road interchange off highway 97 in West Kelowna has blasted out some of Mount Boucherie's basalt revealing many fres..
ROCKHOUNDING roadside spot for QUARTZ CRYSTALS in southern Ontario
Views 16K10 months ago
Rockhounding for quartz crystals on a roadside (roadcut) near Port Severn in southern Ontario (Canada). A high potential spot for exploring. Here is Michael's channel (OntarioRocks&Relics):
Crystal Rockhounding @ Spectrum Sunstone Public Mine in Oregon
Views 47K7 months ago
OPEN TO PUBLIC LOCATION!!! This is a wonderful experience that you will want to do over and over! Sunstones are a variety of feldspar, they are very gemmy. Sunstones coming out of Oregon are very unique with their size and colors! This location is op..
Relaxed Rockhounding • Slow & Solo
Views 11K4 months ago
Back out camping with the family, I head past the tree line to see how the gravel beds are looking since we last hounded here. However Benny couldn't make it this time and its a different feeling rockhounding and hunting chalcedony and agates on your..
Views 9KYear ago
Rockhounding at a fallen tree is sometimes an easy way to find loose crystals and interesting rocks without much work. This is a quick look at a potential new spot under a fallen tree near Bancroft, Ontario.
pacific coast agates . beachcombing and rockhounding for gems on the beach
Views 31KYear ago
we take you on a very succesfull rouckhounding trip for agates . we beachcomb and find lots of treasure . this is a grate way to rockhound when the mountains are full of snow . lots of gems to find if you hav..
Rockhound shares some Secrets on Mineral Collecting
Views 21K2 years ago
The newest book in the Rockhound Series shares some secrets on mineral collecting in Ontario
Rock Hounding Tahuya River Jasper
Views 4.4K3 months ago
Jasper, rockhounding, rocks, agates, gems, nature, river, stream, outdoors, hiking,
Going Under For The Stones Rockhounding Q.4.T. # 310 By : Quest For Details
Views 8K2 months ago
lets get down to the bottom of it and try to find whats lurking in the last deep spots, bring your swimming gear and lets get wet !! rock hounding late spring 2019 Thanks for watching !! and remember you can help the channel grow by subscribing and..
How To Make A Screen Box For Rockhounding
Views 20K7 years ago
I show you how to build a screen box for screening rocks and gemstones. I have used a screen box like this to sluice for amethyst and other quartz rocks from creeks in North Carolina, Herkimer diamonds and garnets in New York, etc. This screen box is..
Rockhounding - Carnilien Agate and Petrified Wood HUNT
Views 464K2 years ago
Rockhounds in Lewis County, WA surface collecting stones and hiking out trash that is found.
Rockhounding Chalcedony • A Stone Of Brotherhood
Views 18K3 months ago
Chalcedony is said to be the stone of brotherhood, in this video Benny and I head out with a new mate (a rockhound brother), to continue upstream from a river where chalcedony comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours. After a great day rockh..
crystal quartz rockhounding in montana
Views 3.6KYear ago
in this video we take a road trip to Montana to dig crystals . and we get a few nice ones
Rockhounding for Crystals in Niagara Falls Ontario
Views 28K2 years ago
Jeff and I are rockhounding for crystals at the Montrose Occurrence in Niagara Falls, Ontario. today we find sphalerite, fluorite and dog tooth spar.
Rockhounding QLD • Our First Permission
Views 10K11 months ago
I head out on my own into the local creeks to explore an old favourite spot agate hunting and then finally I’m able to get a permission to fossick on a kind farmers private land. For now I just see what’s out there saving some good times for finding ..
Quest 4 Treasure # 82 Rock hounding! Crystals, Agate, opal, And More!!! By: Quest For Details
Views 338KYear ago
New permission to wander and untouched gravel bed , find whole treasure chest of the most beautiful minerals, and gems you could wish for, loads of great finds ! plus great day out in the wild, ! hope you enjoy. this adventure is in two parts for v..
Rockhounding Day Trip 2 • Return to the Permission
Views 15K9 months ago
In this video we head off from our week long camp to find the source of some of the agates we found on the property we got a permission from which featured on our Hunting Australian Agates video. We come across some large pieces of chalcedony, jasper..
Rockhounding for quartz at Quirk Lake near Bancroft
Views 29K4 years ago
We are rockhounding for hematite coated quartz at Quirk Lake in Bancroft.
[Обзор][1.12.2] Rockhounding mod: Chemistry - Химические мультиблоки - S6-EP03
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#обзормода #rockhoundingmod #chemistry #minecraft #майнкрафт #mod #zigthehedge Утилитарный мод для хардкорных модпаков! Химия! В первой части я начну рассказывать о базовых механиках мода. Версия майнкрафт: 1.12.2 Версия мода: 3.29 Ссылка: m..
Rockhounding Crystals at the Lost Mine, Bancroft Ontario
Views 24K2 years ago
Rock hounding for Crystals at the Lost Mine, Bancroft Ontario, which is right next door to the Smart Mine for amazing Apatite.
Rockhounding at the Beamsville Quarry, Rock and Mineral Collecting, Ontario
Views 13KYear ago
This video on rock and mineral collecting in Ontario shows a day of rockhounding with the Niagara Rock and Mineral Club at the Beamsville Quarry.
Views 14K10 months ago
Quick stop to rockhound at the Comet Quartz Mine near Trout Creek, Ontario (Canada). Quartz, Muscovite, Pyrite & Feldspar. As far as I know, this is currently a public site on a good road.
Rockhounding Crystals at Big Caribou Lake (Ontario)
Views 24K2 years ago
Rockhounding for crystals outside of Loring Ontario at a pegmatite occurrence known as Caribou Lake Exploratory Biotite Mine, from the 1920's. There are other (larger) mines on the lake, but this one has the easiest access. It is on private land, s..
Views 15KYear ago
A Rockhounding adventure at the secret cave on No Duck Lake. Collecting rocks and crystals and see if fluorescent under UV Lamp