meal prep πŸ”ͺ Vlog 639
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PREVIOUSLY: Latest Beauty Video: #shaaanxo #followme #dailyvlog My food and exercise plan: β™‘ Chat With Me! β™‘ - Beauty Vid..
I tried TATI BEAUTY and other new makeup.... πŸ’£ FIRST IMPRESSIONS
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Soft glam! Trying the NEW hyped Tati Beauty Volume 1 Palette by Tati Westbrook AKA Glamlifeguru! What do you think? Also I tried a bunch of other stuff too from Natasha Denona, Nabla, Clarins, Urban Decay & more! xoxo πŸ‘‰ DO MAGNETIC EYELINER AND LA..
beach house renovations & wedding venues πŸ’’ Vlog 638
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PREVIOUSLY: Latest Beauty Video: #shaaanxo #wedding #beachhouse My food and exercise plan: β™‘ Chat With Me! β™‘ - Beau..
LITTLE MIX x PRETTYLITTLETHING try on haul 😐 I spent $560
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trying on some of the new little mix x pretty little thing collection! some stuff was a no, but others... wow πŸ‘‰ i tried tati beauty πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰ http:/..
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Tons of lipsticks! Thumbs up if you want me to do another DECLUTTER going through my LIPSTICK SHADES?! I need to do that next! xx πŸ‘‰ $5 LIPSTICK SWATCHES πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
my f*d up dream πŸ’€ Vlog 640
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PREVIOUSLY: Latest Beauty Video: #shaaanxo #followme #dreams My food and exercise plan: β™‘ Chat With Me! β™‘ - Beauty Videos..
Instagram Baddie Makeup Tutorial β™‘ Full Glam Shaaanxo
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Today i'm doing a makeup tutorial inspired by INSTAGRAM BADDIES! I even cream contoured haha using my kit from xx - GIANT KOREAN BEAUTY HAUL - MOST FUN EVER www.youtu..
πŸ”ͺ decluttering 5+ years of LIQUID LIPSTICKS πŸ˜±β™»οΈ girl bye
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A bit of ASMR... throwing away thousands of dollars of liquid lipsticks and glosses again! I also organise them a little and swatch a few... next up we restart with foundations! πŸ‘‰ 3 in 1 makeup hacks!
Throwing away $1000's of Lipstick... πŸ”ͺ MAKEUP COLLECTION DECLUTTER! 😏
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Here we have a new declutter! Most of this is going in the bin lol RIP. Lots of lipsticks! This one was soooo fun to declutter bc I love lipstick, but it was also painful HAHA πŸ‘‰ FIRST IMPRESSION COMPLETE FAIL πŸ‘‰ NEW ..
MASSIVE Clothing Try On HAUL! πŸ’° Spending too much $$$ oops
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What should I keep and what should I return? Haul from Gym Shark, Tiger Mist, White Fox Boutique and Beginning Boutique! πŸ‘‰ i have bad karma πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰ ..
MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION πŸ’• how to catfish everybody grwm
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Today we are playing with makeup and creating this redic glam sexy look! When I am having a 'meh' day I love doing these 0-100 glam transformations! Tag me in yours on twitter and IG! xoxo πŸ‘‰ Rainbow Series BLUE dabedobaba da da
COPPER HAIR makeup tutorial! 🧑 new wig YASSS im obsessed
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πŸ‘‰ INSTAGRAM chooses my makeup πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰ SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE! :) #shaaanxo #lacefrontwig #copperhair πŸ‘‰ MORE VIDEOS NEW Unbox..
magnetic eyelashes & eyeliner review ⚑ DOES IT WORK? debatable...
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you may have seen these advertised - false eyelashes that stick to a magnetic liner, with NO NEED for lash glue! lets see if its a gimmick. πŸ‘‰ new ccgrwm! πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
DRUNK AF GRWM & Sally Jo 🍸😱 Feat. Terrible Singing & Dancing
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Me and sally got far too buzzed and filmed a GRWM for you! Sorry for the F bombs hahaha. Thumbs up if you want another one of these ;) idk if its funny or cringe but enjoy! πŸ‘‰ 3 in 1 MAKEUP TUTORIAL πŸ‘‰ ..
Morning Routine β™‘ A Typical Day; Shaaanxo
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MY EVENING ROUTINE My Makeup: Here's my typical morning routine. It changes day-to-day but this is more or less what I get up to whe..
Chit Chat GRWM! β™‘ My Own Eyeshadow Colours! Smokey Khaki
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Hiiii! Here is a tutorial using my own shades from Colourpop! I hope you like it :) xox - HOW TO CONTOUR - Please subscribe for more videos every Monday, ..
Trying On Kylies Clothes? πŸ‘š FASHION NOVA HAUL $300+ πŸ’Έ
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Today we have a Fashion Nova try on haul! I bought a bunch of the clothes Kylie Jenner wears and MORE to try out and see if they are worth the $! Have you shopped here before?! πŸ‘‰ $80 FOUNDATION FIRST IMPRESSION
DECLUTTER MY BATHROOM WITH ME! β˜ πŸ’― Face Masks Galore!!!
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There are seriously PILES of beauty, hair and skincare products that I have gone through! Decluttering and organising. Grab a snack lol πŸ‘‰ TRYING NEW MAKEUP FIRST IMPRESSION πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS ..
Trying on WISH APP Wedding Dresses! UNDER $40 πŸ‘° Not bad.....
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Trying on wedding dresses from the wish app! These were $40 or under, and a couple of them had me actually surprised! What do you think? xoxo πŸ‘‰ ENGAGEMENT MAKEUP πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
GRWM, My Cousin & The Twins! πŸ˜‹πŸ’• MY ENGAGEMENT PARTY
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Today is a CHILL grwm video! Ainsley and I have some random chats, hang with the babies and Sally in the back hahaha. Heres how I did my makeup in the end for my engagement xoxo πŸ‘‰ CLOTHING HAUL πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS ww..
Rose Gold GRWM πŸ’• my ENGAGEMENT makeup! yay!
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My party is next month so I wanted to prepare my makeup! I may go a little lighter handed, but I love the smokey wing effect! Thoughts? πŸ‘‰ MASSIVE LIPSTICK THROW AWAY πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
Chill CHIT CHAT GRWM! πŸ˜œπŸ’• Life Updates & Stuff
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A good ol' school CHILL AF chit chat get ready with me! Trying a few new things as well as some old favs, and having a good old chat and winge about jetlag lol πŸ‘‰ URBAN DECAY CHERRY COLLECTION πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS www...
CCGRWM πŸ’• full face of MATTE MAKEUP challenge πŸ”₯ hair & makeup tutorial
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This makeup would be a perfect POLISHED everyday look! If I was heading in to our office each day this is probs the kind of look I would go for - except I would add more GLOW haha! Are you a matte fan?? xoxo πŸ‘‰ KYLIE BIRTHDAY COLLECTION HONEST REVI..
whats new in beauty?! 😍 PR HAUL ft makeup, clothing, xmas gifts & more!
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today we unbox a whole lot of packages with beauty, makeup, skincare, clothing and more! πŸ‘‰ DOES IT WORK πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰ SUBSCRIBE FOR ..
My EVERYDAY Makeup Routine (+ Hair!) πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ Simple & Fast Makeup Tutorial
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Anyone elses hayfever betray them straight after mascara? Comment below LOL. Here is my current everyday makeup look ft 2 lip options! πŸ‘‰ TRYING ON XOBEAUTY LASHES πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
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Realistic makeup mistakes to avoid. The dos and donts of makeup application, and HOW NOT TO DO YOUR MAKEUP! I hope this video helps you guys out! xx πŸ‘‰ KIM KARDASHIAN MAKEUP REVIEW AND TEST πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
Testing TOP RATED Makeup πŸ€” Full Face of Mecca Brands! πŸ‘€
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Full face of TOP RATED makeup from Nars, Too Faced, Kevyn Aucoin, Urban Decay and more! All rated on the website Mecca (a fav shop of mine - its kind of like Sephora btw) Were these products what you expected? xx πŸ‘‰ GRWM and my cousin! www...
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An old school chill GRWM chit chat while I do my date night makeup and halo hair extensions and outfit for a date night out with Hamish! πŸ‘‰ Buying ASOS Outfits You Sent Me πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
FULL FACE of Makeup Revolution! πŸ‘€πŸ€” CHEAP and AFFORDABLE!
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Today I tried a full face of Makeup Revolution brand makeup! Its super cheap and affordable! Some items were hits, others were misses.... what do you think?! xx πŸ‘‰ *NEW* Benefit Hello Happy First Impression πŸ‘‰ NEW VLO..
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PREVIOUSLY: Latest Beauty Video: #shaaanxo #engaged #dailyvlog VENDORS: Balloon wall, ceiling and above photobooth: manawatupar..
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In depth first impressions and a wear test of the FENTY foundation, match stix trio, killawatt highlighters and primer! πŸ‘‰ URBAN DECAY NAKED HEAT PALETTE TUTORIALS πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
CHIT CHAT Tutorial! πŸ’•πŸΉ Cocktail Series πŸ’š Mint Julep ft Shaaanxo Palette
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Today i'm creating a Bourbon 56 Mint Julep cocktail inspired makeup look! Browns, duochrome, green and mint! Using my ShaaanxoPalette. Question of the day at the end hehe!! Love you xoxox πŸ‘‰ NEW DECLUTTER VID
I SPENT $630 ON PRETTY LITTLE THING... pls send help lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
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Buying my followers OUTFIT SUGGESTIONS from PLT! I mean... there are a few cute things but also WTF LOLLLL I GOT STITCHED UP!! What should I keep?! PS $630nzd - some I bought in pound, some AUD lol thats the conversion xx πŸ‘‰ BTS MAKEUP www...
Sultry Winged Eyes with a Pop of Blue! βˆ™ Tutorial Inspired by Shaaanxo
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My previous video β†’ Today I'm collabing with no other than the gorgeous Shaaanxo here on TVclip. We decided to each do a look inspired by one another. While Shannon went ..
Get Ready With Me... Clubbing β™‘
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PRODUCT LIST LINK: I got a great response from my last vid like this, so thought i would chuck up another one till i have time to make a tutorial or something :) Linkage: http..
BRIDAL makeup tutorial! πŸ’ wedding glam using HOLY GRAIL makeup!
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Today we have an updated BRIDAL makeup tutorial! This is a semi dramatic wedding makeup look that still looks groomed and timeless, not over the top. What makeup would you wear to your wedding? πŸ‘‰ A NEW LIP SWATCH VIDEO NO WAY?!?!?! MAC Shot Of Col..
big clothing haul! πŸ‘™ Vlog 631
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PREVIOUSLY: Latest Beauty Video: #shaaanxo #clothinghaul #packing Euphoric Swim Runaway Fashion runawaythelabel..
Trying on WISH APP Wedding Dresses! πŸ‘° DISASTER??
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Today we are back with another TRYING CHEAP WEDDING DRESSES video! Which one is your favorite?! πŸ‘‰ Wedding Glam Tutorial πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰ SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE..
JEFFREE STAR LIP SWATCHES πŸ˜±πŸ’„ Velour Liquid Lipstick
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Swatching the FULL COLLECTION (nearly lol) 30 shades! My lips died for this so please send a thumbs up my way! Whats your fav shade? xx πŸ‘‰ FAVS AND HATES πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
My Evening Routine! β™‘ Cooking, Skincare & More! Shaaanxo
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Here is what I get up to at night time! Cooking dinner, makeup removal and more! I hope you enjoy it! xo - FASHION HAUL - Please subscribe for more videos every Monday, Wednesday and F..
Pampering My Skin in ASMR πŸ’¦ *awkward* trying something new lol help
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For best audio, use some headphones haha, turn down the volume a bit and shut your eyes! I felt SO AWKWARD and cringe filming this but you guys have no idea how many requests I got to do this!! Please let me know how I can do better next time I try t..
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Today we have a first impression review trying out the new Kylie Cosmetics 22nd Birthday Collection... You're So Money Baby! xox πŸ‘‰ FIRST IMPRESSIONS πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS
HOLY GRAIL Beauty Products 🀩 + Favorite Music, TV Shows & More!
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Monthly favorites.... slash my current favs bc we all know this aint happening monthly! My fav perfume, new skincare, new beauty and makeup, songs and tv shows of the moment! πŸ‘‰ GAME OF THRONES MAKEUP!!! *WOW*
Beauty Tag! πŸ’• FULL FACE USING OLD FAVS! 😱 Shaaanxo
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THROWBACK TIME! I made a challenge! Using all of my OLD FAVORITE HOLY GRAIL makeup products in a look! Some of these are still amazing and some are questionable haha. Haiii 2012 shankso πŸ‘‰ KOREAN FIRST IMPRESSION
full face of makeup i HATE 😣 bad makeup & regrets
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Today I am doing a full face of makeup I don't like, some regrets and some things I think are plain bad. Remember these products didn't work for me, and that doesn't mean that they definitely wont work for you! We all have diff preferences, so look u..
15 Minute Makeup ⏰ My QUICK GLAM Makeup Routine! πŸ’£
Views 254KYear ago
My 10-15 min quick glam makeup look, tips and tricks & how I clean my false lashes! What is your fav facial feature to focus on when you're in a rush?? There is a sale on xoBeauty at the moment too, details below!! πŸ‘‰ GET 10%..
new makeup unboxing! πŸ”₯ HUGE PR HAUL & Giveaway! shaaanxo
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heres whats new in makeup as well as a giveaway! what brands do you think are bringing out the best makeup lately? πŸ‘‰ fenty pro filter hydrating foundation review πŸ‘‰ NEW VLOGS πŸ‘‰..