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WE GOTCHU - $100 of when using the discount code Shonduras call me for more info 855-978-2534 more info here- TOUR THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best House Day Ever 847 It's finally here!! The day we ..
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the longest day of my life!!!! But so worth it! HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best New Baby Day Ever 837 It's time!! We are off to the hospital so Jenny can give birth to baby #2. We pack up our stuff and check in to the room ..
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Surprising Tyler at the Spacestation Surprise that subscribe button for more Best Days Ever!! Best Tyler Day Ever 625 Today is super awesome!! Do you guys remember Tyler? We've met him a coup..
JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our family
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a very real reminder why we make everyday the BEST DAY EVER! WARNING this video may contain footage not suitable for some audiences. parental and viewer discretion is advised. thanks! join the best days ever!! Truly The..
scary ambulance ride
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Literally the scariest thing that could ever happen More giveaways! HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best MOTHER'S Day Ever 512 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY We're going to tell you a..
DIY Cereal Wall
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Thank you to everyone who helped us get to 200,000 subscribers!!! Today we turn a boring room into an awesome cereal room. Best Day Ever 143 JOIN THE ADVENTURE Snapchat: @Shonduras Beme: @Shonduras Instagram: Twitt..
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She's growing up so fast Remember THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Adley Day Ever 757 Hey Everyone, Brandon here. Shaun is still feeling sick and so are Jenny and Baby Adley. So to let them rest and feel better, we had the idea of do..
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welcome to a sleepover at the shonduras house!! PLAY WITH THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Evening Ever 763 That's right, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. For most vlogs I film during the day at the Spacestation ..
Poking 800 Holes in My Back
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DON'T EVER DO THIS Click here to join the adventure!! Best Fourth of July Day Ever 211 It's the 4th of July!! Adley wins a baby contest for being super cute. Me and dad try to play horseshoes. We're not that good... We swi..
Shonduras -VS- Momduras
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SHONDURAS vs MOMDURAS SHOWDOWN!! Welcome back to the livestream! We have a special guest with us this time. None other than the word renowned MOMDURAS!! We are going to be facing off in a little game we like to call the bowl game. Everyone writes d..
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WE MADE IT TO 100 BEST DAYS EVER!!! To celebrate, we get a little creative with some fireworks... (funny prank on jenny gone wrong but we still make it a good time) Best Day Ever 100 Use this link if you want me to use your music in my vlogs!! htt..
She Finally Did It!!
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She's already a pro at it. Click here to join the adventure!! Best Pizza Pan Day Ever 221 Pizza for breakfast! Casey joined us. We're gonna shred a pizza pan. By the way, that pizza is amazing. Casey crushes it on the pizz..
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Day Two of Star Wars! Thanks EA for the invite! Branodon and I are SUPER hyped on the new Battlefront II game! We saw the private release of the trailer!! Best Brandon's Day Ever 487 Adley has her first Easter Egg hu..
real SKATEPARK in my BACKYARD!!!! - backyard tour 2
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our secret family skatepark! Adley approved!! SHRED THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Backyard Day Ever 881 Welcome to the next part of the backyard tour. This is my favorite part, my own skatepark in the backyard. I have wanted one o..
FAMILY gets a PRINCESS MAKEOVER!! Adley controls our day with surprise Pedicures! (my first time)
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adley is the vlog boss today and we do whatever she wants?!! JOIN THE FAM!! Best Spa Day Ever 1006 This morning Adley had the idea that she should be the boss and get to choose what the family does all day today. At the ti..
His First Kiss
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY THESTEPHEN Click here to join the adventure!! Best DXRACER Day Ever 311 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv DXRacer hooked us up with some awesome new chairs too. They are the most comfortable chairs we have..
GIANT 24 hour CARNIVAL for Adley!!
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WE GOT A GIANT BOX FOR ADLEY (look whats inside) only the best music for your videos SLIDE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Carnival Day Ever 875 I love surprising people and I REALLY love surprisin..
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baby bear gets to come home soon :) NEW WILL IT SHRED TOMORROW HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Day Ever 841 I love spending time with Niko and I had to go visit him and spend time with the f..
WE STOLE A CAR!! (dont watch this dad)
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Jenny knew this was a bad idea... HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Birthday Special Day Ever 559 Jenny surprise take over of the vlog for my actual birthday. Getting Adley to say birthday pancakes is my only birthday wish. B..
What is She Doing?
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A rare sighting of the illusive nose eating baby. Plus, Chicken took over the vlog He opened up a new computer case and nerded out over it. Shaun got home from his secret filming and Adley ate his nose. Can you tell that Chicken wrote this descript..
It hurts so bad!!
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Remember that one time I did a Spanish vlog? Click here to join the adventure!! El Mejor DΓ­a 247 We got roasted yesterday. Super bad sunburn. Burnt toast. 100% Oh and we went to Adley's first baseball game. Find me on a..
She Fell Off The Slide 😧
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that last clip of Adley...wait for it!! HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best One More Day Ever 563 Remember the drift carts, were getting them fixed for our guests. Chicken comes into work early and apologizes for being late. La..
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our newest project!! sooo hyped Best Tilly's Day Ever 581 I can't wait for you guys to see this!! We teamed up with Tillys and Jansport to make these awesome augmented reality codes that are in every Tillys store..
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FOLLOW THE FAM!! baby bear nikobearmcbride adley adleymcbride jenny jennymcbride shonduras SANITIZE AND SUBSCRIBE!! ..
Draw My Life: The Shonduras Story
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Life is crazy, and mine just got crazier. Let me paint you a picture of who Shonduras is and where my passion comes from. I put together this video because i want to share with you who I am, where i come from, and introduce you to the next big chapte..
NIKO 1st BIRTHDAY!! opening bday presents with Baby Bear (Ultimate Toy Haul for his Room)
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Family Surprise Party for Niko!! LOVE YOU BUDDY! JOIN THE PARTY!! Best Niko Birthday Ever 970 Can you believe its been a year since he got here?!! One year ago today, little Niko Bear was born and today we are celebrating!..
Her FIRST Christmas!
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This is the cutest thing I've ever seen LETS GET 1,000,000!! Best 4 Christmas Day Ever 383 ITS CHRISTMAS!!! And Adley is super excited to open packages. She's actually pretty good at it. She's also really good at Tee Ball,..
PRIVATE ROCK WATER PARK - backyard tour 1
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a place to spend time with my fam and film fun!! NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT 😊 SPLASH ON THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Water Park Day Ever 877 The backyard is done!! We finally get to show you guys and we finally get to play on it. ..
1,500 BALLS DROP!! Airplane Gender Reveal! (BOY or GIRL)
Views 906KYear ago
A really creative gender reveal that was REALLY FUN!! REVEAL THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Baby Day Ever 717 Today is the day! The day we find out: Boy? or Girl? Before it's spoiled, go leave a comment on what you think ;) Albert..
First Week of The Rest Of My Life
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I love sharing a story, and now that i am dad status i will have way more stories to share!! Join my weekly vlogs as we travel the world, see behind the scenes on shonduras snapchats, become best friends with baby Adley, and just help support my pass..
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Koopa has been struggling so we took him to the vet, hope he is ok SEE INSDIE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Vet Day Ever 779 I start the best day ever off with a challange. Holladay and I are trying to do scooter tricks. And the o..
EAGLE ATTACK!! (caught on camera)
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punched in the nuts play the app iOS play the app Android Best Time Machine Day Ever 587 We have a super cool announcement, but the only way for it to make sense is ..
RUNNING ON LAVA at the park (pink monster)
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The family is back home with dad!! HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Lava Day Ever 949 It's Adley and Jenny's last day in Nevada, so they need to have as much fun with the family as possible. Jenny takes Adley, baby Niko, an..
Baby in Ceiling Prank (pregnancy announcement)
Views 419KYear ago
no one saw this coming...πŸ˜‚ HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Prank Day Ever 682 So, yesterday we shared with all of you the baby #2 pregnancy announcement. But before we put the vlog up, we had to share the news with all o..
Attacked By A Scooter!!?
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Check out Tanner Fox's vid Click here to join the adventure!! Best Scooter Day Ever 258 Our last full day with Tanner. So we're gonna hit a ton of skateparks with skateboards, scooters, an..
How to Trap a Baby
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Advanced baby trapping techniques Click here to join the adventure!! Best Caged Baby Day Ever 217 Building a dog house for Olive and Koopa!! We make my Father's Day present and go on a super fun bike fun Adley loves going ..
Adley Crawls For The First Time!!
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Last day at SXSW and then I finally get to go home... but not before spending all day in airports... Best Day Ever 112 Use this link if you want me to use your music in my vlogs!! JOIN THE ADVENTURE Snapchat: @Shon..
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We start off with a thousand doctor visits and then we go and embarrass my sister at work. Shonduras in Hello Lab: Best Day Ever 133 JOIN THE ADVENTURE Snapchat: @Shonduras Beme: @Shonduras Instagram: instagram...
WE CAUGHT A MOOSE!! Adley Learns to Feed Animals at the Family Cabin (first time for Niko)
Views 366K6 days ago
We take the kids camping in the mountains! and Brandon joins us!! JOIN OUR FAM!! Best Moose Day Ever 1022 WHAT A MORNING!! We had this fun idea to make Magic witch potions for an Adley video and it is so much fun! We are d..
UNICORN in our BACKYARD?! Surprising Adley with her Favorite Dream in Real Life! (pet horse routine)
Views 969K2 days ago
Then some family time and my new fave MAGIC SPOON cereal! JOIN OUR FAM!! Best Unicorn Day Ever 1024 Today is a huge surprise day!! This is something that Jenny and I have wanted to do for 2 or 3 months and it's finally hap..
3 Dads and a Baby
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Three dads are better than one!! Download the Jamba Juice Order Ahead App OR order online: First time users get $2 off with this code JJVIDEO1 This video was made in Partnership with Jamba Juice #ad Click here to join the adven..
Husband Convinces Wife Her Throat is Full of Worms
Views 6M3 years ago
Yesterday after my wife's tonsil surgery, I convinced her that they found worms in her throat. Her reaction was priceless. Oh and our dogs prank called her! Best Day Ever 137 JOIN THE ADVENTURE Snapchat: @Shonduras Beme: @Shonduras Instagram: https..
Adleys FIRST DAY of School!! Meeting New Friends and My Teacher! (Morning Routine and Shoe Shopping)
Views 824KMonth ago
and Niko has a new trick that we cannot figure out! πŸ˜‚ JOIN THE FAM!! Best School Day Ever 1002 Good Morning vlog! It's a special day today, cause it's Adley's first day back to school!! She's really excited and we are d..
Views 2.9M3 years ago
Liquid Nitrogen Propelled Rocket Launcher! Check out how we made it: This was a really fun collab with The King of Random.. definitely throw him a subscribe to see more awesome experiments and randomness:
Kids Play at Ultimate Water Park!! Adley learns to water slide and Niko floats around!
Views 3.4MMonth ago
Go to, to take back your internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free JOIN THE FAM!! Best Water Park Day Ever 1001 Hi Vloggy!! Adley and I missed you! Today we are ..
ADLEY LEARNS TO SWIM UNDERWATER!! My Secret Birthday Party in a Backyard Pool with the Family :)
Views 1.7M3 months ago
ITS MY BIRTHDAY VLOG!! lots of fun surprises! JOIN THE FAM!! Best Birthday Day Ever 983 Today is my Birthday! It's just the time of birthdays at our house, first it was Jenny's when she got the purple Tesla, then we had Ni..
Mini Drift Car in the Skatepark?!
Views 213K2 years ago
SUCH A GOOD IDEA HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! Best Bus Day Ever 356 We had a really good idea: Why not get a Greyhound bus to drive us around to some skateparks in Utah and shred? So we did that. And it was AWESOME Thanks to G..
Relocating A Wasp Nest
Views 756K3 years ago
The most important mission of our lives. Click here to join the adventure!! Best Wasp Day Ever 239 We're back home! Adley is cute. As always. We take her one year pictures because HER BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! We go on a miss..
ADLEYS 4th BIRTHDAY!! Ultimate Family Party with Cake and Presents!
Views 2.7M2 months ago
a very special BEST BDAY EVER for Adley! JOIN THE FAM!! Best 4th Birthday Day Ever 996 IT’S ADLEYS BIRTHDAY!! Holy cow, how is she 4 years old?!! I swear it was a just a few months ago that we were bringing her home from..
KiDS STORY TiME!! Family is Back Together! We Learn everyone’s routine while i was traveling!
Views 776KMonth ago
casual morning home with surprises for the whole family!! JOIN THE FAM!! Best Story Day Ever 1007 Oh its so nice to be back with the family!! I just got back from being in Northern Ireland for the Power of Video conference..