Victorian Pharmacy: Leeches & Tonic Water (Pharmaceutical Documentary) | Timeline
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Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. Life in a 19th-century pharmacy is re-created in this four-part documentary. Historian Ruth Goodman, professor Nick Barber and doctorate stude..
Victorian women | Life in Victorian times | 108 year old woman | Money Go Round | 1977
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Joan Shenton speaks to Mrs. Florence Pannel born in 1868 speaks to about life for women in Victorian times, and also what it was like setting up a Beauty care business during those times including her life in Paris. This is the complete section of th..
How to Make Breakfast - The Victorian Way
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Mrs Crocombe is busy making breakfast for Lord and Lady Braybrooke in the kitchens of Audley End House and Gardens. This recipe is perfect for using up leftover fish and rice. It originated in India as khichri, a dish made using lentils, rice, onio..
The Worst Jobs in History: Victorians (Victorians Documentary) | Timeline
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Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. Tony Robinson reveals the grim occupations in Victorian Britain and explains that the workhouse was possibly the most infamous place of employ..
Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England
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Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Victorian England Subscribe: Think you know your Victorian history? Think again. For this list, we're counting down the weirdest, grossest, most surprising and unexpected facts about the Victorian ..
Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled (Victorian Documentary) | Timeline
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Biographer A.N. Wilson uncovers the intriguing personal life of Queen Victoria through her journals and letters in this psychological portrait of Britain's longest reigning monarch. With Queen Victoria's writings read by Anna Chancellor. Content lic..
60 years of Victorian fashions
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A quick journey through the fashions from 1838 to 1898! Hope you enjoy the brief outline of the main fashion trends during the Victorian era. the footage is mostly time lapse - but dont worry, many of the items will be made into indivudual videos..
Victorian Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is
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I don't know since when 64 years is almost a century, I was always bad at math sry My Instagram: My nudes: My merch:
An Everyday Victorian-Style Updo
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I hope this answers things. The book: ‘How to be a Victorian’ by Ruth Goodman MUSIC CREDITS: Waltz (Tschikovsky Op. 40) Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
How to Make Butter – The Victorian Way
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Introducing Miss Fanny Cowley, the dairy maid. The kitchens at Audley End House use a lot of butter – around 3-4lbs a day. Today, Mrs Crocombe pays a visit to the dairy as she requires some butter with herbs. English Heritage is a charity, working..
Victorian Era Couple Live Like It's The 19th Century | Extraordinary People | New York Post
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On this episode of Extraordinary People, a quirky couple is obsessed with the Victorian era. Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman wear 1880s-inspired clothing, cook with a wood stove and live their everyday lives, in Port Townsend, Washington, as if it’s the..
Disgusting and Creepy Victorian Fashion Trends
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it's two weeks until Halloween my dudes (all the pictures were found on Pinterest) My Instagram: My blog: My nudes: You can also buy me a coffee!:
Victorian Farm Episodes 1-6
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Victorian Farm is a British historical documentary TV series in six parts, first shown on BBC Two in January 2009, and followed by three Christmas-themed parts in December of the same year. The series recreates everyday life on a farm in Shropshire i..
My Victorian hairstyle: how I do it
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My Victorian-inspired hairstyle. For more details (and a close-up on the hairpins I use), see grooming washing.html
How to Make Victoria Sandwiches - The Victorian Way
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Mrs Crocombe, the Victorian cook, has decided to bake Victoria Sandwiches for Lord and Lady Braybrooke in the kitchens of Audley End. Follow her authentic Victorian recipe and try making this classic cake at home: INGREDIENTS 675g Sugar 6 Eggs 450..
Living like a Victorian in Modern day England
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Wait until the end if you want to see me venture out in to the big bad world in this fine victorian attire. Instagram: gracebooth97
How The Staircase Made The Victorians Suffer | Absolute History
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Dr Suzannah Lipscomb finds out just how dangerous the Victorian staircase actually was. Content licensed from DRG. Any queries, please contact us at:
Victorians | Life in Victorian times | Victorian Britain | Afternoon plus | 1980
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A shortened version of the original programme. Mavis Nicholson chats to some prominent politicians, Authors and pioneers who were born in the Victorian era, on what it was like in the back in the 'good old days' compared to 1980's Britain. Lord Fenn..
Unbelievable Ways The Victorians Caused Their Own Deaths | Absolute History
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Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home: In a genuine horror story, Suzannah Lipscomb reveals the lethal products, gadgets and conveniences that lurked in every room of the Victorian home and shows how they were unmasked. Content licensed from DRG. Any..
Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon
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The Gilded Age left a legacy of decay on the American landscape. Subscribe to our channel! Haunted houses are often depicted with similar features: decaying woodwork, steep angles, and Gothic-looking towers and turrets. The mo..
Messed Up Things That Actually Happened In The Victorian Era
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If you're new, Subscribe! → A lot has changed in the decades since the rule of Queen Victoria. Sure, people are still pretty messed up in modern times too. But the things that used to go down in the late 19th cent..
Retiree’s Victorian Tiny House, 19th Century Living w/ Modern Twist
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Historian and tiny house advocate, Shorty Robbins, built a Victorian-era cottage on wheels. It provides a window in the past, a darling living history example. Shorty’s now full-time tiny home, “Nawaka,” is an excellent tool for her favorite pa..
How to Make Custard Pudding - The Victorian Way
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Today, Mrs Crocombe is making a very good custard pudding. In fact, this recipe is so tasty and simple to make that she's thinking of adding it to her notebook cookbook. With her seal of approval, who are we to disagree? Visit Mrs Crocombe's kitche..
Victorian Farm Episode I
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Victorian Farm is a historical documentary TV series in six parts, first shown on BBC Two in January 2009, it recreates everyday life on a small farm in Shropshire in the mid-19th century, using authentic replica equipment and clothing, original reci..
What Was Life Like? Episode 10: Victorians | Meet Victorian Cook Mrs Crocombe
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Find out what happened when young English Heritage Members Jack and Ollie step back in time to learn what life was like in the kitchen at Audley End House in 1881. Discover who works in the kitchen with Mrs Crocombe the cook, how the food gets to Lor..
Dressing up a Victorian lady ( 1868-72)
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Another in our Dressing up series! this time we are looking at the transitional fashions, spanning the exciting period between the crinoline and bustle eras. YOu have seen this dress in the Overview of Victorian Fashions video, in a timelapse mode..
The Victorian Era - Living in the Past | euromaxx
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Peter Saunders from England is a huge fan of all things dating back to the time when Queen Victoria ruled her empire. He has even created a home that is an authentic tribute to that period. We met up with one man who really is living the dream.
Debunking Victorian myths.1. Dressing up Victorians
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' Sure you do look nice, but gosh, it must have taken you ages to get it all on!' Working as a historical interpreter, I have met with this myth often - people just think it took hours to get dressed in all the layers. Recently the issue even e..
Why Victorian Mothers Hid In Photos With Their Kids
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In the late 1800s, a photograph required about 30 seconds of exposure time to take. So anyone sitting for a portrait had to be able to sit still for at least a minute or so. Kids, of course, found this difficult, so some parents, in order to get pic..
History of Sex - The Victorian Era (Full Documentary)
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Victorian realities - how did they use the toilet??!
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After our recent videos ( Moving in a crinoline cage; Dressing up a Victorian ), one of the most common questions was this - 'How on earth did they use the toilet in all those skirts, petticoat, bustles, crinolines and what else is there hiding und..
Abandoned 19th Century Victorian Castle True Timecapsule EVERYTHING LEFT!
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Donate a few dollars to help us document these places and give them the respect they deserve ► This video is something special something that blew our minds and we did not even think was possible... This castle ..
Abandoned 19th Century Victorian House (Fully Furnished)
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Check out the beautiful pictures and history of these places on our website: We are 2 brothers who love exploring! This is one of our first video's on the channel so forgive us for the bad quality. Our newer video's are much..
1901 - Victorian/Edwardian workers caught on film (VERSION 2)
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Did a second pass at adjusting speed/adding sound on this amazing old footage by Mitchell and Kenyon in North England 1901. The first time I uploaded this a year ago I really undercranked the footage and the sound didn't fit very well
Victorian Film trailer | BFI Player
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To mark 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria, discover hundreds of newly digitised, trailblazing Victorian films for free on BFI Player from 13 May. Subscribe:
How To Make Fashionable Apple Dumplings – The Victorian Way
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Today, it looks like we’ve stumbled across Mrs Crocombe at rest knitting some dishcloths. In actual fact, she’s hard at work; these dishcloths help to produce a rather interesting texture to today’s recipe - Fashionable Apple Dumplings. Englis..
HISTORICALLY ACCURATE Makeup Tutorial | Victorian Woman vs Victorian Prostitute
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Historically accurate makeup tutorial featuring Victorian era makeup, both for the societal woman and the Victorian prostitute. I thought this would make for a unique contrast and wanted to say 'THANK YOU!' to you for your wonderful suggestion in the..
Dressing up a Victorian Bride
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A Valentine's Day special! Since we were shoting photos for my book, The Victorian Dressmaker, we decided to revisit my bridal outfit - and here's the result. I was surprised that itfitted it 6 years after the wedding - but it was great to wear i..
Port Townsend couple lives like Victorians despite criticism
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A Port Townsend couple has attracted attention and criticism over their decision to live like Victorians in 2015. Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman respond and share a glimpse of their lifestyle. (Lauren Frohne / The Seattle Times; Image: Ken Lambert)
Victorians Song
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Topic song for VICTORIANS. KS1 and KS2. Find the backing track and more resources here: Desks in straight lines, hair in buns Classes of 50 Writing out sums, Canes for the naughty no hugs for the sad & for or the lefties ..
I Wore A Victorian Corset For A Day
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spoiler: I'm still alive. here's the corsetmaker that made my corset: also, here's my book if you want it: PL -ękno UK/IR - free shipping this month with a code "PIEKNOX18": b..
Victorian Farm Christmas Episode I
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Victorian Farm Christmas. Goodman, Langlands and Ginn return to the Acton Scott Estate after a year away to re-create preparations for a Victorian Christmas Episode I. In Shropshire there’s harvesting to be done before Christmas, and mince pies ..
Victorian Doctors Had An Interesting Treatment For Female Hysteria | Random Thursday
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Female Hysteria was a popular diagnosis in the Victorian days and Victorian doctors treated it with... a very hands-on approach. Support me on Patreon! Follow me at all my places! Instagram:
Differences Between Rich And Poor In Victorian Times
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-Rich And Poor In Victorians Times- The quality of life during the Victorian times depended on whether you were rich or poor. Wealthy Victorians enjoyed a good and easy life Poor Victorians had a rough and hard life, often ending up in the workho..
How to Make Cheese Seftons - The Victorian Way
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Today Mrs Crocombe shows us how to make cheese seftons - delightful savoury treats designed for the end of a meal, for the dessert course, or even sometimes after it as an alternative option for those who prefer a savoury palate cleanser. English He..
The Victorians, Modern Life is Rubbish
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Never mind living off the grid. Meet the couple who live in a different century. THE VICTORIANS, Modern Life is Rubbish. Shunning modern day convenience and technology. (Excerpt from FastCo) Whether you consider them pre-modern evangelists or just..
The Children Who Built Victorian Britain - Full Documentary
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Sign up to Swagbucks and earn $100s a year by shopping online, watching videos and taking surveys. Click this link for a $3 sign-up bonus: First-hand accounts of children who lived and worked during Britain's Industrial Revolut..
Victorian Hairdressing - Reproducing 3 Authentic 1800's Hairstyles
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For episode 4 of this historical hair series, come along on this visit to Victorian-era hairstyles of the late 1800s. Here we learn about hair fashion trends of the period and how to reproduce 3 styles directly from contemporary "fashion plate" publi..
Victorian Age in History of English Literature
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#English #Literature #Victorian
How to Make Gingerbread Cake - The Victorian Way
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Today we're in for a real treat. Mrs Crocombe is making one of her favourite recipes - a cheap and delicious Gingerbread Cake. Visit Mrs Crocombe's kitchen: INGREDIENTS 500g flour 200g butter (salted, or add a generous pinch o..