Burger Joint Serves A Fry Roulette With 72 Combinations

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Ground House Burger in Santa Ana offers a Fry Roulette on their menu that comes with six sides and 12 sauces. The sides include classic French fries, sweet potato fries, seasoned fries, waffle fries, onion rings, and tater tots. While they still have classic sauces like ketchup, ranch, and barbecue sauce, they also added sauces like wasabi crema with jalapeño, Thai chili, and teriyaki aioli. INSIDER's Caroline Aghajanian went to try the Fry Roulette for herself and see if it was really worth the hype.
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    Burger Joint Serves A Fry Roulette With 72 Combinations

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  • Laying Down Reactions
    Laying Down Reactions 6 hours ago


  • Shúntel
    Shúntel 13 hours ago

    No curly fries? $40, I'll pass.

    HEY CHARLES 18 hours ago

    All fries for 40 wait plus onion fries.

  • Lil_asian Jeff
    Lil_asian Jeff Day ago

    40$ just let me buy all those and some burger and some drink much better than that combo

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    $40 just for sides ?, No Drink ? And how much is the main course ? ... Wait do they even have anything else ?

  • Jas Evelyn
    Jas Evelyn 2 days ago

    40$????, they need to add way more fries to that wheel

  • Azariah Caffey
    Azariah Caffey 3 days ago

    CHECK OUT! happy-mailer.com/index.php?referid=gettingpaid

  • 공식Army
    공식Army 3 days ago

    D-did they just say $40????

    LMNOP OTAY 4 days ago

    40 Buck's, do they come with a side order of cheeseburgers.

  • Ruby Bloggs
    Ruby Bloggs 5 days ago

    The title tells that it has 72 combinations but it's not more than a 18

  • katherine park
    katherine park 5 days ago

    It should be $40, but unlimited refills

  • Jaxxey !
    Jaxxey ! 5 days ago +2

    I've tried it lmao, Dont want to be mean but I *personally* don't think it was worth $40 💀 My bad for buying ig.

  • abira chatterjee
    abira chatterjee 6 days ago

    I love it 🥰

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare 6 days ago

    I like ranch with my fries

  • cartman4885
    cartman4885 7 days ago

    Those fries will get cold real fast then yuck

  • Moonlight Potato
    Moonlight Potato 7 days ago

    I love fries in ranch

  • Waifu Girl
    Waifu Girl 7 days ago

    I know it cost $40 dollars but this is like a family thing or a special occasion or with friends. Not like a daily food. Beside it isn’t a lot when you go out to eat it cost the same or more than this.

  • Aj Ayash
    Aj Ayash 8 days ago

    For $40, I could get all the sauces, the “roulette plate” and a pound of potatoes and onions to last a week.. cool concept but gtfoh with that price tag!!

  • Arnold Nguyen
    Arnold Nguyen 9 days ago +1

    $40!!! No thanks

  • Alan
    Alan 9 days ago

    Waste of plastic sauce cups if that is a normally ordered item, maybe switch to metal sauce bowls.

  • Labrynth Bel
    Labrynth Bel 9 days ago

    y is the place almost empty?

  • Lisa
    Lisa 9 days ago

    Serves 2-3 people? More like 5

  • StillNoPickles 11
    StillNoPickles 11 9 days ago

    20$ - 25$ I think 25$ is generous

  • Jasmin Menzies
    Jasmin Menzies 9 days ago

    I always order salad with my burger

  • C. A. Poole
    C. A. Poole 9 days ago

    $40 for fries?? Do they hold an AR-15 to your ribs at the door?

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 10 days ago

    Everyone is forgetting this is in California. Obviously the price doesn't make sense. The prices in California are incredibly inflated compared to everywhere else. Gotta love it

  • Saul coolYT
    Saul coolYT 10 days ago +1

    I'd rather just get 6 servings of McDonald's fries for only like 10$...

  • Tashan Thomas
    Tashan Thomas 10 days ago

    I just ate my shirt

  • I ordered pie
    I ordered pie 10 days ago


  • poepi Donidoepi
    poepi Donidoepi 11 days ago

    Expensive for cheap fried products

  • Will Pongase
    Will Pongase 11 days ago

    Since there are tons of sauces they should reduce the price when the customer finishes the sauces

  • Shion Moon
    Shion Moon 11 days ago

    $40 for a fried combi, with 1:19 showing how the oil get darker and darker for each fries

  • Christian Letellier
    Christian Letellier 12 days ago

    3 servings of fries for $40: the most California thing you'll see all day. Just rob me at gunpoint get it over with

  • Jimins pillow Case
    Jimins pillow Case 12 days ago

    That’s wayyy to expensive they need to add burgers and drinks to that

  • kidwooh86 kidwooh86
    kidwooh86 kidwooh86 13 days ago

    Where the meat

  • _-1NSTA K1LL-_
    _-1NSTA K1LL-_ 14 days ago +1

    I would like to order a 40$ *_Russian Roulete_*

  • Muffinzz
    Muffinzz 14 days ago

    I feel bad for all of the potatoes.

  • Rocco Dutcher
    Rocco Dutcher 14 days ago +1

    Bruh go to the store, buy your favorite fries and sauce, and u got it for like 2 bucks

  • erika figueroa
    erika figueroa 14 days ago

    No mames $40!!!

  • Spiritual Coconut
    Spiritual Coconut 14 days ago

    Must be hard to not double dip.

  • Panda Bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    $40!?I could buy much more in any other place for cheaper

    MG CHANNEL 15 days ago +1

    Comments section:
    90% it's 40USD very expensive.
    9% you can do it your self.
    1% I hope I can keep the roulette.

  • DoctorDoggo
    DoctorDoggo 15 days ago


  • Bruh
    Bruh 15 days ago

    This that *b u l l b u l l*

  • heartofpure
    heartofpure 16 days ago

    Damn if this was 40 dollars, I would expect triple the amount of servings you usually get.

  • diego duran
    diego duran 16 days ago +1

    What about RANCH

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    if im loking too but that food how much respond now i am loking too buy hows any won suposd too but wen nowon respond! unbelesvable

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    i wont food I

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    lov fryed food

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    loks wicked awe some

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    randy likey friesy

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    look sooooo good yummy

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker 16 days ago +1

    mmmmm that loks friggin good not gona lie

  • cyberrninja
    cyberrninja 16 days ago

    When people tell me not to play with my food

  • TheGuitar Person
    TheGuitar Person 16 days ago

    No Franch? Or Cajun Kick-ass?

  • cow sheep
    cow sheep 16 days ago

    You better of getting 3/4 pizzas

  • gachalexis
    gachalexis 16 days ago

    Hmmm so 40$
    Times that to 50
    Im not buying its PHP2000

  • ashley chau
    ashley chau 16 days ago +2

    $40 with some of the basic sauces like ketchup and bbq? Dude, with that price, you need a truffle sauce or something.

  • vModz Modding Clan
    vModz Modding Clan 16 days ago

    40 dollars and I clicked off the video

  • Yonaton Kadosh
    Yonaton Kadosh 16 days ago

    Thats a ripoff i thought it would be $5 not $40

  • Somaly Mok
    Somaly Mok 16 days ago

    Cancer has enter the chat

  • ShadowGacha TwT
    ShadowGacha TwT 17 days ago

    1000th comment

  • Yeet Creeper
    Yeet Creeper 17 days ago

    40$ for just grease?count me out

  • Thana Ansari
    Thana Ansari 17 days ago

    Wait till the mukbangers discover this.

  • Coco Tan
    Coco Tan 18 days ago

    The roulette concept looks cool but I would share it with just 1 other person than 7 other people.
    Double dip double dip double dip. 😂

  • Raoul Brown
    Raoul Brown 19 days ago

    Unless the burgers are 5$ 40 os way to much

  • Zexfy
    Zexfy 19 days ago +1

    It was cool until I heard 40. Den I was out dis bich.

  • Michael Oko
    Michael Oko 19 days ago

    6 x 3 = 18 + all sauces =25 MAX
    so expensive and scammy wth lol

  • TheGudStuff
    TheGudStuff 19 days ago

    If its gonna be $40 then add more fries than this

  • Hazox
    Hazox 19 days ago

    Every women needs food dishes like these

  • Boba _Tea’zZ
    Boba _Tea’zZ 20 days ago

    -Finally something I can afford-

  • Ryan Kulibaba
    Ryan Kulibaba 20 days ago

    $15 for all of that would be reasonable

  • firedog
    firedog 20 days ago


  • randompersonofze EARTH
    randompersonofze EARTH 20 days ago +1


  • lll l
    lll l 20 days ago

    That's such a ripoff I wanna cry

  • Carlo Basile
    Carlo Basile 21 day ago

    Not worth it at all in my opinion

  • Angel Ruiz
    Angel Ruiz 22 days ago

    Where the buffalo sauce

  • lama alakl
    lama alakl 22 days ago +2


  • Litzy Marroquín
    Litzy Marroquín 23 days ago

    I want her work 😂

  • Jermarcus Webster
    Jermarcus Webster 23 days ago

    To damn much for some fry$$$...no thanks👋🏾

  • Adam E
    Adam E 23 days ago +1

    I can imagine this would be so fun! Imagine if your toss never ends up hitting your favourite dip.

  • Qeisama
    Qeisama 26 days ago

    aaand I got a McD ads. Looks like McDonald's doesn't want their customer being taken away lol. Though I don't think they will immediately change sides after hearing that $40 price. Maybe for the novelty but not for recurring purchase.

  • daniel pedrazzoli
    daniel pedrazzoli 27 days ago

    For 40 dollars, I would expect at least a refill of fries

  • Oompa Loompa
    Oompa Loompa 27 days ago

    Alvin be narrating now smh

  • Aubrey Vu
    Aubrey Vu 27 days ago

    Uhm no that feeds one person and that one person is *ME*

  • Jesse
    Jesse 28 days ago

    $40! It’s not even a meal tf

  • Robot Chad
    Robot Chad 28 days ago +1

    3:23. This joke referring to "twist" is not funny. When you move the circular board you are physically spinning the board and not twisting. So the terminology didn't match up with the action which is why I'm gonna have to send you home. Smash like if you hate islam

  • Dung Tinh Nguyen
    Dung Tinh Nguyen Month ago

    It may be overpriced but it looks good 😍

  • mr ACK room foam fan


  • Beem B
    Beem B Month ago

    40 dollars!?! LMAO

  • Helloitsara 09
    Helloitsara 09 Month ago

    banana ketchup??? tf

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Month ago

    Have Americans ever heard of a salad ???

  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe Month ago

    Sign me up

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum Month ago +1

    Well they have scammed so many people and it’s actually dumb lol

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum Month ago +1

    It’s literally a $2 table from amazon, sauces from McDonalds, and fries....$40? Where?

  • gtfunlimited
    gtfunlimited Month ago

    “Disruptive” lmao

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Month ago

    This looks really cool but $40 should get you a lot more than French fries and dipping sauce

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Month ago


  • Joshua Aronsohn
    Joshua Aronsohn Month ago

    I’m sorry, but it’s so hard for me to pay attention to these food insider videos due to how pretty the reporter is. Life is tough as a guy.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah!
    Oh Yeah Yeah! Month ago

    Would that make my peepee a french fry?