Making Cardboard ROBOTS (More Like Ronots lol) - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Recently declassified footage of military contractors working on prototype combat exoskeletons.
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    Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►
    Music from Stevia Sphere ►
    Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    #gamegrumps #powerhour #robots
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Comments • 2 898

  • ZoAnn Elizabeth
    ZoAnn Elizabeth 13 hours ago

    6:10 gonna need you to finish that cover, Dan. Pretty pleeeeeeease.

  • Jfizzzle
    Jfizzzle 3 days ago

    kmart shut down

  • Ana Sofia Del Rio
    Ana Sofia Del Rio 3 days ago

    Alternate video title: Two grown ass men fuck around with boxes for 10 minutes straight

  • CosmiKazie
    CosmiKazie 4 days ago

    I actually genuinely feel bad for Arin when he punched himself in the face. That shit hurted.

  • bobby starnes
    bobby starnes 4 days ago

    Technology has gone too far

  • Miyuki Ki
    Miyuki Ki 5 days ago

    There just kids with more problems.... I love it

  • Teh Jabble
    Teh Jabble 5 days ago

    danny and arnold are the physical embodiment of “boys will be boys” and eye luv eet

  • SonDashLover
    SonDashLover 5 days ago

    Arin is too excited throughout this whole video, it's adorable xD

  • zToxic Anime
    zToxic Anime 6 days ago

    Looks like the sheer force of the impact snapped dannys neck mid ram.

  • A pretty good but not great dane

    i got butter in my eye

  • Beckyyy J
    Beckyyy J 9 days ago

    Arin = Bucky

  • DuSku
    DuSku 9 days ago

    and then there's

  • Overlord
    Overlord 10 days ago

    This whole episode is so much better than it has any right to be

  • Isabella McKinney
    Isabella McKinney 11 days ago +2

    The things that questions me is


  • JustSamantha #ISWV
    JustSamantha #ISWV 11 days ago

    Arin's face at 1:12 holy shit I'm crying.

  • Wednesday Adams
    Wednesday Adams 12 days ago +1

    The Jew curl sticks through the helmet. 😂👌

  • Wednesday Adams
    Wednesday Adams 12 days ago +1

    The machinima from 10:20 to 11:18was comedy gold. 😂

  • Alexander Montalvo
    Alexander Montalvo 12 days ago

    This had me so dead bro

  • Syrus789
    Syrus789 12 days ago

    10:52 That cracked me up!

  • phl
    phl 13 days ago

    why is every TMPH so wholesome

  • Mason
    Mason 13 days ago

    Top 10 anime battles

  • Roberto Donato
    Roberto Donato 13 days ago

    We've got a city to burn.

  • Ten Letters
    Ten Letters 13 days ago

    10:19 the battle begins

  • Sebastian John
    Sebastian John 14 days ago

    7:36 and 8:10 that was dans tail beam comment if you know the referance

  • MarioLuigi TheBomb
    MarioLuigi TheBomb 15 days ago

    3:46 aerodynamic? more like ARINdynamic

  • Shannon Hollis
    Shannon Hollis 16 days ago

    2:57 sent my loins to space. Lord.

  • Ned Muniz
    Ned Muniz 17 days ago

    8:15 Getting them Dusk till Dawn vibes

  • Ghost Royal
    Ghost Royal 17 days ago

    7:55 Am I crazy or is that the same rhythm as Metallica-One lyrics?

  • Maston Dane
    Maston Dane 17 days ago

    It is funny to watch them dick around and make a mess but I wish they genuinely tried more often with how creative they both are.

  • Javi Gonzalez
    Javi Gonzalez 18 days ago

    At 8:36 you can hear someone whisper “stop”

  • Fredggie
    Fredggie 18 days ago +1

    What's the song they used at the end when they were fighting?

  • Apentogo
    Apentogo 19 days ago


  • Blu•cakes
    Blu•cakes 20 days ago

    For a second I was like what the heck is a ronot after taking 10 minutes to realize the joke

    8 ANDY HARRIS 8 20 days ago

    Ryan higa would’ve made shit out of this battle

  • Lbp boricua
    Lbp boricua 21 day ago

    I am here for some heckin wall stains

  • Rogyman
    Rogyman 23 days ago

    I love seeing the child come out of Arin

  • Mach 05
    Mach 05 24 days ago

    Honestly better than Pacific Rim 2

  • Shay Ó Laoghaire
    Shay Ó Laoghaire 25 days ago

    Arin chose the right profession lol

  • Dat Lil boi
    Dat Lil boi 25 days ago

    arin: (punches self)
    youtube : oh boy time for an ad !!!

  • Ye Beans
    Ye Beans 26 days ago


  • Strawberry
    Strawberry 27 days ago

    6:12 damn I didn’t know Dan listens to Tool

  • Levi Augustine
    Levi Augustine 28 days ago

    1:22 it sounds like two sentient fax machines trying to fuck

  • Majin Mr. Long
    Majin Mr. Long 28 days ago

    arin finally lives out his mega man dreams

  • WildCoyote711
    WildCoyote711 28 days ago

    The video didn’t even start yet and I died laughing

  • Nellie Washburn
    Nellie Washburn 29 days ago

    MASK: Mostly Automatic Systematic Killer

  • Family Miller :P
    Family Miller :P Month ago

    I never laughed so hard in my life.....

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link Month ago

    2:32 Another Tool reference on GameGrumps and that's a deep cut one too. Hell yeah!
    Also, as usual, a Rush reference too. My 2 favorite bands referenced in one video

  • ᛗᚨᚷᛖ
    ᛗᚨᚷᛖ Month ago

    Dan's tiny face

  • _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*

    This is how arina was born.

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan Month ago

    Two grown men by the way

  • BTSmorelike BTR
    BTSmorelike BTR Month ago

    Top 10 Anime battles.

  • TheBestestOfBoys . . .

    The humans are dead...
    The humans are dead...
    We used poisonous gasses...
    And we poisoned their asses...

  • Silver-Wolf-17
    Silver-Wolf-17 Month ago +1

    Wow Dan is probably never gonna get up from the floor again

  • WrestleNerd0893
    WrestleNerd0893 Month ago

    What's the music during the epic anime fight scene?

  • Iceman The Meme Man

    to be honest the intro was better than the episode

  • FredBearNationZ
    FredBearNationZ Month ago

    m-a-s-k manly a-ss kicker

  • Static Misery
    Static Misery Month ago

    OF COURSE Dan likes Flight of the Conchords.....

  • Zero Saber
    Zero Saber Month ago

    Can someone please get Game Grumps to get a Mindstorms Robot Kit?

  • Dayton Hall
    Dayton Hall Month ago

    God that megaphone is the best part

  • PulsarPurple
    PulsarPurple Month ago

    What caused arin to just start singing one all of the sudden

  • Gingerluchidor
    Gingerluchidor Month ago

    When ever I’m feeling down and depressed these two always pull me back out of that depression by watching their shows and I am really grateful for that. Keep up the great content guys!

  • erik seprenyi
    erik seprenyi Month ago


  • billy loman
    billy loman Month ago

    M.A.S.K for smash

  • Ballora Balla
    Ballora Balla Month ago

    *beauty is pain, dan*
    I love these men

  • emerald aspects
    emerald aspects Month ago

    0:39 I feel bad for their neighbors

  • adrian uebel
    adrian uebel Month ago

    Dan singing Tool at 6:14 threw me off pretty hard

  • MR. T Rex
    MR. T Rex Month ago

    The song at 10:20 and on is the last beach party of the the summer at x2 speed
    Remember to pay it forward

  • UglyChunky
    UglyChunky Month ago

    arin’s little *’hello?’* when the megaphone was just like screaming at him was the cutest shit

  • Youtube Creatures united

    Best intro ever especially when you can't see what they're doing

  • dirty dankster
    dirty dankster Month ago

    10:20 watch mojos top 10 anime battles

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi Month ago

    Top 10 best anime battles

  • Tyler Samanns
    Tyler Samanns Month ago

    Yo the megaphone has me dying!!

  • Mr. Grabade
    Mr. Grabade Month ago

    *N I N T E N D O L A B O*

  • Jexxer
    Jexxer Month ago

    *gamegrumps.exe has stopped responding*

  • Aiden C
    Aiden C Month ago

    wtf is going on here? Me on every game grumps vid

  • Gus Bailey
    Gus Bailey Month ago

    what was that song that dan and tucker were having a singsong to?

    • Gus Bailey
      Gus Bailey Month ago

      David Tamez now may be a good time to say i’m partially deaf

    • David Tamez
      David Tamez Month ago

      He said it

  • ReservedYew
    ReservedYew Month ago

    10:20 This is how Mega Man 11 should've been.

  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen Month ago


  • Lynibugz
    Lynibugz Month ago

    "op- you broke your *peenis* i mean your gun."

  • Mask madness
    Mask madness Month ago

    the demons of the underworld has spoken!!!!!

    BRODY DOLGNER Month ago

    can you make an power hour for an hour

  • Masterjames6403
    Masterjames6403 Month ago

    top ten anime battles

  • Captive Cat
    Captive Cat Month ago

    Dan referencing Stinkfist made my day

  • yume mirai
    yume mirai Month ago +1

    That was my favorite first two and a half minutes from any video ever

  • joseth
    joseth Month ago

    These are grown men
    Grown ass men

  • Jimbabwe from Zimbabwe

    Its confirmed that they’re children

  • Tom Olsen
    Tom Olsen Month ago

    these boys make me cry

  • It's a fox bro
    It's a fox bro Month ago

    dada dada dada dada *dan maaan*

  • ERROR _.mp4
    ERROR _.mp4 Month ago

    Everything audio wise is just fucked after a run threw the mega phone into water and its great

  • Sean Crook
    Sean Crook Month ago

    I like how right after Arin punched himself, a St.Jude ad popped up 😂😂😂

  • The android sent by Cyberlife

    Dan kindaaa looks like Paul Rudd

  • Aiden Black
    Aiden Black Month ago


  • Mr Cozy
    Mr Cozy Month ago

    Mom:come on honey it’s time to go home.

  • bluevenomplays ye
    bluevenomplays ye Month ago

    It's funny how these people who mess with carboard make more money than my dad. Like if I agree lol

  • Gaze_stream_bro yee

    0:34 i was already in tears

  • HydroFireX3
    HydroFireX3 Month ago

    10:56 I love the noise Dan makes and the way he runs

  • Jen
    Jen Month ago

    3:32 kills me xD muhladyyy

  • Volerm
    Volerm Month ago

    Danny is Byg Zam 2.0

  • Jonathan Melendez
    Jonathan Melendez Month ago

    Anyone else hoping for some.... jumpkick?