SUPER-Sized Punishment Cup Pong!!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 886

  • Ryan Bowling
    Ryan Bowling 2 hours ago

    I thought joey was already white as white could get but yeah I seen a whole new set of while on him 🤣🤣

  • Allyn2210
    Allyn2210 5 hours ago +1

    Where is Matt??

  • DJJA 102
    DJJA 102 8 hours ago

    Bobby's a wuss...I'm going to be honest so srry to those who are a fan of him

  • Elias Kingston
    Elias Kingston 9 hours ago

    I literally choked when he got hit in the face with the ball

  • Cesar Rosa
    Cesar Rosa 10 hours ago

    bobby is a lil b**** this video

  • Jace Lombardi
    Jace Lombardi 11 hours ago

    Also my bad

  • Jace Lombardi
    Jace Lombardi 11 hours ago

    Auto correct i meant wussy

  • Jace Lombardi
    Jace Lombardi 11 hours ago

    Sorry my bad

  • marlene banday
    marlene banday 11 hours ago

    Time 6:09 and Joey's face

  • marlene banday
    marlene banday 11 hours ago

    "Bryan dosnt like it when he gets slapped" *intense stare

  • CJ Powell
    CJ Powell 12 hours ago +1

    Brian did it all for Bobby

  • Giselle quinonez
    Giselle quinonez 15 hours ago

    Did you here Bobby say rubber ass ball

  • Lincoln Roney
    Lincoln Roney 16 hours ago

    Bobby said a**

  • Lincoln Roney
    Lincoln Roney 16 hours ago


  • tha bannana
    tha bannana 16 hours ago


  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 21 hour ago

    With that powdered sugar j-fred looks like Michael Jackson

  • Clip Dat
    Clip Dat Day ago +1

    Bobbie is a wooose

  • CoopMcC
    CoopMcC Day ago

    Joeys albino

  • Craftboy8000gaming

    Did Bobby say ass?

  • XxGamer BoyxX
    XxGamer BoyxX Day ago


  • Jace Lombardi
    Jace Lombardi Day ago

    Bryan is retarded knocking the cups over don’t count and he makes up rules as they play

    • A.N.Y - A Normal Youtuber
      A.N.Y - A Normal Youtuber 11 hours ago

      If you actually have ever played beer pong. If you knock down a cup, you must pull it. "Once a ball has touched a cup, the defending team can cause the cups to move without penalty, but if they do knock cups over, the cups will be removed from the game

  • Ty Ferguson
    Ty Ferguson Day ago

    Bobby and Brian forgot to pull a cup

  • Jayden Arenas
    Jayden Arenas Day ago +1

    Question, rubberized or rubber-Ass, just asking

  • MurtadaJFl TV
    MurtadaJFl TV 2 days ago

    I feel bad for Joey 😔

  • hafsa tul momin
    hafsa tul momin 2 days ago

    Ilove your videos
    My fav is soccer

  • Pig Hamchciken
    Pig Hamchciken 2 days ago

    Bobb6 and Bryan didn’t pull one of their cups

  • Joseph Gershuni
    Joseph Gershuni 2 days ago

    Bobby is such a woodsy and a bish

  • Isaiah Gallo
    Isaiah Gallo 3 days ago

    Bobby is sunch a is sunch a scaredy cat

  • Saeed abhi
    Saeed abhi 3 days ago

    Is Joey a ghost?

  • Cheryl Lingenfelter
    Cheryl Lingenfelter 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw that tall won they had another cup

  • Brayden Hagy
    Brayden Hagy 4 days ago

    Bobby’s a baby

  • Alfredo Ordonez
    Alfredo Ordonez 4 days ago

    Bobby is such a wuss

  • DavidN242
    DavidN242 4 days ago

    Bobby is such as wuss. If he can’t do punishments he shouldnt play

  • Kenny Young
    Kenny Young 4 days ago

    At 1:30 Bobby cusses

  • Antonio Valerio
    Antonio Valerio 4 days ago

    Bobby is a wussy

  • Dilan Sanchez
    Dilan Sanchez 4 days ago

    Bobby did no pinsh ment

  • dede yunatan
    dede yunatan 4 days ago

    Bobby is suck....make bryan take every punishment.

  • idk panda
    idk panda 4 days ago

    Bobby squared

  • nbotm
    nbotm 4 days ago

    10:52 YES PAPA

  • Krzys Grobys
    Krzys Grobys 4 days ago +1

    Short cheated at 4:17 y’all got it in but they didn’t put the solo cup away

  • Kevin Tahirllari
    Kevin Tahirllari 4 days ago

    You can win bp with a bounce

  • Dalton mann
    Dalton mann 5 days ago

    Joey looked soooooooooooooooooooooo mad 😂😂😂😂

  • Cannon Mannon
    Cannon Mannon 5 days ago +3

    It just me or did bobby say a curse word 1:29

  • Mario Luigi
    Mario Luigi 5 days ago

    4:32 the best part. Sorry Bryan 🤗. Good shot Marvin👌

  • Yahir Saavedra
    Yahir Saavedra 5 days ago

    Is it just me or did Bobby say “with this rubber ass ping pong ball”

  • Carmen Mojica
    Carmen Mojica 5 days ago

    I meant to say Bobby

  • Carmen Mojica
    Carmen Mojica 5 days ago

    Barbie is an ultra mega wuss

  • Leo Trejo
    Leo Trejo 5 days ago

    The powdered sugar made him look like Voldemort!

  • CSX Enterprises
    CSX Enterprises 6 days ago

    They put cup pong instead of beer pong so it’s kid friendly

  • Kris Wilka
    Kris Wilka 6 days ago +30

    I honestly hated Bobby this whole video. 😂😂

    • Jacob Wright
      Jacob Wright 13 hours ago

      @Kyle Dwyer they actually hated me because I hated j-fred

    • Kyle Dwyer
      Kyle Dwyer 13 hours ago

      TheFierceOne You actually have no clue why they didn't like Bobby so please don't assume. It's just annoying when someone assumes something like that. Also, it's an opinion and they might not like Bobby because he didn't do any of the challenges, you never know!

    • Jacob Wright
      Jacob Wright 21 hour ago

      Yeah I guess you guys are right

    • Gold Gamer
      Gold Gamer Day ago

      TheFierceOne I agree

    • TheFierceOne
      TheFierceOne 4 days ago +1

      jlej Jacob prob has no life...that’s why he says that

  • JD96625
    JD96625 6 days ago +6

    Bryan: me or me
    Bobby: you
    Bryan: why me

  • Ayden Taylor
    Ayden Taylor 6 days ago +33

    This Bryan like for him to get a year older

    UNZERO YT 6 days ago

    Damm respect for bryan

  • Dangelo Martinez
    Dangelo Martinez 6 days ago

    Bobby is a lil girl

  • Nicole Hunkel
    Nicole Hunkel 7 days ago +1

    Kevin's so cringy

  • Dylan
    Dylan 7 days ago

    Bobby:I got to throw this rubberA$$ ball into the bucket

    • TripleYeet
      TripleYeet 6 days ago

      Dylan he didn’t curse he said rubberized

  • H2O Insanity
    H2O Insanity 7 days ago

    Bobby’s a wiss

  • Thomas Payne
    Thomas Payne 7 days ago +3

    I wish you doing do a giveaway and I hope you can meet you are the best TVcliprs really really good I'm good as it does

  • Lizzy Sandoval
    Lizzy Sandoval 7 days ago +1

    Hahahahahaahahahhaahah you stink lot lot lot joey

  • Silly Cyan
    Silly Cyan 8 days ago +1

    Joey literally looked like the crickets covered in vitamin and calcium powder that I feed to my gecko!😂

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D 8 days ago

    What did Bobby say

  • Jake Waltz13
    Jake Waltz13 8 days ago

    Bobby pussed out

  • Marlon Mack
    Marlon Mack 9 days ago

    0:07 “KOB” was so awkward

  • D3 Kinney
    D3 Kinney 9 days ago

    0:00 IGP's Intro music

  • Eddy and Belina Moreira

    The tall guys say we are better than you, short people win!😂

    • wad dup
      wad dup 6 days ago

      Eddy and Belina Moreira they only won because they knocked the cups with the heavy ball

  • Jerus Bautista
    Jerus Bautista 9 days ago

    Bobby sucks

  • Andrew Espiritu
    Andrew Espiritu 9 days ago +6

    1:11 He shouts Coby but in my head I hear

  • Andrew Huang
    Andrew Huang 9 days ago

    Is it just me or did Bobby say ass

  • Duckterz
    Duckterz 9 days ago +2


  • Thomas Rank
    Thomas Rank 10 days ago

    J-Fred is cool

  • Leia Macdonald
    Leia Macdonald 10 days ago

    did bobby say rubber ass ball

  • Pickle 123
    Pickle 123 10 days ago

    ooof jfred

  • Jesus Manzo
    Jesus Manzo 10 days ago

    Did anyone notice Bobby or Bryan not pull a cup

  • Rafael Bracamontes
    Rafael Bracamontes 11 days ago

    Bobby was a little B**ch on this video

  • Fireburst
    Fireburst 11 days ago

    Is it just me or does Kevin and Brian look like brothers

  • mackenzie beans bro
    mackenzie beans bro 11 days ago

    Bobby being a wuss makes me so mad it’s annoying

  • No Videos But 10,000 Subscribers

    J-fred played BASKETBALL?

  • mindy nguyen
    mindy nguyen 11 days ago

    Ma am vita

  • Kayla Wells
    Kayla Wells 11 days ago


  • Tayshaun TPD
    Tayshaun TPD 11 days ago +26

    Bryan: no wuss
    Marvin:Big Wuss
    J fred: Mega Wuss

  • Tayshaun TPD
    Tayshaun TPD 11 days ago

    Its better with marvin and bryan. So it would be the brothers vs cousins.

  • Russian Picklerick
    Russian Picklerick 11 days ago +2

    Bobby said I’m about to throw this rubber ass ping pong ball 1:28

  • Dannys Vlogz
    Dannys Vlogz 12 days ago +5

    J-Fred: Bryan doesn’t like it when he gets slapped.
    ...Ok but who does💀💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • Dannys Vlogz
    Dannys Vlogz 12 days ago

    Am I trippin or has Kevin change his name from Kevin to keobbi🤔🤔🤔

  • Chelsea Vlogs
    Chelsea Vlogs 12 days ago

    Barbie you’re a wuss you made Brian do the spicy wing and now he’s drinking the nasty Pro Tien shake Bobby really you’re a wuss come on

  • Jeanette Oller
    Jeanette Oller 12 days ago

    For a punishment y'all should do bush your teeth for the whole video

  • MoneyKing Sam
    MoneyKing Sam 13 days ago

    Omg 1 to 1 how One

  • Moneybag _Daysha
    Moneybag _Daysha 13 days ago

    Thats was stupid tall people should have won but good video tho

  • MoneyKing Sam
    MoneyKing Sam 13 days ago

    You and gay

  • MoneyKing Sam
    MoneyKing Sam 13 days ago

    Hey girl 👧 mia

  • Joseph Merlino
    Joseph Merlino 13 days ago

    Kevin is trying really hard to be funny

  • Lance Grisham
    Lance Grisham 13 days ago

    how did dey win
    tall people still had cup left

  • The Chatty Blue Roost
    The Chatty Blue Roost 13 days ago

    Joey taunting in the start, but he missed the first shot after saying “we played college basketball, they didn’t”

  • Sahchary YT
    Sahchary YT 13 days ago +1

    Wow bobby was useless in that challenge he didnt do punishments and missed every shot

  • 22
    22 13 days ago +1

    J-Fred is best

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez 13 days ago +1

    Also turn on your captions! It clearly says RUBBERIZED. Bobbylicious is innocent!

    • diamond ortiz
      diamond ortiz 13 days ago

      Omg I had to do that lol cuz I thought he said ass

  • Radja Syach
    Radja Syach 13 days ago

    Bobby suck

  • Ultrapants1100
    Ultrapants1100 13 days ago

    Bobby your the biggest wous and u make Brian do everything. U suck Bobby, Brian way better than you

  • Javan Playz
    Javan Playz 14 days ago


  • Master unicorn
    Master unicorn 14 days ago

    Did Bobby say ass