Domo Wilson "Bisexual Anthem" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  • Domo Wilson’s “Bisexual Anthem” is her latest hit and it’s already racked up more than 3 million TVclip views to date. On the track, Domo Wilson raps about her love for men and women.
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Comments • 80

  • Mom Moore
    Mom Moore 4 hours ago

    Just be your self and don't care about what people say be confident

  • Nemusion
    Nemusion 4 hours ago +1

    I’m pan lmao

  • Sofaja Iland
    Sofaja Iland 4 hours ago

    I an bi and I got nothing to hide😋🏳️‍🌈

  • Sour
    Sour 15 hours ago +1

    *sees this on my recommended*
    Me: Is this tryna tell me sum?

  • Jaida Vilayvanh
    Jaida Vilayvanh 20 hours ago

    I love your speech I am just like you I like to date both

  • WeaGG
    WeaGG Day ago

    She doing a B omg💕

  • sügar cøokie;;

    she’s so gorgeous

  • Rele Triin
    Rele Triin Day ago

    I can date who i want! I can date trans people, boizz ,and girlzzz! That fine with mezz If they respect me

  • kitty girl
    kitty girl Day ago

    ~ I come out to my friends as bi~
    all my girl friends:~backs away~

  • Noel Lol
    Noel Lol Day ago +1


  • Jaylen Milburn
    Jaylen Milburn 2 days ago

    “God put all these beautiful people on the earth and she wasn’t me to choose”

  • peepeepoopoo
    peepeepoopoo 2 days ago

    my sister always calls me a lesbian and I'm bisexual. theres nothing wrong with being lesbian but I personally identify as bisexual

  • Vyne Blvck
    Vyne Blvck 2 days ago

    When I was in 3rd grade I told people I liked girls (said the same thing in 4th) **cough cough homophobic** here's a example me: hey 'insert name' I like girls. 'scoots over' me:what ion like you I have preferences.

  • The Plob
    The Plob 2 days ago

    I am only bisexual and not lesbian because Brendon Urie exists

  • SJ _LunarArtist
    SJ _LunarArtist 2 days ago

    I'm bi. Between people thinking im either cheating cause I like both, they think I have a crush on everyone, or they say that I can chose only one or the other, it kinds gets annoying. Thank you so much for making this song cause it makes me feel like there are others that are fighting same fight.

  • Averie Wright
    Averie Wright 3 days ago

    Domo Wilson & Ellen DeGeneres are my top 2 people.

  • maddy vanzandt
    maddy vanzandt 3 days ago +1

    ”i do not represent anyone but myself”

  • Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers 3 days ago

    I'm nothing.But Go you girl. But I can't stand Labels. Why can't we just like whoever we want without being labeled or judged. This world is so messed up.

  • Jillian Stuart
    Jillian Stuart 3 days ago

    I’m bi and i have a dude that’s always saying:
    “So your lesbian? Because you like girls.”
    Me: “No, I’m bisexual.”
    Him: “But you like girls!!!”
    Me: “Yes, I know, but I like both.”
    Him: “YOu caN’T DoOoOoo ThaAttT!??!!!”

  • Anita Bulovic
    Anita Bulovic 3 days ago

    i came out to my friends as bi and they said "dOn'T HAve a cRUsh on me"

  • kelpi
    kelpi 4 days ago

    "official meaning" i think we knew what it meant thx

  • Faith Iyahen
    Faith Iyahen 4 days ago

    Not Rick Ross 🤣

  • Faith Iyahen
    Faith Iyahen 4 days ago

    Touch it 😭
    I’m cryin !!!

  • Kata Kelemen
    Kata Kelemen 4 days ago

    Until this day i thought the lyrics was 'I like both 'Bob Ross did'

  • Brianna Lugardo
    Brianna Lugardo 4 days ago


  • Kayla Breton
    Kayla Breton 4 days ago

    I am bisexual too

  • Project: CREATE
    Project: CREATE 5 days ago

    all i can say
    is that this is a fire anthem

  • qt darcsei
    qt darcsei 5 days ago

    I’m bi.

  • Alice Maleksatian
    Alice Maleksatian 5 days ago

    Ion get why domo refers to herself as bi when the plus in lgbtq has a purpose. I mean there’s terms having to do with women or men dressing up as both sexes

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 days ago

    "If we vibe, *I'm into you*."
    I'm making this my motto

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 days ago

    okay sooooo... can bi also mean biromantic? or is it just bisexual lol because I'm biromantic

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 days ago


  • skinnipeniis
    skinnipeniis 5 days ago

    im straight but this song slapssss...and i support yall. 💓💓😍

  • Chan's babygirl
    Chan's babygirl 5 days ago

    Why is it so hard to understand that it's possible to like both genders !!!???? tf .. *BITCH IM BI*

  • Damian Hickey
    Damian Hickey 6 days ago

    Its not lgbt its abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345678910*%#@!+community

  • opirtials
    opirtials 6 days ago

    Anyone remember "Domo and chrissy"?

  • Pavarisa Fuengfoo
    Pavarisa Fuengfoo 6 days ago

    She’s literally an angle.

  • Kazumi_ Chan
    Kazumi_ Chan 6 days ago +1

    Omg I remember like when everyone found out that I was bi and then all the girls tried to avoid me
    And now I have 4 girls that are my friends and the rest are boys 🙄🙄🙍🏾‍♀️🤷🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • faerie
    faerie 6 days ago

    i’m bi but mostly attracted to men, but i hate men, and love women but love men

  • Nadine Bass
    Nadine Bass 6 days ago

    Im bi ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  • Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction

    she is a legend
    that ending is same as me tho lol

  • Joice Trindade
    Joice Trindade 7 days ago +1

    I love shes a "hand talker"

  • Sara Ashlyn
    Sara Ashlyn 7 days ago

    Im bi and we have standardsss

  • florentine
    florentine 7 days ago +1

    the bisexual energy here is crazy man

  • ๑ softi ally ๑
    ๑ softi ally ๑ 7 days ago

    im lesbian, but like this girl is YES BI PRIDE HOES

  • Poofter Man
    Poofter Man 7 days ago

    cut the cameras, dead ass

  • Marisol Olmos
    Marisol Olmos 8 days ago

    I'm straight all though I've kissed 2 girls in the past. Always was a Dick Girl. I've always had respect for LGBTQ folks I don't care what you do in the bedroom or what you got in between your legs. Your human to me & imma love you no matter what as long as you respect me I'll respect you. I love lots of friends who are LGBTQ & I'm not ashamed to call them friends. 1❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Sabina Ortiz
    Sabina Ortiz 8 days ago

    This is my favorite song I'm bi but I haven't told anyone cause I'm scared but I will try to tell them

  • Anonym XY
    Anonym XY 8 days ago

    Listen, I like this song, i think it's super catchy.
    However, it disturbs me as a bisexual myself just a lot in general, that every single song about bisexuality is purely sexual.
    I feel like this pushes the idea that bisexuality in itself is purely sexual, which it is not.
    I would never the deny or undermine the fact that s*x and stuff plays an important role in sexuality in general, so yeah, also bisexuality.
    But only making songs about this aspect maybe isn't the best representation since this sexuality already has a reputation of being fixiated on s*x and it just misses the aspect of having romantic feelings to each other which is also super important.

  • hi hungry I'm rat
    hi hungry I'm rat 10 days ago

    As a bisexual, I have no choice but to stan

  • na-chan
    na-chan 11 days ago

    Queen of loving everyone

  • i got that booty booty i keep that plump

    I don't like how people (mainly girls) automatically think i'll like them just because im bi
    Like i have set my standards way too high

  • Virgil UwU
    Virgil UwU 12 days ago

    Whenever I tell a girl I’m not that’s close to I’m lesbian they’re always like either “so you have a crush on me?” or “don’t start crushing on me”

  • Shanika Stephenson
    Shanika Stephenson 12 days ago

    I'm straight

  • rettas random universe
    rettas random universe 14 days ago +1

    Where my sexually fluid peeps at!!!

  • Šøžøñ Đ.
    Šøžøñ Đ. 14 days ago


  • Daniela LN
    Daniela LN 14 days ago

    Like, I don’t understand hooooooooow you don’t get the bisexual 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Daniela LN
    Daniela LN 14 days ago

    I need lizzo here

  • Ali Ruby
    Ali Ruby 14 days ago

    Who tf coming out at 7 years old thi

  • Gott
    Gott 15 days ago

    I heard this Dong like 5 times in a row

  • dani dkg
    dani dkg 15 days ago

    GIRLLL don't say the d-slur

  • dani dkg
    dani dkg 15 days ago

    "touch it." fhsjhdkshjfk lmao

  • dani dkg
    dani dkg 15 days ago

    the ONLY problem i have with this song is that its kinda cisnormative. but its still amazing and beautiful

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 15 days ago +1

    And now im questioning my sexuality

  • crybaby k-12
    crybaby k-12 16 days ago +2

    i'm lesbian tho we go thru the same darn things
    "I'm lesbian"
    "dear i like girls who have half a brain"

  • GachaEdits & Daily Art With Bubble

    Me: I'm bi
    Person: ok just dont like me or anything

  • Elizabeth Lambert
    Elizabeth Lambert 18 days ago

    everyone talking about Bi girls/boys but what about the Pan girls/boys?.....

  • lily and ruby
    lily and ruby 18 days ago

    I like to see sexuality as a set of different drinks
    I like also seeing genders as two.
    Now before you think I’m being small minded
    Reason I see it as only two because if you say your a girl then your a girl
    If you say your a guy your a guy
    That is all uwu

  • Kay D
    Kay D 19 days ago

    The last time I saw Domo she was with Cris. I feel like a century year old yo. Dyt Domo

  • Gabriela Camacho
    Gabriela Camacho 19 days ago

    No sweetheart. Ur a flake. Flip flopper.

  • Ida Schneider
    Ida Schneider 20 days ago

    When I came out my friends :"so do u have I crush on me?"
    Now I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian. 😂😂❤️

  • lonely kitty in a box
    lonely kitty in a box 20 days ago +1

    I'm pan! At first I thought I was bi until I liked a non-binary person. Then I had a crush a gender fluid person! But now people say "oH nOw YoUr JuSt Bi TiMeS fOuR!!!!!" NO IM PAN! get it right! It could change in the future but for now I'm pan and I'm proud of!😊

    • Nettle_67
      Nettle_67 8 days ago

      Bisexuality has ALWAYS included every gender!!
      Bisexuality: attraction to more than one gender.
      You should read the Bisexual Manifesto that was written in 1990. It says that bisexuality is a fluid sexuality.

  • Sach Dee
    Sach Dee 21 day ago

    Same thing for pansexuals. So many presumptions that were selfish and just over sexual and will just fuck anything. 🙄

  • Sach Dee
    Sach Dee 21 day ago

    Rah, cant believe this is Domo now! Still sexy as hell!

  • i have lemonade
    i have lemonade 21 day ago +1

    Some people are either homophobic or they say: "i support gays and lesbians" and then they're like "tf is bi, fucking choose" like bitch what

  • theshowethan
    theshowethan 21 day ago

    anybody remember when she was a stud?

  • Dad-e_Lonnie
    Dad-e_Lonnie 21 day ago

    Your pan if you date all not bi

    • violet
      violet 8 days ago

      Nettle_67 something causing biphobia doesn’t necessarly mean that being pansexual is biphobic. being pan is attraction to someone regardless of gender. the differences are trivial, but still there

    • Nettle_67
      Nettle_67 8 days ago

      @violet it is Biphobic. It causes bi erasure. The amount of people I have seen saying that bisexual is just men and women and pan is all or HeArTs NoT pArTs. A LOT of people don't know the true definition of bisexual because of pansexuality.

    • violet
      violet 8 days ago

      Nettle_67 it’s not biphobic, it’s just more specified in terms of what people are attracted too.

    • violet
      violet 8 days ago

      Dad-e_Lonnie so now you think that bisexuals are attracted to 2+ genders?

    • Dad-e_Lonnie
      Dad-e_Lonnie 8 days ago

      Nettle_67 I agree 😶

  • Hail Abela Mifsud
    Hail Abela Mifsud 21 day ago +1

    I came out yesterday

  • Smol_misha3214
    Smol_misha3214 22 days ago

    Girls/girls/boys. By panic at the disco. PLZ STAND UP FOR THE PAN. AND BI ANYHEN!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn Elisabet
    Lynn Elisabet 22 days ago

    bisexual jesus