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  • HellthyJunkFood
    HellthyJunkFood  4 months ago +456

    Wuzzzup inner-net, who clearly won this battle? wuz should our next versus be?

  • Ashly Salas-Morales
    Ashly Salas-Morales 2 days ago

    coke and sprit so yummy

  • 4G64SicKShoT
    4G64SicKShoT 7 days ago

    She definitely had the munchies

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else eat bacon with syrup if u havent u should try it i know it souds bad but it is good the saltynis of the bacon and the sweetness of the syrup it tastes so good

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez 7 days ago

    U should go to cream and eat icecream sanwich and like the bread it could be a waffle a cokkie amd i forgot what to else but try it

  • jorden young
    jorden young 9 days ago

    10:31 she probably has the munchies she’s definitely high

  • Jyah Purvis
    Jyah Purvis 13 days ago


  • Jshsgdh Bdjdjd
    Jshsgdh Bdjdjd 13 days ago

    4:24 Reminds me of the Gordon ramsay idiot sandwich

  • visualsymmetry
    visualsymmetry 14 days ago

    great vid but the bacon ice cream sandwich was first done by Good Mythical Morning on will it ice cream sandwich

  • Cloee Barksdale
    Cloee Barksdale 14 days ago

    Good mythical morning did the bacon weave ice cream sandwiches to

  • Andrew Rice
    Andrew Rice 15 days ago

    I don't understand, I got an ad for a >>>DVD

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee 15 days ago

    Hey! is not even real!

  • Karissa Rodriguez
    Karissa Rodriguez 15 days ago

    #TeamJPers always😉

  • Matt Does Stuff
    Matt Does Stuff 16 days ago

    Julia is never going to sleep if this is what she does

  • Vlone Mason
    Vlone Mason 16 days ago

    She high

  • Meiling Gacha
    Meiling Gacha 16 days ago


  • Lachlan Craft
    Lachlan Craft 17 days ago

    4:25 “Stop, it’s not funny” Lowkey died xd

  • Dana Harrington
    Dana Harrington 17 days ago

    JP needs to propose already

  • Satsuki TheAnimeLover
    Satsuki TheAnimeLover 17 days ago


  • Jordan Skyler Custodio

    4:24 Idiot Sandwich

  • Angelique Flores
    Angelique Flores 19 days ago

    Pancakes would have made a bomb sandwich

  • Joshua Tran
    Joshua Tran 19 days ago

    Respect the Hershey's bar in the back

  • Madison Amann
    Madison Amann 19 days ago

    When jp what making his ice cream sandwich I thought he was gonna be like It needs meat when he said it was nasty

  • Jack LaBarge
    Jack LaBarge 20 days ago

    Jp making me laugh so much 😂

  • jason lalngaihsaka
    jason lalngaihsaka 21 day ago

    Bacon + 🍦 not so.good

  • Big Foot
    Big Foot 21 day ago

    When Julia said 3: thirsty, it was literally 3:30 when I checked my watch XD

  • James Revis
    James Revis 22 days ago

    You should make giant jellybeans filled with small jellybeans.

  • Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat 23 days ago +1

    5:57 who else is laughing uncontrollably

  • Sher Medrano
    Sher Medrano 23 days ago


  • Brainiac -Fortnite-
    Brainiac -Fortnite- 24 days ago


  • Derek Fung
    Derek Fung 24 days ago

    JP is a disgrace to the Asian race

  • KatIsWhereItsAt
    KatIsWhereItsAt 24 days ago

    jp why

  • DanTDM
    DanTDM 24 days ago

    Nice commercial and puns

  • Poppy Langford
    Poppy Langford 24 days ago

    Giant ice cream sandwich Xx

  • CableGG Slimes
    CableGG Slimes 25 days ago

    anyone else here know about turkey hill. It is pretty much circle K, but it has orange tea

  • The Melodies Official Channel


  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang 27 days ago

    JP is how to fail a ice cream sandwich
    Julia is how to improve your ice cream sandwich.

  • Justin Krenkel
    Justin Krenkel 27 days ago

    8:38 close your eyes


    Rip Jp-Due to Diabetes

  • Fin Crofts
    Fin Crofts 29 days ago

    im english

  • XxGaming With SamxX
    XxGaming With SamxX 29 days ago

    Hey, What Time Is It To Go To The Dentist? Tooth-Hurty.

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar Month ago


  • tilly the doggo
    tilly the doggo Month ago

    i love how this channel is called hellthy junk food 7:36

  • Red Fuze Gamer1244
    Red Fuze Gamer1244 Month ago

    Um um um um um um um um um um um um um um my lord

  • Jill TheGamerGirl
    Jill TheGamerGirl Month ago

    Where I live Circle k used to be called nice n easy

  • PixelKnight999
    PixelKnight999 Month ago

    This is why we have SVU

  • Hanaa Khadim
    Hanaa Khadim Month ago

    انا عربيه عراقيه لا اعرف انكلش معجبه بتلبرنامج

  • Brooke Ingraham
    Brooke Ingraham Month ago

    why are they the cutest couple ever?!?!?!?!

  • Louise Quiaonza
    Louise Quiaonza Month ago

    the intro is my life

  • Pikachu Volt
    Pikachu Volt Month ago

    I’m allergic to eggs

  • Pikachu Volt
    Pikachu Volt Month ago

    Julia wins!

  • Pikachu Volt
    Pikachu Volt Month ago

    I’m allergic to ice cream sandwiches

  • quicksilver
    quicksilver Month ago

    *☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆*

  • Cruz Davalos
    Cruz Davalos Month ago

    Anybody notice that Big Hersey bar in the back of Julia when she was talking about her mom's dinner

  • C G
    C G Month ago

    am i the only one who hates french toast that has sugar?

  • BellaBoo- Pikachu
    BellaBoo- Pikachu Month ago


  • Knolan Kilganon
    Knolan Kilganon Month ago

    I hate mint

  • TigerClips
    TigerClips Month ago

    LOL deep fried cereal ice cream chocolate bacon egg toast

  • Mathew stephens
    Mathew stephens Month ago

    poooooooooooop poop

  • lil 55 jr
    lil 55 jr Month ago

    RIP mr.pig

  • Charlotte Hymowitz
    Charlotte Hymowitz Month ago

    thats now a website and i tried to look it up JP so haha girls rule!!!!

  • LilTurtle GOD
    LilTurtle GOD Month ago

    “I was going to do that” every time 😂

  • Angela Rae Banela
    Angela Rae Banela Month ago


  • Leanna Tikka
    Leanna Tikka Month ago

    You should try a little bit of pink lemonade and mountain dew its like sweet and sour mixed together ❤

  • XxX Zaytoven XxX
    XxX Zaytoven XxX Month ago +2

    Why did I actually go to the site?

  • Gemma Beardmore
    Gemma Beardmore Month ago

    Hi HellthyJunkFood

  • Eden Grabner
    Eden Grabner Month ago

    God bless America!

  • Logan Sanders
    Logan Sanders 2 months ago

    You donkey

  • Saff's Channel
    Saff's Channel 2 months ago

    i love how they just have a random giant Hersheys in the background XD

  • Milagros luna
    Milagros luna 2 months ago

    Jp keept on copiying julia

  • Eva Fernandez
    Eva Fernandez 2 months ago

    wut kind of things does Jp think of or DO!!!

  • PugLife10 1
    PugLife10 1 2 months ago

    Way 2 ruin both sweets and bacon for me u assholes

  • weird vibes
    weird vibes 2 months ago +1

    0:00 - 0:11 issa mood..

  • Derek Fung
    Derek Fung 2 months ago

    Julia wins all the time. JP is a disgrace to the Asian race with his terrible ideas

  • Dukes of Hazzard 0011
    Dukes of Hazzard 0011 2 months ago

    U should try deep fried ice cream sandwich

  • Corey Johnston
    Corey Johnston 2 months ago

    The thirsty puns are weird. 😂

  • Matthew McWilliams
    Matthew McWilliams 2 months ago

    Pop doesnt quench thirst tho

  • Nikko Nikole
    Nikko Nikole 2 months ago

    Ew JP

  • Iam_Sweet Cupcake
    Iam_Sweet Cupcake 2 months ago

    Woahhh Thats one good advertisement about polar pop you got there 😂😂😂

  • kkop 5
    kkop 5 2 months ago

    When I'm phat which mean cool no it doesn't it means fat

  • Lexi Day
    Lexi Day 2 months ago

    The thing I wanted the most in this video was the marshmallow she used for her cereal thing. JUST THE MARSHMALLOWS

  • Sazi Sigodi
    Sazi Sigodi 2 months ago

    %You know you said your phat

  • Darkhunter 22
    Darkhunter 22 2 months ago

    You’re doing the French toast wrong!!!!!! You need to add milk!!!! REEEEEEEEE!!! I am a French man, I know what I’m talking about

  • Darren Sparks
    Darren Sparks 2 months ago

    4:24 me:WHAT ARE YOU!

    Jp: an idiot sandwich

  • Adr3anaS
    Adr3anaS 2 months ago

    J.P makes gross tasting stuff but they’re cool looking. Julia it looks cool and it taste yummy!

  • Corvus
    Corvus 2 months ago

    This is the best advertising channel on TVclip

  • shorbodaman de
    shorbodaman de 2 months ago

    sorruonded by vup?

  • jojit camero
    jojit camero 2 months ago

    you can call jp's weird Ice Cream Chocolate Bacon Egg Toast > the iccbet

  • Everett n Evan Guns n kope

    Healthy junk food

  • canyonteacher1
    canyonteacher1 2 months ago

    That scream when you droped the bacen 🤣

  • Mastergameplays
    Mastergameplays 2 months ago

    Try to make puns but you can’t..

  • sailormewmewinuluver 123

    That intro made me cringe


    3:27 I WANT SOME

  • Cherry Fairy
    Cherry Fairy 2 months ago

    Rhett and Link made the bacon ice cream sandwich first. They would definitely be proud of you two

  • Fresh Ballers Jr
    Fresh Ballers Jr 2 months ago

    Your wife won the whole thing

  • 이스테이시
    이스테이시 2 months ago

    this is sad jp

  • Tak Bakar
    Tak Bakar 2 months ago

    Its not thirstday its fryday

  • Allister
    Allister 2 months ago

    Julia- • holds 2 pieces of bread up agaisnt JPs head •
    Julia- • what are you!
    JP- • looks down • an idiot sandwich.
    Gordan Ramsey for the win.

  • Rachel Nguyen
    Rachel Nguyen 2 months ago

    I watched this at three thirty on a Thursday

  • Jonathan Serrano
    Jonathan Serrano 2 months ago

    dame that frutie pebbles one was probably so good.