Fortnite but you're NOT ALLOWED to HEAL... (rage)

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Fortnite but you're NOT ALLOWED to HEAL... (rage)
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  9 months ago +429

    why do i attempt challenges? they put me in a bad mood every time 😢 love you all ❤️

    • ツDa_Bun12
      ツDa_Bun12 8 months ago

      Pinky you should’ve done this vid later because now you get health from killing others!

    • catty 963
      catty 963 8 months ago

      I love u 2

    • XScooby_DooX X
      XScooby_DooX X 8 months ago

      Hey I think you should do this again now that there’s +50 shield/health on a kill

    • RID
      RID 8 months ago +2

      Don't you get health from kills

  • FE4RRMVP nate
    FE4RRMVP nate Month ago

    hello some body 1v1 me ChickFlee

  • aaron parr
    aaron parr 4 months ago


    ANDREW HUDSON 7 months ago

    1 like = 1 pray to pinky’s thing

  • Big Chungas
    Big Chungas 7 months ago


  • CorteSGANG
    CorteSGANG 7 months ago

    on the preview you are bandaging slurp...... Very nice

  • arxhgos_2
    arxhgos_2 7 months ago

    Oh no no oh no no oh no no oh no no oh no no oh no no oh no no

  • pirates booty -___-
    pirates booty -___- 7 months ago

    I subscribe

  • Emil Jegerborn
    Emil Jegerborn 7 months ago

    You could play siphon next time

    LIL BLUE 7 months ago +2

    Remember when tfue dropped a 20 bomb without taking any damage

  • Dirtiest
    Dirtiest 8 months ago

    Pinky is a good player and I have 2 fav og skin - Areial assault trooper and purple skull trooper

  • Diego Dude9
    Diego Dude9 8 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Mariam Diakite
    Mariam Diakite 8 months ago

    If you were playing on the up date you would get health and shield per kill

  • Aidanonymous
    Aidanonymous 8 months ago

    Lucky he did this before the 50 health every kill update

  • Nimetön
    Nimetön 8 months ago

    And nowdays this challenge is easy just get kills

  • mkybns
    mkybns 8 months ago +1

    who thinks pinky should retry this challenge since they added the +50 health/shield ?

  • Joshy Bell
    Joshy Bell 8 months ago


  • rapolas pleskovas
    rapolas pleskovas 8 months ago +1

    0:09 litterally forgot the slurp and puted it in the thumbnail ( idk if puted is a word so dont judge me)

  • Bennott
    Bennott 8 months ago


  • _One Twelve_
    _One Twelve_ 8 months ago

    Look pinky I like ur vids a lot but don’t copy lazarbeam he made the same vid but vampire like but he also didno no meds I know TVclip is bad right now but come on

  • Ashton Press
    Ashton Press 8 months ago

    Copy righted laxer beam

  • Todd Jenkins
    Todd Jenkins 8 months ago

    He got this video idea from lazarbeam you needa give credit when it’s deserved if you wanna watch an actual challenge vid go on @lazerbeam channel

  • cpnn
    cpnn 8 months ago

    Lazar beam just stole ur video sorry man

  • FortniteTryHard YT
    FortniteTryHard YT 8 months ago

    With the new update this challenge is easy since you get 50 Health or shield got every kill

  • Yosyas Dawit
    Yosyas Dawit 8 months ago


  • Fat Jolly
    Fat Jolly 8 months ago

    I subbed

  • maungmthet
    maungmthet 8 months ago

    Like if stinkypinky good at fortnut

  • 24 Arrian
    24 Arrian 8 months ago

    My cousin did and achieved the no hit challenge (you get hit you lose) you can still drink sheild

  • Tony Ktalbot
    Tony Ktalbot 8 months ago

    I watched you since minecraft

    TTV_ ZOMBIERIO 8 months ago

    Use stinky pinky in the item shop and sub to pinky

  • Jason Stilwell
    Jason Stilwell 8 months ago

    OMG the guy at 6:33 that is the same guy I killed yesterday

  • Necromancer
    Necromancer 8 months ago

    would have been 10x easier with the health u get from every kill

  • TizZz0 YT
    TizZz0 YT 8 months ago +5

    Who else is watching when you get 50hp for killing someone

  • Sonya Rose
    Sonya Rose 8 months ago

    Yo can all of y'all that r reading this sub to my yt

  • FoxDiscovery
    FoxDiscovery 8 months ago

    You should have done this now there is healing per kill

  • Macca Roberts
    Macca Roberts 8 months ago

    Brand new favourite TVclipr lots of love 💕

  • Iconic C
    Iconic C 8 months ago

    Part 2 please

  • LamEVision
    LamEVision 8 months ago

    I subscribed you and support you from fortnite

  • Pointless Scrub
    Pointless Scrub 8 months ago

    Why does everyone go crazy over a skeleton that fell into purple dye

  • Arian Painter
    Arian Painter 8 months ago

    pinky is so toxic when he kills people

  • Yusif 16
    Yusif 16 8 months ago

    wouldve been 100 times easier if u did the challenge now because u get 50 health every elim

  • Kyle Mercy
    Kyle Mercy 8 months ago

    Pinky I love your vids ur the best

  • Sil Bos
    Sil Bos 8 months ago

    Pleasent park is called pinky park

  • Austo Li
    Austo Li 8 months ago +1

    how about mushrooms and apples?

  • ASMR alana
    ASMR alana 8 months ago +1

    Can u clap me alanaisaunicorn

  • Anonymous [642]
    Anonymous [642] 8 months ago

    You have tried your best pinky!

  • The Jackinator
    The Jackinator 8 months ago +1

    N word passes

  • Dark Shadow {Ace}
    Dark Shadow {Ace} 8 months ago

    Only true ogs remember tbe season 3 giveaway

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 8 months ago

    1 HP (entered the chat)

  • Rubydude
    Rubydude 9 months ago

    I subed to heal pinkys pain. Plus, HIS VOICE IS SOOOO GOOD. That accent, you are one lucky stinkypinky.

  • stinky smurf gaming
    stinky smurf gaming 9 months ago


  • AppleJuize
    AppleJuize 9 months ago


  • Lxte
    Lxte 9 months ago

    Do the no pickaxe challenge

  • Pitur Pitur
    Pitur Pitur 9 months ago

    Fortnite but no running

  • Ashton Hamilton
    Ashton Hamilton 9 months ago

    Once again karma 6:49

  • Ashton Hamilton
    Ashton Hamilton 9 months ago

    When karma hits you so hard 5:27

  • 0oFio
    0oFio 9 months ago +1

    pinky tried to stretch to 10 mins thats why he played multi games

  • Abbey Wetzell
    Abbey Wetzell 9 months ago

    Some people that aren’t subbed prob can’t make an account until there older or something or don’t know how

  • o6livion
    o6livion 9 months ago

    Pinky, Use this name. It has a russian p and no spaces afterwards. Looks no different in game. Like so he can see please. just copy this. (stinkyрinky)

  • Candy!
    Candy! 9 months ago

    9:30 Poland!