I Snuck Into VidCon Then Surprised Tana With THIS...

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • She was SHOOK
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Comments • 6 067

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar Hour ago

    7:42 you can see lexi rivera and her mom

  • TheLaunchPadArtist

    But did Thor get to vid con

  • Abigail Robbins
    Abigail Robbins 7 hours ago

    When blue said porn I said I watch that

  • Jitesh Pishavadia
    Jitesh Pishavadia 14 hours ago

    what do u mean hot sexy tana erika is wayyyyyyy better

  • Sügarplüm Gächa
    Sügarplüm Gächa 18 hours ago

    I just realized that Corey scherer is in this video?!?!?!?!???
    Edit:but only for a split second

  • Amaro Franco
    Amaro Franco 20 hours ago

    Drake I saw TVclipr behind you when you're going into VidCon

  • Ashton Butt
    Ashton Butt Day ago

    Why did jake have cruches??

  • Wiktoria Madej
    Wiktoria Madej Day ago


  • Mr. Goodman
    Mr. Goodman Day ago

    This man really put his number in the description

  • jJohn BEAST
    jJohn BEAST Day ago +1

    Jake paul leg dont hurt he drunk

  • A random creep behind you

    This is a demonstration how a would a terroristic attack looks like. U need just some AK-47

  • gaming
    gaming 2 days ago

    It's lovely ur poem ahhbhhhh

  • gaming
    gaming 2 days ago


  • gaming
    gaming 2 days ago +1

    Woooooo I love it

  • Eneilys Jimenez
    Eneilys Jimenez 2 days ago +1

    You didnot sneak in vidcon said you could go on tana turns 21

  • James B
    James B 2 days ago

    15:28 ope there Corey from tfil

  • Yolanda Patricio
    Yolanda Patricio 3 days ago +1

    Don't do it

  • Fatima Pablos Ballesteros

    did someone notice brent rivera´s sister and mom

  • Roblox_lover101
    Roblox_lover101 3 days ago

    There’s nothing normal in these comments anymore

  • Natalie Torres
    Natalie Torres 3 days ago +1

    I love Erick more

  • Pongi Nasilai
    Pongi Nasilai 4 days ago

    good luck jack

  • danibella101010
    danibella101010 4 days ago

    If you watch the latest tana turns 21 you will see he actually got permission to go to vidcon

  • David 415
    David 415 4 days ago

    your fans are all retarded, just like your dad, brother, and any offspring you produce

  • Rachel Henke
    Rachel Henke 5 days ago +1

    Damn that’s far

  • Ashton G
    Ashton G 5 days ago +1

    Can u pls bring back the loyalty merch

  • common sense
    common sense 5 days ago

    When you watched Tanas's show to find out he's allowed to show up😂😂 NOICE

  • Cole Newcomb
    Cole Newcomb 5 days ago

    May I please have a shout out

  • Cole Newcomb
    Cole Newcomb 5 days ago

    Hi Jake Paul I missed vid con because I live in new England

  • Hannah Nguyen
    Hannah Nguyen 6 days ago +1

    Anyone watch Tana turns 21 😂🤔

  • Tendayi Mhuriro
    Tendayi Mhuriro 6 days ago

    Jack Paul you douche

  • l Campanella
    l Campanella 6 days ago

    Jake you're such a liar, no one broke in. He got the okay from the executive. What a fucking joke

  • Addison Neria
    Addison Neria 6 days ago +6

    On Jake’s channel: I snuck into vidcon
    On tana turns 21: Jake is allowed to come to vidcon

  • Natasha Barr
    Natasha Barr 6 days ago +39

    Who’s here after watching Tana turns 21 and knows now that Jake never actually snuck in and was actually allowed in 😂😂😂😂

    • Gabriela Rissel
      Gabriela Rissel 23 hours ago +1

      we all new though. he is handed a pass in the vid. The title is clickbait

  • PR0 INF0
    PR0 INF0 6 days ago

    who else cz of pewdiepie

  • Janis Logrono Garzon

    Let me just say that the crutches are almost as Pam

  • Denisse Najera
    Denisse Najera 7 days ago

    Jake: Thor you can't come to Vidcon

    Thor: Niether can you

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson 7 days ago +4

    Am I the only one that saw lexi rivera and her mom 7:42 like if you saw them.

  • LF Viens
    LF Viens 7 days ago

    Is it just me or Tana looks like a mix of Erika and Tessa-

  • Axel likes Gaming
    Axel likes Gaming 7 days ago

    You’re a savage because its lit every day bro

  • Joshua Cheek
    Joshua Cheek 7 days ago +1


  • Joshua Cheek
    Joshua Cheek 7 days ago +1


  • Fatima Alansari
    Fatima Alansari 8 days ago

    I hope you go to jail

  • Belly Button Lint
    Belly Button Lint 8 days ago


  • the savage baby gacha

    Ugh 😐 u suck

  • Comfymon_ Xo
    Comfymon_ Xo 8 days ago

    Why does your mum sit in the back

  • Presley Butcher
    Presley Butcher 8 days ago

    what's wrong with with your leg jake and i miss erika :(

  • NotoriousBAT
    NotoriousBAT 8 days ago

    tana is jake pauls ohiho 2nd cousin

  • mike phillips
    mike phillips 9 days ago

    Omg why am I laughing but crying😂

  • Boston Baby
    Boston Baby 9 days ago

    Welcome do you know Chad wild clay enV enV you don’t realize you don’t know he said well yeah

  • Boudhiaf Ramy
    Boudhiaf Ramy 10 days ago

    the day i met tana she ate my banana LOL WTF

  • suki_is_artist
    suki_is_artist 10 days ago


  • S P O O P Y
    S P O O P Y 11 days ago

    I think JP has switched on chill mode

  • Megan or something
    Megan or something 11 days ago

    15:28 Is that Corey Scherer?

  • Windyxelor
    Windyxelor 11 days ago

    Now he's somehow even More banned from Vidcon.

  • SoccerRonaldo181
    SoccerRonaldo181 11 days ago +1

    I still miss Jerika but it’s whatever Jake wants but I still am Team Jerika and I miss the old Team 10

  • Luna LPS And Random Stuff!

    Your Proper Hunky Jake Paul

  • LittleACain
    LittleACain 12 days ago

    jake paul stole roger taylor's hair

  • ToxicGamer ImSoToxic
    ToxicGamer ImSoToxic 12 days ago

    Wanted for A jake paul merch :D

  • Ariel Estrada
    Ariel Estrada 12 days ago

    Where is Erika costell

  • psycho aminal girl
    psycho aminal girl 12 days ago +1

    On 15:28 that is Corey Scherer

  • Scythe The Chicken
    Scythe The Chicken 12 days ago

    15:24 is that Merrick Hanna?

  • George Green
    George Green 12 days ago


  • Isaiah Debban
    Isaiah Debban 12 days ago +1

    Jake, you had the wrist band on when you got out of the car. 7:28

  • Aaron Thundersmith
    Aaron Thundersmith 12 days ago

    and if you don't believe me search it up

  • Aaron Thundersmith
    Aaron Thundersmith 12 days ago +1

    just telling you that you address is on the internet

  • KrapKickers
    KrapKickers 12 days ago

    Jake Paul you have to go to AmiraBecause there’s a clown that took her dog I know you live in California they went to California there is a seriously it was like a clown like to have that is crazy you have to go to ricks liquor right now

  • gacha foxy12
    gacha foxy12 13 days ago

    What I never go there

  • Cefmaster121 roblox
    Cefmaster121 roblox 13 days ago

    There cute

  • It’s me Anneyah
    It’s me Anneyah 13 days ago

    Jul. 28 is my bday

  • Alina Anderson
    Alina Anderson 13 days ago

    YeAH pOst ThAT LatEr

  • Expo. Playz
    Expo. Playz 13 days ago

    What happens to jakes foot

  • Gazina Nikaite
    Gazina Nikaite 14 days ago


  • Remy Winter
    Remy Winter 14 days ago

    Yes it is nice merch in the game

  • Mimi Kambwa
    Mimi Kambwa 14 days ago

    you are the best i all ways watch ur vids even tydus,ryry everyone with is the best hope u give me a shout out

  • Life Of Success
    Life Of Success 14 days ago

    10:43 Its sad how this world is now bruh. Every girl turning gay now.