EPISODE 7: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
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Comments • 1 647

  • 10% 90
    10% 90 Hour ago

    Put adss on

  • Kylee L
    Kylee L 3 hours ago

    Take me out to the ball game in the cafe? 😂

  • CuckooFlowers
    CuckooFlowers 10 hours ago

    I totally know the feeling about the coffee on the pc. Mine was fried and I can not afford to buy a new one, let alone a used pc. 😭

  • Rosa Servin
    Rosa Servin Day ago

    I preferred it on WEBTOON
    I’ve seen it and I don’t know
    I didn’t mean to offend you it’s that I read let’s play on WEBTOON first so
    As an example you watch a movie first and then read the book and you like the movie more and vice versa book first and you see the movie at times is not like the book

  • Neo TricksterZerothe4th

    The box doesn't say "buttplugs". Damn.

  • Treyshellz
    Treyshellz Day ago

    At 2:19 they started playing Long - Joakim Karud lo-fi is the shit

  • Asia Taylor
    Asia Taylor Day ago

    These promotional videos portray the story in a COMPLETELY different light than the actual WEBTOON, I suggest people read it because this is NOT the same and very confusing if you haven’t read the webtoon

  • DinoTheHorse
    DinoTheHorse Day ago

    Monica.... wait.... she has the pink hair too... oh no....

  • Call Me Pro
    Call Me Pro Day ago +1

    Did anyone realize how paper can knockout a person?
    *Literally just knockout a person!*

  • Random pot of chili
    Random pot of chili 2 days ago

    Just monika

  • Bararaq Siqa
    Bararaq Siqa 2 days ago

    2:22 lol their playing royalty free music

  • Princess Jalisa
    Princess Jalisa 2 days ago +1

    When they make an anime out of the comic but your wondering "Wtf happened the the COMIC?"

  • andrea donas
    andrea donas 2 days ago

    I dead ass skipped this episode

  • The General Tuber
    The General Tuber 2 days ago

    MY MAN LINK 😭😭

  • Santos Vidrio
    Santos Vidrio 2 days ago

    I fell in love with this series ♥️😁😀

  • Yamon Venzli
    Yamon Venzli 3 days ago

    The animation loses a lot of it’s charm in comparison to the webcomic but presents a lot of scenarios that is never considered or looked into

  • Dereonna Coleman
    Dereonna Coleman 3 days ago

    Why doesn't Ming understand, Sam likes him

  • Grim Noche
    Grim Noche 3 days ago +1

    Just Monika

  • Target Karen
    Target Karen 3 days ago

    Sam: throws paper
    Marshall: falls
    Me: tf

  • Ballora's Box
    Ballora's Box 4 days ago

    Dont be intimidating link You have so much personality

  • Angiemations
    Angiemations 4 days ago

    1:28 Anime/Webtoon logic: When you throw an envelope it flies evenly and hits your head

  • Ortallica First
    Ortallica First 4 days ago +1

    Yo I'm back and noticed no unordinary present. 😐😐😐😐

  • Jennifer Luengas
    Jennifer Luengas 4 days ago

    I tried webtoons and it was great :)

  • Daniel Playz
    Daniel Playz 4 days ago

    Sam throws the money *
    Marshall: wasted X-X

  • alba hdz
    alba hdz 4 days ago

    Link: am FORM The Legend of Zelda :D
    Dee: Am a pokemon :D
    Marshall law : am marshmallow the DJ :D

  • MelOTea
    MelOTea 4 days ago

    Serious Lance vibes

  • Jaiden_ v3
    Jaiden_ v3 4 days ago

    Charles you Welish Bastard

  • The K.S. Nintendo Bros.

    Wait...Bowser, Link...I think I’m onto something.

  • Can't Edit This
    Can't Edit This 4 days ago

    Jazzy take me out to the ball game, melikes

  • Mikyah Jackson
    Mikyah Jackson 5 days ago

    Are we going to ignor the fact that take me out to the ball game was playing in the coffee shop 2:40

  • Waddup Broskis!
    Waddup Broskis! 5 days ago

    The Daily Grind never has any customers in it

  • Agent719
    Agent719 5 days ago

    No "WASTED"? Lame. That was the best part of that chapter.

  • Agent719
    Agent719 5 days ago

    No "WASTED"? Lame. That was the best part of that chapter.

  • Giovanni Vargas
    Giovanni Vargas 5 days ago

    W A S T E D

  • Cute Letli
    Cute Letli 5 days ago +1

    well i'm waiting for the episode when sam watching porn

  • Maple Syroof
    Maple Syroof 5 days ago

    Ok but how does one Throw an envelope in the air with that much force and without it flying away

  • Zoey 9169
    Zoey 9169 5 days ago

    I love how her yellow coffee cup just disappeared at the beginning~ still love this series tho

  • TheNeonGamer HD
    TheNeonGamer HD 5 days ago

    Anyone else think the intro music sounds like the beginning of fireflies by owl city?

  • catsoda
    catsoda 5 days ago

    this girl is too stubborn. if that dude tried giving me that much cash id totally just pocket it and keep my grudge

  • XneverstopfightingX
    XneverstopfightingX 5 days ago

    I hear that “Take me out to the ball game” and I raise you “romantic tension”

  • 3dg3lord
    3dg3lord 5 days ago

    Where is Angellaaaa

  • Zoku Plays
    Zoku Plays 5 days ago

    That one song after the youtuber let out the gamer girl...Thats my dad's fav

  • Saucey Noodle
    Saucey Noodle 5 days ago

    We love chad Link

  • Saucey Noodle
    Saucey Noodle 5 days ago

    Just pay Marshall back with more money to assert dominance

    ZACHARY LEBAK 5 days ago

    Did anyone else realize that the coffee scene around 2 minutes and 50 seconds was just a jazzed up theme for "Take me down to the ballgame" XD

  • Jacqueline Torres
    Jacqueline Torres 6 days ago

    Link was a lot better in this episode. He's way more chill than they first depicted him in the first episode. Links not supposed to be all jumpy and awkward.

  • Isa Blanco
    Isa Blanco 6 days ago

    OMGOMGOMGOMG I love this even though I don’t really like Charles voice but every thing is AWESOME

  • OriginalOreo
    OriginalOreo 6 days ago

    2:20 sounds familiar

  • Asiya Sheikh
    Asiya Sheikh 6 days ago

    1:29 sounds just like drama by 9muses

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 6 days ago

    I keep mistaking Marshall for Sam and Sam Sam

  • RiahTheMemeLord
    RiahTheMemeLord 6 days ago +2


  • Salvidgee stuff
    Salvidgee stuff 6 days ago

    It sounds like they are playing the baseball music at the coffee shop. I am confused 🤷‍♀️🤔🤔🤔

  • fucc meow
    fucc meow 6 days ago

    Minecraft door noice

  • dayrohan
    dayrohan 6 days ago

    There Must have been alot in that envelope to land a blow like that.

  • Uveni
    Uveni 6 days ago

    Velma Dinkley

  • Hyper Squire
    Hyper Squire 6 days ago

    The song in the cafe is the baseball 3 strikes theme. Not important just thought I’d share that.

  • Cupid Starz
    Cupid Starz 6 days ago

    Anime UwU

  • Micay Kookie
    Micay Kookie 6 days ago

    Link is really an angel!

  • Kartsie
    Kartsie 6 days ago

    I just realized they havn't animated her gaming group yet. I want to hear the butlers voice! If I remember correctly his name was Edgar?

  • Yeet Ry
    Yeet Ry 6 days ago

    appleminte music?

    *yes indeed.*