Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum Part 3

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • This wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 is going to need a lot of work to get brought back to life. We have started by removing all the damaged parts and accessing all of the damages. With this being the first ford with this amount of damage, we will have a nice challenge getting it fixed up. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along to see this beast on the roads once again! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Comments • 2 270

  • Pedro Parashar
    Pedro Parashar 2 days ago

    These goofy Goobers

  • Brynn Dwyer
    Brynn Dwyer 4 days ago

    I had a mini heart attack when they dropped the steering wheel air bag onto the ground but had to remind myself it had already gone off 😂

  • burt turdison
    burt turdison 4 days ago

    I love country folks!

  • Rich Mateyko
    Rich Mateyko 5 days ago

    Use Bacitracin on that little cut on your finger. It will heal rapidly. Put the Bacitracin on a good band aid and you can work with that on your finger.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 days ago

    In the UK we just simply don't have pick up trucks like this. They're GIGANTIC!

  • Bryan Zecena
    Bryan Zecena 7 days ago

    I want it😂

    MASON CROSS 8 days ago

    What did they pay for the truck wrecked like it is.. did they ever say.. ??

  • Jeffrey Zimmerman
    Jeffrey Zimmerman 12 days ago

    Super glue was actually made for cuts during ww2

  • william allen
    william allen 12 days ago

    You guys need to purchase an e-manual to help with break down and location of item.

    CHRISTEN DAVIS 14 days ago


  • Tony Pettis
    Tony Pettis 14 days ago

    With todays do it yourself technology there is nothing we can't accomplish

  • Allan Sneddon
    Allan Sneddon 16 days ago

    Shes a nice truck

  • DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST

    The two silly boyz, used super glue on his finger lol

  • Evan Striplin
    Evan Striplin 19 days ago +1

    I think this truck ran into a tree.

  • jdcunnington
    jdcunnington 19 days ago

    Superglue on the cut - I cut into my pinkie, nearly to the bone. ACC on it. Stung like a motherf'r, but it did the job. Minimal scarring.

  • Be Happy3
    Be Happy3 20 days ago

    You are in a garage. Not a nightclub

  • Be Happy3
    Be Happy3 20 days ago

    Nuisance in music and frequent chatter

  • Caroline Lucas
    Caroline Lucas 20 days ago

    If you buy this truck, you are not lazy.

  • imaslowlerner
    imaslowlerner 21 day ago

    I'm assuming you guys are brothers. So pleasing to see you guys working together. Keep up the good work.

    JUST POLITIKIN 21 day ago +1

    remind me to never buy a spaceship fancy ford platinum
    2many features and built super weak

  • Dal Call Center
    Dal Call Center 22 days ago

    They make a medical "super glue" you can get at walmart for cuts like that. Actual super glue is full of chemicals and can "burn" the wound not really recommended.

    • L8nitedave
      L8nitedave 20 days ago

      They are correct that the original super glue intended purpose was to be carried by medics in Vietnam to glue large wounds together.

  • Robotgoul
    Robotgoul 22 days ago


  • frankabarca209
    frankabarca209 22 days ago

    So installing a alternator is suppose to help start the truck?

  • Pablo Damon
    Pablo Damon 22 days ago


  • donmige81
    donmige81 23 days ago

    cant even tell its black it looks like chrome, because the reflection is like a mirror

  • Gatorsrok
    Gatorsrok 24 days ago +1

    8:27 Water lines?!? XD LMFAO those would be AIR lines first off for the massage seat. Pretty clear that you guys dont have any business workin on vehicles after watchin even just a few of your videos, clearly dont know much about anything... Sucks for the next person who has to own this truck and deal with all the fuck ups...

  • سفيان عبد الله

    It's a 2019, Use your brains guys, NO AIR ON REPAIR! It's OK to use air in disassemble but when re-building vehicles DO NOT USE AIR TOOLS for re-assembly, Factory has everything specific torques, if using air you can cross thread and damage bolts or pre-threaded parts, This will be a problem in the future if anyone needs to work on them components. Find out correct torque on any and all bolts and insert using hands and fingers than proper wrenches and toque tightening tools with proper settings!

  • Tyler Martenson
    Tyler Martenson 24 days ago

    Y’all really don’t have a knife lol using just straight razor blade

    RCMOTO 24 days ago

    The headliner creases never go away, and the seat covers are replaceable

  • Elk man
    Elk man 24 days ago

    Where you get a truck like that

  • Billy Hormback
    Billy Hormback 24 days ago

    yall ever just wanna "warsh" your car ?

  • 9856CB
    9856CB 25 days ago +1

    All that money spent and you don’t have a battery charger🤪

  • Richard Baumeister
    Richard Baumeister 25 days ago

    It's no wonder the insurance company totaled that thing. What a nightmare for a body shop to reconstruct it. I was a body shop service writer for a portion of my life and I have never seen so much technical spaghetti in my life! Used seats would be an option I would have considered even if they cost alot.

  • Andy k
    Andy k 25 days ago

    The hoses in the seats usually use an air system and compress air not water in the lines.

  • BoomerGer007
    BoomerGer007 25 days ago

    These "good ol' boyz" must be from Malibu and they got transplanted to Texas.

  • OmgOlly666
    OmgOlly666 25 days ago

    are they joking about the glue on a cut

  • Mike .R.
    Mike .R. 26 days ago

    what is a link for that power washer soap attachment? That is SICK!!!! #GOTTAHAVE!

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B. 26 days ago

    Plastic can be sharp, but the metal underneath can be as well. Especially when you're creeper surfing like that! LOL!

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore 26 days ago +3

    Superglue does have cyanide in it so be careful using it on open wounds.

  • Yo! Cerch!
    Yo! Cerch! 26 days ago

    That super glue was stupid guys you can get an infection and loose a finger, my father tried epoxy on a tooth and he almost lost the piece lol

  • Jmopinion
    Jmopinion 27 days ago +1

    I'm just curious if you guys are concerned about torque specifications on your nut and bolt installations haven't heard you guys say anything about. This is my second build watching from a distance.

  • Steve Stancill
    Steve Stancill 27 days ago

    Are y’all replacing the airbags and how much are they to replace

  • Richard Nottelmann
    Richard Nottelmann 27 days ago

    I believe superglue was originally created by the US military for the purpose of quick human cut repairs like you have used it for

  • alan koza
    alan koza 27 days ago

    How much for the truck 15k 20k that truck is prob 80k new.... young kids with daddys buttload of money

  • Travis N.
    Travis N. 28 days ago

    Its got wires and zippers and water snd everything... and look guys even a air pump and colored water hoses ..., daaaaaaymmmmn 🤩😆😂🤣 to much excitement, not enough common sense. No shame in letting viewers know that you dont know... vs opening your mouth and making yourself look like an idiot. 20x over 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robert Patten
    Robert Patten 28 days ago

    The massage feature uses air on the fords it has a small air pump and those colored lines are air lines

  • Homebrew Horsepower
    Homebrew Horsepower 29 days ago

    These guys are idiots

  • Joe
    Joe 29 days ago

    The flux capacitor is in the rear seats. It's to be replaced as well, haha.

  • Dan Loper
    Dan Loper 29 days ago

    Great team, guys. New sub here, lovin' the 450 rebuild. What is: 1) that blue pry tool and 2) what are the washing wands, soap, etc. you're using? Looks like they'd work wonders for my '18 Explorer.

  • John Graham
    John Graham 29 days ago

    I too like their enthusiasm but I am more like the dog: totally chill !!! Every now any then I raise my head to sniff the air.

  • John Graham
    John Graham 29 days ago

    I wondered about water in the seat massagers. It would freeze.

  • Evan LaClare
    Evan LaClare 29 days ago

    Combined iq in this video: 82

  • steelswarfs
    steelswarfs 29 days ago

    This popped up in my recommendations. Amazing to see these guys work.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    A cruiser????

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen Month ago

    Super glue was invented by a doctor for usage on incisions. So it’s very safe for cuts.

  • TheDutchPathFinder1

    Too many airbags....a few more and you have an airship on wheels. :P

  • Greg Souza
    Greg Souza Month ago +1

    Can't believe how cheap these trucks are thrown together.I wouldn't want to take one if it was free.It's sad to see how low Ford has fallen in building new trucks.Hard to believe the cheap quality.You can put lip stick on a pig,but it's still a pig.

    ERIC WHEELER Month ago

    BAD ASS ! !

  • MJBclassics
    MJBclassics Month ago

    Yeah right! He said the Genius Boost wasn't smart enough for this truck 😂

  • MJBclassics
    MJBclassics Month ago

    Fart catcher in the back of the seat lol