Best Shots & Great Rallies: Djokovic v Carreno Busta | Cincinnati 2019

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • The Djoker at his absolute best in the mid-west... Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:
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Comments • 86

  • Sanne Vermeulen
    Sanne Vermeulen Month ago

    Best shots and great rallies? Better: great Djokovic shots and rallies. You showed none of PCB

  • Anirudh Mukund
    Anirudh Mukund Month ago +1

    I either have Nadal vs Djokovic or Federer vs Djokovic in US Open

  • Djordje Petrovic
    Djordje Petrovic Month ago

    Lacoste is knocking it out of the park with the outfits they're giving Novak.

  • Feed me a hammer and I will crap out nails.

    Djokovic is a mix of both machine and god.

  • unowen7591
    unowen7591 Month ago +2

    What a ridiculous way to end the match. The defensive and flexibility of Novak is unparalleled.

  • Wisnu Sukandi
    Wisnu Sukandi Month ago

    Fashion nole keren...celana kaos sepatu nya bagus banget...jadi terlihat sexy ..

  • D. Stojanovic
    D. Stojanovic Month ago +4

    Djokovic G.O.A.T.

  • Jonathan Terrett
    Jonathan Terrett Month ago +6

    264 weeks

  • Burago
    Burago Month ago +18

    Djokovic was on BEAST MODE today. If he maintains this level for the rest of 2019, he'll win AT LEAST another Cincinnati, US Open, and WTF.

  • BDTraining - Online Tennis lernen

    Djokovic on FIRE

  • fernando quiñones
    fernando quiñones Month ago +15

    One step at a Time Djoker!

  • Akshay Suvidha
    Akshay Suvidha Month ago +5

    Great going ! Keep it up!

  • Klaus Winzig
    Klaus Winzig Month ago +2

    Dont like the guy with the blue shorts

  • Miku
    Miku Month ago +5

    whoevr is making these highlights has no idea about tennis and should be replaced

    • Enterfly
      Enterfly Month ago

      Actually I think they are pretty good....for a Fedtard!

  • Aleksandar Karjuk
    Aleksandar Karjuk Month ago +2

    Bravo Novače, idemo dalje

  • Sanam Amin
    Sanam Amin Month ago +23

    Lol they skipped a set and two games before the highlights started. Come on guys, give us some more.

  • Ernesto Jr. Acosta
    Ernesto Jr. Acosta Month ago +21

    Cincinnati 🏆🏆 Flushing Meadows 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • GOAT
    GOAT Month ago +41

    His dropshot isn't actually talked about alot, but he is probably the best player at masking it in my opinion. Just look at that replay

    • Enterfly
      Enterfly Month ago

      His drop shots are top notch. His volley is a different story, though.

    • lucamex
      lucamex Month ago +5

      Yeah, masking dropshot having 2handed backhand is difficoult and he knows how to do it. Even if aren't the best drop shot he masks it very well.

    • Tnuy X
      Tnuy X Month ago +7

      Pranav Jain Do you even watch his matches? He wins a lot of points off of his quality drop shots

    • Pranav Jain
      Pranav Jain Month ago +4

      Nah man, he usually sucks at them. They're usually not this good.

  • lc
    lc Month ago +19

    "Hogwarts stuff this is" 😂 ily Robbie

  • Subhasini Waikhom
    Subhasini Waikhom Month ago +10

    Its season for novak.venture starts from wimbledon .....

  • Rhaisa Mae Ullero
    Rhaisa Mae Ullero Month ago +1

    Stupid your so humble joko your not always win

    • natoskull2
      natoskull2 Month ago

      @SONG Hahahah the lady's fine, don't pick on me 😂

    • SONG
      SONG Month ago

      natoskull2 ewww 🤭

    • natoskull2
      natoskull2 Month ago +2

      You're sexy.

  • Scott Dao
    Scott Dao Month ago +68

    When Novak first serves percentage is good then he is unstopable, he had a hard time at wimbledon against Federer because his first serves percentage was only 43% !!!!!

    • Nicotine46
      Nicotine46 Month ago +1

      @# go warriors I believe 43% for the second set.

    • Psaro
      Psaro Month ago +1

      Djoko has an incredible first serve but not as good as fed tho

    • # go warriors
      # go warriors Month ago +3

      I don't think that his overall was 43%... Maybe one specific set?!

    • TheNabOwnzz
      TheNabOwnzz Month ago +3

      ...? His first serve % against Federer there was 62%, not 43%.

    • Logan00710
      Logan00710 Month ago +21

      even his return of serve was weak and make too many errors

  • friday i'm in love
    friday i'm in love Month ago +8

    El mejor del Planeta Novak D.

  • Neya Balakrishna
    Neya Balakrishna Month ago +2

    wow amazing highlights

  • Milan Kostić
    Milan Kostić Month ago +53

    Djokovic even started serving well, he was struggling with serves a lot at Wimbledon. I guess Ivanisevic helped there :D

    • Huynh Thuy
      Huynh Thuy Month ago +3

      i was just a little worried in the second service of 2nd set, it dropped
      down too much. Hope he can improve next time for tougher opponents

    • Fabio Dos Reis
      Fabio Dos Reis Month ago +8

      Yes! I feel the same.... Goran is helping him a lot with service.

    • aleksandar toza
      aleksandar toza Month ago +1

      Istina ahahah

  • Pavel Rozov
    Pavel Rozov Month ago +22

    Incredible from Novak!

  • Dave Ali
    Dave Ali Month ago +4

    “ I mean this guys athleticism is a joke” 1:20 what?? Did he mean to say that or misspoke lol or am I not getting what he meant

    • GTS
      GTS Month ago

      His athleticism is a djoke

    • Dave Ali
      Dave Ali Month ago +1

      QueenVee #50 yea that’s what I thought but I always hear “is no joke”

    • smithson anto
      smithson anto Month ago +16

      He said that in a complementing way ...

    • QueenVee #50
      QueenVee #50 Month ago +20

      He was implying that Novak's athleticism is so good that it is ridiculous

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller Month ago +68

    This was lowkey the best match of the tournament so far. Carreno played good tennis but Novak was just too good.

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter Month ago +13

    Efficient and Assassin Like🏆🏆

  • Alexandre Autotte
    Alexandre Autotte Month ago +21

    Novak is a God

    • Sethu Pathy
      Sethu Pathy Month ago


    • R M
      R M Month ago +1

      @Robert Star Read his biography if possible. Its named Serve to Win, literally a step by step guide with insights to become the best version of yourself. Less than 40% of the book is self talk. Rest all is about his fitness routine, diets and even step by step recipes. Really, a human legend!

    • Robert Star
      Robert Star Month ago +2

      And so are we...the God is within...he knows it, but some of us have yet to realise it..nothing is impossible.

  • Lego Yoda
    Lego Yoda Month ago +4

    Didn’t even show Pablo win won point....

  • Lars Jespersen
    Lars Jespersen Month ago +56

    When you play Novak all you can do is try your best

  • Daiton
    Daiton Month ago +127

    I'll just call it now Djokovic to win the US Open again. Hopefully this comment ages well

    • Jack L
      Jack L Month ago

      He’s definitely the bookies favourite

    • Sethu Pathy
      Sethu Pathy Month ago

      Anything can happen. The winner can't win everything

    • Chibest Chichi
      Chibest Chichi Month ago +1

      Amen ooo.... ......

    • Nicotine46
      Nicotine46 Month ago +2

      Hopefully not

  • hector 000
    hector 000 Month ago +4

    Only 2mins?? cmon....


    Frauderer out early.

    • Mickey Guide
      Mickey Guide Month ago

      natoskull2 no actually not cause Federer didn't choose his 'tard' fans. Federer and his fans have propably nothing related etc

    • natoskull2
      natoskull2 Month ago

      @Mickey Guide Fedtards are directly related to how Federer is seen, same with rafans, and same with djokofans.

    • Mickey Guide
      Mickey Guide Month ago

      natoskull2 'all the shades are cause of fedtards'...hmm think for a second what you said. Think before you write. Using your logic the fedtards should get the shade...not the man himself. I personally respect every pro player...cause I know how hard this sport is, and to get that level where pros are requires insane commitment. But hey it's always easy to talk cheap behind the keyboard, that requires nothing

    • natoskull2
      natoskull2 Month ago +11

      @Buddy._.7280 I will answer you Buddy, and sadly all the shades are because of fedtards in general, who have no respect for Djokovic AT ALL. I guess just that's why, my friend...

    • Buddy._.7280
      Buddy._.7280 Month ago +7

      I don't understand how anyone could hate a person like Federer, yes djokovic defeated him in the Wimbledon finals cos he was on 🔥 and I respect him alot, so why can't we just leave it there, why throw all this shade to fed ? 😔

  • Dr Oetker
    Dr Oetker Month ago +63

    Federer succeded to avoid Novak.
    Good job Fed...

  • Dr Oetker
    Dr Oetker Month ago +46

    Novak plays unstoppable tennis.
    R.I.P opponents :/

  • Psaro
    Psaro Month ago

    shorter highlights next time fucking lazy ass

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago +17

    __djokovic last two shots on match point were out of this world.. what a player..!!

  • Anuj Gupta
    Anuj Gupta Month ago +4


  • Ariel Emiliano
    Ariel Emiliano Month ago +69

    Carreño played really good. Djokovic is in GOD-MODE. He is gonna win Cincinatti and probably US OPEN again.

    • Mavric 24
      Mavric 24 Month ago

      @Ariel Emiliano this year? Since eleven fucking years.

    • Harun mburu
      Harun mburu Month ago

      @Pedja L. idiot Karen lost to Lucas poullie😂

    • Pedja L.
      Pedja L. Month ago

      He can lose against strong hitters who have their day. Read Kachanov.

    • Alexandre Autotte
      Alexandre Autotte Month ago +5

      You are completely right

    • Ariel Emiliano
      Ariel Emiliano Month ago +5

      @niyol jha yep. I do not think Roger could win the US OPEN this year

  • Man Bun
    Man Bun Month ago +7

    who here before 100 views and btw if you ok with cuss then check out lil gun he makes amazing music

  • Riku Phia
    Riku Phia Month ago +72

    Come on Novak! Back to back!

  • 横山蒼馬
    横山蒼馬 Month ago +2