• Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • The bowling ball bounced from 45m, but what about 165m?
    After you guys smashed our 200K likes challenge on our Bowling Ball Vs Trampoline 45m video, we take our experiment to new heights at Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland.
    A huge thank you to Ticino Tourism for helping to make this happen! You've gotta go and see this place for yourself, it's amazing! For more info check out
    Thanks to for the bowling balls!
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  • Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez Minute ago

    1 hour

  • Shark
    Shark 3 hours ago +1

    10:18 Sounds like angry birds lmaoo

  • Scott Levandowski
    Scott Levandowski 3 hours ago

    You clowns ever hear of the Magnus effect?

  • Kenneth Ellseth
    Kenneth Ellseth 5 hours ago

    Imwould love to see object that ways around an average human being hitting a trampoline from that dam!

  • D Boy
    D Boy 9 hours ago

    Imagine he jumped off n survived

  • Weirdwick HD
    Weirdwick HD 10 hours ago


  • Particlepants
    Particlepants 10 hours ago

    Forbidden jawbreaker

  • Tj lomin
    Tj lomin 11 hours ago

    Turns out I'm not a fan of high heights.....

  • Brogan Curtis
    Brogan Curtis 13 hours ago

    You like my brothers imaginations in real, i am showing your channel to him, he'll love it. He's 8

  • Tobias Reiner
    Tobias Reiner 15 hours ago

    Petition to have the engineer who designed the go-pro to teach all future engineers how to make indestructible electronic equipment. These things just don't die.

  • Bailey R Love
    Bailey R Love 15 hours ago

    The spin was crazy with the go-pro

  • Bailey R Love
    Bailey R Love 15 hours ago

    It took 2 years to reach there like goal ??? I watched this in 2018 and 2 years older :D

  • Gamer Vision
    Gamer Vision 17 hours ago +1

    Just realized it hit 1 million likes let's go #vidgoals

  • Pete Nana
    Pete Nana 18 hours ago

    Love these. You’ll need to clear room under the tramp for more bounce and less damage to the material. It touched the ground and, by the looks of it, nearly failed completely before rebounding the ball upward.

  • AD CrySiS
    AD CrySiS 20 hours ago

    You’re right I did say aww

  • Lexi Stephens
    Lexi Stephens Day ago


  • Acsalonga Accounts

    2 hours and 5 minutes.

  • Bippity Boppity
    Bippity Boppity Day ago

    i was dreaming when the go pro fell then i woke up right before it hit

  • Coins Rule!
    Coins Rule! Day ago

    Imagine the ball hitting the metal edge of the tramp and not exploding but bouncing off and hitting someone. Tho it would obviously explode

  • Dylan Donachie
    Dylan Donachie Day ago

    One hour

  • Nico Turedo
    Nico Turedo Day ago

    Do you clean your mess?

  • Joshua Medina
    Joshua Medina Day ago

    Who else is having minor panic attacks from the heights?

  • TV플랜트
    TV플랜트 Day ago


  • Onimaru Arstokzokta

    It took 24 minutes to build

  • Cornelius- Terb- flex capacitor

    Kick-Ass cool!!! It was exciting. Thanks for making this video

  • Lachlan Williams

    It took you guys 57 min and 43 sec

  • Dominik Pałka
    Dominik Pałka Day ago

    5:04 1.75× 😂😂😂

  • Cami Bajrami
    Cami Bajrami Day ago

    Den börjar på en varm minnet Acizzia det är du äsch inte var ett skämt på minst 1 minut vad vad

  • Cami Bajrami
    Cami Bajrami Day ago

    Ok Bang min

  • Cami Bajrami
    Cami Bajrami 2 days ago

    Fem minutes

  • Daniel Conlin
    Daniel Conlin 2 days ago

    Thors hammer on refrigerator at 165 meters should be next would make 2 million. Likes

  • Hamada Dakkouri
    Hamada Dakkouri 2 days ago

    Some people their rule in the life is putting dislike to the amazing videos , they're the enemies of the successful

  • Lorenzo Lodi
    Lorenzo Lodi 2 days ago

    fuckin psychos ahhahahah

  • Cobradriver99
    Cobradriver99 2 days ago

    People ask, why does the military need such big bombs for small targets? This video shows you why.

  • Rick
    Rick 2 days ago

    Looks like you had a little bit of the Bernoulli Effect going on there with that baseball. It started riding on a cushion of air.

  • Exploding Ghast
    Exploding Ghast 2 days ago

    One hour

  • Praise PUMA
    Praise PUMA 2 days ago +1

    Go pro I'm still standing ya ya ya.

  • Robbie hanak
    Robbie hanak 2 days ago

    1 hour

  • Conor Mc Carthy
    Conor Mc Carthy 2 days ago

    3:55 gave me a bit of nausea!!

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 2 days ago

    I'm shocked at how high the bowling ball bounced. I would have guessed about 5 or 6 feet.

  • Gacha_ lover_8641
    Gacha_ lover_8641 2 days ago


  • Leo Steiner
    Leo Steiner 3 days ago +3

    5:01 the beautifulness of physics
    Sound being slower than light

  • Le Le Marvell
    Le Le Marvell 3 days ago

    What? You had a User manual for a trampoline in German? That's funny😂 Ziehmlich lustig xD

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 3 days ago

    Put a fin on the back of the GoPro witch is like 3D printed or something so then the GoPro doesn’t spin as much!

  • Bravo
    Bravo 3 days ago

    10:15 first it looked like it was bouncing and it’s sounded like it bonus hahah

  • Scotty
    Scotty 3 days ago

    Location? Shocked cops allow that but that's awesome!!!

  • Mitchell CAZALY
    Mitchell CAZALY 3 days ago

    Two Hours #commtest

  • -The Knight Of Lego-

    Cheers, recommended!

  • Robert Power
    Robert Power 3 days ago

    Now your turn ....bump...

  • The Rand0m Guy
    The Rand0m Guy 4 days ago +1

    Today is my birthday wwowowowow

  • Mrbigcanuk
    Mrbigcanuk 4 days ago +1

    Did you clean that garbage when you where done?

  • Declan McInerney
    Declan McInerney 4 days ago +1

    8:22 “Gone, reduced to atoms.”

  • Spawnrad
    Spawnrad 4 days ago

    Hope you liked Swiss landscape ;)

  • Rodriquez Felix
    Rodriquez Felix 4 days ago

    Next time you should send two bowling ball at once see what happens

  • Alex Thill
    Alex Thill 5 days ago

    If you jumped on the trampoline just before the ball hit the trampoline, you could probably catch the it at the top of the dam

  • Mia's Adventures
    Mia's Adventures 5 days ago

    *well thats not in one piece anymore*

  • Hector Santos
    Hector Santos 5 days ago

    I love how the Australian accent meets halfway between English lord and hillbilly

  • sten 2403
    sten 2403 5 days ago

    "Hey, you're finally awake"

  • Zachary Newell
    Zachary Newell 5 days ago

    Is nobody else scared it's going to break and the water come out everywhere