• Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • The bowling ball bounced from 45m, but what about 165m?
    After you guys smashed our 200K likes challenge on our Bowling Ball Vs Trampoline 45m video, we take our experiment to new heights at Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland.
    A huge thank you to Ticino Tourism for helping to make this happen! We had an epic time visiting this incredible part of the world and filmed heaps of new videos that are coming soon. Do yourself a favour and go experience Ticino for yourself, it's amazing! For more info check out
    Thanks to for the bowling balls!
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  • Niall Warn
    Niall Warn 3 months ago +4256

    33 mins! We’ll pin yaaaaa

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  • Kalli Gariepy
    Kalli Gariepy 10 hours ago

    33 mins

  • 42pi grey artist fire eternal

    4:56 sick m8

  • franckdebank
    franckdebank 11 hours ago

    Why don't you throw your own balls now?

  • Huuvi
    Huuvi 11 hours ago

    Selling Replays

  • Benny Russel
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  • Juli 72
    Juli 72 11 hours ago

    RIP for all those sheeps when basketball is 💥

  • Patrica Green
    Patrica Green 12 hours ago

    I will pin you with my but

  • Tenita Johnson
    Tenita Johnson 12 hours ago


  • Yoav Lahav
    Yoav Lahav 12 hours ago

    You should understand that when you throw the bowling ball with your hands like that there will always be a minor difference between the throwings. The difference can be in linear and angular velocities and position. This minor difference at the beginning may become a lot bigger at the end of the line, 165 m below. If you had some fixed device to release the ball only the uncontrollable variables would remain, like wind and unknown mass distribution, and your trampoline success would be a lot quicker.

  • Floyd Fegett
    Floyd Fegett 14 hours ago

    2 hours

  • Nintendo Station 1
    Nintendo Station 1 14 hours ago

    What the fuck did they think was going to happen?

  • Daveyboy
    Daveyboy 16 hours ago

    Funny you men hahaha top videos!

  • Cain Kleczaj
    Cain Kleczaj 18 hours ago

    Booooom goes the bowling ball

    DITO C. OLIVEIRA 18 hours ago

    What a beautiful place, where is it?

    • Juli 72
      Juli 72 11 hours ago +1

      DITO C. OLIVEIRA Luzzone, Ticino, Switzerland.
      I live 40Km~ from that place ;)

  • Exquisite843
    Exquisite843 18 hours ago

    Anyone else heart fall in their anus when he looks down from the top of the Dam 😭 heights is just not my favorite

  • Derek Powell
    Derek Powell 20 hours ago

    Thanks for the video guys. I just happened to stumble across it in my feed and it turns out that I am watching it on my birthday! Good looks

  • Disturbed Pyro
    Disturbed Pyro 20 hours ago

    Well today I learned that a bowling dropped off a 165m dam, explodes and soumds like a cannon going off. 👍Thanks How Ridiculous👍

  • Bowie Branca
    Bowie Branca 20 hours ago


  • douglas oakley
    douglas oakley 21 hour ago

    Yall remind me of the Hardly Boys from South Park 😂

  • Myztic Maiden
    Myztic Maiden 22 hours ago

    That was a nice end of the night video to my birthday lol that was awesome!

  • mark mckay
    mark mckay 23 hours ago

    3 days early on the birthday. close though. lol

  • Matthew Essex
    Matthew Essex Day ago

    This video is why I love Australians!

  • Akobir Gani
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  • webzenboi
    webzenboi Day ago

    anytime you're bored just find something to destroy which wastes a lot of money and time

  • E Bartlett
    E Bartlett Day ago +2

    3...2...1 then an ad. Anyone else?

  • The Big Tuna
    The Big Tuna Day ago

    Stupid video

  • jpx1967
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  • mark swyayo
    mark swyayo Day ago

    I expect you guys are cleaning up all the litter from the broken balls,right?

  • EMS 76
    EMS 76 Day ago

    Well ... that was a whole lot of nothing

  • Twerkn
    Twerkn Day ago

    10:10 you’re welcome

  • Twerkn
    Twerkn Day ago

    The intro looks like an ad for gay eharmony lol. yasss!

  • Cecil Davis
    Cecil Davis Day ago

    Crazy video thank u for uploading!!!

  • G Irby
    G Irby Day ago

    Ok, now let's test a real humannnn!!!!! YEAAA!!!!

  • Jason King
    Jason King Day ago

    Some people think that world is a past simulation but most accurately it's a MMORPG game world controlled by humans in the very distant future. ALL of us are manipulated by what I call gamers. Like the Sims or any life-sim game. A gamer might if not probably control our/your whole family. Don't panic or lose your mind but don't be afraid to peacefully/calmly/meditatively question your existence and world. (Just don't use this information to be cruel or wanton, there are consequences and this isn't just some fake world where you can get away with being immoral, obviously we're living in a full world communicating with each other via the internet so it's more complexed than a pc game)
    Top scientists are obviously looking into it, with more credentials than you and I. Schizophrenia?
    It's likely if you place A lot of the behavioral/existential/scientific/mathematical questions and anomalies of this world in the context of a simulation it would fit perfectly. like a bunch of clues with, pretty much, one answer. Fermi's Paradox, The Split Photon thing
    I don't smoke weed nor am i schizophrenia. I'm a fully functioning un-delusion human being that can pretty much answer any question you ask.
    I'm willing to bet or I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of schizophrenic hallucinations, or hallucinations based off mental disorders are actually people with higher consciences/more awareress noticing their SMC clouds or their gamer purposefully introducing them, just to mess with us. I've read that the dolly zoom effect (used by directors like Alfred Hitchcock) is experienced with some schizophrenics, it's highly likely schizophrenic are being fudged with by their "gamers".
    None of these are the official names of the tools used to manipulate us but these are the most accurate/un-sensational labels i could give them
    Sensory Manipulation Cloud- Invisible membrane that envelops our body, it's controlled at different densities by our gamers, on our face that disassociates us spatially. Face membrane is on our face permanently like a mask that molds our facial expressions and emotions throughout our ENTIRE lives. We look through this membrane thinking that we're looking at our own emotions but looking at the emotions given and controlled by our gamers.
    Think of our world like some simulated farm/zoo/MMORPG
    Invisible membrane on our face fluidly cycles through our personalities.
    Sensory Manipulation Cloud- Exist at different densities around our bodies; most likely thinnest from outside thickest to our face. More likely we all have different SMC's like IP addresses
    ---Cycles FLUIDLY through our personalities and moods
    ---Controls how we perceive world: Distances/aesthetic/beauty/ scary/ whether someone looks large to us or we feel large/perception of self/ clumsy/ array of feelings based on personality our gamer created for us
    ---Gamer uses cloud at different densities/vibrations/ and creates a wide array of sensations to control us in a completely Pavlovian way, sensations we feel when we're happy, sad, horny, disappointed, when we feel like saying yes or no, and more complex combinations of feelings
    ---Assess how we feel them through densities and manipulations of the SMC on our completely manipulate us
    I THINK THE BRAIN/ ALL OF US TAKES IN INFO AT A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVELS, THE GAMER USES THIS TO CREATE OUR PERSONALITY BY EDITING HOW WE PERCEIVE/RECEIVE OUR THOUGHTS. For example i mentioned the mood membranes from earlier. We might think " I want to go to the store" The gamer will edit that thought to "I want to go." and cycle to a mood membrane (THOUGHTFUL) and you'll hear your thought and go on a peaceful walk, walking right past the store without really noticing or feeling a funny sensation when you walk past the store.
    We have real and completely fabricated dreams. I'm working on knowing my real dreams. A few years ago my gamer gave me non-stop celebrity dreams, and I started questioning my our/existence.
    I'm in contact with my gamer, not peacefully, he wants to kill me because I'm beyond his complete control since I became fully sense aware. He taunts me non-stop via his graphic interface.
    I've done something I call glitch-flinching, this is the most sensational, as in hardest part to explain or believe. But my self awareness causes people's bodies to spazz out. Sometimes I walk into a room and people's bodies start flinching and spazzing, or a person walks by and can barely look at me, it's like seeing something or feeling something you're not supposed to see. I've guessed this happens for a few reasons. Our SMC is connected to our brains, my conscious thought connected to my SMC causes people's bodies to flinch/spazz. I see it almost everyday. One time I was thinking of a dream I had and three men that were sitting at computer nearby jumping out their seat, none of them questioned why all three of them simultaneously jumped out their seat, It often happens when i'm in deep concentration, be self aware or being deeply focused and conscience (it isn't magic lol, I DON'T have powers) I've tried to do it on purpose but I can't, it mostly happens on it own.) It's not really glitching in a computer sense, the glitch part is just a funny name I came up when i thought our SIM was more inorganic.

  • Jaden Wolfe
    Jaden Wolfe Day ago

    My bday way yesterday, but thank you tho! Lol

  • Toni Be
    Toni Be Day ago

    So much timewaste for shit..

  • Ted Kier
    Ted Kier Day ago

    face it -these three only had one testicle between them. to match the bowling ball. a moment of silence at the point that the trio smashed the base of this gorgeous dam would be more appropriate! dudes might have died building that section of the dam.obviously bowling ball would have a fracturing effect on cured concrete.fuck off!

  • Florian Wiedemann

    I think 2 houers

  • Ted Kier
    Ted Kier Day ago

    it would be relatively miraculous if these three didn't buy some Boy Butter and poppers on the way back to the room! thank you for posting.

  • Nangleator22
    Nangleator22 Day ago

    One of those guys looks like Obama. Is that what he's doing now?

  • shane cotter
    shane cotter Day ago

    dumbest video I've ever watched

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    You now lowered the damn, [Dam] structure by 10%

  • Leo Fan
    Leo Fan Day ago


    beep beep I'm a Sheep
    are those even sheep?

  • Aston Richardson

    i think it took 30 minutes

  • BaseballGod
    BaseballGod Day ago

    Of course European are using chromesoft golf balls lol

  • BaseballGod
    BaseballGod Day ago

    This looks like the dam from skate 2

  • Redirect Alljunk

    how... lol

  • Acko Hack
    Acko Hack Day ago

    R.I.P Trampoline the baby spring is died

  • Darryl Aoki
    Darryl Aoki Day ago

    My favorite part of Bowling Ball Drop 1 was the reaction of the sheep.
    "Nope nope nope!"

  • Charles Iraya
    Charles Iraya Day ago

    Wow #how_ridiculous was that

  • indi nwn
    indi nwn Day ago

    10:12 se veia como Q no iva a caer ;0

  • Jen Anderson
    Jen Anderson Day ago

    I'm going to rewatch this on my birthday

  • clay womack
    clay womack Day ago

    Your welcome

  • Irken Invader
    Irken Invader Day ago

    R.I.P to those bowling balls that busted.

  • GooglesCreepy
    GooglesCreepy 2 days ago

    Holy shit these doofuses are impressively unlikable.

  • Guilherme Trindade
    Guilherme Trindade 2 days ago

    Vc é cego

  • Ethan Flowers
    Ethan Flowers 2 days ago

    30 min

  • IAmAnonymous
    IAmAnonymous 2 days ago

    What state is this dam in or what is it called

  • C-YAH
    C-YAH 2 days ago

    Why are you all always doing something stupid???

  • Morgan W
    Morgan W 2 days ago


  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross 2 days ago

    2 hours

  • finn robinson
    finn robinson 2 days ago

    I would laugh if the dam broke

  • Aaron Luton
    Aaron Luton 2 days ago

    25 minutes

  • azzy land
    azzy land 2 days ago

    10:30 or 10:00

  • Doc Moore
    Doc Moore 2 days ago

    Hard to imagine they only brought 2 balls. That takes more balls than brains. (Sorry). But the big news...Trampolines are TOUGH MUTHER FUCKERS.

  • Theodore LD
    Theodore LD 2 days ago

    Imagine what one of these balls dropping on your head must feel like. Now imagine it raining them because if an asteroid explodes over your little corner of the earth that might be how you die.

  • 6 Savagez
    6 Savagez 2 days ago

    It flippin exploded

  • Kabe-ster
    Kabe-ster 2 days ago

    Just listening to them rant and rave, sounds so cool, with a tad of warm and fuzzy.

    CRAZY MAN 2 days ago

    And that hit with the bowling ball was like what happened when my sister jumped on our trampoline.

    CRAZY MAN 2 days ago

    And the bowling ball sounds like a gun shot.

    CRAZY MAN 2 days ago

    Damn that go pro is tough.

  • Joanna Wylie
    Joanna Wylie 2 days ago +5

    10:19 ball hits trampoline your welcome

  • The Allegro Music with brynn

    33 minutes

  • Johnny West
    Johnny West 2 days ago


  • clock9596
    clock9596 2 days ago

    These dudes a fucking retards

  • Dan Bonacum
    Dan Bonacum 2 days ago


  • Brian Ach
    Brian Ach 2 days ago

    Skip to 10:13

  • chris brownell
    chris brownell 2 days ago

    could have edited six minutes out but the end result was cool

  • Daniel Dimmick
    Daniel Dimmick 2 days ago

    33 MIN

    THE TRIPLET KINGDOM 2 days ago +1

    They finally did it

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 2 days ago

    Wish me and my 17 year old youtuber bros could get a city permit to drop a bowling ball off a dam.

  • KingofRome kor
    KingofRome kor 2 days ago

    it bounced beek ?

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M 2 days ago

    That first bowling ball test was smashing! 😂😂

  • Zander Mosher
    Zander Mosher 2 days ago


  • Ciaran Murney
    Ciaran Murney 2 days ago

    1 hour

  • rpenguinboy
    rpenguinboy 2 days ago

    5:02 was the most satisfying thing I've ever seen!!

  • Luis Badel
    Luis Badel 2 days ago

    I hate how the 1 min videos are extendend to 12 to 15 minutes on 2018-19

  • Hannah Whitworth
    Hannah Whitworth 2 days ago

    This is what people should mean by boys will be boys

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell 2 days ago

    Gotta love the Swiss for lending you the dam.

  • Shinka Films
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  • Maxwell Dumont
    Maxwell Dumont 2 days ago +1

    Plot twist: Chuck Norris shoots the ball before it hits the ground

  • Gila Guy
    Gila Guy 2 days ago

    You should jump and see if you can land on it.

  • Mack Aroni
    Mack Aroni 2 days ago

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  • Sandy cassels
    Sandy cassels 2 days ago

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  • toastedaudiolab
    toastedaudiolab 2 days ago

    Yuppie rich kids with more time and money than sense. GET A JOB!

  • JaPoof _
    JaPoof _ 2 days ago

    Can I get a shout out on JaPoof_