TOP-50 Unchangeable Words in Russian. Part 1

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Normally Russian nouns are changeable by cases and number. But there is a group of borrowed foreign words, that are commonly used in Russian and are unchangeable. We chose 50 frequently used unchangeable Russian words and divided them into 2 parts. This is the first video. The second part will be ready in a week.
    Here is the list of the first 25 words. You can use the phrases from the video to learn and practice the new vocabulary:
    алиби -alibi
    ассорти - assorted (made dish)
    бигуди - hair curlers
    бикини - bikini
    бистро - bistro
    брокколи -broccoli
    бюро - bureau
    виски - whiskey
    граффити - graffiti
    декольте - neckline
    досье - dossier
    жалюзи - blinds
    желе - jelly
    жюри - jury
    инкогнито - incognito
    интервью - interview
    казино - casino
    караоке - karaoke
    кафе - cafe
    кенгуру - kangaroo
    киви - kiwi
    кино - cinema (cinematography)
    кофе - coffee
    купе - train compartment
    леди - lady
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  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 3 months ago

    Отличный урок!

  • Daniel Jo
    Daniel Jo 4 months ago

    8:12 dossier :a set of papers containing information about a person, often a criminal, or on any subject

  • pendingplygltprincess
    pendingplygltprincess 7 months ago

    Tell me, is желание (as a Noun) an Unchangeable? I am about to watch/take notes with both part 1 and 2 of these videos but I'm asking a head of time just in case it isn't on this list...And if I want to base a sentence around an unchangeable noun, does the sentence stay as a Nominative case, or should I move onto the adjectives and conjugate the sentence from there and keep the noun the same? Спасибо, in advance!

  • Essai Essai
    Essai Essai 7 months ago

    Eh oui ma belle, le français est une belle langue pour parler des femmes ;-)

  • денис анисин

    ну это иностранные заимствованые слова..поэтому они и не склоняются

  • WorldWord
    WorldWord Year ago +1

    Great video. I enjoy it.

  • Arda Seçkin
    Arda Seçkin Year ago

    мы хочим руский stories with subs :)

  • Kashif Ali Khan
    Kashif Ali Khan Year ago

    klassni video

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago +1

    Out of interest the British spelling is whisky and is the anglicised version of the Gallic word uisgeah meaning water of life.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Ммм, хорошая вода жизни! :))

  • Pablo
    Pablo Year ago +1

    You look like the Russian model Vika Levina lol

    • Larry Castro
      Larry Castro Year ago

      I looked up that model Vika Levina and thouhgt she didn't look much like Nika. I believe Nika would make for a much better looking model thanVika!

  • vistagraphsnet
    vistagraphsnet Year ago

    Honey it is not a Widfeo it is a video

  • Make it easy with LILU

    👌 😊

  • BSN -
    BSN - Year ago +2

    Some people think Bistro comes from быстро. In 1870 Russian soldiers occupying Paris weren't allowed to drink so they would enter these establishments asking for a quick drink yelling "быстро, быстро".

  • Farid Mammadzada
    Farid Mammadzada Year ago

    I think kangaroo is an Australian Aboriginal word that means " I don't know ".
    Я помню это слово из географии.Спасибо за полезное видео Ника ханум.

  • Francis Srečko Fabian

    There many thousands of french words in english. The British upper class spoke French for several centuries because they won a war and took over the country and french words mixed in with english. I have noticed this while learning Russian. I recall reading that the Russian upper classes also spoke french for awhile. It makes learning Russian a little easier. P.S. - Мне нравится есть брокколи. I wonder of the dossier was on an (cough, cough) prominent American politician??? Kiwi is also a bird found in New Zealand. Australian's often call New Zealanders Kiwis as an "affectionate" nick name.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Привет Френсис! Yes, this is true, upper classes in Russian also speak French for a long time, that's why there are so many French words in Russian :)
      Who knows...(about politician :))
      Btw I know about this bird, when I was a child my brother taught me some geography and presented the unique animals that live onlyin some certain continents, and kiwi was one of them :)

  • Muhammad Yasir
    Muhammad Yasir Year ago

    ich liebe dich ❤

  • CRISTIAN Mongiardo
    CRISTIAN Mongiardo Year ago +1

    I'm italian and most of these words are identic in my language ( only the stress on vowels changes ). Nice video by the way ! Спасибо дла твоего работы Ника.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Yes, as I said this is an easy list, some people know these words in Russian without even knowing that they know, haha))) Thanks for the comment, Christian :)

  • Iraiida
    Iraiida Year ago