Let's Visit a Closing Wal-Mart Store

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Let's take a field trip to what was the smallest Wal-Mart store in Illinois. This store opened in 1983 and closed on July 20th, 2018. Surprisingly, Wal-Mart didn't own the building. Other than a "store closed" banner, all signage has been removed. All the windows and door glass have also been covered with kraft paper. They sure didn't waste any time.
    Please don't get the wrong idea. Wal-Mart is a pretty lousy company on many different levels. This was, however, the perfect size for one of their stores. It had a decent selection, while not being as overwhelming as a Super Wal-Mart. It's been reported that the decision to close this store came as a result of its not having room to sell more food items. Which is ridiculous: the pricing on food here wasn't at all competitive to start with.
    Had I recorded this video with a cell phone and said nothing while doing so, I probably would have flown completely under their radar. That is perhaps the one use case I would ever have for a cellular phone.

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  • m wolf
    m wolf Month ago

    I miss the small Wal-Mart's now they are overwhelmingly big.

  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka Month ago +1

    I am surprised they didn't turn it into a Neighborhood Market.

  • Share the Road its the law

    She could be with LP undercover but who knows.

  • Rick Walker
    Rick Walker Month ago

    Oh don;t worry they will if they haven't already move down the road build a super Walmart and proceed to obliterate the competition that is left. enjoy

  • Grady Mcclintock
    Grady Mcclintock Month ago

    It could be a loss prevention person

  • Lori Hancock
    Lori Hancock 2 months ago

    If this is in Clinton IL, I went there a lot of times when I lived in Weldon, 10 minutes away.

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer 2 months ago


  • Factor
    Factor 3 months ago

    This is in pana illinois lol. I went there alot of times

  • Mister Hat
    Mister Hat 4 months ago +1

    90% off? I'd expect them to just truck it to another store.

    • dustin moore
      dustin moore 4 months ago

      They had about 12 items left when it hit 90%

    • Mister Hat
      Mister Hat 4 months ago

      +uxwbill That's probably the case. Write off at full retail...

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  4 months ago +1

      I would have as well, but I guess that wasn't cost effective. Or perhaps they'll get to write it off?

  • ObtainedPurse53
    ObtainedPurse53 5 months ago

    Here in Springboro, they closed all of their Kmarts in 2016

    • ObtainedPurse53
      ObtainedPurse53 3 months ago

      They don't care so much about Kmart now so Kmart storefronts are getting rare to find, gotta save those Kmarts!

    • Wyatt Pollard
      Wyatt Pollard 3 months ago

      2018 Maine state kmarts closing

  • John Cicero
    John Cicero 6 months ago

    Needs to be a penalty when a large business builds these monstrosities then decide they want to close down, they need to demolish or sell these buildings within a certain amount of time, my home down has one, with another walmart not even 10 minutes away its a eye sore and destroyed multiple business when they shut down leaving even more eye sores around.

    • Mister Hat
      Mister Hat 4 months ago

      Sounds a lot like socialism...

    • That_Seagull
      That_Seagull 5 months ago

      No if someone wants to buy the old store they can do what they want with it. It shouldn't be on the smart, awesome, cool, business owners back. Go move to some commie country if that's what you want.

    • I f your mom shit lips banna scrubs
      I f your mom shit lips banna scrubs 5 months ago

      They trying to herd us up like animals then kill us

    • Tj Thomas
      Tj Thomas 5 months ago

      they are getting ready to turn it into a fema camp.

  • TransistorSnack
    TransistorSnack 6 months ago

    i went to the smallest walmart in america back in 2015 before it closed, that one was being replaced with a much larger one.

  • jasper flynn
    jasper flynn 6 months ago

    Our store closed for the same reason. Announced this week. Gave one month. Truth we have nothing else in our town both my son and daughter is out of jobs. We will endure. What you should ask is what was in the cheap eggs milk.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  6 months ago

      I thought it was acceptably decent of Wal-Mart to give the employees that extra month of pay, until I realized that many of them continued to work at emptying the store after it closed. I suppose you don't get something for nothing.

      Nothing was cheap about their grocery prices at this store, which were not even remotely competitive.

  • Adam Esposito
    Adam Esposito 6 months ago +1

    i had a dream the other day that walmart closed all its stores and changed back to the old logo with the white star

    • Colton Rushton
      Colton Rushton 2 months ago

      That would be one weird dream, and one terrible decision by the company. Sure, they'd be able to rebuild, but their competitors would take over the stores they have now.

  • Jusb1066
    Jusb1066 6 months ago +1

    hopefully all the small stores eventually return

    GAMING ORIGINAL 6 months ago


  • DisneyLivesForever11
    DisneyLivesForever11 7 months ago +2

    Sounds like a loss prevention person you encountered at 4:40

  • Owen Dowell
    Owen Dowell 7 months ago

    This looks to be about as big as our walmart up here where I live.

  • tmm226
    tmm226 7 months ago +1

    Shoplift?? No one shoplifts from the devil himself.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 3 months ago

      BOYCOTT Walmart corps. till they go bankrupt and go completely out of business to their total ruins and destruction and BOYCOTT Walmart corps. till they are completely erased from the memory of all mankind. Walmart discriminates against you for absolutely no reason in every single category, they especially discriminate against men and sons based on their gender and religion. BOYCOTT WALMART TILL LAST DYING BREATH AND THEIR TOTAL RUINS AND DESTRUCTION!!!!! Walmart are greedy gold digging mother fuckers in every single way shape and form..

  • tmm226
    tmm226 7 months ago +1

    They are going to wish they had this size store back one day,,,,,,,,

  • channel Trv
    channel Trv 7 months ago

    We used to have these small stores. They closed down years ago. Its amazing that one lasted.

  • Fat Max
    Fat Max 7 months ago +6

    If this were turned into a computer recycling center I feel like UXWBill's basement would be filled beyond maximum capacity with half assembled Pentium 4 machines in a matter of 6 months.

    • David Holcomb
      David Holcomb 7 months ago +1

      im prettty sure his basement is already at 176% capacity because of early 2000s era machines, haha

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K 7 months ago +2

    Cool video man! But what irks me is that Wal-Mart always tells people not to record in-store. Ridiculous. It's a public place (No membership like a Costco or Sam's Club), so you are legally allowed to record whatever you want. But it would not be worth it to take a Wal-Mart store to court over a video.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  7 months ago

      The delineation is a fine one, but it's private property _that just so happens to be open to the public_ and so the property owner or tenant can ask you to stop recording. Until such time as they do, it's my understanding that you can continue recording, especially if you are leaving the property after being asked to stop. They cannot require you to surrender your recordings or photos. Laws vary, and I'm not a lawyer, so it pays to verify all of this for yourself.

      I'm certainly not about to take Wal-Mart to court over recording video in their stores, nor was any such statement made to me. With this store having closed, and my intense dislike of the larger stores that have taken its place, I have no further reason to shop at Wal-Mart.

  • WaluigiMaster13
    WaluigiMaster13 7 months ago

    It is great to see some Walmart stores closing.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 3 months ago

      No... It’s the best thing that is happening in the United States. BOYCOTT Walmart corps. till they go bankrupt and go completely out of business to their total ruins and destruction and BOYCOTT Walmart corps. till they are completely erased from the memory of all mankind. Walmart discriminates against you for absolutely no reason in every single category, they especially discriminate against men and sons based on their gender and religion. BOYCOTT WALMART TILL LAST DYING BREATH AND THEIR TOTAL RUINS AND DESTRUCTION!!!!! Walmart are greedy gold digging mother fuckers in every single way shape and form..

  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder 7 months ago +1

    i work there 4 years and this is about greed i tell what i mean , the over nite Overnight Support Manager would tell you every year around fall time when it start to slow down after summer time be on toes case they are going to fire 8 people this came true each time.and when walmart did the raise thing for new worker across the country all the older workers that earn the raise after one full year year to year lost the raiseis the last year at walmart there they found ways to fire the older help that was there 5 or more years.don tyhe dept manger they fired him case his dept had lost butt hear the prob with that 8 months out his last year they made him fill in at csm head cash so how could he cover his dept that was Electronics there was no way he could.

    • SeanFromPVD
      SeanFromPVD 7 months ago

      I work in retail distribution and my company prides itself on the longevity of its employees. We have people that have been with us for 30 years. I've only been with the company for about 3.5 years, but I'd like to still be around in 26.5. That being said, I drive a truck, so the stores could be terrible to work in.

  • Joshua Nape
    Joshua Nape 7 months ago

    Well i hate super walmart is horrible I hate those walmart I like this walmart because It only one but I saw Google because they said this walmart was
    closing stop talking about my walmart store that the only one we had leaft store in illinois it was the biggest store

  • compdude512
    compdude512 7 months ago

    To be perfectly honest with you, I wouldn't dread going to Walmart with the passion of a hundred million burning suns if Walmart still looked like this. This reminds me of the former store in Columbia, KY, that eventually turned into a Tractor Supply when it closed at the end of the last decade. Going to that store used to be the highlight of Kentucky trips. When they moved the store into one of the most cavernous "supercenters" I've ever seen, it just became another boring Walmart to me.
    With Kmart shuttering and regional retailers not willing to touch rural America with a hundred-foot pole, Walmart could leverage these older discount store prototypes to lend a hometown store feel to the community and build their bottom line at the same time. Sadly, it seems Walmart doesn't recognize the existence of any store under 200k square feet--or care that they have a real opportunity to create a customer service experience that actually makes people *want* to go to Walmart. One day, that will hurt them. With the rise of Amazon and the news that they've increased their sales by 46% over the last year, maybe that day is already here.

    • yorgle11
      yorgle11 7 months ago

      Interesting that you mention Dollar General.
      I live in a rural area with about 2500-3000 households. For decades this town has had one grocery store, which carries the name of a local resident. They have some affiliation with IGA, maybe as a food supplier, but I'm pretty sure they're still locally owned.
      For years, Dollar General wanted to open a store next to his, but the project was blocked. The official reason had to do with limited water supply (and thus a fire protection concern). I couldn't guess on the degree of validity to that, but due to the wooded environment fire is a big issue here. We've dodged a couple forest fires in the last several years.
      DG finally opened a store about 1-2 years ago, but had to settle for a less visible location. They've quickly taken a lot of the local store's business. Despite our somewhat remote location, their prices are just as cheap as any store in the larger shopping areas. The local store is, as you'd expect, a lot more expensive.
      The one advantage the old grocery store has is visibility. Non-locals aren't likely to notice the Dollar General as they drive through, but the locals obviously know about it.
      I have suspected that Dollar General must be subsidizing that store, because it's hard for me to believe that they make money. My theory is that they're waiting for the local owner to give up and retire, at which point he'll likely sell the location to Dollar General. DG then moves into the nicer store, gets a local monopoly and maybe raises their prices.
      But despite my suspicions of the game plan, I've become a somewhat regular shopper at DG. I like the store, and I view it as an alternative to driving out of town. I never did shop much at the local store because it's so expensive.
      It would be interesting if Dollar General rises to prominence doing exactly what Wal-Mart used to do - building stores in rural areas.
      re: KMart - in the closest decent sized town, we still have a functioning KMart. Each time I go in there, I wonder if it will be the last. They do a sloppy job of keeping inventory on the shelves, and the store looks old and dirty. Employees seem disinterested and not very enthusiastic or helpful. They seem like they aren't used to being busy and don't really want to be.
      It doesn't help that they put up advertising banners that seem to subtly hint at an impending demise of the store. But every time I drive through, it's still up and running.

    • compdude512
      compdude512 7 months ago

      I'm 100% with you there. Faults and all, I would much rather shop at Meijer than step foot anywhere near a Walmart. You can tell when you walk into a Meijer store that's ran by a bunch of "old timers" that the environment is much more welcoming and comfortable. The last time I walked into my local Walmart, there were screaming kids throwing bananas at each other near the deli counter and a loud verbal altercation taking place in the back of the store next to their dairy department. That they let that kind of stuff happen in their store shows how little they care about their customers. No wonder I've been in that store less than 10 times since it opened 10 years ago.
      I'm not too fond of Dollar General since they tore down my favorite seafood restaurant in Pittsboro, IN, and replaced it with one of their stores, but I suppose I'm just fishing for reasons to dislike them! ;)

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  7 months ago

      This store was the difference between "going to Wal-Mart sometimes" and "not going to Wal-Mart at all", which is probably what will happen now. I'm not at all a fan of the huge Wal-Mart stores. For all that Meijer does wrong, I'd much rather shop in their store.
      Dollar General seems to be the one company that realizes smaller stores, especially in more economically depressed areas, are not a bad thing. The way I see it, they're going to be laughing all the way to the bank, while everyone else wonders what went wrong.

  • Foolishpleazure
    Foolishpleazure 8 months ago +1

    we live right behind a Sav-a-lot and love it!!! they always get my business....unfortunately,we also have a Wal Fart across the street,that I seldom EVER give my business to...

  • 08 Thomas EF
    08 Thomas EF 8 months ago

    The 2 Walmarts I "frequent" (oh, once a month or two) are in Putnam, CT and Sturbridge, MA. Putnam supersized (if that's even a term) about 5 years ago, not sure how long it was around before that. Sturbridge was built 15-20 years ago, and it has not supersized, thankfully. I used to prefer Putnam for a greater stock and ease of finding things, but now I prefer Sturbridge.

  • Nicktendo 64
    Nicktendo 64 8 months ago

    I really like reality 10 years ago even though I was 4 at the time

  • ymxctrails
    ymxctrails 8 months ago

    Never though I would see this type of video on your channel and hear pop music! This video reminds me of youtubers that film stores when they close down. Anyone here can identify the song playing in the background?

  • If You Like Good Ideas
    If You Like Good Ideas 8 months ago +3

    Now they just need to open a giant thrift store in that space... :D
    (The one I frequent outside of DC that's always doing the 50% off days is like that. They took a storefront about that size-- which may well have been a WamLart at one time-- and made it into a combination thrift store and bazaar-type thing. I'd say the thrift store takes up between 1/2 and 2/3 of the space - big enough to be almost a bit daunting...)

  • RVR2
    RVR2 8 months ago +1

    That's strange that they didn't just convert it into a Walmart Neighborhood Market as that's been their thing the last few years. They sell mostly grocery store items and very little of anything else. It's about the same size as yours that closed. They built one here in Rock Hill, SC and it's pretty popular.

    • yorgle11
      yorgle11 7 months ago

      I'm guessing that the local competition from other grocery stores is probably why they didn't do that to the store in the video.
      That said, I'm surprised WalMart has such a dislike for their traditional "normal" stores. We still have one in a more distant town (where I used to live 10 years ago) and that store always seemed fine to me. I sometimes didn't like the employees or how it was run, but the store itself and it's inventory were fine.
      The store I refer to is probably only still open because it's in a lucrative area and they haven't been allowed to replace it. I remember that being discussed when I lived there. WalMart is a political target so every time they want to open a store (at least here in CA), they run into issues.

  • Russell Amirault
    Russell Amirault 8 months ago +2

    He said Candy Ham lol.

  • College Debt Slavery-on kindle

    50 years from now you will be making a Walmart going out of business video like all the Toys R Us videos people have been making. But it won't be on youtube, your video will be on some other site or app. Or you might be dead like me lol. 2068 no more youtube or Walmart.

  • a e
    a e 8 months ago

    I think walmart will sell the store to Kmart

    • The Generated Pictures
      The Generated Pictures 4 months ago

      Not true, because Kmart no longer opening new stores, as of 2002 the last Kmart opened in NJ

  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader 8 months ago +4

    A lot of those fixtures you see will likely be distributed among the open stores in the area; and anything marked as used assets (like the Fujifilm kiosks) will be returned to the home office to be assigned to another store. The sheer irony, is I’m writing this comment from the back room of Tennessee’s very first Supercenter.

  • Joseph Sogla
    Joseph Sogla 8 months ago +1

    I used to work for save-a-lot, they do have good prices.

  • Cewyah
    Cewyah 8 months ago

    What a rare sight, wow.

  • stonent
    stonent 8 months ago

    How many remember when the Super Walmart stores were called "Hypermart USA"? This was back in the early to mid 1990s when regular Walmart stores like the one in this video were still the norm.

    • stonent
      stonent 8 months ago

      I guess they weren't that widespread, there were just more in my area than most. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypermart_USA

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure there weren't any around here back then. I don't think they came about until the early 2000s here.

  • dbzssj4678
    dbzssj4678 8 months ago +2

    I've been gone from the channel for awhile and it's HD now. lol thought those mini dv cams would never die.

    • dbzssj4678
      dbzssj4678 8 months ago

      Yep, at least 2 years, and at that time I was probably browsing your older videos. Where does the time go. Anyways, thanks for all the vids and the laughs, and interesting electronic history I remember haha. I'll watch more when as time permits.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      Must have been for a period of years. I've had and increasingly used HD capable equipment since 2011. Every now and again I still shoot in standard definition with a variety of camcorders.

  • Michael L
    Michael L 8 months ago +3

    The lady in plain clothes was probably "Loss Prevention", they are employees of Walmart and do security. The camera's are always watching and if anything suspicious they will lurk/follow you. I worked at walmart for 6 years and hated every day of it due to managers treating employees like sub-human garbage.

    • Beryl White
      Beryl White 8 months ago

      Michael L our lost Patrol dresses in the same way! The self-serve cash register stole from me and she had to come down and look me over to look at the tape. And scuffed at me and went back up to the office. Brought the manager down and apologize and handed me my money.

  • hssenior
    hssenior 8 months ago

    I bet this turns into a rural king

    • Truth Finder
      Truth Finder 7 months ago

      i dont know if true i hear that the city might be talking to rural king to do that

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      You're not the only person I've heard say that. Or a Tractor Supply Company.

  • jjm71585
    jjm71585 8 months ago

    Wow I did not know Wal-Mart stores like this existed. I have only ever been to the superstore variety I guess. Reminds me of Caldor here in the Northeast.

    • Truth Finder
      Truth Finder 7 months ago

      yes they use to even close it at 9pm and just have over nite stock there working lol

  • starbase121
    starbase121 8 months ago +2

    Always avoid wal*mart like the plague myself! I haven't been in there in years. Wished the walleyworld in my area close. I wouldn't miss them at all! Good ridddance to a horrible store!
    My neighbor said. Wal*mart is for low class people and he is right. Enjoyed your video! :)

  • Gizmo 88
    Gizmo 88 8 months ago +1

    Clinton Illinois

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago +1

    A walmart closing say whoa!?
    Wish I could find a pro duo memory card around here. A second 16gb or even a 8gb would be nice.

  • Midwest Retail
    Midwest Retail 8 months ago +1

    I've heard the reason these stores were closing was cause they were too small for Walmart.

  • Stormcrash
    Stormcrash 8 months ago

    A true discount store of yesteryear, with the long thin lines of florescent lighting running all the way across the store. Target was really the only store that still had some of that look, plus the cafe, until they started doing their recent remodel with fancy led lighting and removing the cafe

  • CWM030
    CWM030 8 months ago +1

    Bill and his clogs! ( Or at least it looked like clogs)
    LOL at the sign about shoplifting.. Oh lord!

    • ThePoreproductions
      ThePoreproductions 6 months ago

      It should also say "Stealing is against the law...and the ten commandments"!

  • CWM030
    CWM030 8 months ago

    Lol I imagine bill lives out in BFE ( Bum F*** Egypt) Illinois .....Like ( pulls up a google map of Illinois)
    ..... One of those one-horse towns that if you blink you pass the town up..... And its like you got a little bit of city and then once you're outside of the city limits its nothing but field after field after field. Lol....
    Kinda like the town I live in now down here in TX.......
    ( Makes that face where you're like straight faced but looking down)

  • Davin Peterson
    Davin Peterson 8 months ago +2

    That Walmart looks pretty small. My local one is bigger, however when it first opened it did not have a grocery section. Years ago they added the grocery section by making the store a little bigger. 5-10 minutes down the road is an even bigger Walmart. Shortfly after that one open, the local Kmart closed as it could not compete with Walmart.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      It's certainly the smallest Wal-Mart I've ever been to. I'd love to know where the smallest still-operating Wal-Mart is. Rumor has it there is an unofficial contest of sorts between small Wal-Mart stores as to which one actually has the honor of the being the smallest store.
      This store always carried non perishable food items. Sometime in the mid-2000s or so, they added the refrigerated cases that were shown in the video and started carrying more food items.

  • hdtvfan1
    hdtvfan1 8 months ago +1

    Walmart opened its first supercenter in Washington, Missouri back in 1988. In 2007, Walmart built a new supercenter in Washington to replace the original supercenter, which was too small. Today, the original supercenter is a JCPENNEY store.

    • digitalrailroader
      digitalrailroader 8 months ago

      hdtvfan1 I work at the first supercenter built in Tennessee, and after they built ours, they realized VERY quickly that the small format back rooms are FAR too small to properly feed a supercenter. So in the next batch of supercenters they built, the tripled the size of the back room.

  • matthew reed
    matthew reed 8 months ago

    And that Walmart would have had to of been like 30 or 40 years old when you can see from one end of the store to the other end that is a really small store I can’t even see them selling produce in there the old stores like that one didn’t have the room to sell produce

  • Sean David Van de Riet
    Sean David Van de Riet 8 months ago

    I recently went to a very similar Walmart in Cuba, MO. It's a whole different experience than the big superstores we have here in St. Louis, MO! Somehow it felt like they had everything that you could need just in less space.
    It was 100 Ozark Dr, Cuba, MO 65453. Just another small Walmart in a Midwestern town.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago +2

    Walfart sucks.....

  • drewie8897
    drewie8897 8 months ago

    Our old walmart was replaced by a Best buy when they built the Walmart Supercenter a few blocks away.

  • michelinman 8592
    michelinman 8592 8 months ago +2

    I had a classmate that actually worked for Wal-Mart's onsite security, and said classmate pointed out that they operate like plain clothes officers (minus weapons and handcuffs). Their badges are kept hidden from view, and they normally don't mention that they're employees.

    • michelinman 8592
      michelinman 8592 8 months ago +1

      I am aware of that. Even though it's a small store, it's amazing that the conglomerate that is Wal-Mart closes any of its stores. Whether it be competition or lack of traffic, it's hard to wrap one's head around a prospect like that.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      I didn't actually ask if she was an employee.

  • i386
    i386 8 months ago

    That lady in street cloths could have been a worker. I work retail and there are people who go around and reset items she could have been one stacking those shelves or packing unsold items to send to other stores. Walmart and other stores sometimes hire companies to do this. But if I was her I would have just minded my own business and did my Job.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      I can't say she wasn't, and I certainly didn't ask. The whole thing was quite curious, though. Everyone else working in that store was wearing something that indicated they were an employee.
      I really expected that they would simply ship unsold merchandise to other stores rather than discount it by ever increasing amounts. As merchandise sold, which did _not_ take long, they just "shrunk" the store by cordoning more and more of it off, and moving what was left into that smaller area. I had plans to go back on their last day to see if everything had sold, but I didn't for a variety of reasons.
      I suppose that even if they took a loss on the merchandise, that doing so was still cheaper than paying people to sort, pack and move it all to another store. Nothing would surprise me with Wal-Mart and their ruthless work at shaving off even the slightest extra expense.

    • Browningate
      Browningate 8 months ago

      Good to know.

  • Walt's Channel
    Walt's Channel 8 months ago +2

    We have a similar size Wal-Mart in Everett Washington. It was a former grocery store. They sell a full line of Wal Mart merch, including food, and the parking lot is always packed.

  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams 8 months ago +1

    Always sad when one of these places closes. They represent another time of retail and when they go you know nothing is replacing it.

  • pacificcoast
    pacificcoast 8 months ago

    wow, that place was empty. I enjoy the field trips, it's interesting seeing other parts of the country

  • 0.2uikorraM
    0.2uikorraM 8 months ago

    what town is this

    • stonent
      stonent 8 months ago

      Before he enters the store he films a notice that has the store's address.

  • Jason Scuglik
    Jason Scuglik 8 months ago +5

    I wonder if the person who confronted you about filming was a plain clothes loss prevention associate. When the chain grocery store I worked for many years ago was shutting down corporate sent a couple loss prevention people from other areas to keep an eye mostly on the employees.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +1

      I thought about that. Then as now, I'd have been surprised if that were the case in such a small store. Even so, I have noticed that a lot of store locations that are closing often beef up security (though in a very obvious way, like bag checks on the way out).

  • coondogtheman1234
    coondogtheman1234 8 months ago +1

    I wonder if they would have sold those boxes at 3:38 for the TVs. I might have a use for those if all they do is play videos on all the TVs in the store. the one on the right looks like an HDMI splitter.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +1

      I asked them about buying certain store fixtures, and they never got back to me.

  • ThePoreproductions
    ThePoreproductions 8 months ago +2

    Wait. There are still these types of Wal-Marts out there?

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +1

      There were. And apparently they are quite endangered.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 8 months ago

    There was acutally one a little similar like the one on Cobb Parkway at Terrell Mill in Marietta GA.

  • 1912RamblerFan01
    1912RamblerFan01 8 months ago +2

    That actually reminds me of the original Boonville, MO Walmart before it was replaced with a newer, "fancier" Supercenter. I loved the older design, even if the selection wasn't as good...

  • wilkes85
    wilkes85 8 months ago +2

    I wish regular Wal-Marts like this were still open; our two original Wal-Marts were just the right size, and didn't have a grocery section, they were just normal stores. They were both built in the '70s and used to be Woolco until 1994. One of my main issues with supercentre Wal-Marts is that they just don't have a good selection on anything, because they're trying to jam pack every type of item in the store. Another issue which is more about aesthetics than anything, is that the older Wal-Marts just felt so much more inviting with the carpet and ceiling tiles. Sealed concrete and exposed rafters just makes it feel like you wandered into the back room by mistake.

    • saxman112
      saxman112 8 months ago

      I couldn't agree more. And that right there is why I more often than not go to Target or other places instead.

  • WaybackTECH
    WaybackTECH 8 months ago +1

    It's been a long time since I was in a pre-super wal-mart, but this store does seem a bit smaller than I remember them being.

  • Deer are Cute
    Deer are Cute 8 months ago +6

    As an old ex-employee (1995 to 1998), I don't care for the company or their policies. I do feel for the employees losing their jobs in this store. I know Wallyworld has been closing their smaller locations because they want to focus on the Supercenters, but people like me like the smaller store format. That lady you talked to was likely the security person. They are usually dressed in street cloths as to not stand out and carry ID in a wallet. So what happened to me? I've had a long career in OTA Television Broadcasting. Wallyworld is nothing more then a footnote in my history now, and that's the way it will always be.

    • matthew reed
      matthew reed 8 months ago

      Picture Window on Whitetail Deer if I had to guess they was offered to move to another store or be laid off

  • XeonProductions
    XeonProductions 8 months ago +6

    I've recorded video in Walmart several times, the employees are so dead inside they don't care.

  • SevenFortyOne
    SevenFortyOne 8 months ago +3

    A super wal-mart was proposed for my town here in CT but luckily, the town changed its zoning laws to keep them out. I have nothing against Walmart but there are 5 super Walmart stores all within a 30-40 minute drive of here and that's more than enough in my opinion.

  • the lazy fish keeper
    the lazy fish keeper 8 months ago

    I have 3 walmarts a 10 min drive from home and a Walmart market 2 min from my front step. so I think it has to do with
    population density? I am here in rock hill sc. we are a happen city lol. but I do not vist them very often.
    well on to your next video stay well

    • saxman112
      saxman112 8 months ago +1

      For me, with where I live, we've got more Target locations than Walmarts. Then again, I am in the state that Target is headquartered in so that is of course why...

  • VWestlife
    VWestlife 8 months ago +3

    Clean your window! :-P I share your preference for smaller stores. There's one supermarket in my area which has never been expanded since it was built in the 1960s (and it hasn't been remodeled since the early '90s, either). I enjoy shopping there because they have 90% of the items I need in less than half of the walking around that I'd do at one of the goliath "big box" supermarkets.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +1

      Naughty Truck is usually parked under or near a tree that produces a lot of sap, so it's an exercise in futility to clean the windows. :-)

  • BigjohnSVT
    BigjohnSVT 8 months ago +1

    The original smaller sized Walmart that was in some small towns in Iowa got transformed to Super Centers in the last 10-15 years like there was NO Tomorrow! As far I know Tipton, Iowa has to be one of the LAST smaller sized Walmarts in the State of Iowa.

  • Kent Teffeteller
    Kent Teffeteller 8 months ago +3

    This reminds me of the old 1980's Wal-Mart stores before Super Centers.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +3

      As recently as 2005, this Wal-Mart store still had its old style signage (with the hyphen) and blue/grey color scheme.

  • eaglevision993
    eaglevision993 8 months ago +2

    We chased them out of Germany about 10 years ago....they could neither compete with our well established food chains nor cope with our employee rights. Not really missing them, their stores were big, but also pretty unkempt and filthy....

    • starbase121
      starbase121 8 months ago +1

      Lucky you! I wished it was the same here. :)

  • Beta Vidoh
    Beta Vidoh 8 months ago +1

    As someone from the U.K. the only thing I know about wallmart, is the "peopleofwalmart" website. Don't know if that is an accurate depiction of the shop and it's customer base or not.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago +1

      Just about everyone from every walk of life shops at Wal-Mart, so you might see every slice of society. That said, I've never seen anything like that any time I've been in a Wal-Mart store. No doubt it happens, it's just not anything like as common as that site would make it seem.

    • ElFuego35
      ElFuego35 8 months ago +1

      If you shop at ASDA, then you know about Walmart.
      ASDA is Walmart's UK subsidiary .

    • Beta Vidoh
      Beta Vidoh 8 months ago


    • K12dave
      K12dave 8 months ago +2

      Sadly, for the most part those videos are accurate. Walmart's cut throat pricing generally brings the lowest common denominator of humanity, and they tend to be on bus lines as well, which often bring in people from the projects halfway houses and retirement facilities. It can and usually is a pretty "interesting" place.

  • dan from youtube
    dan from youtube 8 months ago +3

    today in the bill chapters we join bill out in the wild at what looks to be a closing Walmart will he go into the store will he buy everything will bizar fur head stop him we will find out on this episode of the bill chapters

  • 22408aaron
    22408aaron 8 months ago +2

    That Walmart appears to be of comparable size to Walmart's new Neighborhood Market chain of stores, although this store has departments that Neighborhood Market stores do not have. This store clearly was not shown much love, as the facade as well as the drop ceiling bear an earlier time frame that has been ridden of most stores. That woman that you said went up to you was probably Loss Prevention who saw you over the surveillance cameras.
    Great video!

  • Jody Barker
    Jody Barker 8 months ago +3

    We have a Wal-Mart of about that size closing down this month in Corning, AR. It's sad, because that place was both a killer of local companies and a blessing for many who needed a job there. I'm not sure what's going to happen to that town after the closing, since it's already a ghost town (sort of) as is.

  • Jonathan Domenech
    Jonathan Domenech 8 months ago +1

    As much as I dislike Walmart, I do miss the old, non-Supercenter locations. It was so easy to just get what you needed and leave. And to think, 22 years ago, at 10 years old, I thought the Walmart Supercenter was amazing (probably because they had Star Wars playing on the wall of TVs).

    • Jonathan Domenech
      Jonathan Domenech 8 months ago

      We have a Neighborhood Market maybe a mile away from my house. It wasn't too bad when it first opened, but now it's turning into just as much of a dump as the regular Walmart stores in my area. Honestly, for groceries, I pretty much stick to Lidl at this point. Ground beef is just about all I get from Walmart now as it's cheaper there than anywhere else.

    • Jody Barker
      Jody Barker 8 months ago

      Well, we have the Neighborhood Markets now, which I find to be convenient. It also helps that I have one literally down the street from where I live.

  • ARednecksLife
    ARednecksLife 8 months ago +3

    I think you and I share a similar opinion about Walmart, definitely feel sorry for the employees but they are an evil Corporation.

  • Steve W
    Steve W 8 months ago +2

    Two towns close to me here in Ilinois are Salem and Fairfield, Salem's old Walmart building is an ATV dealership and Fairfield's is an Elastec factory.

  • Nerd Paradise
    Nerd Paradise 8 months ago +3

    hey, UXWBill, is that Walmart in Clinton, Illinois? that Walmart looks remarkably similar to the one i go to when i'm visiting family in Illinois.

    • KSLTech Studios
      KSLTech Studios 8 months ago +2

      Look at 2:27
      That will provide the answer to your question.

  • David Mcbang
    David Mcbang 8 months ago

    Really enjoyed this video, hope you do more of this sort.

  • twocvbloke
    twocvbloke 8 months ago +2

    Over here in the UK, Walmart spent a load of money on changing Asda stores to look more "Walmarty", and now Asda is looking to merge with another supermarket chain Sainsburys, so, goodness knows what Walmart is doing!! :S

    • Mike G
      Mike G 8 months ago

      twocvbloke - Walmart is going to hold onto about over 40% of the combined company. Sainsburys will take control as they are the bigger chain but said they still plan on keeping the brands separate but will use the combined power for much better buying power. They might be also forced to sell a few stores to get the deal passed so more likely overlapping stores will be first.

  • Matthew N
    Matthew N 8 months ago

    They did this in Pennsylvania built a Walmart to close it but opened a super wslmart nearby in Scranton . A friend told me this. Anyway near my house I have a super walmart target etc. Then in Norwich ct they have a similar small walmart next to a big y grocery store

  • notsocc
    notsocc 8 months ago +7

    Watch out Dan Bell, uxwbill’s own Dead Mall series coming soon!

  • Alexander Wedlin
    Alexander Wedlin 8 months ago +2

    I actually recently became an employee at Walmart, assistant manager asked how I thought of the company and I said I disliked how they operate and some of the employees, granted this is a smaller store so we'll see what happens.

  • Sonic Orb Studios
    Sonic Orb Studios 8 months ago +7

    yay, Walmart closing! I dislike them

    • Rosco P. Coltrane
      Rosco P. Coltrane 8 months ago +6

      Sonic Orb Studios
      Don't rejoice too much, they're like a hydra. Cut off one head (close one store) and two more take it's place (and they open 2 more stores to replace it).

  • jefferyb304
    jefferyb304 8 months ago +6

    If you recorded with a phone, it probably would not have been noticed LOL.

  • overmind9076
    overmind9076 8 months ago +1

    is that the one in Aledo?

  • gmcnewlook
    gmcnewlook 8 months ago

    Was this always a Walmart? Or was it it something else that Walmart bought and converted?

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      It was a Wal-Mart from the day it opened in 1983. Details are a bit thin on the ground, but I believe they built this store.

  • Erdie5
    Erdie5 8 months ago +5

    I miss smaller stores. It's one of the reasons I like Aldi. If I just need milk, bread and blueberries it takes a minute or two. Beats wandering around the entire super center and waiting at the cashier while people buy 200 items.

    • Commodorefan64
      Commodorefan64 8 months ago +1

      True that, but if you work strange hours like I use too with 2 jobs, then having Walmart open at 1am when you need milk, bread, etc.. can come in handy lol!

  • Ben H.
    Ben H. 8 months ago +5

    So far we've lost both RadioShacks and our Sears where I am. I am particularly disappointed about RadioShack.

    • Ben H.
      Ben H. 8 months ago

      Yeah, they were always just sort of there. They were great for finding electrical components locally, as well as other niche items, but I guess that isn't a sustainable business model in the long run.

    • Walt's Channel
      Walt's Channel 8 months ago +1

      Ben H. Radio Shack never did get how to serve electronic hobby types. That said they seem to be finding a niche in small towns where there is nothing else. They are actually slightly growing the independent dealer network. Problem is they have no merchandising strategy to speak of. Our Kroger affiliate here in Washington state, Fred Meyer, sells everything RadioShack sold minus electronic components, at WAY better prices.

    • Ben H.
      Ben H. 8 months ago

      Yeah, sadly that is the case

    • Commodorefan64
      Commodorefan64 8 months ago +4

      Add Kmart to that list in my area, and far as Radio Shack goes they only did it to themselves by not being able to compete with retailers like eBay, Amazon, or even Mouser which all have 100 times the selection Radio Shack had at better prices with items actually in stock. 1/2 the time I would go into my local Radio Shack store, someone would come up to me asking if I needed help, and I would say something got 75ohm resisters, or this, or that, and they would give me a blank stare like WTF are you talking about, so I ended up looking for myself seeing the prices, walked out the store, sat down on the bench in the mall, pulled out my phone, and ordered the part on eBay, or Mouser Electronics, and had it in about a week or so, at 1/2 the cost, so after the 3rd time of that happening wasting my time, energy, and gas(closest store was over 30 minutes from house), I just stopped bothering.

  • Caltash
    Caltash 8 months ago

    I really surprised, I didn't think you'd be the kind of guy to shop at Wal-Mart.

    • uxwbill
      uxwbill  8 months ago

      I wouldn't say I shopped there often. For some things, though, it was perfect.

  • Dan H
    Dan H 8 months ago

    that's a tiny walmart

  • Tim Emerson
    Tim Emerson 8 months ago +1

    They're closing a store in my area that's been open since '93.