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NATO vs BRICS - What's The Difference & How Do They Compare?


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  • Wolf Tapia
    Wolf Tapia 9 minutes ago

    What would be India's population if they had no homeless/poor?

  • سدس شخصيتك شنب شنت

    France is going to use his nuclear 300 on India China Brazil south africa

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 2 hours ago

    Remember, Nukes
    All of these nations have atomic bombs

  • Ravindra K
    Ravindra K 5 hours ago

    Brics is a bank... nato an alliance.. what do you even want to compare. Your videos are getting stupid

  • Soier 94
    Soier 94 7 hours ago

    BRICS👍🏽+ Kazakhstan+Belorussia+Mongolia+Syrya+Vietnam+Iran+Afghanistan VS👎🏿 NATO👎🏾

  • Astronaut Mike
    Astronaut Mike 7 hours ago

    South Africa? Wow i thought they really had a good relationship with the Brits and Americans

  • Puerrito _
    Puerrito _ 8 hours ago +1

    Im part of BRICS 🇧🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇿🇦
    Peace from Brazil

  • Jake Toys and Games!!!
    Jake Toys and Games!!! 10 hours ago

    Im part of the

    This took so long no need to like just comment
    Edit you have to hold it verticly to see it

  • spy223 webb
    spy223 webb 10 hours ago

    So china and india become the best of friends now?😂😂

  • Polski Patriota
    Polski Patriota 12 hours ago

    *BRICS = mass instead of class - A cheap copy of NATO from poor countries, cheap arsenal and poorest people in the world. 70-90 rubles are one euro and in India you earn a few cents and 10 euros a month*

  • Polski Patriota
    Polski Patriota 12 hours ago

    *NATO wins, we have the best technology, the best weapons and tanks and every NATO state has a stable government and economy the world economy is also ruled by the West*

  • Danilo Cury
    Danilo Cury 13 hours ago

    Am Brazilian

  • Bolesław #
    Bolesław # 15 hours ago +1

    J like NATO and UE.

  • Owen Plourde
    Owen Plourde 20 hours ago

    USA wasn’t in NATO From the start

  • IOHaveOTakenONoOL YT
    IOHaveOTakenONoOL YT 23 hours ago

    I’m part of brics
    I am from india

  • Lil Ounce
    Lil Ounce Day ago

    Anyone else never heard of brics?

  • Charity’s World 2

    BRIC *K* S

  • JazzFan TrashCan

    Why does this exist

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 days ago


  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 days ago

    Free kashmir free

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 days ago

    Free kashmir free

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 days ago

    Sorry dear independent kashmir free kashmir free

  • MS3300
    MS3300 2 days ago

    NATO easy win.

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator 2 days ago

    Lol russia could not win Chechen people for 10 years, with population approximately of 1.4 mln people. Rus poutas have NO chance against EU and allies. Another few years of sunctions and they are done.

  • Gabriel Clarence Salvador

    Is Philippine's in NATO?

  • Walsh
    Walsh 2 days ago

    and like a small part of nato (czech republik) i thing USAs enemys just také us to problem

  • Walsh
    Walsh 2 days ago

    i thing the nucelar power is totaly useles because every one knows russia and USA have same power (7000 vs 6900-6700 of nukes) and it all means death

  • Vid Hatunšek
    Vid Hatunšek 2 days ago

    But do they have


  • O Brasileirinho HueHueHue

    eu acho q os BRICS são melhores q o nato EU ACHO!!

  • Fortnite_GamerHD1
    Fortnite_GamerHD1 2 days ago

    I'm Serbian and supporting Bricks, because my brother's Russia.

  • Gain Dedorito
    Gain Dedorito 2 days ago

    I like to note that a solid 90% of people defending a side are people defending brics


  • that guy from MI6
    that guy from MI6 3 days ago +1

    I’m part of NATO but I think that there could be a NATO-BRICS alliance. We don’t need war.

  • Samara Morgan
    Samara Morgan 3 days ago +1


  • Master Builder
    Master Builder 3 days ago

    BRICS : best economy
    NATO : best army

  • BuzzWaib
    BuzzWaib 3 days ago +1

    NATO and BRICS are friends, they'll fight with aliens 👽 ,😂😂

  • M.K.J BAWI
    M.K.J BAWI 3 days ago

    I would say
    According to GFP
    US comes at the first place in military power
    But then u have
    Russia 2nd
    China 3rd
    India 4th
    But for now all countries in NATO trying to protect them selves of Russia wich is one country
    How it would be if China become aggressive same as Russia??????

  • Hello good Barnes
    Hello good Barnes 3 days ago

    Luxembourg was one of the first you NATO yay

  • Jason H
    Jason H 4 days ago

    As an American, I prefer peace and peace through strength. Fighting isn't going to solve anything and let's all have open trade policy

  • OrangePie Gaming
    OrangePie Gaming 4 days ago

    Thanos brics

  • JoxBoy
    JoxBoy 4 days ago

    But why wont serbia join NATO, there must by something?
    Please tell my.
    I would like to now.

  • BWT Zoom
    BWT Zoom 4 days ago

    China is lying

  • BWT Zoom
    BWT Zoom 4 days ago


  • Sky Marcel
    Sky Marcel 4 days ago

    Our common enemy is American...
    The war criminals

  • MarchAnchoveh117
    MarchAnchoveh117 5 days ago

    Who cares which is stronger?



  • TheCopyto
    TheCopyto 5 days ago

    What about the tiar?

  • Mantas22X YT
    Mantas22X YT 5 days ago


  • Gaspar Malechor
    Gaspar Malechor 5 days ago +1

    You mean RICS Brazil will opt out with the new pro right president

  • Mentally Degraded Charlamagne

    Why would China and India work together? Thought T Series was friends with America...

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 6 days ago


  • TadijaVPSerbian
    TadijaVPSerbian 6 days ago

    Easy for BRICS

  • Ashish Kumar Chandan
    Ashish Kumar Chandan 6 days ago +1

    BRICS will definitely take over NATO.

  • itzBudm
    itzBudm 6 days ago

    everyone here has problems: „India China Russia could wipe out Nato easily“ „America could destroy Brics alone“ BOIS IF NATO AND BRICS HAD WAR IT WOULD BE THE BLOODIEST WAR EVER AND EVERYONE WOULD ONLY GET LOSSES. We should be Grateful this never happens

  • Infamous Ctown
    Infamous Ctown 6 days ago

    Nato is 🇺🇸 lol but we will take help. Worlds greatest need help too, where did Michael Jordan come from🤔 but world idolizes btw lol

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 6 days ago

    If there is another war it wouldn’t be a physical war with fighting and nuclear weapons, It would be a Cyber War which can be seen as worse.

  • Royal Canadian Air Force


  • Royal Canadian Air Force

    I’m in Canada so nato

  • Ben Valencia
    Ben Valencia 7 days ago

    Brics win

  • Nur Mardiah Amirah Az Zahra


  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 7 days ago

    And Mexico made a party called PRI

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 7 days ago

    Mexico join NATO

  • Franco00007
    Franco00007 7 days ago

    You forgot Australia is part NATO

  • Torres.etechprog
    Torres.etechprog 7 days ago


    South africa

  • Torres.etechprog
    Torres.etechprog 7 days ago


    South africa

  • info talk
    info talk 7 days ago +1

    I don't see PAKISTAN in this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • hazmat soldier
    hazmat soldier 7 days ago

    Brazil 🇧🇷 Russia 🇷🇺 India 🇮🇳China 🇨🇳 South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles 7 days ago

    Lol India would change side

  • Marvelium Guy
    Marvelium Guy 7 days ago +1

    As An Indian I would like to inform you that Caste System Is Not A Problem, Now...
    We Are Together
    Hit 👍if u agree...

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 7 days ago

    Or the Soviet Union will reunite and take over the world

  • Vinícius Coimbra
    Vinícius Coimbra 8 days ago

    BRICS is so so communist

  • kebabian empire
    kebabian empire 8 days ago

    I'm part of nato

  • Mega Showdowns
    Mega Showdowns 8 days ago

    Without U.S the nato won't survive a war against brics,come on why does even u.s need to mess with its "Big 3" Mates(China,Russia,India and U.S themselves).if america is in then it nato would win 90% of the time,if not then brics would win 70% of the time.

  • Time Over
    Time Over 8 days ago

    *Where's my NATO burrito ??*

  • saatananidiootti SH
    saatananidiootti SH 8 days ago

    Yeah russia is really strong Finland almost won soviet union or won soviet union in the winter war idk

  • saatananidiootti SH
    saatananidiootti SH 8 days ago

    Im not PART OF NATO or BRICS

  • xStep X
    xStep X 8 days ago +2

    Who Russian Like Хыхыххы, BRICS WIN!

  • Rahul Baisane
    Rahul Baisane 8 days ago +1

    Guess What.....let the World war Begin...Let Create History For Next

  • Captain Blox
    Captain Blox 8 days ago

    Malaysia isn't NATO?

  • War Robots Gamer
    War Robots Gamer 8 days ago


  • Dark Night
    Dark Night 8 days ago


  • darkwear gt growtopia

    Turkey will like oh hell naw

  • darkwear gt growtopia

    Nato will win

  • Rebecca Larratt
    Rebecca Larratt 8 days ago

    nato well not fall as long as the us is here

  • Artak Gamer
    Artak Gamer 9 days ago


  • Doruk Çelikbilek
    Doruk Çelikbilek 9 days ago +1

    Brics win from Turkey Because NATO isnt a union🇹🇷🤝♥️🇷🇺🇧🇷🇨🇳🇮🇳🇿🇦

  • keanoa kiro
    keanoa kiro 9 days ago

    BRICS was introduced as an alternative of UN it was build to tackle socio and economic issues not to tackle directionless NATO alliance

  • XAndreiZz man
    XAndreiZz man 9 days ago

    Nato is stronger because they have germany Uk France Canada America and alot more and they are all stronger than india and brazil at once .....

  • XaXuD
    XaXuD 9 days ago

    Its obviously Nato, mostly because India is already dealing with a population crisis, China has many things to worry about (Bird flu, Clean water running out), Russia is very unstable, South africa is far away from the others, And Brazil also has its own little problems. And people are also forgetting that USA is not the only nato member, as there are many other strong countries (Germany, UK, France, etc...) And some countries could try to make the crisis to going to achieve independence (Tibet for example). But if it goes nuclear say goodbye to the world.

  • muichore kishagani
    muichore kishagani 9 days ago

    NATO is biggest than brics

  • Tristen Womack
    Tristen Womack 9 days ago

    Grønland's missing out

  • Cee Notes
    Cee Notes 10 days ago

    Who’s idea was it to give 4 powerful countries one alliance, DERP THEY HAVE MORE POPULATION, DUE TO CHINA AND INDIA.
    NATO would be bigger if it was more than the Northern Atlantic.

  • Al1enN1gg4 69
    Al1enN1gg4 69 10 days ago

    Why there are so many salty indians saying BRICS can destroy easily NATO?

  • Bryan Valle-Gutierrez
    Bryan Valle-Gutierrez 10 days ago

    I am nato

  • Nevertoasted Izz da
    Nevertoasted Izz da 10 days ago

    Didn’t even know Bricks

  • Marisa Souza
    Marisa Souza 10 days ago

    South Afrika

  • Baze Nikolovski
    Baze Nikolovski 10 days ago


  • Marisa Souza
    Marisa Souza 10 days ago


  • Idk what Iam
    Idk what Iam 10 days ago +2

    Just bring back the axis power....

  • Mera
    Mera 10 days ago

    NATO 😘😘😘