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NATO vs BRICS - What's The Difference & How Do They Compare?

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • How does NATO compare to BRICS? Which one has a better economy? Which one spends more on military?
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  • butztill #delsystem33
    butztill #delsystem33 12 hours ago

    NATO ftw tbh

  • Mabel Tan
    Mabel Tan Day ago

    NATO is short for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It has 29 countries.
    On the other hand, BRICS is short for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

  • KenMyth Gaming
    KenMyth Gaming Day ago

    Hmmmm U.S.A VS BRICS

  • VAtun
    VAtun Day ago

    BRICS are like those bullies in school, which has 0 education and still wan't to look cool and rich

  • Easy way
    Easy way Day ago +1

    Hey don't you know india became nato ally approved by usa

  • Filip Markovic
    Filip Markovic 2 days ago

    NATO bombarded Serbia beacuse of money, they wanted Trepča, Trepča is a mine and who have it he is richer for billions and billions of euros, and they didn't have reason to attack, so they gave Serbia something they will refuse, and they attacked Serbia, 1000 policemen and military, they helped Albania to take over Trepča and they failed so that's Serbia will never join NATO,

  • Louis Wu
    Louis Wu 2 days ago

    Truth: without Brics, American rules and bombs the whole world. Now at least american has to consider a lots before bombing others.

  • Artyom Skruchersky
    Artyom Skruchersky 2 days ago +4

    I'm also part of BRICS
    Greetings from Russia, my friends!

  • Bjp Rss
    Bjp Rss 2 days ago


  • GunMAN 136
    GunMAN 136 2 days ago

    4:24 Indonesia can winning in economies in 2030 😎👌

  • Rajkumar
    Rajkumar 3 days ago +2

    NATO has 1 lion, some Haynes and 20 rabbits 🤣.. BRICS has 1 lion, 2 tigers, jaguar and black panther.. so I think BRICS will easily win

    • Ramunas Rimkus
      Ramunas Rimkus 17 hours ago

      meanwhile India has entitled people who think their country is the best while its not and poverty.

    • Zahreen Khan
      Zahreen Khan Day ago

      Rajkumar who black panther ????

  • Börk Börk
    Börk Börk 3 days ago

    *Kenya has joined the chat*
    *Brics has left the chat*


    the bad idea war number 1 usa vs russia earth will explode at the very begining earths population usa army and russia army

  • Pankaj Singh  Bisht
    Pankaj Singh Bisht 3 days ago +15

    India and Russia are enough to defeat NATO ❤️🇷🇺🤝🇮🇳❤️

  • Vijay Sharma
    Vijay Sharma 3 days ago

    India is enough against nato

  • Can Reis
    Can Reis 4 days ago +1

    Norveç tatbikatıda TÜRKİYE düşman devletler safına koyan sizdiniz. ATATÜRK ve ERDOĞAN posterleri düşman hedefler arasında idi. Sonra TÜRKİYE nato ve brics ile ikili oynuyor diorsunuz. Biz natoya kore de kan vererek kan dökerek girdik. Bedeli bumuydu. TÜRK vatandaşı olarak Alayınızı Kınıyorum. TÜRKLERE karşı hep adaletsiz oldunuz ve olmayada devam ediyorsunuz.

  • necromancer
    necromancer 4 days ago

    Comparing Brics with NATO is like comparing ostrich with T-Rex.
    Indians are uncivilized street pooper 💩 rapists , USA only need to manipulate them and they'll destroy themselves.
    China is economically strong but lacks the might needed to face daddy USA
    Russia is a fearless warrior therefore can pose threat to NATO but NATO is more than capable to hold it's ground against Russia.

  • Rap Nation
    Rap Nation 4 days ago +1

    Why i never heared about brics? Just about NATO, Europe.

  • Neon Wolf
    Neon Wolf 4 days ago

    Hello BRICS allies, Love from NATO country and supporter

  • lai bhari 20
    lai bhari 20 4 days ago +1

    India in nato. 2021

    • lai bhari 20
      lai bhari 20 3 days ago +1

      +Ann Young hello bro .wait and watch. This is china effect.

    • Ann Young
      Ann Young 3 days ago

      lai bhari 20 India decided not to join NATO because the main reason why NATO was created is in case Russia attacks one of us, we all stick together. I thought India choose to remain loyal to Russia by not being a NATO member

  • Mauricio M. Visitacion Jr

    you should do a video about NATO and brics.vs the Caribbean

  • HadesVPS GT
    HadesVPS GT 5 days ago


  • Tech Point
    Tech Point 5 days ago +3

    T-series can alone beat whole NATO

    • keshava allu
      keshava allu 3 days ago

      Lol No T-Seires is a Music Corporation... It has Nothing to do with India Economic Reforms
      Hav a nice day :)

  • Cristionel Jr Ronald Duan

    I’m brics because I’m china

  • BLITZ Mapper
    BLITZ Mapper 6 days ago


  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 6 days ago

    You mean Bric(k)S vs Nato?

  • Српски соко

    Yes i like NATO
    N-i dont

  • TÜRK Turkey
    TÜRK Turkey 6 days ago +1


  • Папа Серёжа

    After the NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999, an American General visited the military Museum in Belgrade. The General walked over to one Museum curator, a young Serb, a retired officer and asked: "Well, it was difficult to fight with the biggest and most powerful force in the world?" The officer replied: "I do not know, we have never fought against the Russians..."

    • Српски соко
      Српски соко 6 days ago +1

      Love to Russia from Serbia! We will never join our enemy! Long live Russian and Serbian brotherhood, we will never forget your eternal help :)

  • Vineet Bharti
    Vineet Bharti 6 days ago

    BRICS Great 🇮🇳

  • Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara 7 days ago

    Eagerly waiting for WWIII and nuke attacks 😎

  • TV Gyan
    TV Gyan 7 days ago

    There is no Real Sikh Beggar in the world, Shame on your video and you too

  • Богдан Гриб

    Imho Putin is VOR

  • Play Mosion TV
    Play Mosion TV 8 days ago

    Nato rin namn PHILIPPINES EH

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh 8 days ago

    india india india and its caste system thats all you know about india.

  • sujit pawar
    sujit pawar 8 days ago

    Brics country is like rising sun... from India

  • Chazz Palminteri
    Chazz Palminteri 8 days ago

    I wish my country Algeria could join the BRICS.

    LUNAR BLOODDROP 10 days ago

    also in 2018 swisterland joined nato

  • luca
    luca 10 days ago

    India China Russia hate each other how is bricks a thing??

  • Rama wel wel
    Rama wel wel 10 days ago

    I love BRICS . Strong 😚😚

  • Prithviraj Anand
    Prithviraj Anand 11 days ago

    I am a part from bricks I am India

  • Legendary telugu player

    Brics wins

  • Larry Ascota II
    Larry Ascota II 11 days ago +1

    If Greenland, Morocco And Mexico Joined NATO, Then NATO'S Population Would Be 1,044,996,171 And A GDP Of Over $39,000,000,000,000 USD.

  • Stupid Comments official

    India has overpopulation and poverty

    China has overpopulation

    South Africa is one of the richer African countries
    Brazil is Brazil
    Russia is underpopulated but strong

  • Stupid Comments official

    Brics is economic but they are strong countries

    NATO wins though

  • Ben Cyber
    Ben Cyber 11 days ago

    Nato is the best

  • Richie Dalare
    Richie Dalare 11 days ago

    Can you Compare NATO vs ASEAN?

  • Lance Benard Garcia
    Lance Benard Garcia 11 days ago

    Why the Philippines is not a NATO

  • Rijaliti Desavanja
    Rijaliti Desavanja 12 days ago

    BRICS stronger

  • ZackryBrusslen Daen23
    ZackryBrusslen Daen23 12 days ago

    Waht about switzerland Kazakstan serbia laos thailand Vietnam japan and moraco

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 12 days ago

    BRICS and NATO are not even the same thing BRICS is for economy and NATO is a terrorist bloc.

    • Ramesh Mukherjee
      Ramesh Mukherjee 10 days ago

      @AsiA I.
      If NATO is a terrorist bloc than I would suggest to stop using their terrorist machinery. If you truly believe what you have said, than I would suggest to get off of TVclip, get off of Safari, get off your Wifi, and get off your phone or PC (what ever you’re commenting on). I don’t know if you are aware that a NATO country (mainly USA) developed all of that technology, therefore you are a supporter of the “terrorist bloc” by using it.
      P.S.-I have seen your comments on multiple other videos and your ability to aggravate people is annoying and impressive.

  • Jiovanny Williams
    Jiovanny Williams 12 days ago

    Team BRICS

  • Clever Idiot
    Clever Idiot 12 days ago +2

    Brics are: *BRAZIL*
    _and south africa_

  • AX3E1L
    AX3E1L 12 days ago +1

    How about ASEAN?

  • Sam Hemr
    Sam Hemr 13 days ago

    BRICS is a brick wall, nice

  • Douglas Faria
    Douglas Faria 13 days ago

    Very misleading to make the claim that there is a ‘3rd world within the US’ when in fact data shows that a ‘poor’ person in the US would be upper middle class in Brasil. Poor people don’t have TV sets and smartphones and a car in the driveway. Poverty in the US is an arbitrary line defined by statisticians. There’s very little real poverty in the US unless you’re literally homeless. The US was among the first in the 20th century to eliminate poverty, everything in the US is superabundant, all you need is 4 quarters to buy a hamburger

  • alxnd_r
    alxnd_r 13 days ago

    Nato collective defence? Please dont make us laugh. Its a collection of countries who got rich by stealing and colonizing

  • Fun and Entertainment
    Fun and Entertainment 13 days ago

    India mean rindia...There is no toilets in our india...

  • sean farnsworth
    sean farnsworth 13 days ago

    NATO all the way 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

  • Muz'yen R/Fl
    Muz'yen R/Fl 14 days ago

    No one wants to live in bricks countries!!!

  • FAK ForcatEarmatosuraTëKosovës

    2:00 that south part of serbia is Kosovo from 2007

  • INDIA and Russia 2 Son From Another Mother

    lol you forgot the 3 superpower country from BRICS, (RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA)

  • Adam Goldenberg
    Adam Goldenberg 14 days ago

    Nato is the terror organization that collectively destroys little countries for the sake of profits for Elites of some countries. Russia, BRICS, and all progressively thinking people must bring peace for the planet. All people on Earth are the brothers, don't be fooled by politicians.

  • ItsWorthIt XD
    ItsWorthIt XD 15 days ago

    What if Germany and Russia recreated the devils alliance

  • sly fly
    sly fly 15 days ago

    for one , the brics sign looks like each hand is jerkin off the next, and second, if there was an all out battle, all technology would eventually get destroyed, soldiers would run out of ammo. and the remainders would starve to death.

  • Klixx _YT
    Klixx _YT 15 days ago

    Where's asean

  • priya jain
    priya jain 16 days ago +7

    only Russian military power is equivalent to the military power of whole nato.....
    Now Russian forces also
    Settled permanently in Venezuela.......IMAO...😋😛

    • Animalium
      Animalium 3 days ago

      Russia is no longer a match for the USA let alone NATO, the USA spends $700 billion on military and Russia $80 billion.

    • Pankaj Singh  Bisht
      Pankaj Singh Bisht 3 days ago


    • Папа Серёжа
      Папа Серёжа 6 days ago +1

      Russia will crash nato !!!

    • Berin Rustemi
      Berin Rustemi 15 days ago

      Aha you know a place named america? I think in india they don't teach you about America and Turkey. When a russian plane crashed in Turkey Erdogan attacked russia and said to putin thet he needs to apologise so he did!

  • Daniel Plays
    Daniel Plays 16 days ago

    Asean next

  • Aida Chimbay
    Aida Chimbay 16 days ago

    I think NOTO is going to win, but I like Brazil,Russia, China, India, and South Africa.

    GAMEOVER 16 days ago

    2:05 serbia does not want to join because NATO did not like yugoslavia and bombed serbia

  • War Thunderer
    War Thunderer 16 days ago

    Isn't it funny how brazil is part of both nato and brics?

  • dan tdm,s fan 1000000000000000 1000000000000000

    I'm a member of the U.N the United Nations

  • Sronnie Aloha
    Sronnie Aloha 17 days ago +3

    I think NATO will lose to BRICS..

    Who agrees?
    Like this comment PLZ

  • Sronnie Aloha
    Sronnie Aloha 17 days ago

    I think BRICS will lose to NATO..

    Who agrees?
    Like this comment PLZ

    • Mobile Cyclop
      Mobile Cyclop 15 days ago

      +China , India , Brazil
      100% win

    • Mobile Cyclop
      Mobile Cyclop 15 days ago

      NATO will lose
      Russia has gud weapons and more nuclears

  • zlatan velic
    zlatan velic 17 days ago


  • Miki Tereszko
    Miki Tereszko 17 days ago +1

    Hold up did I hear Nigeria was going to have more more people than the US?

  • cofi
    cofi 18 days ago

    So if nato is frendly with serbia why did nato started cold war with serbia??????can u pls tell me why

    • Mihailo Tomic
      Mihailo Tomic 16 days ago

      Ili na nasem debeli ameri.

  • Meme Lord0121
    Meme Lord0121 19 days ago

    NATO We are an alliance for greater PEACE so don't worry Bricks
    From ya lads at da UK

  • Meena Sukhavasi
    Meena Sukhavasi 19 days ago

    Norway Iceland luxiberg.turcky are not in eu

  • losif Stalin
    losif Stalin 21 day ago +1


    • Mobile Cyclop
      Mobile Cyclop 18 days ago +1


  • Job Beeman
    Job Beeman 21 day ago

    nato. edit: btw can we have peace

  • XOP Systems
    XOP Systems 21 day ago

    bricks is spelt wrong

  • Jair Barrios
    Jair Barrios 22 days ago

    I'm part of nato

  • Zorux
    Zorux 22 days ago

    Pentagon vs compass

  • Jyotiranjan Rath
    Jyotiranjan Rath 22 days ago

    U ppl have many stereotypes about India.... We have changed a lot.... We are changing things that implemented on us by British.... And we are the fastest growing economy in this world just after 70 years of independence.... And there is poverty and corruption in every country.... Not only in India

  • Sneaky Assassins
    Sneaky Assassins 22 days ago

    I didn't even know NATO existed. I thought it was just another fancy name for the United Nations

  • Kyle & Chung
    Kyle & Chung 23 days ago

    No one will win except peace or if there is no they will all throw nukes at each other

  • Gabriel petkov
    Gabriel petkov 23 days ago +1

    NATO-🇧🇬🇬🇧🇪🇪🇪🇸🇫🇷🇵🇱🇹🇩🇸🇰🇸🇮🇹🇷🇵🇹🇮🇹🇬🇷🇨🇿🇳🇴🇺🇸🇦🇱🇩🇪🇮🇸 VS BRICS-🇧🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇿🇦

  • Aditya Gaming
    Aditya Gaming 23 days ago +1

    India - 4 th strongest couny in the world
    ChinA - 3rd strongest country in the world
    Russia - 2nd strongest country in the world
    Brazil and SA IS ALSO THEIE

  • Alice Moto
    Alice Moto 24 days ago

    What sort of info are you spreading here? your shows are terrible

  • xXchungus Xx
    xXchungus Xx 24 days ago

    Brics would get crushed

  • An_Unknown_Individual
    An_Unknown_Individual 24 days ago +12

    You can’t make Bric(k)s without

  • this guy
    this guy 24 days ago

    nato is usa 😎

  • dalibor had122mm
    dalibor had122mm 24 days ago +1

    1:55 simple 1999. Nato agression

  • Finlandball with no vids
    Finlandball with no vids 24 days ago +1

    BRICS = bricks

  • Finlandball with no vids
    Finlandball with no vids 24 days ago +1

    Europe, Eurasia and North America?
    what the heck are there two europes

    • Zule
      Zule 23 days ago

      russia is part of europe and asia

  • Nilay Patel
    Nilay Patel 25 days ago +1

    Don't Compare like NATO vs BRICS,
    NATO is a military alliance, BRICS is an economic alliance.

  • saurabh mane
    saurabh mane 25 days ago +6

    Next Superpower in future is 'BRICS'

  • tien vo
    tien vo 25 days ago +1

    OL I send the same thing two times

  • tien vo
    tien vo 25 days ago +1

    USA has the most planes Russia has the most tanks so USA would win cause the planes

    • Whackle
      Whackle 25 days ago

      Yeah but but the brics are an economic organization, not a military styled organization