Has Boris won a majority? - Election 2019 | BBC

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
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    Election results 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll
    The Conservatives are set to win an overall majority of 86 in the general election, according to an exit poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky News.
    The survey taken at UK polling stations suggests the Tories will get 368 MPs - 50 more than at the 2017 election - when all the results have been counted.
    Labour would get 191, the Lib Dems 13, the Brexit Party none and the SNP 55.
    The Green Party will still have one MP and Plaid Cymru will lose one seat for a total of three, the survey suggests.
    The first general election results are due before midnight, with the final total expected to be known by Friday lunchtime.
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  • You Tube
    You Tube Hour ago

    Brilliant night much fun had by all🗳🥂

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci 2 days ago

    Labour just don't have any talent in the party.. No one!!

  • Mark Bolland
    Mark Bolland 5 days ago +6

    Jumped off the sofa with joy when the exit poll came out
    Bloody brilliant result
    Stayed up all night , watching the Red Wall collapse

    • mascara snake
      mascara snake Day ago +1

      Ironic though. I thought Labour were against building walls!

    • PHX Master
      PHX Master 2 days ago

      I would say it is a blue wall now

  • LCO Construction
    LCO Construction 8 days ago +4

    The silent majority have spoken, and the Biased Broadcasting C##ts are heart sick! Ignore the silent majority at your peril!

    • PHX Master
      PHX Master 2 days ago +1

      Congrats from the United States!

  • Michael
    Michael 9 days ago

    You can feel the hopes and dreams disappear into thin air

  • SoaringNato
    SoaringNato 12 days ago +2

    I’m not going to lie. I predicted majority of 40. Never in my wildest dreams did I predict 80!!

  • Pʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ Tʀᴜᴍᴘ

    Best part of the night.... Swinson losing her seat :D

  • dabenjyboy
    dabenjyboy 16 days ago +1

    That sequence at the start is like a new UK version of the US House of Cards intro

  • MrDavidp180
    MrDavidp180 18 days ago


  • Thomas Farrell
    Thomas Farrell 19 days ago

    I'm American and I have a question I hope you Brits out there can answer for me: Did the Conservatives win so many Labour votes because of Brexit only, or were those voters so sick of Labour in general, they voted Conservative? In other words, was it a single issue election?

    • Thomas Farrell
      Thomas Farrell 6 days ago

      @Blap Bloppingham Thanks, Blap. Fascinating insight.

    • Blap Bloppingham
      Blap Bloppingham 6 days ago

      In my opinion it was down to three main factors -
      1) Yes, Brexit. Watching them constantly stalling was beyond infuriating, and I've no doubt that this played a large part in the SIZE of the majority the Conservatives won. They would still have comfortably won without the Brexit factor (contrary to what the delusional Labour supporters think), but probably not with 80 seats.
      2) The popularity of Boris Johnson. He is a very well liked character in this country. He isn't the most pleasant or honest man by any stretch of the imagination, but he's extremely affable, and often very amusing. Most importantly, he's an upbeat character, with a consistently optimistic outlook.
      3) The unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn. Where to even begin? This man is a disaster of a leader. Think bigger than Hillary Clinton and her modest failure and subsequent modest defeat. Think DISASTER. Without merit. An ineffectual and morally dubious man, who allowed racism to run riot in his party. Either he was too weak to stop it, or he was happy to allow it. Either way...the thought of this man in charge of the country sent a collective shiver down the spines of so many traditional Labour voters, some of whom had voted Labour all their lives until this year.
      The perfect storm of conditions existed simultaneously to allow the Conservatives to not only win, but win BIG. The most ironic thing is that this election would probably not have happened, if Corbyn had not given his consent to it going ahead. A spectacular own goal on his part, but it was no great surprise to anyone. As I said, he is a disaster. A cock-up of this magnitude was exactly what so many of us expected of him.

    • Thomas Farrell
      Thomas Farrell 6 days ago

      @John Day We have a similar situation here in the States. The Democrat party is now the party of white coastal elites and minorities. It's essentially a party of grevience groups. People who feel victimized by the dreaded white male. It's clear to me in both our countries white males are now seemingly overwhelmingly right-leaning. What shocked me about your recent election was how sudden that seemed to happen. In the U.S. white males and the lower and middle classes have been steadily moving to the right since the 1960's. I didn't see any evidence of that in your country. I'm happy to say I was wrong.

    • John Day
      John Day 7 days ago

      To see what we feel about brexit i urge you to view the brexit song by Dominic Frisby on youtube!

    • John Day
      John Day 7 days ago

      Brexit played a very large in the swing from labour to conservative but it was the tip, albeit a very large tip, of an iceberg which, below brexit,
      consisted of the feeling that the party took their supporters for granted, that they were more concerned about refugees and people who wanted
      to come in from abroad than the ordinary working man and woman who are struggling to survive here, people who saw their children having to budge up
      in already full classes to accommodate children of people who had never paid a penny piece towards the taxes which paid for those classrooms. The same can be said of
      hospitals, the overcrowded roads, and every other public service that we taxpayers have payed into all our working lives.
      Also we had the feeling that the leadership of labour seemed to hate the country which they wished to rule,epitomised by Corbyn, who seems to support every
      terrorist organisation in the world, Dianne Abbott who gave the impresslon that she does not like people with white skin, in other words she is a racist, but
      cannot be called that because she's black. There are so many other things that i could write which, to an ex labour voter like myself, gave the impression
      that they are in fact, anti British, and there is no way i could vote for them.
      To quote your own words back, yes, we were sick of labour in general!!!

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 21 day ago

    9:30 *Get Real **-TWIT-** Kuenssberg - So out of touch - Labour behind further than they were they were in the 1930's, I can't comment on that as it was before I was born mentality. Another **_Millennium Snowflake_** has been exposed as a absolute fool and not worthy of her SEAT with the BBC - YOU ARE FIRED. Question how did she get this job 1) Woman 2) Leftist 3) Idiot 4) Bias toward London Labour*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 21 day ago +1

    7:35 *Kuenssberg - You can just detect the most sour acid scowl behind that tight **-assho@e-** biased and then to add insult Martin throws a curved ball, all in vain, you read it as an 'expert' totally mistaken . You were TOTALLY WRONG and if any dignity you should quit from your overpaid Licence Payers Job ASAP. I begrudge any single penny of my £154.50 fee being put in your pocket. Your Time will come and sooner than you expected, drain the swamp of these lousy so called Political Reporters who only have it seems ½ a brain as proven by your comrades at the BBC such as Naga Munchetty who unable to answer a simple question on Millionaires, You all live it would seem in an inner London Bubble and have no idea of the outside world.*
    Even my wife knew the answer and she at 75 with stage 3 Alzheimer's was 99% sure of correct reply.

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 21 day ago

    *I would imagine that many faces dropped at the **_Biased Broadcast _**_-Crap-_**_ Corporation_** (BBC) when results predicted from Exit Polls. "I can't believe it we have been hammering Tories and Boris "Lies" for weeks, and now our jobs and possible even funding is in peril, try ITV asap or maybe Sky" Many at the BBC are guilty of biased programs and a big AXE maybe coming soon. Personally I don't mind paying my modest amount for free of adverts and good quality programs, but certainly have noticed heavy London Leftist leanings. Bring back the FREE over 75 Licence, after all they have paid all their lives and have paid your wages for many years. You Promised You would do this and have totally failed. Your Penalty will be that the Licence Fee be totally abolished and you will all be redundant. The Honest ones (Andrew Neil apart from one stupid slip up) may survive but the rest of you including that intolerable Fiona **-Shrek-** Bruce and dreadful Laura Kuenssberg, Naga Munchetty who is so brain dead could not answer an easy question on Millionaires - total waste of space and just shows how little they are aware of outside their tiny London Box, SACK THE LOT - YOU ARE FIRED.*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 21 day ago

    *God only knows who Islington Voters are from - Corbynista's and Thornside sure picked 100% safe seats with (just made sure) less than 48% born in Britain, overrun by immigrants with free NHS/Schools/Benefits all free today Utopia etc etc....They have no idea, and if Emily and Jeremy had any guts at all would stand at a marginal seat, but that's pure fantasy of course. They cherry pick the safest seats in the whole of the UK*

  • tubularbill
    tubularbill 21 day ago

    Final score - the UK wins and the BBC loses

  • Steve Mcguiness
    Steve Mcguiness 22 days ago

    For all the media,parliament and dark forces Meddling it was won out right by Boris and the conservatives to get Brexit done , and to put Corbyn and McDonell back in there box ,

  • Michael M
    Michael M 22 days ago +3

    Imagine thinking working class will vote labour because eddie izzard in his silly pink beret n Owen Jones tell us to , I’m no Tory but I voted Boris because I’m sick of labour n there gender neutral toliets n climate change scaremongering, I’m a ex 45 commando, that voted to leave the EU but voted all my life n I got called racist by middle class white liberals who have hijacked the Labour Party , n obviously I’m not the only one because labour lost seats that they have held for 125 years . Labour are scum

  • Michael M
    Michael M 22 days ago +1

    Lol we win

  • Peter Rea
    Peter Rea 25 days ago +5

    The BBC and metropolitan elite didn’t see this result coming!

  • Astuteous Maximus
    Astuteous Maximus 26 days ago +2

    This era of politics will be remembered for a long time in political history. Corbyn was always going to be the underdog but his worst mistake was in trying to play all sides as you end up playing none. Regardless of what you may think about him as a person or his politics/economics...he is a poor leader in the true meaning of the word, there is no argument about that. The problem for Labour going forward is that they are a different party to what they were just 30 years ago. It's going to take them well over a decade to change assuming they wanted to and started now.

    • Astuteous Maximus
      Astuteous Maximus 21 day ago

      @DFandV Yeah we know why, he was having to play both Momentum who help get him in as leader and then Labour voters many of whom voted to leave. I was for leave but not because I don;t believe in a united Europe. The idea of a united Europe is not only sound, it;s probably a necessity going into the end of the century. I voted leave due to the people who are currently ruling the EU mate. I do not agree with their vision of Europe. If we are to unite then it needs to be a Europe that is Europe and that is for the interest of Europeans/European culture. If not, I may as well stick to the criminals running the asylum here lol

    • DFandV
      DFandV 21 day ago

      I was for remain but Corbyn indecision is something I openly criticised and created this result.

  • Travis
    Travis 26 days ago +1

    Good job UK!!

  • Mrs Puff
    Mrs Puff 26 days ago +5

    Over the course of the election period, I faced verbal abuse for believing that the Conservatives would return to power with a majority. I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when we met on the 13th.

    • PHX Master
      PHX Master 2 days ago

      Congrats from across the pond!

  • palmenglados TV
    palmenglados TV 28 days ago +3

    I really miss the old election center :/

    • DFandV
      DFandV 27 days ago +1

      Same. It didn't had this special feel.

  • MrAeronuk1
    MrAeronuk1 Month ago +3

    The "election 79" intro was the best version of the opening Arthur theme.

  • Vernon smith
    Vernon smith Month ago +3

    This exit poll served as a reality check...if you were to read the comments on twitter in the days and weeks leading up to the election, you would have been convinced Comrade Corbyn was heading for a huge landslide...the youth quake was in full tremor and there was a crescendo of anti Boris and anti Tory rhetoric. It goes to show how out of touch and misrepresenting twitter is. It is a left wing echo chamber which had actively waged a war against non left wing users with right wing (or rather non left wing) accounts being closed down for the slightest infraction whilst left wing hatred is allowed to flourish unchallenged. I myself have had three accounts closed in the last year, because I failed to tow the lefty line. If us time this left wing propaganda platform is closed down. There should be no place in Post brexit UK for fifth columnists to peddle their poison and twitter needs investigating for discrimination and bias

  • Vernon smith
    Vernon smith Month ago +2

    This was definitely one of those ‘Kennedy’ moments for me...a moment you will recall with instant clarity no matter how old you get...you will remember where you were and who you were with when you saw/heard the result of this exit poll...it was a real goosebump moment as it finally, after three and half years of dither and delay, and the foul plottings and frustrations of that ‘rogue’ Parliament, meant that Brexit would now be done, democracy had won out despite the efforts of those who sought to overturn it. It also saw off the rise of the extremist militant left, delivering upon it such a crushing battering that hopefully we’ve knocked it back into the foul fetid swamp out of which it crawled in the first place. I’m hoping we have destroyed it completely or at least immobilised it for another generation or more.

  • Dinesh Singh
    Dinesh Singh Month ago +2

    BBC is puppet of Radical Socialist

  • toasteh
    toasteh Month ago +2

    Wow its almost as if trying to guilt people to vote for you with your non-stop identity politics and accusations of racism/sexism doesnt work.

  • Fruit Machine Videos & Emulations

    they brought the arthur theme now

  • Gaming Fielder
    Gaming Fielder Month ago

    All biased this was rigged

  • David Gaines
    David Gaines Month ago +1

    You sound just like the American liberal media! Your the minority we are conservative! We don't agree with nor do we support you!

  • David Gaines
    David Gaines Month ago +1

    Pray for America the liberals are trying to overthrow our president in a no crimes fake impeachment!

    • DFandV
      DFandV 27 days ago

      I have a feeling this result will be repeated in the US for Trump.

    • Gaming Fielder
      Gaming Fielder Month ago


  • David Gaines
    David Gaines Month ago

    You damn near ruined your country over this fake global warming scam! You better hurry up and get out of the E.U that is draining you of your money and Power! You all need to be making England great again! (U.K)

  • camo man
    camo man Month ago +1

    The bbc has been bought and paid for

  • MrMadjones
    MrMadjones Month ago +1

    Jo Swinson , Ile be PM ...... In reality she was out into the wilderness before breakfast 🤣

  • MrMadjones
    MrMadjones Month ago

    Next to go should be the ' TV Licence ' !

  • MrMadjones
    MrMadjones Month ago

    I bet the Far left BBC heart dropped when Boris won .... They aren't also known as The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation for nothing .

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith Month ago +1

    Well... Hezza gave up, so has Bliar, even Steve Bray 📣. What about Gina Miller?

  • Mark Klaus
    Mark Klaus Month ago +1

    So confusing, big touch screen a big risc map, a door for the winner to go through, i dont know what the hell is going on.

  • keegan773
    keegan773 Month ago +89

    The time when people realise that Twitter and Islington do NOT represent the United Kingdom.

    • BarbarianBreed
      BarbarianBreed 2 days ago +1

      @DFandV that's because Native English people are a minority in London & those Native English that do still populate London are ethno-masicist whites indoctrinated in leftist, cultural Marxist doctrine.. London is not representative of the majority of England.

    • bobby bingle
      bobby bingle 4 days ago

      Jeremy "remainer" Vine sounded disappointed 🤣🤣🤣

    • James Wegrzyn
      James Wegrzyn 9 days ago

      The Dracobirthstonian California’s a beautiful place.

    • GrrMeister
      GrrMeister 21 day ago +6

      *God only knows who Islington Voters are from - Corbynista's and Thornside sure picked 100% safe seats with (just checked to be sure) less than 48% born in Britain, overrun by migrants with free NHS/Schools/Benefits all free today Utopia etc etc....*

    • Roger Allison
      Roger Allison 23 days ago

      The Dracobirthstonian Yes, America is represented by illiterate God-bothering shitkickers in Ohio and Alabamy.

  • Robinson Lazo Baquerizo


  • Completing Me
    Completing Me Month ago +2

    Pro jehadi BBCs, no wonder poll results is a nightmare for them😂

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith Month ago +2

    ARTHUR! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ian Chesney
    Ian Chesney Month ago +17

    Soo proud of the U.K. cheers from USA.

    • DFandV
      DFandV 21 day ago

      @baole58 Neither. Not First Past the Post or Electoral college that disregard the popular vote. Time for Proportional representation.

    • baole58
      baole58 27 days ago +1

      I'm American too, and even though I'm happy that the UK is leaving the EU, the GE, and the referendum, is an example of tyranny. The UK needs an electoral college.

    RIPZYEE Month ago


  • not the popular view

    I wonder how people will feel in 5 years time after the UK economy slides into the wilderness, the irony is the people and regions who will lose the most are the very ones who caused the landslide election result and brexit.
    Time and time again people continue to fall for the lies of populist politicians not just in Britain but worldwide.

    • Stuart Calvert
      Stuart Calvert 24 days ago +1

      I wonder how you will feel in 5 years time, When you come to realise, All that which you spout now, Which you spout on behalf of others, Who tell you to believe it, Is all a big fat lie, Trading Bloc's like the EU are soo 20th Century !

  • Bacchus Lacchus
    Bacchus Lacchus Month ago

    LOL,.....Fake News BBC.....and their constant undermining of the Will of the British people...... Traitors pur sang.

  • I Saw The horror On Intranet

    Clap clap clap clap

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +2


    • Jack
      Jack Month ago

      craigr98 I lead a huge active life speaking to people of all age groups and nationalities.UKIP forced Cameron to call a referendum.Boris stole his mandate and policies like fishing,points system for immigration etc FARAGE is the father of a new nation

    • craigr98
      craigr98 Month ago

      Jack you need to get out more

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Boris copied Farage and UKIP

  • Manu
    Manu Month ago +1

    UNITED IRELAND............!!!

  • Owen Sparkes
    Owen Sparkes Month ago +28

    This was the best 15 minutes of my life 🌳

    • Stephen Porter
      Stephen Porter 25 days ago

      Owen Sparkes I know what you mean. I felt like breakdancing😂😂

    • Happy Pancake
      Happy Pancake 27 days ago +2

      Owen Sparkes, sad

  • john a
    john a Month ago

    I'm thinking if Labour elect their next leader who yet another remainer, then what does that say about choice in having Boris as Tory leader? ' Remain and remain alike'?

  • poodtang2
    poodtang2 Month ago +1

    The Exit Poll turned out to be pretty damn close this time.

  • Mohamed Woni
    Mohamed Woni Month ago

    BBC=CNN.MSNBC.NBC.ABC.WASHINGTON POST.NEW YORK TIMES.etc...=FAKE NEWS. They are all the same left wing media.

  • judgewest2000
    judgewest2000 Month ago +10

    This feels so insanely good

    • judgewest2000
      judgewest2000 Month ago

      @Roger Allison better than being ran by the crèche known as Labour with their chief toddler Corbyn

    • Roger Allison
      Roger Allison Month ago

      judgewest2000 It won’t in five years’ time. Or less.

  • Wolfs Rune
    Wolfs Rune Month ago +2

    Naga should have been fired

  • Adam G
    Adam G Month ago +2

    That girl looks like she is a about to bawl.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton Month ago +3

    Drinking game: Every time they say exit poll, take a shot.

  • Francis55
    Francis55 Month ago