Avengers Infinity War SPOILER Review


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  • Darragh Foran
    Darragh Foran 3 days ago


  • Leeann Naidoo
    Leeann Naidoo 5 days ago

    You've reached new lows Grace 😐

  • Sleeping Seb
    Sleeping Seb 12 days ago +1

    I agree with most of the comments you have something against marvel for some reason, maybe because dc movies never even come close

  • Sleeping Seb
    Sleeping Seb 12 days ago

    Why would anyone have a problem with black widow killing actual villains? She’s as assassin

  • MainMaximumYT
    MainMaximumYT 16 days ago

    This is supposed to be nothing to avengers 4 wow can’t wait

  • Shining Star
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  • Brady Bast
    Brady Bast 22 days ago

    When you say that Thanos Fridges her, I don't think your definition comes into play. It doesn't matter who Thanos Killed. It wasn't a love interest of his, it was his DAUGHTER. If it was a boy, a girl or even his beloved chair (lol), it would not have made a difference.

  • bcl11mvp
    bcl11mvp 24 days ago

    Your criticisms seem kind of vapid and lack understanding of the character development of these characters over 10 years.
    Probably the main criticisms I would agree with is Mark Ruffalo in the Hulk Buster, and that’s about it...

  • ma403
    ma403 26 days ago

    Grace, ur libtard bullshit is getting on my nerves

  • zutrue
    zutrue Month ago

    If you want to talk about bad VFX...check that hair in the mirror. Now that is bad!!! Next...just because YOU can't figure it out its bad??? OH, I know Aliens but I still couldn't figure out where you were going. Well...ONE you apparently don't know Jack. And TWO...since you couldn't figure it out, why not just shut up and watch. The movie had already figured it out for YOU. OH...I don't know. I forgot. Yeah.

  • RealStarWars 456
    RealStarWars 456 Month ago

    TLJ RE-EDIT REVIEW IS NEEDED DESPERATELY BY YOUR CHANNEL. Help get the word out, please!!!😍😘😍😘😍😍

  • Tiff's Right Ear
    Tiff's Right Ear Month ago

    Batman has a no killing rule which is a significant part of his character. those other characters don’t..
    PS: I don’t think Ebony Maw died.

  • iamadoormatt 09
    iamadoormatt 09 Month ago

    Batman has said that he won't kill but the avengers have never said they won't kill

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy Month ago

    You actually had a lot of valid points here, I'm surprised. As for the movie, it was surprisingly rushed. Rushed as in, "we need to keep moving to meet the 2 and a half hour deadline." I don't know why that was. Since Thanos is the driving force behind the plot, he could've taken the stones at his leisure. Had the focus been redirected onto fleshing out the story more, the emotional moments may have hit harder, because as it stands, they felt very lacking to me.
    The MCU digital effects have noticably taken a hit since Spiderman: Homecoming last year. Extremely lazy and very bizarre considering the Star Wars sister franchise has such cutting edge visuals.
    Lastly, there's way too much over-the-top humor in this movie, mainly from the Guardians. Yes, that's their characters, but the "end of the universe" is at stake. A little composure, please.

  • Kelsey C
    Kelsey C Month ago


  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers Month ago

    Fans didn’t let Marvel get away with The Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

  • avinash chowdary
    avinash chowdary Month ago

    Can you please do review on searching movie

  • Nick Debellis
    Nick Debellis Month ago

    This pissed me off you dc blow hatf

  • evion223
    evion223 2 months ago

    Nah, I prefer this soul's stone answer than someone having it,that or Adam warlock..

  • Stephanie Merritt
    Stephanie Merritt 2 months ago

    I would love to hear if your review has changed a bit now. I have rewatched this movie at least 10x and I would love to know if you've rewatched it and what you think. I did not feel like Gamora was fridged. I feel like Gamora's attitude has been one of someone who always knew they were doomed. I feel differently now along with some of your other points. I look forward to a revisit before the next Infinity War.

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy 2 months ago

    Tom Holland better get a Oscar

  • Raffaela E
    Raffaela E 2 months ago +1

    I think thanos was on gomora's planet when they showed him in the ending scene. It was beautiful and it would make sense that he would go there. That is why he was sad and happy

  • Raffaela E
    Raffaela E 2 months ago +2

    But Peter never acted like an adult before so he was actually coherent to his character. He is impulsive and he just acted impulsively.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 2 months ago

    Cut off Thanos's fingers is genius. I think that you are the first person I heard say that. Very smart!

  • Alexander Villanueva
    Alexander Villanueva 2 months ago +1

    OMG GRACE, I look up to your review spoiler, cause i think that you will be just hype as i am, but I just realize that your so obsessed with being offended by everything that i dont even want to be on your channel anymore. You really creep me out.

  • Sarah MacQueen
    Sarah MacQueen 2 months ago

    Just watched Infinity War for the first time and almost the first thing I thought was oof what's Grace gonna say!

  • annelentur
    annelentur 2 months ago +1

    Can you at least tray not Show your hate to.MARVEL its so said.

  • No Way
    No Way 2 months ago +1

    I still didn't see the movie but from scenes we can see on TVclip (audience reactions), the ''death'' of Spiderman looks heartbreaking.

  • Silent Refusal
    Silent Refusal 2 months ago +2

    Oh and they didn't kill Idris Elba because he is black, they simply killed his character, just like in the comics.
    And Gamora dying at the hands of Thanos?? That's weak writing? Really?

  • ExtremeAnalDischarge
    ExtremeAnalDischarge 2 months ago

    23:30 Batman does not kill. It's part of his ethos. People react to it being out of character when Batman is blowing people away with a shotgun. NO KILLING, NO GUNS!

  • Jamaal Crawford
    Jamaal Crawford 2 months ago

    You really gotta put the note pad down sometimes.

  • daedae88
    daedae88 2 months ago +3

    She tries so hard to be pro black that I feel like she's actually predjudice

  • superdarkthoughts
    superdarkthoughts 2 months ago

    To be fair, Widow, Cap, Hawkeye, Falcon, Fury etc all have a military/spy background, all of them have killed at some point. Tony killed in Iron Man 1 when he blew up the terrorists, He shot a hole through James Badge Dale's chest, he had Pepper kill Obidiah, etc. Thor also has killed in the centuries he's lived. Same with the Guardians. They killed Korath, Ronan, Ego, etc. They don't have a no kill policy, they do it if it's necassary.

  • clara
    clara 3 months ago +1

    No one wanted hawkeye

  • Ariel Augusto Turcios DuPuis

    The movie was just ok....I think you are looking too much into a poorly written movie. They could have done a lot better. Oh well....

    • Regular Guy
      Regular Guy Month ago

      Not necessarily "poorly written", I mean it's leaps and bounds better than, say Thor: Ragnorok. But the unanimous praise is a little much. Parts of this movie felt very much like catch up for ideas and character development that should've been handled in previous films.

    NEELSAN 3 months ago +2

    I hope you're only joking when you say you're offended about things you see in movies that were never meant to be offensive in the first place.

  • Tony Rock
    Tony Rock 3 months ago

    What a voice!

  • Voicewav
    Voicewav 3 months ago

    Huh, I never looked it that way. Women used to further men's story arch. That's not cool.

  • Arnold Ndoto
    Arnold Ndoto 3 months ago

    I think if you re-watch this Grace you will realize that you also do not want the trinity of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to die as well.

  • TWNS 10
    TWNS 10 3 months ago

    She butchered Okoyes line.

  • What is happening on internet?

    Wow you are mansplaining the bejesus out of Infinity War.

  • Hayder Neamah
    Hayder Neamah 3 months ago

    Wow your really hate marvel lol

  • brokechanic
    brokechanic 3 months ago

    We need Edward Norton back

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    gauntlet is only coded to thanos you will see that in avengers 4

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    l knew that Red skull will come one day and I also knew that he will show himself in this movie.

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    no no no plz don't take tony and what about captain u want him to die

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    Captain America forced thanos to use his second hand. which is something that Thor and black panther cannot do.

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    really now you will make joke of Peter dinklage

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago

    not surprising you like lron man and you hate and abuse other heroes specially Captain America. and it hurts me

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye 3 months ago +1

    lt was Dr strange team and not lron man's team. and the plan was of star lord

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 3 months ago

    15:42 What cup size is Dr. Doom?

  • Nabulous Monkey
    Nabulous Monkey 3 months ago +1

    8:24 Hey Grace! In the movie Red Skull said: In order to take the stone, you must lose that which you love. So if Thanos had brought Nebula with him, he probably wouldn't have the soul stone now. Because Thanos didn't love Nebula and neither did Nebula love him.

  • Heart Storm Media
    Heart Storm Media 3 months ago

    Every time you say hello or welcome I fall in love there's just something about your voice

  • Adam Mejai
    Adam Mejai 3 months ago

    #Scarlet witch is OP!!!!!!

  • Aleksis Avots
    Aleksis Avots 3 months ago +1

    If they would have killed bucky permanently I would have clapped

  • hifrom mike
    hifrom mike 3 months ago +3

    I don't buy Thanos as charismatic, sympathetic, or even antiheroic. He is a Hitlerian who uses genocide as a final solution. He is the antagonist in the film. The protagonist is the collective ensemble of good guys & gals. That's why eliminating some of them is so painful & dramatically effective.

  • Andrew Henry
    Andrew Henry 4 months ago +1

    i love your mind. this vid as over 5000 marvel fan boys, but take it as compliment. you said things that SHOULD BE POINTED OUT

    • Andrew Henry
      Andrew Henry 3 months ago +1

      Xanstrom it's not about not liking the movie. It's about saying what for some reason, nobody wants to talk about. She fully said she liked infinity war so..

    • Xanstrom
      Xanstrom 3 months ago +1

      how can she not like this movie, but like Jurassic world fallen kingdom?

  • Chyperfox Wolf
    Chyperfox Wolf 4 months ago +2

    I am sad that groot died

  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 4 months ago +1

    23:45 ehm... Avengers don't have a code to not kill people. batman does. No killling..

  • Derek Quinn
    Derek Quinn 4 months ago

    Idris Elba as Jon Stewart!!!

  • Molly Corkey Flatters
    Molly Corkey Flatters 4 months ago

    He likes Bubbles, he has a heart!!!! ❤️

  • Liel ben atar
    Liel ben atar 4 months ago +3

    so your'e not gonna talk about the most emotionl death of spider man?!?!

  • Ayoola Akorede
    Ayoola Akorede 4 months ago

    Red Skull yes

  • Richard Koek
    Richard Koek 4 months ago

    thanks for your reference to the cliché of killing the black character first....

  • Huntsman
    Huntsman 4 months ago

    Edward Norton should have been our Hulk. It's sad.

  • Huntsman
    Huntsman 4 months ago

    Why did you say they killed a black character first? Did Loki die before Heimdall?

  • Anguished Repose
    Anguished Repose 4 months ago

    Obvious point mixed, Grace... the bulk of the characters left are the original Avengers. Of course everyone had to go. Brilliant play... Cause A4 will end the way it all began. Wonder writing!

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 4 months ago

    I'm watching this review again and Grace your awesome.

  • wizkid2000
    wizkid2000 4 months ago +2

    how are 700 thousand people subscribed to this vapid idiot?!

    • Oliver Mavlappas
      Oliver Mavlappas Month ago

      wizkid2000 because a lot of her reviews are really good, just not a fan of this one

  • Mario Pantoja
    Mario Pantoja 4 months ago +1

    You seem highly critical and nit picky with marvel movies and seem to give DC movies a pass and gloss over the problems with them.

  • Ram Dato
    Ram Dato 4 months ago


  • Jon Boyle
    Jon Boyle 4 months ago

    Grace, the reason people are saying you spoiled things is because “fridging” means a female was killed. I’m confused how you don’t realize that’s a spoiler considering you explained correctly what fridging was.

  • mrawesome669
    mrawesome669 4 months ago +3

    Jesus, I really like you Grace but when you say it’s a problem that the first character that died was black I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. This identitarianism is actually true racism as it segregates what can be done with characters based PURELY on their race.
    Elba dying was necessary and emotional as it was another of Thor’s close friends being killed. That’s it, race has nothing to do with it...

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 4 months ago +1

    What do you mean black widow wasn’t hiding ? They had to change they’re appearance to the public for 2 years just like cap also scarlet accent

  • AjGuerrero @gmail.com
    AjGuerrero @gmail.com 4 months ago

    Let me find out u watched aiw with Daniel O'Brien lol

  • michaeldublg
    michaeldublg 4 months ago

    the reason people did not like the fact that Batman was killing people is because it's not his character to do so.
    do the Batman's popularity, everyone knows for the most part he doesn't kill.
    no one is generally aware of the Avengers "policy" on this subject so when they kill a lot of people no one thinks anything of it or probably even cares.
    so the criticisms in regards to this are not inconsistent they are consistently logical.

  • michaeldublg
    michaeldublg 4 months ago +1

    killing a black character in a movie is the most cliche and offencive thing???..... hmmm, I really enjoy your reviews but I fail to see how killing a black character in the movie is offencive. the reason I I can't see the killing of a black character in the movie as offencive, is because it quite simply is not.

  • Julie K
    Julie K 4 months ago

    Excuse me, but what were the problems between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, as stated in this spoiler alert?

  • AjGuerrero @gmail.com
    AjGuerrero @gmail.com 4 months ago

    Let me find out you watched avengers with Daniel O'Brien

  • Totally tubular Marvel !
    Totally tubular Marvel ! 4 months ago +1

    Red skull was Ross (Arron) from the walking dead.

  • Nick Jerles
    Nick Jerles 4 months ago

    So, how do I get a get a movie date with you?

  • Javier Smith
    Javier Smith 4 months ago +1

    I thought Red Skull looked more like Death, and that it was a small homage to her. But I guess he did look like Dr. Doom as well.

  • Karely De La O
    Karely De La O 4 months ago +1

    I like gamora and I was really sad when she died

  • James Chung
    James Chung 5 months ago

    Really? I thought Peter Dinklage's character worked really well because the comic book design had that giant-dwarf look to it.

  • Crimson Freak
    Crimson Freak 5 months ago +2

    Why didn't you mention the part Peter Dinklage says to Thor "It will kill you" Thor replies "Only if I die". Peter replies "Yes, that what killing you means" lol. I thought it was one of the funniest moments.

  • Motorboat Jones
    Motorboat Jones 5 months ago

    Thanos was trying to get the time stone , why would he pull down the moon and possibly destroy the planet and by extension the stone

  • Ethan Matthew
    Ethan Matthew 5 months ago

    Thank you....well said.

  • outboardprsnlstndup
    outboardprsnlstndup 5 months ago +1

    I just found your channel and I like your commentary very much. This coming from a person who thinks the mainstream version of diversity can’t die quick enough, and who sees a fair amount of it in your commentary.
    That being said, I think you do a decent job of balancing it all out and being really entertaining. Keep it up.

  • Marcus Sinclair
    Marcus Sinclair 5 months ago

    Chris Pratt wasn't in Zero Dark Thirty hun.

  • Iballisticoctopus
    Iballisticoctopus 5 months ago +2

    I think Thanos broke hulk

  • chien101
    chien101 5 months ago

    There are no rules for most of the Avengers that they do not kill. Where did you come up with that? Where as there is a general rule that Superman & Batman do not kill

  • Margaret
    Margaret 5 months ago +2

    Loki.... Miss him

  • Mrblurr
    Mrblurr 5 months ago +1

    The blind feminism is strong with this vid.

  • ryan miller
    ryan miller 5 months ago

    Mr stark I don't feel so good 😞😣😭

  • Agent Linq
    Agent Linq 5 months ago +3

    7:07 Yeah she died but both Heimdall and Loki (male characters) dies to move Thors story along. And Quick Silver (male character) died and Moved Wanda's (female character) story along. So it's not just the female characters dying in marvel movies to move the males story forward.

    • Mr. K
      Mr. K Month ago


  • jeriatrik
    jeriatrik 5 months ago

    Great job on calling Marvel out on using the fridging trope as well as killing off the black characters (again). I found your review to be very accurate. And the people who say Heimdall isn't black, like... yeah he can be Asgardian and his skin is black, and we live in a society where black people exist and get constantly mistreated, ..., is that hard to see????

  • Daire Smiddy
    Daire Smiddy 5 months ago

    But Batman not killing people is his character.

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver 5 months ago +2

    The best scene for me was when Thanos was torturing Nebula. It was so disturbing how she appeared fine until the camera angle changed to reveal she was in pieces.

  • Danny Hulliung
    Danny Hulliung 5 months ago

    24:00 I think its because NOT killing is such a focal point in Batman's character, and yet he killed a bunch of thugs without even thinking, whereas the Black Order are an alien race that are trying to wipe out half of life in the universe. Its two exceedingly different circumstances where these characters are operating

  • FlylikeaBr1an
    FlylikeaBr1an 6 months ago +1

    My biggest frustration with this film was the lack of common sense displayed by the heroes throughout the film. Especiallllly Dr. Strange. Master of the mystic arts didn't think to use the time stone at any point through the film except to "read" all possible futures, AND completely neglects his sling ring except to hop around a battle field. A portal closed on an arm earlier and sliced it clean right off. Why not do the same to the psychopathic titan trying to kill everyone? Plus he HAS to have had much stronger spells in his arsenal besides making tendrils and shields.