40 Most Unbelievable Coincidences in the World!

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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    Coincidences happen in everyone's life, and we're used to treating them as irrelevant incidents. Well, anything can happen, life is quite unpredictable. But sometimes these very coincidences turn out to be so amazing, funny or even shocking that you can't help but wonder if the matrix is failing. Well, anyway, all these examples deserve your attention.

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  • Madison Edgerton
    Madison Edgerton 13 hours ago +2

    Once we found our puppies sister and they knew their other brother

  • Dark Sushi
    Dark Sushi 3 days ago +1

    WAIT IS THAT SNIPERWOLF IN THE THUMBNAIL!?!?!?!? Are my eyes deceiving me? >_

  • Joseph Derer 2005
    Joseph Derer 2005 6 days ago

    But great video

  • Joseph Derer 2005
    Joseph Derer 2005 6 days ago

    Red car did not make any sense

  • It’sbaby FACE
    It’sbaby FACE 7 days ago +1


  • Red Earth
    Red Earth 7 days ago +1

    The chick on the right in the thumbnail looks a lot like SSSniperwolf

  • Mrs Veronika327
    Mrs Veronika327 8 days ago +3

    3:57 that is swedish text and im from sweden!

  • Billonaire Riches
    Billonaire Riches 12 days ago

    I hope my numbers are a coincidence and I win th lottery

  • Groot t
    Groot t 13 days ago

    I bet u r watching this with one leg on top of the other

  • sweety Dhang
    sweety Dhang 14 days ago

    The coinsendence I never forget. When I came home and I see my husband lying on the bed with another woman. 😜

  • Sama Love
    Sama Love 15 days ago +1

    Hey at a coincidence you watching this video the same time i am at work in your chair, its raining heavy,you are angry and also going through what you have written as the video is paused

  • Tafari Robinson
    Tafari Robinson 15 days ago


  • Rajesh bisoi
    Rajesh bisoi 15 days ago


  • Persephony grace
    Persephony grace 16 days ago +2

    Sssniper wolf on the Thumbnail 😂 does sniper wolf now this??🤔

  • Alicia Chord
    Alicia Chord 17 days ago

    The birthmark on ma right shoulder is the same on ma boyfriends right shoulder same spot, we both do music, and we were born the same month, but ion think its gonna end well after all lol

  • Sung Bae
    Sung Bae 17 days ago


  • Naina Pandit
    Naina Pandit 17 days ago

    I think most of them are adited

  • Naina Pandit
    Naina Pandit 17 days ago +2

    I dont think this is coincedent

  • Nynke Talman
    Nynke Talman 17 days ago +1

    8:16 clearly photoshop

    LINDA PASULANI 18 days ago

    I enjoyed

  • Tyty Mitchell
    Tyty Mitchell 18 days ago

    Thé marathon one is fake

  • shanti Jaggernauth
    shanti Jaggernauth 19 days ago

    I just like how the thumbnail is sssniperwolf

  • Chassidy Jones
    Chassidy Jones 19 days ago +3

    Why did u put Lia (SSSniperwolf) in the thumbnail

    • Gokage Sensei
      Gokage Sensei 18 days ago

      Chassidy Jones thank u I thought I was tripping

  • Ashik Kabeer
    Ashik Kabeer 20 days ago

    the light house picture that is fake 9:45

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 20 days ago

    A lot are just pictures.. its a wonder what Photoshop can do.

  • heartless hyeana
    heartless hyeana 20 days ago +2

    What are the chances of me banging a different chick wit the same clothes on as the chick I'm banging now🤔

  • CJ Playz
    CJ Playz 20 days ago

    That is sssniperwolf in the thumbnail

  • Klootzak
    Klootzak 20 days ago


  • elena yamaguchi
    elena yamaguchi 20 days ago

    Yes, when I was in high school, 2nd grade...it was Christmas day at the church,...during the communion I saw a girl at my age wearing exactly the same dress,...after the mass my family usually spend a while outside the church ground to greet some friends or a neighbours,...then there's another little younger girl wearing the same dress too!!?! 😲😱we're three girls with the same dress,...a white dress with red folka dots all over😃.
    I am on my late 40's now,
    and this video reminds me during my awkward moments,., because when mother bought it said to me as her very special christmas present,...Lol.

  • Alan D
    Alan D 20 days ago

    @5:43 same girl or twins, but not a coincidence at all. Look at their hair outline, relative height, ear positions relative to nose/jawline, and eyebrow endpoints. They're twins or it's the same girl in a photo manipulation. One girl's hair is down and the other's is up, which is the only distinguishable difference.

  • Patrik Sabolic
    Patrik Sabolic 20 days ago

    My OCD is satisfied for today

  • Amy Jacobs
    Amy Jacobs 20 days ago

    Can you slow down?? Damn, I can’t keep up!!

    • Amy Jacobs
      Amy Jacobs 20 days ago

      I can’t tell when one coincidence ends and the next one begins. Take a breath, damn.

  • BlacLizard 123
    BlacLizard 123 21 day ago

    Not the shit I expected

  • Battlelands/ Fortnite
    Battlelands/ Fortnite 21 day ago +56

    The biggest coincidence is that your in bed right now

  • vidoje Arsic
    vidoje Arsic 21 day ago

    Where are two red bitches from start screen?!! FfuckYou!!!

  • DAVID Aghamyan
    DAVID Aghamyan 21 day ago

    9:44 bro its a same picture..

  • Niga Pree
    Niga Pree 22 days ago

    40 dumbest coincidences

  • ItsaMe Gidzwoosh
    ItsaMe Gidzwoosh 22 days ago +5

    is sssniperwolf in the thumbnail?

  • Andreea Bubu
    Andreea Bubu 22 days ago

    Bă ești nebun ? 😅💕

  • Little J
    Little J 23 days ago

    I click cuz thick women

  • shelly big
    shelly big 24 days ago +1

    0:13 me trying to help a friend always

  • Kiersten Garza
    Kiersten Garza 25 days ago

    I had a Coincidence once I walked into the living room and had two towels on and the exact same time my friend was looking at Jesus we looked so alike

  • billy fraiser
    billy fraiser 25 days ago

    Dislike. Video was WAY TOO long for what it is. Dragged on too much, boring. Made it 2 minutes and 20seconds before having to stop. Terrible editing and terrible overall.

  • Quoc Cam Quang
    Quoc Cam Quang 26 days ago

    I scrolled down while video was playing, looking for comments who else think some of this is fake!

  • B1ind B1ake
    B1ind B1ake 26 days ago

    This channel doesn't do the littlest bit of research or use the least bit of common sense when choosing these posts...

    THELAST PATTY 26 days ago +10

    Yesterday, I was in a bus where all the passengers had hair. Coincidence?????

  • yakesh ;
    yakesh ; 27 days ago +2

    The most coincidence stuff happening now is posts that say " ur one leg is on top of the other while reading this post"

  • Muskan Preet
    Muskan Preet 27 days ago

    5:44 is definitely is photoshop it' is sssniperwolf

  • Johnny0311
    Johnny0311 28 days ago


  • cristi-alexandru gheorghe


  • Ava_ BiersackXx
    Ava_ BiersackXx 29 days ago

    Why u steal sssniperwolfs thumbnail

  • Timothy Egappen
    Timothy Egappen 29 days ago

    8:44 man this is freaky, I have the exact combination of cats a tuxedo female and the white and ginger male. Thing is I didn't get them from the same family and I got them one week apart. Also it's such a coincidence that I was watching a video on coincidences and found this out🤣🤣

  • Roaster Coaster
    Roaster Coaster 29 days ago

    Why am I watching this??

  • Kaki Thungs
    Kaki Thungs Month ago

    Your talking is disturbing

  • anthony disanto
    anthony disanto Month ago

    at 5:41 their both pics of sssniperwolf. this pic was from one of her YT videos.

  • Scotty McThottie
    Scotty McThottie Month ago

    What’s the name of the movie 1:44

  • Scotty McThottie
    Scotty McThottie Month ago

    What’s the name of movie 1 44

  • RVGE
    RVGE Month ago +27

    Is thumbnail Sssnieperwolf?

  • Ruchith Talanki
    Ruchith Talanki Month ago +2

    I got answer for thumbnail that nice edit XD

  • Eulin Ylli
    Eulin Ylli Month ago +1

    Whats the movie named on 5:36 please help

  • Tomkid Laishram
    Tomkid Laishram Month ago +8

    The Cats...their reaction woww!😂

  • Tropic-Al
    Tropic-Al Month ago

    Comment reading is better than video watching!!😜 😜😜

  • Milad Norouzi
    Milad Norouzi Month ago

    check out this coincidence picture of my teacher

  • SliK
    SliK Month ago +3

    Who else thought about this badass film 1:57

    • SliK
      SliK Month ago +1

      Scotty McThottie- In Bruges
      (Such a sic film- the dark humour’s the best)

    • Scotty McThottie
      Scotty McThottie Month ago

      SliK what’s the name of it

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black Month ago +1

    Glitch’s in the matrix

  • Theodore Bagwell
    Theodore Bagwell Month ago +4

    2:19 what am I supposed to be looking at here????
    Please someone help.

  • XYZ Quak
    XYZ Quak Month ago +4

    8:12 crack voice

  • Songoku76610
    Songoku76610 Month ago

    0:56 my favorite coincidence

  • Abdiwadud Mahamed
    Abdiwadud Mahamed Month ago

    What waa that

  • andrea micucci
    andrea micucci Month ago

    The thumbnail is the same chick at 2 different times

  • Julius Jensen
    Julius Jensen Month ago

    Alle herinde er bøsser

  • Bricksecret Agent
    Bricksecret Agent Month ago

    Half of them are planned and adobe

  • Juvel Mark Serrano
    Juvel Mark Serrano Month ago

    Enjoying their CAT LIFE

  • Shiko Artin Tim
    Shiko Artin Tim Month ago

    It happen to me many times
    I put a lock key for my luggage 318 when I went to hotel that company use to pay the room was 318
    I fart in my room and I open a chrome browser and a lady in pic had her nose bloc

  • Rasmey Kyo
    Rasmey Kyo Month ago

    What is the movie called on 1:40?

  • wyldstallyn2005
    wyldstallyn2005 Month ago

    5:44.....the woman in red, fake photo. It’s the same woman just two different pictures put together. Don’t believe me.....have a look at the back wall under the green sign, shelves are off center, lots of blurry ness around the middle, and the ceiling doesn’t even match for that section of the store. Let’s look at the woman now, the sunglasses are exactly on the same part of the nose, eyebrows are exactly the same. Now some stuff in this video were cool, but this photo is completely fake, who ever did this did a horrible job.

  • ΠΦ øń3
    ΠΦ øń3 Month ago

    You just put arrows at a person that all of us see, do you think we are stupid?

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris Month ago +1

    You know the content is shit when you gotta show ass in the thumbnail.

  • Gao Yong
    Gao Yong Month ago

    Cool video
    Really like it

  • Izhar Niazi
    Izhar Niazi Month ago

    Taylor Swift lol😂😂

  • Nadia the potato head

    Y'all using sssniperwolf'd shit! No one messes with MY favorite French TVclipr 🤗🤗🤗!!!

  • Lolicon S
    Lolicon S Month ago

    Thumbnail look like sssniperwolf

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Month ago +8

    I only clicked because you used sssniperwolf's previous thumbnail on her similar video

    • jashawn diego
      jashawn diego Month ago

      She probably got the thumbnail from here first

  • Money Gamer
    Money Gamer Month ago

    Now i got two wife

    SAFDAR MUHAMMED Month ago +3

    kind of disturbing video !

  • Edgar Clifford Pajuelas Ducot

    Majority in this video is fake ugh


    Wtf is that lia in the thumbnail

  • SirGonzoYT
    SirGonzoYT Month ago

    What's the movie called at 1:26?

  • Mary Seacross
    Mary Seacross Month ago +1

    I ran into a friend that I had known in California in New York City

  • Elizabeth Vallet Jackson


  • Philip Studios
    Philip Studios Month ago


  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez Month ago

    100% español

  • 666MikeRochip
    666MikeRochip Month ago

    I was hitchhiking once thinking about someone I have not seen for 20 years "what is he doing now"... a moment later he was the next car to pick me up...I don't BELIEVE in coincidences...I call it SERENDIPITY...I have no choice but to think that the universe is conscious of itself...truth is stranger than fiction.

  • PapaShar Ahmad
    PapaShar Ahmad 2 months ago


  • Cench Century
    Cench Century 2 months ago

    Where can I find that instrumental playing on the background?

  • Abasiofon Inyang James
    Abasiofon Inyang James 2 months ago


  • Peter Edwards
    Peter Edwards 2 months ago

    boring unsubscribed ...

  • XLR Cardigan
    XLR Cardigan 2 months ago +1

    The second one is from my homeland alberta banff

  • phill7915 olivares
    phill7915 olivares 2 months ago +7

    6:09 someone pulled out steak cause they forgot that it was next to their torches

  • Jordan B Waugh
    Jordan B Waugh 2 months ago +1

    Pic is called double exposure