I Styled Clothes I Hate for a Week


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  • Sierra Schultzzie
    Sierra Schultzzie  Month ago +2741


    • Sarah Grant
      Sarah Grant 13 days ago

      I would have added a cute skirt over it. Then it just looks like tights and a tank top.

    • izzy. wizzy
      izzy. wizzy 19 days ago

      Sierra Schultzzie YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    • Big Daddy Dick
      Big Daddy Dick 21 day ago

      Hey, you know you're fucking fat, right ? If you lost some godamn weight more shit would probably fit you better dumbass. Godamn whale trying to fit into a goldfish tank....fucking ridiculous. LOSE SOME GODAMN WEIGHT YOU FAT FUCK. FOR FUCKS SAKE !!!

    • Jeh Jeh
      Jeh Jeh 24 days ago

      The grey jumpsuit may have been more comfortable if you wore a skirt or something over it? Also i cannot wear jumpsuits with my body type, it looked cute on you though😊😊

    • DSC Hockey
      DSC Hockey 25 days ago

      Sierra Schultzzie lol

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 5 hours ago

    The last outfit is so good

  • Keira Bull
    Keira Bull Day ago

    2:30 cutest outfit ever #styleicon

    Lol ik u don’t love it but it does look great

  • Savanna Olivero
    Savanna Olivero 2 days ago

    A million views wow good job Sierra 😁❤️ I just recently started watching you and I really enjoy your content! ☺️ definitely subscribing to your channel and gifting that bell notification!

  • Julianne Rose Baril
    Julianne Rose Baril 2 days ago

    I honestly don't think the first item looked bad on her at all

  • yoongi's wifeu
    yoongi's wifeu 2 days ago

    What camera u using?

  • Kelcie Dent
    Kelcie Dent 2 days ago

    I don't know about Teletubby, but you do look like you decided to walk around in just your long johns. =v=

  • Cassie lozano
    Cassie lozano 3 days ago

    Where did you get the brown cardigan over the gray jumpsuit?!

  • The Hopeful Wanderer

    that clear animal cropped thing made me LOL.. "this would totally show my under boob.. regardless that it's see through"

  • Isabelle Jones
    Isabelle Jones 3 days ago

    3:21 I have those Mickey Mouse ears

  • Erie Del Blanco
    Erie Del Blanco 4 days ago

    I thought she was 17

  • Michele Holcomb
    Michele Holcomb 4 days ago

    Now I want overalls, they looked so dang cute on you!

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 5 days ago

    You should redo these looks with suggestions from your viewers.

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 5 days ago

    What about a skirt, denim jacket and ankle boots over the grey bodysuit?
    I like the skirt with the last look better.

  • Samantha James
    Samantha James 6 days ago

    I wanted overalls SOOOOOO bad! I’m 5’9” and I found the besttttttt (size, fit, material, length) at Torrid. If you haven’t found any, try there!

  • Annie B.
    Annie B. 6 days ago

    You are so awesome!! ❤️

  • MB
    MB 6 days ago

    Girll I'm lov you, know this, but as someone with a similar body shape as you how do you stand lower rising undergarments??
    Like to each their own, but that extra support is the difference between a good day and a bad day for me. 😩

  • danielle allen
    danielle allen 6 days ago

    you look so good in those overalls!!

  • Carol Mary
    Carol Mary 7 days ago

    Sierra: I saw it in forever 21 and I was like PERFECT I HATE IT

  • XXHogwartsPrincessXX Hp

    I see it
    I hate it
    I dont want it
    I got it

  • Noa
    Noa 8 days ago

    Animal print is my fav trend. Especially flared animal print pants with like a white graphic tee.

  • Miss King's Resale
    Miss King's Resale 8 days ago

    That grey jumpsuit is horrific. And I don't mean on you girlfriend. I mean period lol. You fucking rock for wearing all this shit and owning it girl!

  • Marsha Roach
    Marsha Roach 8 days ago

    I like your video Sierra and i like your a curve girl. Like me!

  • Steven Ellison
    Steven Ellison 9 days ago

    I love me some overalls!

  • Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey 9 days ago

    The overalls were adorable. You could alter the straps. I've done it.

  • Lis Figueiredo
    Lis Figueiredo 9 days ago


  • Eteeweetee
    Eteeweetee 9 days ago

    I think you liked the jacket until Steven didn’t

  • Ella20023456
    Ella20023456 10 days ago

    hheehehehehhe you are so cute and quirky i love it

  • Amanda Pittar
    Amanda Pittar 10 days ago

    I loved it when you called it “ bangin” - the Uggs were perfect. If you had worn some old grandma high knickers it might have helped the VPL, but you styled it WELL. The overalls, mmm, I’m with you all the way. But you looked good. The plastic Mac? Obviously NOT for keeping the rain off seriously. You worked wonders with that crop top. It not only looked stylish, but it looked like you could forget what you were wearing. I would be securing the top with tiny safety pins to avoid constantly adjusting it. I really enjoyed this video, thankyou

  • Wolf arii
    Wolf arii 11 days ago


  • Ingrid Nineteen
    Ingrid Nineteen 11 days ago

    You're so cute and bubbly! I love your positive energy! ❤

  • Grace is gay
    Grace is gay 11 days ago

    How is she always so happy

  • Brittney Beiler
    Brittney Beiler 11 days ago

    There are undergarments that are not shapewear that will not alter the shape and curve of your body that can make a onesie look different and more flattering.

  • Scarlette Mendez
    Scarlette Mendez 11 days ago

    The grey jumpsuit would have been amazing if you just wore some shapewear to make it a little more sleek, but it still looked great on you and your body is bangin

  • annieevelyn3112
    annieevelyn3112 11 days ago +2

    First outfit is every female Australian bogan on sunday morning at woolies buying ciggies Haha

  • Jessica Harrelson
    Jessica Harrelson 12 days ago

    I wore that grey unitard when I was pregnant. I loved it.

  • Vanessa Lares
    Vanessa Lares 12 days ago

    What lipstick do you have on? It looks AMAZING!

  • Ted Daly
    Ted Daly 12 days ago

    Finally a you tuber who you can relate to and has a natural body..😘

  • Kat Gee
    Kat Gee 13 days ago

    The first outfit would look better with shapewear. But it wasn’t that bad to begin with! Give yourself some credit girl!!

  • Lila Laban
    Lila Laban 13 days ago

    You are so pretty!❤️💎👑

  • Taylor Patterson
    Taylor Patterson 13 days ago +3

    Some underwear to squeeze in the gut is always perfect!

  • It'sTheGameILove
    It'sTheGameILove 13 days ago

    If you are really looking for some overalls you have to try lucyandyak.com :)

  • Aubrey Findley
    Aubrey Findley 13 days ago

    Where did you get the black bodysuit!?

  • Rachel
    Rachel 14 days ago +1

    Where’s the link to the Arizona Co. jeans?? I really want a pair and can’t find the link

    CHANDRA MOULI 14 days ago

    My fav outfit......
    I love them💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Alla Karimova
    Alla Karimova 14 days ago +1

    Maybe the 1. with a belt?

  • Sofía Reyes
    Sofía Reyes 14 days ago +3

    Having a body possitive journey right now too. I was wondering, what diet and exercises are you doing? My goal is not to loose any weight, but I like seeing different styles of diets and exercises :)

  • Lemovou Allison
    Lemovou Allison 14 days ago

    I literally love her 💋

  • Leticia Dellos
    Leticia Dellos 15 days ago

    I just dont like the first one, you look cute with the others 😊

  • Allonaxo
    Allonaxo 15 days ago

    I wear fanny packs w my jumpsuits 😉

  • Kenesha Williams
    Kenesha Williams 15 days ago +1


  • Eve Julien
    Eve Julien 15 days ago

    I always belt my overalls bc my shoulders also leave bagging so that it’s #cute and trendy

  • Christina Burney
    Christina Burney 15 days ago

    Where did you get that jean jacket from the beginning????

  • Babytina Boo
    Babytina Boo 15 days ago

    The Grey jumpsuit didn’t even look bad

  • Keahi Ohana
    Keahi Ohana 15 days ago

    Aloha from Hawai’i 🌺

  • Nadiia Pikulia
    Nadiia Pikulia 16 days ago

    The cheetah print outfit looks sooooo cute on u I love it so much

  • john lennon is my dad
    john lennon is my dad 16 days ago

    did you try to adjust the overalls straps??

    • Bella Weirdo
      Bella Weirdo 14 days ago

      john lennon is my dad she said they would only go so far. There was a part after church that she said she couldn’t tighten them anymore

  • Gaëlle Wauthier
    Gaëlle Wauthier 16 days ago

    The clear cheetah outfit was soooooo cute!

  • Diana Ilea
    Diana Ilea 17 days ago

    Girl your body is beautiful love yourself you slayed those outfits 💖 and is good that your bf is so supportive

  • jsquared5eva alsocas
    jsquared5eva alsocas 17 days ago

    That black body suit and high waist jeans look FIRE on you!

  • Erudessa22
    Erudessa22 17 days ago

    We stan a woman facing her insecurities. Live, queen!

  • Ilektra C
    Ilektra C 17 days ago

    I just recently discovered your channel and I’m so glad I did ❤️
    I agree with you and don’t like the jumpsuit you wore first for a few reasons;
    There’s nothing special to it
    Your belly button shows through it and that’s my biggest pet peeve on tight clothes - they need to have a bit of a ticket fabric if they are this fight
    Andddddd most importantly how do you peeee 😭
    Oof girl props to you for your positivity and patience

  • lowkeydarkknight
    lowkeydarkknight 17 days ago

    the jacket with the black jeans and long denim is popping

  • lowkeydarkknight
    lowkeydarkknight 17 days ago

    the overalls would look good with a peanut butter brown belt and a cut umm dob had with your hair style. you know like the inspector gadget hats what are those called ladies. oh and some peanut butter brown sandles

  • lowkeydarkknight
    lowkeydarkknight 17 days ago

    the gray jump suit i got as well and it runs small but if i would got maybe a 1x although im a large and may a full body shape wear a long cardigan and a belt around the cardigan and thigh high boots.

  • itsyolislife
    itsyolislife 17 days ago

    Girl your almost at 700K already?! You just got 500K like what 2 months ago. 😁😁😁

  • Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell 17 days ago

    Where did you get the black high rise jeans. I love them!!!

  • Madison DiBenedetto
    Madison DiBenedetto 17 days ago

    Where is your jean jacket from?

  • CookieCrumbzz
    CookieCrumbzz 18 days ago +3

    right before you said you look like a teletubby i thought to myself that you look like a teletubby lol

  • hasaheadachenow
    hasaheadachenow 18 days ago

    You are gorgeous,and I love that you choose things to suit” your “body. Too many curvy girls choose skinny clothes that just don’t fit right.

  • Nicole Kilmer
    Nicole Kilmer 18 days ago

    I love ur confidence

  • hasaheadachenow
    hasaheadachenow 18 days ago

    OThat grey thing wouldn’t look god on any body, so throw it away, better yet burn it! Ha ha

  • Derissa Raynne *RIRI*
    Derissa Raynne *RIRI* 18 days ago

    Girllllll! That clear crop jacket (I had the same initial opinion as you lol) looked absolutely stunning and I loved it!

  • Loren Perozzi
    Loren Perozzi 18 days ago

    That skirt look killed it!

  • dolly milk
    dolly milk 18 days ago

    I grew up with my mother constantly telling me that my back/ shoulders are rly wide and that i couldn’t work out my arms bc that would make my shoulders look even bigger so I guess it never occurred to me that someone could be self conscious about how narrow their shoulders are lol

  • Ellie Norton
    Ellie Norton 18 days ago

    Every outfit you looked stunning in ❤️

  • AlllSmiless
    AlllSmiless 18 days ago

    Flannel (or jacket) around the waist would have worked well for the jump suit. That, sneakers (not like running shoes tho) maybe a top knot bun, a dainty choker, and other assesories, bracelets, rings, studs (hoops if you're feeling fancy, lol) ombre "mauvy" lip, winged liner, lots of mascara (or lashes) Yeah, I think that would have looked good, lol, it looks good in my head

  • hannah brooks
    hannah brooks 19 days ago

    omg is this the forum in carlsbad?? looks just like it hahaha

  • mello watts
    mello watts 19 days ago

    Really loved this video! You kept an open mind, even though you hated the items. Also the outfits are super cute!

  • 7- 9- 21- 12- 9- 1
    7- 9- 21- 12- 9- 1 19 days ago

    Honestly you rocked the overalls

  • Katelynn Boucher
    Katelynn Boucher 19 days ago

    How tall are you? I’m kinda interested in trying the overalls.

  • Allie May
    Allie May 19 days ago

    She’s one of those girls that’s even cuter without makeup, I’m jealous

  • annelise nicole
    annelise nicole 19 days ago

    i feel like on the first outfit you could’ve have put a flannel around your waist with some converse of vans! but either way you did style it pretty cute

  • RamonShurletJames
    RamonShurletJames 20 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • Tabitha Elkins
    Tabitha Elkins 20 days ago

    That is not a "jumpsuit", it's a body suit. Like, wear it with a skirt or something.

  • Mona Jones
    Mona Jones 20 days ago

    Those overalls look hecka cute, the jacket with the black bodysuit yes 😍

  • Diana Chaves
    Diana Chaves 20 days ago

    Sierra you rock it girl!

  • Maya Jones
    Maya Jones 20 days ago

    The clear jacket is actually so cute with the black shirt. You’re body looks rly good also

  • Lana Roberts
    Lana Roberts 20 days ago

    Love the bandeau on you!

  • 975pumpkin
    975pumpkin 21 day ago

    That grey thing was horrible. That would not look nice on any human. The overalls were cute but I’d go with a top that is a bit more high neck. Last outfit was surprisingly cute! You are so brave to have even attempted it! I never would.

  • Ariana Aguirre
    Ariana Aguirre 21 day ago

    I loved loved loved the 4th outfit it was my favorite from all of them you looked beautiful in that one you slay girl

  • Ariana Aguirre
    Ariana Aguirre 21 day ago

    I'm sorry but I really didn't like the third outfit the jacket should have been a little bit bigger that's my opinion but you still look so beautiful in it I just didn't really like the clear it was too much for me

  • amaru g
    amaru g 21 day ago

    the overall makes her look like a construction worker

  • Tamara Lashae
    Tamara Lashae 21 day ago

    I think a overall dress would fit better considering u said ur shoulders are petite idk just a suggestion

  • Blood.freak.cas1
    Blood.freak.cas1 21 day ago

    I hate target

  • Blood.freak.cas1
    Blood.freak.cas1 21 day ago

    I hate overalls to

  • Chrys T
    Chrys T 21 day ago

    I hate all these too! :)

  • Emma Beyer
    Emma Beyer 21 day ago

    I love your channel!! So much body positive content! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Dominic Fung
    Dominic Fung 21 day ago

    That Starbucks drink was huge drink less and you can probably lose weight

  • kate p
    kate p 21 day ago

    i just started watching your videos and i love !! 🤩