I Styled Clothes I Hate for a Week

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Styling clothes I hate on my mid size body! I'm doing a fashion challenge where I styled clothing I hate for a week! As a size 12 women, finding cute outfits that flatter my curvy body is hard enough.. let's see if I can change my style up with these ugly trends I don't like and style clothes I hate!
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Comments • 2 749

  • Sierra Schultzzie
    Sierra Schultzzie  3 months ago +2972


    • Emery Love
      Emery Love Month ago

      Sierra Schultzzie Sierra Schultzzie these outfits are all totally SO cute and looked great on you! (the teletubbie one not as much lol) Your so beautiful and amazing no matter what size you are. I love your personality💛

    • Olivia June
      Olivia June Month ago

      Sierra Schultzzie lmao

    • izzy. wizzy
      izzy. wizzy 2 months ago

      Sierra Schultzzie YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    • The Gatekeeper
      The Gatekeeper 2 months ago

      Hey, you know you're fucking fat, right ? If you lost some godamn weight more shit would probably fit you better dumbass. Godamn whale trying to fit into a goldfish tank....fucking ridiculous. LOSE SOME GODAMN WEIGHT YOU FAT FUCK. FOR FUCKS SAKE !!!

  • Ciara s
    Ciara s 6 hours ago

    I think it doesn’t look great on you because you’re not very curvy your shape is a bit awkward. There are certain portions of your body that should be highlighted and other parts that shouldn’t and this outfit highlights all parts. I think it may look better with some sort of shape wear

  • N Barclay
    N Barclay 13 hours ago

    I see it
    I hate it
    I don’t want it
    My mum buys it
    Story of my life

  • Teodora Grigore
    Teodora Grigore 13 hours ago

    OMG U LOOK LIKE Melissa McCarthy

  • Maddie Anderson
    Maddie Anderson 14 hours ago

    The first outfit with knee high black boots now that’s an outfit 😂

  • red hot chilly pepers
    red hot chilly pepers 22 hours ago

    Why do you look like a younger version of my English teacher?

  • Harmony Doust
    Harmony Doust Day ago

    Omg ur wearing the outfit from ur last one of these 💜

  • Dee W
    Dee W Day ago


  • Adriana Triana
    Adriana Triana Day ago

    Where did you get the skirt?

  • Jessica Grundsten

    i think the first outfit could have looked cool with a pair of distressed skinny jeans? hear me out, bc then it would still be tight and the grey would still show through the distressing but then she might've felt more confident? idk there's not many people an all grey skin tight bodysuit would flatter anyways.

  • Eve Michelle
    Eve Michelle Day ago

    The fact that she could even put on the first outfit made her at least a million times more confident than I'll likely ever be. Good on you girl

  • L T
    L T 4 days ago

    I wonder if you wore a brief for underwear vs. bikini, it may smooth you out more. You are so pretty so by no means is this meant in a bad way. I just feel like bikini underwear and high cut can often emphasize our tummy area.

  • Ella Sneddon
    Ella Sneddon 5 days ago +1

    She needs to not talk as much

  • Ella Sneddon
    Ella Sneddon 5 days ago +1

    How does she style some things so nicely and others are like... wtf

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 days ago

    I don't look my weight, and that makes me kind of happy, but I still hate how my body looks because since I was a little kid I was called a stuffed sausage by my own grandmother

  • Valeria E.
    Valeria E. 5 days ago

    awwh you have such pretty eyes

  • Yanira Montanez
    Yanira Montanez 5 days ago

    I see
    I hate
    Don’t want it
    Still got it

  • Modern Momma Bear
    Modern Momma Bear 6 days ago

    I need to know what hour Tellatubby name would be?! 🤣I adore you and your channel. You are so real and honest and truly relatable. Keep your awesome content coming girl!!

  • Kendra Allison
    Kendra Allison 7 days ago

    Where is this black body suit from?

  • Luana Jansen
    Luana Jansen 7 days ago

    Oh damn you're a Christian 😍😍😍❤❤❤gbu and greetings from Germany 🤙🏼😙

  • Nicole Hugs
    Nicole Hugs 7 days ago +1

    Aww Gymboree- RIP!

  • Anna K
    Anna K 7 days ago +2

    The second out fit reminded me of Donna from momma mia

  • Kaikoa Collingridge
    Kaikoa Collingridge 8 days ago +1

    I think you can rock the overalls

  • Joanna Dickerson
    Joanna Dickerson 8 days ago

    skirt better than jeans

  • Joanna Dickerson
    Joanna Dickerson 8 days ago

    you carry on about hi=waisted pants and wear lo-cut bikini p anties?!

  • slone magyar
    slone magyar 8 days ago

    I hate the body positivity movement for many reasons but I absolutely love your channel

  • ClaireRG
    ClaireRG 8 days ago

    You rock the crop top with the leather skirt look! 🔥

  • Amanda W.
    Amanda W. 9 days ago

    I love your videos! Bur there is a difference between body positivity vs not looking good in an outfit. Those outfits did not suit you. You are beautiful, but the outfits did not suit you.

  • Adrina Farzan
    Adrina Farzan 9 days ago +2

    Those overalls are adorable, and so are you.❤️👏

  • Carrie
    Carrie 9 days ago

    The bodysuit - why? Why would ANYONE buy that, ever? LOL. Actually, I think the belly issue is due to underwear. We all have a little squish over the band of our underwear, am I right? And with such an unforgiving item like the bodysuit, every bump is right out there! That underwear bump is why I can't seem to wean myself off of spanx-like supports. Heh. Other than that, you are vivacious, fun and confident and it seems you could probably make everything work for ya! PS, love overalls. Back in the day (before you were born, yikes), I had a pair of corduroy overalls I wish now I'd kept. I loved those things.

  • lily
    lily 9 days ago

    Great video!!!! Love your positivity ❤️

  • Blue Panda
    Blue Panda 9 days ago

    Please say in the title you do something for 4 days or do a 5-day-week.

  • Yessenia RM
    Yessenia RM 10 days ago


  • Guadalupe Montoya
    Guadalupe Montoya 11 days ago

    The grey jumpsuit doesn’t necessarily look bad on your figure, it just makes you look like your about break out in an interpretive dance routine at any moment. I think you could rock something similar if the piece had more of a personality to it rather than being a bit of really say fabric sown together.

  • The Life Of Lia
    The Life Of Lia 13 days ago

    Omg, you look sooo good in the outfit on the last day!❤️❤️

  • nosurpriseforme
    nosurpriseforme 14 days ago

    I loooved the last outfit, it looked soooo good!!! (also with the brown skirt, not only with the jeans)

  • lol k
    lol k 14 days ago +1

    sis if you don’t feel comfortable about a part of your body than put the effort into changing them instead of trying to get yourself to love them no hate girl ily

  • gabriela torres
    gabriela torres 14 days ago +2

    Did anyone else see the color black instead of green overalls? 😮

  • - Mulder
    - Mulder 15 days ago

    You can return stuff after wearing it? 😳👌

  • K Bend
    K Bend 15 days ago

    The gray jumpsuit would work with a belted burgundy sweater :)

  • A Nativee
    A Nativee 15 days ago

    *Let me introduce you toooo... SHAPEWEAR. To hide all your stomach fat and rolls if it’s a problem to you. ;D*

  • Bryna Periman
    Bryna Periman 16 days ago

    i liked the skirt better

  • Katrina Warren
    Katrina Warren 16 days ago

    The grey outfit would be ok as a onesie in summer.

  • Tawnie Alexandra
    Tawnie Alexandra 16 days ago +4

    I loved this and the overalls gave me the inspiration to pull mine out of the closet!!!
    Honestly loved the crop jacket with that outfit when I thought I would hate it and hope you keep it. Honestly pretty much liked them all besides the body suit and only because I could feel how I would feel wearing it when you were wearing it but like maybe with different undergarments it would have been better but you’re so cute and I loved this

  • Sarah Nolan
    Sarah Nolan 17 days ago +3

    Your personality outshines anything you could put on your body

  • Annie Spencer
    Annie Spencer 17 days ago +2

    Seirra. I may not be an “adult” but I still know that you are perfect the way you are. You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love how positive you are. I just subscribed and I am never unsucbribing.

  • shwetha sharma
    shwetha sharma 17 days ago

    What brand are your black high waisted jeans ?

  • Stacey Nicole
    Stacey Nicole 18 days ago

    It's not you. That grey jumpsuit should be outlawed.

    • Stacey Nicole
      Stacey Nicole 18 days ago

      Girl. I strive to look as good as you in that black tee and good America jeans! 😍

    • Stacey Nicole
      Stacey Nicole 18 days ago

      I think you would look adorable in short coveralls!

  • Kara Swart
    Kara Swart 18 days ago

    Perfect I hate it I am gonna buy it

  • Sublimity Sunless Tans
    Sublimity Sunless Tans 19 days ago +2

    What if... You did the grey jump suit and put a baggy/long band Tee (with a shoulder cut) over it? And maybe black converse.

    • Trianna R
      Trianna R 16 days ago +1

      Or maybe a flannel tied at the waist and a jean jacket over it!

    JOT TALK 20 days ago

    Are the gray shirts for pre-order Dec 2019

  • cindland
    cindland 20 days ago

    It looks like pajamas. Just too “naked” looking. No matter what you do. Probably a dark color would be more flattering ...eggplant or charchoal gray.

  • LivnDavidaLoca
    LivnDavidaLoca 20 days ago

    Wait, can we talk about how cute the clear jacket outfit was?

  • Kissimmee :D
    Kissimmee :D 21 day ago

    I love Megan omg my girl

  • Leah Harrison
    Leah Harrison 22 days ago

    You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable you look amazing the way you are you are beautiful xx

  • Jen Ross
    Jen Ross 23 days ago

    I’m under 100 pounds and I’m 16 and I would feel so self conscious in that first thing

  • Just a girl and her dog

    I just came across your channel and I absolutely love you! I love your body positivity, I so wish I could love myself like that!

  • Alex P
    Alex P 25 days ago

    With the unitard it’s your panties that are making it look really weird. If you would have worn a higher panty to the waist you would have looked amazing!!!!!

  • Katy Garcia
    Katy Garcia 26 days ago

    No hate, but if you don’t want your tummy to be highlighted then you should wear highwaisted undies. Like I wear them under my dresses and even my cousin who has a very flat tummy wears them under her skin tight clothes.

  • Han life
    Han life 26 days ago

    I love you girl. Just love yourself😍🤗🤗🤗

  • abby swint
    abby swint 27 days ago

    u look amazing in the jumpsuit!!!!!!

  • Jessica H.
    Jessica H. 27 days ago

    Omg, I the grey jumpsuit...I get it. I would have tried some sort of belt to cut the one color look and added a multi-color kimono over it

  • liyqh
    liyqh 27 days ago

    Well it’s not like any of the clothing items you hate look good on you.

  • Alexandria Tayla
    Alexandria Tayla 28 days ago

    The overalls were definitely a weird fit, being so large then so tight, sucks. Cause I think she looks bomb, should definitely find a pair that fits better 🙌🏻

  • JLynnEchelon
    JLynnEchelon 28 days ago

    I would never wear that crop top (at the very least, someone would have to pay me A LOT of money), but I like the idea for smaller chested girls. Jealous!

  • Jingle Town
    Jingle Town 29 days ago

    A belt and a floppy hat would have made you look amazing in that jumpsuit!

  • Rayhana Shuva
    Rayhana Shuva Month ago

    Hey Sierra, you live in LA right or California? No wonder u can actually wear these dresses by itself without putting one 10 layers over them!! Lol... love your videos.
    Love from new jersey..❤❤

  • Sarah Coblentz
    Sarah Coblentz Month ago

    Overalls are in my dislike pile too. I've just never thought they flatter curves.

  • Michelle Méndez
    Michelle Méndez Month ago

    Do you understand how unhealthy is to be carrying around that weight around your belly, that can lead to hypertension problems, diabetes. First step of loving yourself is taking care of your body

  • Miia06
    Miia06 Month ago

    U are amazing I love how u are confident in your body and girl u should be more confident in your tummy u are a really really really pretty ladie

  • Grace Gurn
    Grace Gurn Month ago +1

    I think outfit number 3 would be good if you did ASMR

  • Nicki M
    Nicki M Month ago

    I need your merch what the heck! You're the cutest

  • Kari Sye
    Kari Sye Month ago

    For the first outfit, I think you could close the cardigan and put a belt over and be covered and put together.💐

  • Emmellie Laura
    Emmellie Laura Month ago

    i like your fashion video..so relate-able..love love love~~

  • Ariana Marie
    Ariana Marie Month ago +1

    She really annoys me but I keep coming back to watch a video so I don’t know

  • Lane Comartin
    Lane Comartin Month ago +1

    The first outfit is not meant for fat ppl

  • Belinda Roosa
    Belinda Roosa Month ago +1

    that last top would of looked really cute with a high waisted skirt and a black cardi. Also you could always try a pullover sweater with the grey jumpsuit

  • Hannah Whittemore
    Hannah Whittemore Month ago

    Girlllll the third outfit was bomb on u

  • Gabbi Hoyt
    Gabbi Hoyt Month ago

    This was a fun idea. I'm honestly shocked that the body suit didn't give you camel toe. I'd put jeans or a skirt over it.

  • Flor Franciscovich
    Flor Franciscovich Month ago

    Oooh, come on! I knew the second I saw the grey T-shirt that it wouldn't suit the clear jacket

  • Alyx Mowder
    Alyx Mowder Month ago

    You should compare Hollister prices vs American Eagle!! They really similar in pricing and style(:

  • laura` Espinosa
    laura` Espinosa Month ago

    I loved the last outfit ! I honestly think you need to wear less flowy shirts and more crops

  • Natalie DiRienzo
    Natalie DiRienzo Month ago

    The bando was cute too!!!!!

  • Natalie DiRienzo
    Natalie DiRienzo Month ago

    The grey suit was awful but you are so beautiful and it’s not you it’s the body suit But the overalls were so cute and looked so good on you :))))

  • TashyP92
    TashyP92 Month ago

    I really like those dark overalls with the white tee on you!

  • Senara GilligMonroe
    Senara GilligMonroe Month ago +1

    Does anyone else think she looks like Rebecca Pharm a little bit? Not just because of the body type, also because some of the facial features

  • Merlin Aguilar
    Merlin Aguilar Month ago

    5:43 can we just stop ✋ and look at the fact that those simple ass overalls are $100 😬🤯😯😶

  • Hailey Hopkins
    Hailey Hopkins Month ago

    in the overalls, she should’ve tightened the straps

  • Hannah Belle
    Hannah Belle Month ago

    Girly you are amazing but your not a size L you an XL if you had sized up on some of the outfits they would have looked adorable on you. I just wanted to say it because there is nothing wrong with the clothing brands but what size you are choosing.

  • ThisISclickBAIT
    ThisISclickBAIT Month ago +1

    Why am i watching this, this is really cringe

  • Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez Month ago

    Hi Sierra!! I’ve been watching a ton of your videos lately, and you’re such a total delight in each and every one! Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with body positivity, and I’m quite self conscious with my stomach as well! But seeing and hearing you talk about being in the first outfit left me feeling a little more hopeful and confident in loving my body :) Thank you for spreading positivity in a time where comparison and negativity are so easily accessible!

  • Clover Wilson
    Clover Wilson Month ago

    keep being positive

  • Lemonade Stand
    Lemonade Stand Month ago +1

    I actually liked the tube top but you should get a strapless bra.

  • Lauren McBride
    Lauren McBride Month ago

    where did you get your jean jacket??

  • Payton Keisel
    Payton Keisel Month ago

    Hi Sierra! I am brand new to your channel and I L O V E IT!!!! This is such a cute channel and your actually pretty funny! Your so adorable and if I new you in person, I’d want you to be my best friend because that’s Sophie vibe! Your body is amazing too! You look amazing and I would say that your body is perfect! Thanks for such a great channel and amazing content! ♥️

  • jeanette ortiz
    jeanette ortiz Month ago

    I loved outfit #4. You completely rocked it. I hope you feel confident enough to wear it again.

  • Fanderwaal
    Fanderwaal Month ago

    On this grey thing i’d wear big baggy sweatshirt

  • Gracie Mae0131
    Gracie Mae0131 Month ago

    Gurrrrrlllllll I go to target like all the time🤣

  • Ariel Wilson
    Ariel Wilson Month ago

    Oh and girl, try a pair of high waisted tapered leg sweat pants, a black body suit and a cropped denim jacket :)