Stampede - Alexander Jean Ft. Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • Lindsey Stirling & Evanescence Co-Headline Summer 2018 Tour
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  • Александр Филиппов

    Я влюблен в тебя, Линдси!!!

  • Mirabel Lebarim
    Mirabel Lebarim Day ago


  • Cakoncev
    Cakoncev 2 days ago

    Really amazing amazing song love it so much

  • M Gandi
    M Gandi 5 days ago

    Amazing amazing amazing WOW

  • Tim Grant
    Tim Grant 7 days ago

    Wow!! Soooooo Excellent!!

  • Александр Рогач

    Очень ждём вас у нас в Беларуси, вы и скрипка обваражителны

  • David Yeray Lopez Molto


  • Просто Толсто

    Какая сексуальная женщина.

  • Toto J
    Toto J 9 days ago

    Their body movements had me thinking the speed was high.

  • Toto J
    Toto J 9 days ago

    Battle of The Strings, a fight that only the Voice of Harmony is worthy of judging victory.

  • X PheStoJen X
    X PheStoJen X 10 days ago

    How havw I been accidentally avoiding this for so long!? The energy is so indescribably amazing that it makes me smile to listen to this song! Amazing work!

  • Reynold Nugter
    Reynold Nugter 12 days ago

    Catchy tune, with a nice beat!

  • Ivana Araújo
    Ivana Araújo 13 days ago

    A melhor

  • Elvis Presly
    Elvis Presly 13 days ago

    This is a super awesome.

  • Alicia Britt
    Alicia Britt 14 days ago

    The dancing is mesmerizing! So much talent!

  • Влад Кумейко


  • nanny sanchez
    nanny sanchez 14 days ago


  • Exhaline
    Exhaline 14 days ago

    And here we have another music video with culture appropriation :)

  • Millena Barros
    Millena Barros 16 days ago

    Mdsss que música

  • Эльф Эльф
    Эльф Эльф 16 days ago

    Музыка и музыканты крутяк, а вот танцоры не дотягивают, тяжеловаты да эмоциональной выразительности я я бы добавила.

  • Greymer Martinez
    Greymer Martinez 18 days ago

    LINDSEY... :-*

  • Bürcher Frédéric
    Bürcher Frédéric 18 days ago

    Beautiful cultural musical collective.

  • Batzu Garu
    Batzu Garu 18 days ago

    Excelente concepto todo súper bien lo que la verdad lo arruinó fue esa voz de gemido que no va

  • Tatiana ZCM
    Tatiana ZCM 18 days ago


  • NomeZerios
    NomeZerios 19 days ago

    Очень, Круто

  • Max Power
    Max Power 20 days ago

    Best dance sequence ever ... flawless

  • Alessandro Che
    Alessandro Che 21 day ago

    какие то танцы. а Линси не будет?

  • Купидон Video

    Who is video editor? I love this man.

  • marilyn anderson
    marilyn anderson 22 days ago

    How do 2k not like this?????

  • Eugenio Martín Martín
    Eugenio Martín Martín 22 days ago +3

    Congratulations. Wonderful video!

  • Анастасия Вознесенская

    Это очень красиво. Восхищаюсь ее талантом)

  • Reyna Soto
    Reyna Soto 26 days ago +2

    Esto es arte!! Amazing!! .
    2019 junio

  • richard morris
    richard morris 26 days ago

    Boy were way past wrong about you Lindsey. Shame on u Sharon and u'r gang!!!

  • Rion GR
    Rion GR 26 days ago

    buen ensamble. similar a rodrigo y gabriela.

  • David Fernán dez
    David Fernán dez 27 days ago


  • amber Gaffney
    amber Gaffney 29 days ago

    Which one is Alexander jean??

  • gwenaël Quintin
    gwenaël Quintin Month ago +1

    J'adore je suis tombé amoureux de cette violoniste il y a un ou deux ans !! Je suis accroc à l'amour que je porte pour le Violon!!

  • Pune Saloon
    Pune Saloon Month ago

    Lindsey S. Can u do Black Betty?????

  • Ana Montoya​​
    Ana Montoya​​ Month ago +1

    Seria genial una colaboración entre ella y Chloe Lukasiak, soy fan de ambas y seria genial verlas juntas!

  • mai ssa
    mai ssa Month ago


  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort Month ago

    Lindsey youre my most favorite of all, i jus love the music.

  • Petrica Nicusor Dulgheru

    Heard this song today for the first time....
    Absolute favorite
    I knew of LS before, knew she was amazing
    Just happened I didn't know of this specific song
    Can't believe I missed it for over a year...I am ashamed with myself
    But, listening to it on repeat now, so, making up for it haha

  • Servavisti
    Servavisti Month ago +1

    Lindsay you are the best, keep up the great work!

  • Анастасия Шелковникова

    Это шедевр!! Прекрасный клип!!

  • Crazy Caro
    Crazy Caro Month ago

    How do you call this style ** ?

  • Heli Vaheristo
    Heli Vaheristo Month ago

    This reminds me on Puss in Boots movie. But he didn´t hit her with the guitar. :D

    AUTO FUN Month ago

    Спасибо Линдси, твоя музыка очень красива.

  • The Real
    The Real Month ago

    Yass!!!! 🎊

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Month ago +3

    I bet your bow needed rehairing after that. Lol. Great work Lindsey. Love the dance moves. Love from Uk

  • Alzackri
    Alzackri Month ago

    How freakin cool is this!!!

  • Light Star
    Light Star Month ago

    These two could be on Dancing with the Stars, not even joking

    • Geekling Girl
      Geekling Girl Month ago

      Light Star Haha yep they were-You can find all of their performances on TVclip I believe

    • Light Star
      Light Star Month ago

      They were? Oh lol, never mind then

    • Geekling Girl
      Geekling Girl Month ago

      Light Star Ummmm...They WERE on DWTS.

  • katy ginda
    katy ginda Month ago


  • Liquid
    Liquid Month ago +7

    This is what gives me hope! Everybody was just A-mazing!

  • Calli K
    Calli K Month ago +2

    I keep getting roundtable rival vibes

  • LivTM
    LivTM Month ago

    i w a s n o t p r e p a r e d

  • Zawaz Apple Patch
    Zawaz Apple Patch 2 months ago

    I think I may have found a new favourite song, also I really need to get back on the dance floor

  • Michele Rushing
    Michele Rushing 2 months ago

    I love seeing Lindsey and Mark dancing together again and playing their instruments at the same time. :)

  • Rainjardo
    Rainjardo 2 months ago

    I just waited all this time for someone who put that epic subtitles

  • Олег Максименко

    Из России с любовью...

  • Kayleigh Van Weert
    Kayleigh Van Weert 2 months ago +2

    Lindsey, you will be a good/evil witch.

  • Shalayne Johnson
    Shalayne Johnson 2 months ago +2

    Lindsey Stirling I became a fan of you even more :)

  • girghis yatooma
    girghis yatooma 2 months ago +3

    lindsey you are incredibly talented, creative , and beautiful. come to Montana

  • jairy colon
    jairy colon 2 months ago +1

    One of my all time favorites from Sterling and Ballas

  • Katie W.
    Katie W. 2 months ago +1

    I danced Irish dance to this song and its was AMAZING! We also had Salsa and Acting in it. The song was so fun to dance to

  • Leche Rancia
    Leche Rancia 2 months ago +1

    I come from Stampede of Dimitri Vegas.

  • Лера_
    Лера_ 2 months ago


  • Estelle Fossil
    Estelle Fossil 2 months ago

    Love love love that they all got together to do this. What an incredible ensemble of talent.

  • Eyes Blue Night
    Eyes Blue Night 2 months ago +1

    I like distinctive phrases.
    Music and video are very cool!

  • Ori Qv
    Ori Qv 2 months ago

    I Loved ♥️👌👌

  • Ramil Shotykov
    Ramil Shotykov 2 months ago

    Линдси!!! Как всегда ролик и хореография ВЫСШИЙ ПИЛОТАЖ!!! Другим участникам ролика отдельный Респект и мой поклон. Ждём новых постановок!!! Проекты с Питером Холенном мне стоит ждать в обозрим будущем?)))

  • Kimberly Ytusara Osorio Anton

    Me encanta la melodía 😘 hasta me da ganas de bailar como tú.

  • Meerkat More
    Meerkat More 2 months ago

    Who else was half expecting a Biting Elbows cover?

  • Penz Pecina
    Penz Pecina 2 months ago

    My favorite part is when the song listed: tiriritirititiri rrrrrrrrrrrrtiritirtiriririrtitririgirirtiti. Tiro titititirititiritiriritirititiriririt ritit.
    Tíii tiii tii tii

  • Сакура Хатсуне


  • Mohammed Arafath
    Mohammed Arafath 2 months ago +6

    What a stunning Performance
    How could you dance so fastly
    Its an blessing from the god
    Amazing 💃👍💕😎😎

  • Julia Nielsen
    Julia Nielsen 2 months ago +1

    Cool and Beautiful i love it

  • Vicente isaac Lopez valdez

    captions: *ooh*

  • Stella Maris
    Stella Maris 2 months ago


  • Lena Załomska
    Lena Załomska 2 months ago

    2055 ?

  • Selentin Wjatscheslaw
    Selentin Wjatscheslaw 3 months ago

    Lindsey du bist so bezaubernd 😍

  • GalaxyBlaze123
    GalaxyBlaze123 3 months ago

    I love this

  • Becca Cala
    Becca Cala 3 months ago

    yeuh Epic Bravo yoL!

  • Aleydis FuerteM
    Aleydis FuerteM 3 months ago


  • Sophie Yoshida
    Sophie Yoshida 3 months ago

    Impressive moves!

  • T W
    T W 3 months ago

    Best of any dancing, Love the art. LIKE_LIKE_LIKE......

  • Team Ender
    Team Ender 3 months ago +21

    Producer: Hey lindsey, how much makeup do you wa-
    Lindsey: ALL OF IT!!!

    • OverkillTBP
      OverkillTBP 9 days ago

      Ender, she could wake up outta my bed and play that violin with no makeup and no one would care, that's how good she is,,,, cept getting her in my bed is the tricky part :P And I'm not that good. :( I'd probably choke to death with that hair she has anyways.

  • 양진영
    양진영 3 months ago

    This music remind me of fall out boy's my song knows what you did in the dark

  • Douglas Davidson
    Douglas Davidson 3 months ago

    As usual very inspiring Lindsey Stirling. The top earning musician on TVclip. You got me out of a mid morning slump. thanks again

  • LindseyArtistStirlingite

    Love you Lindsey Stirling you are the best

  • Анна Печникова

    You are so talented! That is incredible!

  • Katherine rubio restrepo

    me encanta es la combinación perfecta de mis dos instrumentos favoritos :):):):):)

  • Светлана Яненко

    Это что-то невероятное! Такое удовольствие слушать,а клиппы.....

  • Андрей Захаров

    Начало жаркое и прекрасное... но после уже такое чувство было словно я слушал не Lindsey а мужика с гитарой! Мне а ж плохо было под конец !

  • Fangirl2202
    Fangirl2202 3 months ago

    So obsessed with this song rn! ❤❤

  • Светлана Подгорная

    Очень здорово 😍😍😍

  • Bulbasaur Brutal
    Bulbasaur Brutal 3 months ago

    The sonk was very trevli. Thank you.

  • Руслан Карданов

    Клева! Классно 👍👍👍🎻🎻🎻

  • Mie Zan
    Mie Zan 3 months ago

    where did u learn how to dance??

  • Pascale B
    Pascale B 3 months ago

    J'adore !!

  • Niiaz Zubairov
    Niiaz Zubairov 4 months ago

    если честно любое её произведение отлично звучит и смотрится.