Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER Review


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  9 months ago +4630

    I enjoyed the movie, and there is much to like, but this is my video (more or less) going into what bothered me....and some things I liked. Enjoy.

    • Whatta Weirdo
      Whatta Weirdo 2 months ago

      3TLJ...... Fuck U Fan🖕
      1. Authoritative pink haired feminazi is your superior.
      2. Luke is manbaby who drinks alien tittie milk (infant food).
      3."I'm Leia Poppins Yall!
      Your scifi drama is a joke.

    • orgasmatron1977m
      orgasmatron1977m 2 months ago

      It Sucked harder than Bree Olson at the glory hole.

    • Cosmic Shadow24
      Cosmic Shadow24 2 months ago

      Worst SW movie imo, was a complete clusterfuck.

    • Roberto Dela Cruz
      Roberto Dela Cruz 3 months ago

      I suddenly just realized Rey is a thief in TLJ.

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh 12 days ago +1

    I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion. See SW fans that’s how you do it.

  • Stoneciano Mars
    Stoneciano Mars 15 days ago +1

    Did you realise if that bitch just told everyone the plan and let things playout accordingly they all would have probably survived the entire conflict there was pointless

  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero
    NeutralGuyDoubleZero 27 days ago

    The justification for Luke and Rens conflict is also really lame and out of character for him. You mean the entire crux for Lukes disappearance and the failure of his entire phase as a teacher, as well as Kylo Ren becoming a villain is because of a momentary misunderstanding? That's it? Seriously?
    It's also out of character for him. You mean to tell me that Luke Skywalker, the man who was so confident in the good in people that he redeemed Darth Vader, raised his sabre against one of his students just because he got scared of potential evil he sensed in him? I don't care if the original vision for luke was for him to ambiguously walk into the distance, unsure of his allegiance. That wasn't the version we saw on screen and it ain't the one that's canon. Its not the luke we saw save the rebellion and defeat the empire, and thats not something he would do.

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono 28 days ago

    I'm more inclined to believe that the lightning was going to happen naturally and Yoda just redirected with the Force.

  • Chosenviper
    Chosenviper 28 days ago +1

    This movie may have some issues yes but I still had a good time with it. Was very impressed by the risks they took. The haters can hate all they want.

  • killerd231
    killerd231 Month ago

    Finn and rose a worse romance than anakin and padme

  • Jackson Cohn
    Jackson Cohn Month ago

    I think the last Jedi is awesometacular!?

  • Jerry Hensley
    Jerry Hensley Month ago

    That little porg watched Chewbacca D hair gut and Fry his little friend

  • Jerry Hensley
    Jerry Hensley Month ago

    Anakin showing up to Luke holy crap mind blown. Damn it why did they not do that

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi Month ago

    The ginger at the start was so fucking cringe, wasn't a believable character at all

  • andile majozi
    andile majozi Month ago

    i am 50/50 on this movie i need to see it again, a lot a characters are wasted.

  • Joshua Hendricks
    Joshua Hendricks Month ago

    I'm just glad that we can both agree on Finn. They are really doing him dirty.

  • Comiclord
    Comiclord Month ago

    *Says Opinion/Criticism
    Sequel Fans:

    Btw I appolize for people who aren't like this. And who like the movies but see there flaws.

  • Jonny Boyy
    Jonny Boyy Month ago

    Rose and Finn's "romance" was not a romance. That's the thing people need to take from this movie is that he was never attracted to her but found her dedication to the cause that he found admirable. It's more about the fact that she fell in love with him while he was chasing Rey. They left him and Rey's romance open for the future still. Anyway, Rose only exists to be the die-hard-resistance member that brings Finn away from his usual runaway tactics he's used as a character so far and makes him reconsider his decisions in the future.

  • Nicholas Sims
    Nicholas Sims Month ago

    No Phasma is the new Boba becauae Boba didn't do a goddamn thing either

    • jon williams
      jon williams 15 days ago

      Nicholas Sims Boba Fett found Han Solo. Something the Empire couldnt do

  • E H
    E H Month ago

    so many sites now covered these flaws and more. Wondered if you still feel can have a good time watching? I can't repeat watching it, but credit to your review, honest and brave!

  • jeff timpano
    jeff timpano Month ago +1

    Jeremy I normally trust your reviews but how this doesn't get a well deserved dog shit rating has baffled me. This is one dogshit cubed because it destroys a classic franchise and important part of our pop culture. For that reason this movie is even worse than that Fifty Shades garbage.

  • Kan Rup
    Kan Rup Month ago

    never saw the film but sounds like they're setting up for plenty more trilogies.
    I didn't mind force awakened though they played it safe and used the same plot devices
    Idk about the sound of this one from what people are saying.

  • trenz no
    trenz no Month ago

    they marvel-it so baaaaaaad too much stupid joke and SJW shit
    WORST STAR WARS MOVIE (din t view solo)

  • Sirius Fox
    Sirius Fox Month ago

    I just finally watched the movie for the first time. It wasnt horrible. Wasnt amazing. Deffinetly wasn't bad, it was okay. I'd give it a 73% out of 100%.

  • Tony Hyeok
    Tony Hyeok Month ago

    I did not understood the ending where Luke Skywalker emerges. I mean how did he knew that the rest of crew will start evacuating? I mean, if it wasn't for the Crystal Critter they would not have even found the way out of the cave.

  • 5pid3rman80
    5pid3rman80 Month ago

    You wanted "Allah hu Ackbar"?

  • thetrib1
    thetrib1 2 months ago

    who was darth sidious before the prequels? if it wasn't for the extra info after the original trilogy, Darth sidious would be a throw away character!

  • thetrib1
    thetrib1 2 months ago

    the reason holdo didn't like po was because, his hot headedness got most of the fighters for the resistance killed!!! like minutes prior!!! it makes sense why she was upset.

  • thetrib1
    thetrib1 2 months ago

    rose and fin had met in the same movie.... It was fandom at an all time high towards fin, if you saw the movie you would know what I meant... that turned in to a one sided love.. fin only now looks at her that way because he saved her life.. and since she saved his life, she feels that she earned that kiss.. fin didn't think of her that way... not until this next movie coming up.

  • thetrib1
    thetrib1 2 months ago

    the only negative to me was holdo..... that's it! the part with fin and rose( much like most of the movie) was to show the viewer that all hope is lost... the funny thing is is that the only reason why the resistance is still alive, is because of Luke Skywalker!!! they gave him an epic sendoff with him doing something that we didn't even think was possible.. and people still hated it. Don't you think it would have been ultra convenient if rose would have been a hacker!!!! screw your expectations... that's the only reason people call this a bad move!!!

  • chaz
    chaz 2 months ago

    This movie suuuuuuuucks

  • Lucas Ammons
    Lucas Ammons 2 months ago

    I thought Holdo was going to be a traitor.

  • Michy C
    Michy C 2 months ago

    The strangest thing is how powerful and naturally skilled that Rey is after growing up on a desolate planet and having no proper training in anything related to the Force. It's so strange only because the timeline of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is less than a fortnight. Rey is a strangely overpowered heroine with no real flaws and nothing external nor internal that motivates her character arc. She ends up in the narrative through sheer unluckiness and goes through the motions of the script based on what the characters around her ask of her and tell her to do. It's a very disappointing storyline, characterization, and ultimate character arc for any main character in any story.

  • Payon de
    Payon de 2 months ago

    The fact that Finn isn't into the kiss is kind of the entire point.

    XON3D6IXXGODD 2 months ago

    RIP to Carrie Fisher but I didn't even like her in the movie. She was useless asf n annoying. Acts like a she knows EVERYthing n sides with the purple haired bitch.

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 2 months ago

    the books to star wars is bullshit dlc of games

  • ArchetypeGotoh
    ArchetypeGotoh 2 months ago

    Premise 1. Saying “the force belongs exclusively to the Jedi” is vanity. Sure, I’ll buy that. But, like, no one says that. People may think that, but that’s only because force-sensitive people generally became Jedi
    Premise 2. The Jedi messed up. Sure, I’ll buy that. But, like, the Sith did too; that’s how the emperor was destroyed, his arrogance blinded him to the truth of his apprentice.
    Premise 3. The Jedi need to end. Hard stop, no, the conclusion doesn’t follow.

  • Derrick W
    Derrick W 2 months ago

    you can have miltiple directors with an overall story arc. just look at the MCU. but i do think fans created TLJ to what it was in a way.

    VFWARLORD 2 months ago

    @Jeremy Jahns Luke used that illusion projection power befote, in Dark Empire. The only difference is in Dark Empire he only projected the image a few miles away. In the Last Jedi he projected his image over light years. The strain killed him.

  • lastofmykind8
    lastofmykind8 2 months ago

    You really believe Kylo when he said that Rey’s parents were junk trader’s who sold her off for booze money? We never saw what he saw when he touched her and I think he said that to get to her. He says, “you’re nothing but not to me.”

  • David No
    David No 2 months ago

    Rather than tell a story from the original trilogy, the current creators of this trilogy wanted to compile a bunch of visual moments without reason.

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 2 months ago

    Ok, the problem with LUKE WANTING TO KILL CRYLO is in the SET UP. Lemme explain: the issue here is that this event takes place in a situation with no URGENCY: Luke is by no means URGED to act. This opens US a lot of space to ask questions "well why didn't he talk to his sister", "why didn't he ask the Force Ghosts for help", "Why didn't he ask Anakin to talk to him", "Why didn't HE talk to him" etc etc. The way to fix this would be to CREATE urgency; ie:
    #1: show US this scene ON SCREEN, and make US enter Luke's vision. Make this vision so horrible, with Crylo Ren attacking and killing people so Luke actually does NOT draw his lightabre to kill a sleeping boy, but to attack the VISION, like he forgot it was just a VISION and thought it was real. You know, like when you kick in your sleep and jab your knee into your boyfriend's crotch because you were fighting off a dream monster?
    #2: change the whole set-up: make it so Crylo is fighting in maybe a sparring match against a knight of Ren who doesn't share his views and tries to actually KILL him, and Luke goes a-wall trying to save the kid. Maybe even uses Force Lightning (which would add to why Luke thinks all Jedi ultimately go wrong, even he succumbed). You can have Leia reveal herself as a force user THERE, like mom protecting her kid it's about family - we'd buy THAT a lot more than "supercalifragilisticexpialligocious". Then you can have Snoke swoop down to pick up Crylo and Luke run away. Etc.

  • Cosmic Shadow24
    Cosmic Shadow24 2 months ago

    God this movie was terrible, all SW movies have flaws but at least I enjoyed them unlike the last Jedi ... Yes the prequels included

  • Luke Sokol
    Luke Sokol 2 months ago

    Nobody will say it’s a trap the same way admiral ackbar did

  • Whatta Weirdo
    Whatta Weirdo 2 months ago


  • Jordan Angus
    Jordan Angus 2 months ago

    Ankian did not make a force bubble around him he only survived because users of the dark side of the force can survive nearly impossible things to survive if they have enough hatred or training in the force

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 2 months ago

    I hate this movie so much.

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 2 months ago

    I haven't sensed a disturbance of this measure since prequels.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 2 months ago

    I really wish that they had hinted that Snoke had influenced Ben & Luke Solo, hence why Ben was pulled to darkness and Luke was randomly considering Nepoticide.

  • Ubbe Ragnarsson
    Ubbe Ragnarsson 2 months ago

    I think a lot of alcohol is required to watch this movie.

  • Eddy Spagetti
    Eddy Spagetti 2 months ago

    one thing I noticed.. Laura Dern has played some unlikeable characters ("Recount" comes to mind), but I STILL LOVED HER as an actress.. I know it's 'just a movie'..but, I noticed my COMPLETE DISDAIN for the character "Holdo(sp?)" kinda leaked out on to her.. I had to remind myself.."hey, that's Laura Dern..she's awesome! .. don't BLAME her personally" -just a thought I had.

  • Avalanche 616
    Avalanche 616 2 months ago

    "It kind of feels like Andy Kaufman made this movie" yes.
    This insight right here. Rian made a star wars movie, for himself.

  • Jazlyn
    Jazlyn 2 months ago

    For me, the last jedi felt messy and out of place. All that happened before the ending was useless and didn't add anything important to the movie or the whole star wars, especially that hacker thing. The ending only served one important scene, Luke's death. Which weren't even as tragic as it should have been.

  • Willem Verheij
    Willem Verheij 2 months ago

    Main thing that bothers me is that the three protagonists don't really share scenes together. Just short ones. They each have their own separate storyline and only Rey's went anywhere.
    Which really is a waste since John Boyega has great chemistry with both of them. And Rey only meets Poe at the end of the second movie of the trilogy.
    I think all of that could have been fixed if Poe went with Finn to the Casino and they worked together with Rey to escape Snoke's ship.

  • batshineman
    batshineman 2 months ago

    I truly think this is the worst Star Wars movie ever made yes that’s including the prequels

  • Matt Hew
    Matt Hew 2 months ago

    I just wish they would stop trying to make us care about characters before they kill them off. GOT set a new standard, that can't be genuinely accomplished in a movie. When they try shooting this deep moment of loss I just laugh and wish it would be over already

  • Cascaden
    Cascaden 2 months ago


  • Kaine Brooks
    Kaine Brooks 2 months ago

    This movie seriously conflicted me. Like, I was so keen for it. Definitely riding the Star Wars hype from The Force Awakens. And whilst, I still loved this movie, I also really disliked it. There was just so much sketchy and unnecessary shit and it really came off as them trying way too hard. I really just hope they see what’s happened due to this, and fix up the third one. Because I really don’t want Star Wars to just repeat itself (referencing the prequels)

  • Orlando Ruiz
    Orlando Ruiz 2 months ago

    As a SiFi movie, it was entertaining. But as a Star Wars movie, it was disappointing. Beautiful to look at, but so disappointing. LUKE deserved better, and so did we, the fans.

  • Dr. Mike
    Dr. Mike 2 months ago

    Bashes the movie for 20 mins... Says it’s good.

  • KEllisTalks
    KEllisTalks 2 months ago

    I disagree with Rose being the hacker

  • Captain Marvel Wilson
    Captain Marvel Wilson 2 months ago

    I really didn't care for Snoke.

  • mmasongaming
    mmasongaming 2 months ago

    This film sucked sorry guys.

  • 501st Hyperbase
    501st Hyperbase 2 months ago

    A big Disappointment sadly I loved the force awakens .....

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 months ago

    last Jedi is assssssssss

  • Klee Klee
    Klee Klee 2 months ago +1

    This movie fucking sucked, I don’t need to expand.

  • orgasmatron1977m
    orgasmatron1977m 2 months ago +3

    This movie was a Fucking dumpster fire.

  • Narcissistic Narzyrena
    Narcissistic Narzyrena 2 months ago +2

    Disney fucking ruined Star Wars.... -_-

  • The Journey
    The Journey 2 months ago

    A lot of ppl are nit picking with this

  • ExMachina70
    ExMachina70 2 months ago

    This movie is a bathos failure. It started with the Bathos Awakens, and finally now we have the Last Bathos. I'm sure it won't end there.

  • TheLochNessMonster
    TheLochNessMonster 2 months ago

    You addressed everything I had a problem with in this movie. I thought I was the only one.

  • Tee Stoney
    Tee Stoney 2 months ago

    Yoda did not work. He was doing crazy Yoda, which was only the persona he put on when he was testing Luke. Why would he be doing it just because? It made no sense.

  • Bit
    Bit 2 months ago

    "Sit on your force" GOLD

  • NoThank Yu
    NoThank Yu 2 months ago

    After watching this I remembered there is one thing I have to look forward to in episode 9 ... the pink haired woman is definitely dead, I won't have to see her again in the next film

  • Kevin Park
    Kevin Park 2 months ago

    Sigh. Movie was shit again. Love how you pointed out all the flaws and talked about how the movie should’ve went.

  • Patriotic Lion
    Patriotic Lion 2 months ago

    Finally! An honest review. This is the worst Star Wars film by far.

    • EightThreeEight
      EightThreeEight 2 months ago

      Did you even listen to him? This was not a negative review.

  • Thomas Bludis
    Thomas Bludis 2 months ago

    Jeremy ur wrong TLJ isn’t a good time no alcohol required it is......AWESOMETACULAR

  • Garbage Gang
    Garbage Gang 2 months ago

    80% of the film is the new order waiting for the resistance to run out of fuel LMAO
    6.4/10 for me

  • Trevor Greenfield
    Trevor Greenfield 2 months ago

    Just. Because. Characters. Don't. Succeed. Doesn't. Mean. Their. Actions. Were. Useless.

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 2 months ago

    It was a dreadful film, a dreadful star wars film but also a dreadful film on it's own. Rian Johnson writes like a child, he should never have been within a thousand miles of a SW film, he shouldn't have ever been near any big film let alone one that was so important to very long term fans. Everything ridiculous he did in this monstrosity has been put to him and he ignores it all, the truth is he really does not know, he doesn't know { or care }about the plot holes, the way every single story line he created came to nothing, he doesn't know how insulting the forced SJW and PC stuff was and he has zero respect for the very people who pay his wages. I have never seen a director disrespect another {and far better} directors work like he does here.

  • Tubs Ord
    Tubs Ord 2 months ago

    Mel Brooks needs to make spoofs of these new movies! Would be more entertaining that this shitty movie

  • Tubs Ord
    Tubs Ord 2 months ago

    Haha. Sit on your face 😂

  • Rebecca Jo
    Rebecca Jo 2 months ago

    That Yoda impression, though! So good!
    And I totally feel you on the "bloody sand" thing! When I first saw the scene, I had forgotten about the red sand and was so incredibly shocked - maybe almost even laughed because of the timing? - when I thought that was Luke splattering everywhere! XD

  • Batmanisawesomesoami
    Batmanisawesomesoami 2 months ago

    The movie sucked

  • Garrison Andrew
    Garrison Andrew 2 months ago

    Remake it!

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon 2 months ago

    This movie is worst even than the episodes 1, 2 and 7 and thats a lot

  • Ross Yer
    Ross Yer 2 months ago

    Love the movie. I like your review as usual. Thank you

  • Green BEAST 97
    Green BEAST 97 2 months ago

    Yeah but classic disney has good jokes. And i seperate Pixar from that. They are on point

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 3 months ago

    Someone explain to me how the fuck did mr. Dameron screw up? I mean what was the other better choice?

  • slarty bartfast
    slarty bartfast 3 months ago

    I love sand.

  • Caius
    Caius 3 months ago

    I am so upset with the film, as its supposed to be about the Skywalker arch. Yes that upset i could cry.

  • brimac1011
    brimac1011 3 months ago

    the best line ive heard out of all of the reviews destroying TLJ is ‘it kinda feels like andy kaufman directed this movie’. savagely subtle skewering. perfect.

  • Ben V
    Ben V 3 months ago

    Last Jedi was a great movie but a BBBBBAAAAAADDDDDDD Star Wars movie

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Nope this movie is crap!

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    When the movie said that rays parents were no one, that's not a problem, its your fault for asking

  • The Wolverine
    The Wolverine 3 months ago

    Hated this movie

  • Kike Colunge
    Kike Colunge 3 months ago

    It's a great movie. Better than The Force Awakens.

  • dominic150
    dominic150 3 months ago

    Technically, Poe saved the entire resistance by taking the dreadnaught down. Just sayin.
    The overall movie was a mess with activist themes force fed throughout. Def the worst Star Wars movie of all time.

  • Steve Rondinelli
    Steve Rondinelli 3 months ago

    I'll really be surprised if thats really all there is 2 Snoke.Its really hard 2 believe that the all powerful leader of Empire 2.0 I simply killed off that easy.He can create a link between two peoples minds & can use the force or the Darkside without any real effort yet he can't sense the lightsabre sitting next 2 him turning dangerously towards his old ass & furthermore couldn't sense the betray in Kylo's feelings?I don't know..I'd just wouldn't be shocked if Snoke somehow shows up in episode IX & shocks us all!
    Great Video as always

  • Stephen East
    Stephen East 3 months ago

    Your editing is the worst I have ever seen

  • jthakurdin
    jthakurdin 3 months ago

    "seems like Andy Kaufman directed it.". HAAA HAAA HAAAA !!! 😁😁😁

  • L33t70mage
    L33t70mage 3 months ago

    That Praetorian battle was THE WORST!!
    the guard closest to the front straight up should've killed Rey on his second engagement.. he swung high on purpose and let her live..
    Go re-watch that scene again.. its fucking hilarious, only equaled by how bad it is..
    the chick playing Rey missed her cue to duck (she was slow) and the actor in the suit had to swing high.. OVER HER HEAD...
    could've ended her there and saved us all from more heartache.

  • Macready childs
    Macready childs 3 months ago

    Fucking sucks