Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER Review

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
  • Star Wars Episode VIII is out, so let's talk about wasted characters, plot lines, and other things that raise questions....and possibly problems.

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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  Year ago +4828

    I enjoyed the movie, and there is much to like, but this is my video (more or less) going into what bothered me....and some things I liked. Enjoy.

    • Anima of Gaming
      Anima of Gaming 12 days ago


    • Nathanael Reyes
      Nathanael Reyes 4 months ago

      Jeremy Jahns For it’s Buy It On Blu/Ray. :). Glad you at least enjoyed it my friend.

    • JAGORZ51 65
      JAGORZ51 65 5 months ago

      These new Star Wars movies keep killing off the original cast members I grew up with.

    • Brandon Jimkern
      Brandon Jimkern 5 months ago

      Jeremy Jahns this movie was real Jeremy. I understand _some_ of the frustration with some scenes, but it does not deserve the toxic hatred it gets on the internet

  • Scott Pendleton
    Scott Pendleton 10 hours ago

    I thought it was a boring piece of dog shit, I hope The rise of Skywalker redeems my faith and love for Star Wars

  • rascally rabbit
    rascally rabbit Day ago

    Badly written movie
    Meh acting

  • LordMalice6d9
    LordMalice6d9 7 days ago +2

    Jeremy Jahns reviews is for simple people, who prefer simple-minded things.

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 7 days ago

    I don’t even watch Star Wars but I love your reviews lol

  • The Veteran Trainer88

    This review is a classic study in Human nature: When someone likes something they will find ways to defend it. When they dont they will find ways to pick it apart.

  • gnc623
    gnc623 9 days ago

    The prequels put this movie to shame.

  • Robert
    Robert 9 days ago

    I actually thought it kind of made sense for Holdo to keep it a secret. Several characters emphasize multiple times that tracking through hyperspace should be impossible. So, absent the techno-babble explanation that Rose comes up with, a spy is actually the most likely option. And Poe strikes me as the kind of guy who might go shooting his mouth off, so even if he wasn't the spy, telling him probably wouldn't be a good idea. And yeah, getting the hacker from the casino planet plan kind of backfired on them. So did going to hide out in Cloud City in "Empire Strikes Back." In fact, "getting a hacker to shut off their tracking technology" isn't even close to as stupid a plan as "ask for sanctuary from a sketchy con-artist who I hadn't seen in years and probably has a grudge against me because I took his ship." Plucky rebels make desperate plans that fuck up literally all the time in this series. That's kind of what plans are for...

  • Dr. Simple Beauty 300
    Dr. Simple Beauty 300 13 days ago

    I hated the shallow rabbit hole of Rey’s parents. It was a long, boring Harry Potter rip-off with no payoff.

  • William Dinkel
    William Dinkel 13 days ago

    When they just pooped Snoke out, that was the final straw for me

  • Andrew Cazessus
    Andrew Cazessus 14 days ago

    you may praise the film but man that movie is entirely opposite.

  • Alex Tapisevic
    Alex Tapisevic 14 days ago

    1:57 How did Obi Wan and Yoda died??

  • Captain Nwalps
    Captain Nwalps 15 days ago

    I mean as soon as Poe learned the plan, he called Finn and that’s what let DJ know and then he told the First Order. Soooooo Holdo had a really good reason not to tell Poe, because if Leia didn’t let Poe know the plan then DJ wouldn’t of learned the plan

  • Alex Grigorenko
    Alex Grigorenko 17 days ago +1

    This movie murdered starwars for me...

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 17 days ago +2

    Why is everyone ignoring his amazing Yoda impression?!?

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 20 days ago


  • master106 games
    master106 games 21 day ago

    1:06 magnetism

  • Anupam Potdar
    Anupam Potdar 21 day ago +1

    Thank you for saying it was a decent movie with many flaws, which was enjoyable at the same time. That was exactly what I felt when I watched it.

  • Tony Crash
    Tony Crash 26 days ago +1

    This movie was just bad. I loved A New Hope but The Last Jedi was awful.

  • cruddddddddddddddd
    cruddddddddddddddd 27 days ago +1

    The only difference between Luke and the 'legend' is we've actually seen Luke's adventures and we, as the audience, know that he is, in fact, a legend. Disney would have done well to mine from the extended universe books of the last 30 years for their ideas. Instead: mansplaining, purple hair, and subversion.
    James Cameron said in an interview for Aliens that it was his goal to subvert expectations while still being respectful to the source material.
    So, RJ got the subversion part right, but he forgot to respect the source material.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Jeremy, this is exactly what happened to Obi Wan Kenobi, when he fought Darth Vader. He sacrificed himself and he literally vanished, his cloak falling to the ground like Luke's. And just like when Yoda died of old age, he just vanished. This was established in the original trilogy.

  • Sir Billius
    Sir Billius Month ago

    If episode 9 starts and it begins with JJ on the screen telling us "Hey. Remember Last Jedi? Forget Last Jedi," and then the IX morphs into a VIII and the movie progresses as if Last Jedi never happened and it just picks up where Force Awakens left off, I would be okay. A two movie arc would be fine IMO even if that is the most unlikely thing in the history of movie making.

  • Kunisake The Artist

    Even Luke Skywalker himself hated the way he was portrayed in the movie. If that doesn't raise red flags, I dunno what will. Rose was also useless as well as the casino planet and animal cruelty bullshit. Snoke totally got Boba Fetted, Laura Dern's character is a stupid b*tch, and Admiral Ackbar didn't get the sendoff he deserved. Almost as bad as the prequels

  • Jimmy Stewart
    Jimmy Stewart Month ago


  • Sean Baugh
    Sean Baugh Month ago

    *Warning from the future :*
    *"NUFF SAID"*

  • insanedragongirl
    insanedragongirl Month ago

    The Star Wars galaxy would be a lot more peaceful if they’d invest in some quality psychiatrists. All that emotional drama could be sorted out before they go all crazy evil....

  • Lakaveli B
    Lakaveli B Month ago

    The Space Fuel Thing was shit....

  • Nathaniel Goritski
    Nathaniel Goritski Month ago

    Snoke should've caught the lightsaber as it came out with the force, that would've been unique and shown his power

  • Breaking The Fourth Wall

    I had NO problems with the plot , I just thought the music could be better.
    I also really liked Rose since she’s personifies the light living on without the Jedi.
    She saved Finn because , as poe openly said , it was TOO LATE. Criticisms of this are DUMB.
    What else is dumb, is people wondering why Holdo didn’t tell Poe, she SPELLS it out , “ You’re reckless and the last thing I need”. And she was right in the end wasn’t she?
    There’s no logical basis for either of those arguments.
    Great Review Jeremy, subbed.

    • David Gilmour
      David Gilmour Month ago

      Your reason for liking Rose just made me throw up

  • Edior Mrvn
    Edior Mrvn Month ago

    Rose saving Finn, not giving any living fuck about that little thing known as.... THE FUCKING RESSISTANCE???? That takes the cake of Stupidity of the Year.

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Month ago +3

    I feel like I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan, having been born in 1976, I was literally raised with it.
    Growing up, especially in the LONG emptiness after Return of the Jedi, I had dreams about the toys, because the neighbor kid had a bunch, and I always only ever got like an action figure or two for Christmas lol
    Anyway, when George Lucas started making new Star Wars movies again, I was in my early 20s and couldn't wait to see the new trilogy about, "Young Darth Vader."
    And yes. It was strange and esoteric, and didn't really find it's groove until Revenge of the Sith, but after that we got the Clone Wars Series and then, years later, it was announced that George Lucas was selling Lucasfilm to Disney and they were going to start pumping out new Star Wars films again.
    Mainly because it starred the original cast members, I was SO excited about the Force Awakens, and I absolutely LOVED it, thus began the LONG, two year wait until Episode VIII, with nothing but TVclip and other content on social media and the internet containing EVERY Incessant theory you can think of!
    When The Last Jedi finally opened, the excitement and anticipation was Through the ROOF lol then Luke chucked his lightsaber over his shoulder, Finn and Rose went to a casino, and Porgs.
    I wanted SO BAD to love the movie I actually lied to myself and actually argued in it's favor, deleting any TVclip video suggestions with even a hint of negativity,
    ...and then I watched it again.
    It's as bad as I wouldn't allow myself to admit, sure.
    But it's by no means a, "bad movie."
    The positive aspects are equal in abundance to the negative aspects, and there are a couple AWESOME scenes.
    (Like Rey and Kylo's fight in Snoke's Throne Room)
    Needless to say, I stopped defending it so vehemently, but I still steer well clear of the Hate/rant videos.
    And, I thought, "Rogue One," was pretty awesome.
    "Solo," not so much lol but they can't ALL be, "Empire," can they?!? 👍
    Would I rather live in a timeline in which there have been NO new Star Wars films since Disney took it over?
    HELL no!
    I would MUCH rather have a string of, "good enough," Star Wars films, coming out like every two years than none at all.
    Appreciate what we get, don't get your hopes up too high, and don't get too attached to your theories lol and just enjoy the ride because it's BETTER THAN WALKING!

    • TWSTF 8
      TWSTF 8 Month ago +2

      @Sully Uddin
      You HAD to have read many much better comments lol that one was just my opinions exploding all over the place.
      But, thanks. 🤜💥🤛

    • Sully Uddin
      Sully Uddin Month ago +2

      TWSTF 8
      Best comment I’ve read.👍🏽

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Month ago +8

    "At least Anakin and Padme looked like a couple of young people who wanted to bang"😂😂😂

  • DooM HomeGrown
    DooM HomeGrown Month ago

    Movie sucked. Bring back Luke!

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Month ago

    I've come to disagree that the fight in the throne room was a positive aspect of the film. Many videos have broken down the choreography in that scene is pretty laughable.

  • K2 Mally
    K2 Mally Month ago

    The Rose storyline would have been better if it had been the sister who died simply because she is more attractive. Change my mind.

    • MG3
      MG3 Month ago

      that makes zero sense and it's a dumb idea

  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming Month ago

    This movie was complete garbage

  • Jack Krmpstee
    Jack Krmpstee Month ago

    This movie challenged many things of Star Wars. It wasn't perfect but the hate is to extreme.

  • snipersev07
    snipersev07 2 months ago

    I agree with Jeremy on this one. The movie was alright

  • Darrell Covello
    Darrell Covello 2 months ago

    You know what could have been cool (well, at least not retarded)... Leia blasts out into space, then consciously PULLS the ship TO her. The Force came thru at her time of grave peril. How the explosion, glass, concussion, and exposure to space didn't kill her, is another story.

    • ii ii
      ii ii Month ago

      Darrell Covello Or just not have her get sucked out of the ship. Since at no time in the prior films does she show any force training.

  • Alex Zachmeier
    Alex Zachmeier 2 months ago +2

    It's weird how Aniken is dating someone WAY older than him

    I know that this is the wrong trilogy

    • Alex Zachmeier
      Alex Zachmeier Month ago

      @ii ii
      Oh, KK

    • ii ii
      ii ii Month ago

      Alex Zachmeier I mentioned the prison because its another time in star wars where things were changed for production reasons and logic took a back seat.

    • Alex Zachmeier
      Alex Zachmeier Month ago

      @ii ii
      Wait what
      That has no realation to what I said

    • ii ii
      ii ii Month ago

      Alex Zachmeier Its just like A New Hope. Originaly Luke and Han were going to rescue Leia at the Imperial Prison. The Prison wasnt on the Death Star. It was on Cloud City. Which makes sense because why would the imperials take Leia to a secret battle station when that would lead her rescuers right to the Death Star. It was changed last minute to save money. Which then makes the Imperials look more incompetent.

    • Alex Zachmeier
      Alex Zachmeier 2 months ago

      @ii ii

  • Fearless Lister
    Fearless Lister 2 months ago

    I hope JJ Abrams used this.....😉

  • Phoenix0459
    Phoenix0459 2 months ago

    A lot of people over exaggerated their reviews and tbh, this is the most honest and truthful one yet

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan 2 months ago +1

    Your spoiler reviews are actually really entertaining

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter 2 months ago

    I personally enjoyed the movie BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with it. Plasma dying like that... no. I read her book. That woman is like UNKILLABLE. Also... killing Snoke AND Luke off was a mistake. Leia should’ve died even though I LOVED her Force moment. It’s about time. Rey’s parentage DOES matter AAAAAAAAAND the Finn/Rose relationship aggravates me. And yes. I don’t like Holdo either. Strong women don’t have to be jerks in order to convey their strength. Look at Leia. She’s effortlessly powerful. Holdo was trying too hard. I do agree with everything you said about her death scene; it was the most epic death scene I have scene.

  • Voltronic 81
    Voltronic 81 2 months ago

    “No ones really gone.”
    Captain Phasma will return in EPISODE 9

  • jose ramiro reynoso ruiz
    jose ramiro reynoso ruiz 2 months ago +3

    This video: "It's a good time no alcohol required"...... ok.
    2019 Jeremy gives his thoughts on the new Episode 9 trailer: "FUCK THE LAST JEDI"....... ok.

  • Kayaker Dude
    Kayaker Dude 2 months ago

    How is this not a dog shit cubed rating Jeremy?

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 2 months ago

    I still havent rewatched it yet

  • Kisu Bags
    Kisu Bags 2 months ago

    So I finally watched this movie and I gotta say.....I’ve got mixed feelings like there are good things and there are horrible ones. The Finn Rose thing was dumb, that whole casino section was dumb, really really dumb....idk it’s just messed up, not phantom menace bad but close.

  • TheAusugn
    TheAusugn 2 months ago

    This movie sucked

  • Diego Ramos24
    Diego Ramos24 2 months ago

    One of the many reasons I prefer Jeremy Jahns over Chris Stuckmann. Jeremy is much more honest in his reviews while Chris fanboys ways too much, get overly angry, and it's clear in some of his reviews that he isn't being 100% honest about his opinions.

  • Thor
    Thor 2 months ago

    It’s a 7.5/10 for me. Better than episode 1 and 2 for me

  • SavagePhantoms 9000
    SavagePhantoms 9000 2 months ago

    I love the last jedi.

  • HoopleHeadUSA
    HoopleHeadUSA 2 months ago

    I would have like the movie more if all the Rose and Benicio scenes were ripped out. But I liked it.

  • rockfantasy8
    rockfantasy8 3 months ago +1

    when rey and kylo are first force connected you see kylo trying to understand the logistics of how this happens... at some point he says, "you can't be force projecting yourself here, that would kill you" (or something like that)... so, there.. yes it's introduced here for the first time but that doesn't need to cause "plot hole" for the past movies... no one used it because it's lethal...

  • SUPER Spicy Memes
    SUPER Spicy Memes 3 months ago

    that girl nasty, i wouldnt kiss her either

  • Junaki Begum
    Junaki Begum 3 months ago +2

    17:46 why have young Anakin when we could see more of old Anakin seriously why must his head be replace by Hayden no disrespect to Hayden but it was disrespectful to Sebastian Shaw George why man why I think if they brought back Old Anakin that'll be great I mean CGI Old Anakin that'll be cool I guess idk

  • Junaki Begum
    Junaki Begum 3 months ago

    If they brought back old Anakin I would have liked that

  • Vivek Acharya
    Vivek Acharya 3 months ago +1

    i loved this movie.

  • Travis Silcox
    Travis Silcox 3 months ago

    Obi Wan did the same thing in Episode 4 (disappeared into the force)

  • Tamsyn Shaw
    Tamsyn Shaw 3 months ago

    I really did not enjoy this movie, sorry

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 3 months ago +1

    This movie isn't just a good sci fi movie it's an amazing Star Wars movie!!!

    • Junaki Begum
      Junaki Begum 3 months ago

      Captain Jakemerica not as good as Star Wars 1977 - Star Wars Return Of The Jedi

  • Daniel Benington
    Daniel Benington 3 months ago

    The first time I saw the movie I liked it, but every subsequent time I've watched it or thought about it I've hated it more and more. This is the exact oposite of my experiences with every other good Star Wars movie, one of the great things for me about Star Wars is how I can go back an watch it over and over again and not get tired with it; that's just part of the magic.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 3 months ago

    Rian Johnson subverted expectations by making a garbage movie.

  • Jeditilifall
    Jeditilifall 3 months ago +1

    keep phasmas ass dead!! rose is an idiot.

  • Daniel Valdivia
    Daniel Valdivia 3 months ago

    Perfect review!

  • PhoenixKnightFlame
    PhoenixKnightFlame 3 months ago

    One thing I will comment on is that Poe was absolutely correct in his decision to continue the bombing raid. If they hadn't destroyed the Dreadnought, it would have destroyed the Resistance fleet with ease. Sure the bombers were destroyed along with it and people died but that is war, people die.

  • Mixed Bag Clips
    Mixed Bag Clips 3 months ago +22

    Just Jeremy not using his Star Wars “cape”.... an image speaks more than a 1000 words. 👌🏼😢👍🏼

  • Anson Hartzler
    Anson Hartzler 3 months ago

    In the end I do like this movie. But there is sooooo much wasted potential.

  • TacTundra
    TacTundra 3 months ago

    You said in your Phantom Menace review that it's good if you just want to shit talk a movie, and if you're drunk. The Last Jedi doesn't deserve to be watched. It shouldn't exist, period.

  • 1 of 3
    1 of 3 4 months ago

    THIS MOVIE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nraketh
    nraketh 4 months ago

    The lack of respect this movie had for the foundations of star wars was one of its biggest flaws. Say what you will about the prequels, but outside of midichlorians, they at least respected what made star wars, star wars.

  • Benjamin Franz
    Benjamin Franz 4 months ago

    For me, the best part of The Last Jedi was hands down the conversation between Luke and Force Ghost Yoda. That discussion about the value of failure is really important. Really speaks to human nature. That was damned good, that scene.

    • Metal Head
      Metal Head 2 months ago +2

      pfft the best scene in this movie was Luke's Got Milk commercial

  • Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet 4 months ago

    Honestly I think the look on that world was there to show how big and bad the impact of the first order is on the average planet, instead of focussing on the honestly really small group of rebels... To show that the struggle is bigger and more significant.

  • Fernando Andrade
    Fernando Andrade 4 months ago +1

    Reasons this movie pissed me off:
    Phasma turned out to be pointless
    Snoak turned out to be pointless
    Reys past turned out to be pointless
    The gambling planet felt pointless

    • andrew jones
      andrew jones Month ago

      This whole thing felt useless; nothing was accomplished, what was the story arc? Was there any character growth? Any story development?

    • TheYummyBurrito
      TheYummyBurrito 2 months ago

      No progress was made for the the plot
      The entire movie turned out to be pointless

  • stoplyinn
    stoplyinn 4 months ago

    Clone Wars Yoda

  • Cash Lannister
    Cash Lannister 4 months ago

    Fucking hate these movies...

  • John Gulotta
    John Gulotta 4 months ago

    Movie sucked

  • romarssi everything!!
    romarssi everything!! 4 months ago +1

    A lot lot lot better than stuckman's review......

  • ballah bangura
    ballah bangura 5 months ago

    The very first thing i thought when Holdo did the stupid hyperspace manuer was " what was the point of the flying through the the Death star trenches scenes"?

  • DiabloX_Evil X
    DiabloX_Evil X 5 months ago

    Let's not lie to ourselves the movie was pure trash pure and simple

  • Corey Ciepiela
    Corey Ciepiela 5 months ago

    It LOOKED cool, that's about it. Nothing else about it was good. Hell, if you have a large enough budget you can make anything look good

  • Lawless Phantom
    Lawless Phantom 5 months ago

    There was a version of the script that had Luke hold the lightsaber for a moment, as audio of the previous movies echoes over it before ending with Luke chucking it into the sea. Rey asks why and he responds with “A tool of death, that’s all it was”

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago

    I would love to hear a "Year after" TLJ review from you Jeremy! Not expecting it, but it would be great.I felt this exact way after my first viewing (and second).
    Now i feel very differently.
    This is why i'd love to hear what you think about it now. Please do it!
    - A Fan

  • Zak
    Zak 5 months ago

    Luke throwing his lightsaber would have been ok if there was some dialogue like “where did you get this? We need you ! Nope 👎🏻 *then throws it”
    I’m not sure wtf went on behind the scenes but it felt like TLJ had been forced to start filming on a second draft. Lucasfilm needs to get their shit together, IX is literally the last hope for all Star Wars fans.

  • M J Grasscutter
    M J Grasscutter 5 months ago

    NO! Poe did NOT fuck up. He made exactly the right call dude!! Wtf are you on about? He literally saved the ship from being destroyed.

  • Satyajit Lall
    Satyajit Lall 5 months ago

    There was a lighsaber fight in the vision from the past which kylo showed rey u know the one with his blue lightsaber

  • david ortega
    david ortega 5 months ago

    My one problem with Rey. WHAT. IS. HER. MOTIVATION? Luke wanted to join the war to save the galaxy. An adventure. But then he pushes it out of his head until his Aunt and Uncle were killed. He had nothing to lose except to help stop the empire. Rey is kinda just... there. She has no reason to be in this war and she has no reason for having those powers. Even Luke got his ass kicked. He had to learn, to mature. Hate the new star wars.

  • Levi Bullen
    Levi Bullen 5 months ago +1

    I loved The Last Jedi

  • Tristan Gabriel
    Tristan Gabriel 5 months ago

    “Asshole tried to kill me, I’m gonna waste his school” Yeah most people forget that Luke had a passing second of crisis and immediately felt shame, whereas Kylo was scared for a moment and immediately…killed innocent people??

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 5 months ago

      You do know Kylo was being manipulated by Snoke while under Luke's teachings? The movie mentions this...

  • Evan Peer
    Evan Peer 5 months ago

    The majority of the comments are blazingly negative. When will people admit the film was horrendous?

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 5 months ago

      Empire was polarising when it was released, and if the internet existed would have received similar reactions. Now look at its reception...

  • Evan Peer
    Evan Peer 5 months ago

    I saw the movie opening weekend 3 times, each time hoping it would get better. But each time it only cemented how horribly awful it was. It was, without a doubt, the worst star wars movie and one of the worst movies I have seen in a while.

  • BlueFacondor
    BlueFacondor 5 months ago

    Feminisim killed this fucking series.

  • Prodigy Of Rock
    Prodigy Of Rock 5 months ago +1

    Original Trilogy - Luke tries too save his father the second most evil guy in the galaxy and bring him back to the light side. Right on!! Awesome
    Sequel Trilogy - Luke sees a hint of evil in his nephew i
    n a hut luke's like "LET'S KILL!!"
    Nice job Disney nice job SMH

  • DemonOfMordor
    DemonOfMordor 5 months ago

    I heard a wild theory that Snoke is Windu :D you know, he used the force not to fall from the window, then he got pissed, the force made him white...:D and he is evil because he balanced between the light and the dark side with his violet lightsaber and the dark side overpowered him :D anyway, youtube said it, I'm not convinced :D

  • Sam Harding
    Sam Harding 5 months ago +1

    The force chose Rey because she’s fEmaLe

  • Dhaval Desai
    Dhaval Desai 5 months ago

    You liked this movie wow you star wars fans are crazy

  • David Rich
    David Rich 5 months ago

    Finn/Rose isn’t a romance, it’s unrequited love.

  • Brandon H. Edwards
    Brandon H. Edwards 5 months ago

    I don't understand y they made such a big deal bout other people other than Jedi can use the force..of course they can.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 5 months ago

    When I first watched The Last Jedi, I thought Holdo was a traitor. I think they should have made her a spy for the First Order, and when they found out, they left her on the ship. And when the resistance ships are being shot down, she had a change of heart and rammed the ship. I also think Finn should have sacrificed himself. I like Finn, but I think if he sacrificed himself, Rey would be even more angry at Kylo and the First Order and drawn more to the darkside.