Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILER Review

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
  • Star Wars Episode VIII is out, so let's talk about wasted characters, plot lines, and other things that raise questions....and possibly problems.

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  • Angry Vader
    Angry Vader 2 months ago +954

    The more I think about it the more I hate this movie

      KNIGHTMARE 3 days ago +1

      agreed. enlighten me master

    • Angry Vader
      Angry Vader 10 days ago +1

      breadordecide ya I am it’s this think called an opinion

    • Angry Vader
      Angry Vader 10 days ago +1

      Kevin Strom I’m glad you like it! It’s just not for me

    • Morel Hunter
      Morel Hunter 11 days ago +1

      Jeremy pinning this comment is the closest he's likely to come to saying that he hates this movie. I think we all felt this to some extent. The first time watching it the desire to want it to be a good movie makes it hard to see it for what it is. Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20.

    • Raven Whiteduck
      Raven Whiteduck 13 days ago +1

      Yeah I've suffered through this movie 5 times and I went from hating it since I watched reviews first, then finally watching it, noticing all the flaws, did not care at all for the themes, second time I got baked and it was okay but not a perfect film like some say, then later on after sobering up I noticed how bad it was again, pretty much gotta be really stoned to watch it, it's definitely not like t2 a good 2 and a half hour film, I just don't like the sequels, their weak cash grabs to me

  • Kate pro
    Kate pro Day ago

    Good time no alcohol required ??? No jeremy , no no no no ! To perceive THIS as a good time u have to be drunk as fuck >

  • fherlinn
    fherlinn Day ago

    I hate Disney Star Wars. I hope Episode 9 is a massive flop.

  • J.D. Grimm
    J.D. Grimm 2 days ago +1

    While it was cool to see... the hyperspace scene made no sense.

    KNIGHTMARE 3 days ago



    KNIGHTMARE 3 days ago

    dude...........were you drunk when you made this video?

  • UltimateNerd 77
    UltimateNerd 77 6 days ago

    Well boba fett lived

  • UltimateNerd 77
    UltimateNerd 77 6 days ago

    Movie was trash

  • Simon-peter Williamson

    Did you really gloss over the fact that finn replied with rebel scum??

  • Wicho
    Wicho 7 days ago

    Won't remember this movie in T-Minus 1 minute.. oop , already forgotten" is my review. Rian killed Star Wars

  • UltimateNerd 77
    UltimateNerd 77 8 days ago

    This movie is trash

  • CheshireKat666 Z
    CheshireKat666 Z 8 days ago

    I hated the Luke/Rey interactions. Forget the Legend, that Luke was a completely different character from the real Luke Skywalker. It was a complete miss... Then again, so was that entire movie.

  • The Sci Fi and Fantasy cast

    so who IS the last Jedi

  • Shawn E
    Shawn E 11 days ago +2

    I really like that Jeremy has all but admitted that he is a part of The Fandom Menace Menace, and that he really does not like the Last Jedi at all. Welcome to The Fandom Menace Jeremy. Come on in, the water's warm.

  • Roland Chang
    Roland Chang 12 days ago

    I wonder how many people have the same Blu Ray shelf as me.
    Star Wars; Episode 1The Phantom Menace
    Star Wars; Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
    Star Wars; Clone Wars
    Star Wars; Clone Wars Seasons 1 - 5
    Star Wars; Clone Wars The Lost Missions
    Star Wars; Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
    Star Wars; Rogue One
    Star Wars; Rebels Season 1 - 4
    Star Wars; Episode 4 A New Hope
    Star Wars; Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars; Episode 6 Return of the Jedi
    Star Wars; Episode 7 The Force Awakens
    Gap in the shelf never to be filled / maybe I’ll just bin that Force Awakens now...

  • Mikey
    Mikey 13 days ago +2

    It’s funny to hear him talk about how good the movie was when it first came out. But when it became “cool” and a fad to hate on Star Wars, Jeremy Jahns started hating on it. But it wasn’t cool at the time he released this video. Makes ya think. Are people only hating on it because society told them it was cool? I think people actually secretly like this new trilogy. But are afraid to admit it because social media and society told them to hate on it.

    • Shawn E
      Shawn E 11 days ago

      The real reason is, once Star Wars Mania wears off , and you look back, these movies suck and it becomes obvious

  • Jedislayer
    Jedislayer 14 days ago +4

    This was the first Star Wars movie where I didn’t buy the blu ray.

  • J Runyon
    J Runyon 14 days ago

    Really appreciate the fact that Jeremy expressed his opinions without screaming at the people who liked it, really mature....... unlike other star wars fans who just yell at you for liking the movie

  • Voss Li
    Voss Li 14 days ago

    The hyperspace tracking thing was so dumb. They had ONE tracker. Just jump your 3 ships to different places they could only track 1 ship

  • TwistMusic Official
    TwistMusic Official 17 days ago

    I like the message that Rey doesn't come from anything and she can still be great, but that shouldn't belong in a Saga about one family, the lead character should be OF that family, not a fucking nobody

  • YjT Echo
    YjT Echo 18 days ago +2

    Rose wasn’t a good character literally

  • Todd Marcum
    Todd Marcum 18 days ago +3

    The throne room fight scene was awful, just awful. Lazy, lots of unless spin moves and just watch it in slow mo it truly is comical.

  • Philp Ttofari
    Philp Ttofari 18 days ago

    Disney is laughing all the way to the bank ,at you wanker star wars fanboys , they could shit on a plate ,film it for three hours telling you it's Yoda shit and you tossers will watch it multiple times to make sure it isn't an actual pile of shit.

  • Spider-Flash
    Spider-Flash 20 days ago

    And now The Rise of Skywalker is going to Phasma the Emperor by bringing him back just to kill him again. I mean he was in control of the galaxy from 1-6, and now he's going to be brought back and killed in one film which also means Vader's sacrifice was useless and now somehow Rey is going to miraculously kill the most powerful being in the galaxy. Sidious beat Savage and Maul, Yoda, 3 Jedi Masters, and it took Vader catching him off guard to defeat him yet somehow according to confirmed plot leaks Rey is going to kill him 1v1. DISGUSTIN!!!

  • Arif Ridzuan
    Arif Ridzuan 20 days ago +3

    When I first watched this,I loved it...
    But as you might assume the moment I left the cinema the second time,I immediately hated it,
    The “subverting expectations “ thing were only there to “subvert your expectations”and also not in a great way

  • The Good Prince Stephen Etchison

    Okay, I understand that some people can't stand this movie, but I loved it. It was fun, funny, emotionally satisfying yet leaving me wanting more, it was visually beautiful with some of the best Star Wars action scenes out there, and it had some great character moments as well as just straight up awesome moments throughout. Canto Bite was weak, a little overlong, and fairly boring upon re-watching, but this movie did so many things right that it was enough for me. I loved it!

  • breadordecide
    breadordecide 21 day ago

    In return of the jedi luke through down his lighstaber and refused to fight vader.
    So no, he’s not you, he’s not in love with his laser sword of death. It’s like fans can’t seperate their feelings from the characters feelings.
    To YOU the light sword should be revered. To Luke, its an age old weapon that he already once rejected. He is not a violent person.

  • Jacob Reeves
    Jacob Reeves 23 days ago

    It's a good movie. Chris stuckman (A much better movie critic) likes it and explains the hate perfectly. There's a reason that people who actually know movies, gave it a good review. People have to accept that things change, and to stop being little bitches about it.

  • Lazy Wookee
    Lazy Wookee 24 days ago

    Born innocent into this life a brutal beauty that is reality, to find comfort in fantasy away from daily life, we seem today, however, bred to hate not what is rightly to be disposed of, but that which dreams are.

  • Kan Rup
    Kan Rup 24 days ago

    The lightsaber-chucking-over-shoulder scene. This is what turned me off, and what seemed to set the tone about the past films. Probably why I never saw the movie. Havent heard many good things about this but it may not be completely bad. but Idk.

  • Oscar
    Oscar 26 days ago

    You need to rewatch that fight scene with praetorian guards that was just horrible so many mistakes

  • SunTai
    SunTai 28 days ago

    When I saw The Last Jedi I somewhat enjoyed it, and I was sober. BUT, a good movie inspires review and discussion which only make you like it more. The more I review and discuss this movie, the worse it gets. So, at this point, I actually hate this movie more than the Phantom Menace...

  • Trenton Richmond
    Trenton Richmond 29 days ago

    Sorry man but this movie is dog sh**t! I think most can admit it now

    GHOST 29 days ago

    For a good time no alcohol require you sure give it a lot of negative points

  • Shayne_tha_Mayne
    Shayne_tha_Mayne Month ago

    I'd never seen the Battelstar Galactica parallels until you mentioned them, now it seems blatant to me haha of all the things to steal from to write a Star Wars story, why take from the Star Wars for television lol kind of counterproductive

  • Green Tornado
    Green Tornado Month ago


  • Sigurd Torvaldsson
    Sigurd Torvaldsson Month ago +1

    Attack of the clones >> The last jedi

  • Ben V
    Ben V Month ago

    I hated it, so bad.

  • Mathew Flott
    Mathew Flott Month ago

    They made Rey able to download powers. Then the holdo maneuver brings into question all space combat in the rest of Star Wars. Then solo made lando a technosexual. I hope when they bring him back in 9 and he will carry around an ai pocket pussy significant other who is the only one who furthers the plot with relevant info. Too bad I’m not paying these people anymore for their dogshit movies.


    "MAYBE IN THE BOOKS" word.

  • Oh Billy
    Oh Billy Month ago

    Funny seeing all the initial reviews making excuses for this movie and then gradually everyone just grew to hate it lol

  • Tom Simmons
    Tom Simmons Month ago

    I called him Thorda.

  • Jaxson Burke
    Jaxson Burke Month ago

    The Last Jedi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Force Awakens
    Change your fanboy mindset, ignore the garbage fan theories and look at The Last Jedi as a film and not just a Star Wars movie. Abrams is an incompetent sleezebag. Johnson is a creative force of nature.

    • BirdsElopeWithTheSun
      BirdsElopeWithTheSun Month ago

      @Jaxson Burke Because those people probably don't understand why it's a terrible movie, and most who love it are Star Wars fanboys too.

    • Jaxson Burke
      Jaxson Burke Month ago

      @BirdsElopeWithTheSun Then why do the majority of people who aren't fueled by fanboy rage on the internet praising it as the most inventive and epic Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back? I showed the film to my brother who is a cinema junkie but not a Star Wars fan and he thought it was exceptional. I talk about the film in person and 90% of people are baffled that a movie like The Last Jedi is controversial.

    • BirdsElopeWithTheSun
      BirdsElopeWithTheSun Month ago

      The Last Jedi on it's own is still a really bad movie, if it wasn't a Star Wars movie nobody would be defending it.

  • Lowkey Arki
    Lowkey Arki Month ago +2

    that's an oddly positive review, given how even Mark Hamill hated it. Did disney pay you or something?

  • grog3514
    grog3514 Month ago +1

    There isnt enough alcohol in the world to make me enjoy this movie. Jeremy, you are blinded by you fan glasses. This movie wasn't just bad, it was offensive to everyone that cares about star wars.

  • rahn45
    rahn45 Month ago +1

    Ah back when Jeremy was still in denial... I wonder how close it is to dogshit two years later... Cause I suspect it's not a good time when drunk.

  • mark borishnikoff
    mark borishnikoff Month ago

    With rose being a hacker, this guy brought up a good point. Rose and Canto Bite is pointless and since they want to shove a feminist waman message down our throats, they should have made her the Hacker!

  • Sraye
    Sraye Month ago

    Anakin and Padme sound like two people who don't know any pick up lines and never dated anyone in their life.
    And they probably are. One is a Jedi, sworn to celibacy. One is a politician - very few people in that social class at her age and eligible or fit her taste, probably.

  • Shiny Big Boo - Gaming Guru

    Since TLJ came out and I spent $30 to see it, I feel less bad about wasting money on movies that are just barely mediocre, rationalizing that at least they are "better than The Last Jedi"

  • baronessvondengler
    baronessvondengler Month ago

    “Maybe I can help sit on your force... um, your face” 😂😂😂😩

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones Month ago +1

    The prequels are 1000x better than this garbage.

  • Tanuvein
    Tanuvein Month ago +1

    George Scott did a perfect impression of Patton, so that is definitely a good thing to mimic. Probably USA's most racist, dickheaded strategic genius and hero you will ever see.

    • AeneasGemini
      AeneasGemini Month ago

      Dickhead yes, strategic genius yes, hero...maybe, but how was he racist?

  • De N
    De N Month ago +14

    Kylo Ren: Asshole tried to kill me, Imma waste his school. 😂That kind of dialog would have made the movie bearable.

  • rosvel92
    rosvel92 Month ago

    LOL and now he did a video where he pretty much says The Last Jedi is better than The Force Awakens, like it was meant.

  • Joseph Casterline
    Joseph Casterline Month ago

    Was there any given reason why Holdo couldn't have had a droid initiate the "lightspeed shot"? I'm not intimately familiar with the expanded universe of SW, so there may be some "rule" I'm unfamiliar with, but that was my first thought when I saw that part. Kind of killed the moment for me. I've never seen anyone else mention this. Granted, I haven't really looked at many reviews for this movie. I kind of randomly stumbled upon this and figured I would ask about it.

  • rainer
    rainer Month ago +1

    Nearly two years later and this is still one of the greatest Star Wars films ever made in my opinion. Well tbh there’s only like four Star Wars films I can call good: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi. All the other films are boring embarrassing messes.

  • Jaffet Methuselah
    Jaffet Methuselah Month ago

    The characters are garbage all of the new ones, maybe except Poe but he’s just a pointless character the Token pilot allstar without No arc or story but just put in cause we’ll we need one lol compare them to the main 3 Character in this Disney’s trilogy to the 6 previous movies ?
    Or to
    Seriously ?? You can’t compare
    2 movies who wasted soo many years and soo much talent and moments that now with the life of Carry we will never be able to get.... Thanks Jar Jar Abrams and Riana you guys watched stars wars your entire life and made this garbage...

  • MarStoryTime
    MarStoryTime Month ago +6

    Man, those guys who profit off weapons forgot to add shields to all the ships.

  • Thomas Roy
    Thomas Roy Month ago +235

    “This isn’t the story of the Skywalker’s anymore...”
    Boy wait till you hear what the title of the next movie is 😂😂😂

    • chris robinson
      chris robinson 4 days ago +1

      Luke confronts vader and palpatine but BEN SOLO AND REY?!?!?!?!?! have this tremendous power that scare luke!?!?!

    • chris robinson
      chris robinson 4 days ago

      whoopthereitis probably just a logical guess!!

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren 16 days ago

      @Peter Parker boycott 123

    • whoopthereitis
      whoopthereitis 20 days ago +2

      Spider-Flash you haven’t even seen the fucking movie

    • Spider-Flash
      Spider-Flash 20 days ago +1

      There are so many reasons why The Rise of Skywalker solidifies the Sequels as bad fan fiction.

  • MegaDemus
    MegaDemus Month ago

    Did Jeremy CGI his hair?