Snooki & Joey’s Pickle Party!

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • Hey guys, it’s Nicole! Everyone knows I am OBSESSED with pickles, so today I’m throwing a little pickle party with my squirrel, Joey! We’re making pickle hummus (YASS!), and washing it down with some pickle-infused vodka in cute little pickle shot glasses!
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Comments • 97

  • Whitley Garr
    Whitley Garr Month ago

    My pregnant ass would fight someone for that pickle hummus right now and pita chips.

  • Michelle Ramdeo
    Michelle Ramdeo Month ago

    Totally loved the Pickle Party you guys!!!! I am in love with pickles as well!!! All that looked delicious💗💗
    P.S love all of TVclip Videos!

  • Shellz Zabat
    Shellz Zabat 2 months ago

    You guys should try Rhino’s pizzeria in Webster, NY because they have the ultimate pickle pizza! And let us know what you think.

  • Amanda Pyun
    Amanda Pyun 5 months ago

    Joey is nice but when hes drunk its very cringey to watch

  • Happy Smiley
    Happy Smiley 5 months ago

    Joey definitely works in a restaurant only some who works in a restaurant would say “86” something!!

  • mkayla_adrianna
    mkayla_adrianna 5 months ago

    I saw this and went to the grocery store and picked up everything and made it . It was delishhh

  • Sierra Lewis
    Sierra Lewis 5 months ago

    Your forgot to invite my cousin hes a pickle! Lol his last name is pickle

  • Shay Posey
    Shay Posey 5 months ago

    Snooki just said she cant do shots anymore.... we are getting old together girl

  • That Girl1
    That Girl1 6 months ago

    Now I want a pickle😋

  • Rachell B
    Rachell B 7 months ago


  • danielle nicolazzo
    danielle nicolazzo 7 months ago

    Nicole your hair looks fantastic!! Absolutely love 😍😍

  • Priscilla Restrepo
    Priscilla Restrepo 7 months ago

    Can you do more videos like this with Jenni! I feel like you guys don’t do videos anymore

  • Rebecca S
    Rebecca S 8 months ago

    Omg I love 🥒. Sour only, sweet should be illegal. Damn that was a huge pickle.

  • Lou Iaworski
    Lou Iaworski 10 months ago


  • coco loco
    coco loco 10 months ago

    When she plopped that whole big ass pickle in that dip.. I laughed way harder than I should 😂😂😂😂 loves y'alls videos 💕💯

  • robert edwards
    robert edwards 11 months ago +1

    more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SweetThen Sour
    SweetThen Sour Year ago

    Gosh Nicole why you do our girl Sam like that . We know y’all diddnt have a braw but HEEEYYY

  • Ena Vlog's
    Ena Vlog's Year ago

    Can i get the recipe

  • meredith deferro
    meredith deferro Year ago

    Omg he’s hilarious

  • Hailey Omar
    Hailey Omar Year ago

    Are you still married

  • Genavieve C
    Genavieve C Year ago

    Lmao love it !!
    Also, when did you become such a germaphobe?? 🤔

  • ender romero
    ender romero Year ago

    I was salivating the whole time watching this

  • Ortencia Laughing


  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo Year ago

    I lOVE pickles and I love Joey!! ~~~{@

  • LaValerie Nacki
    LaValerie Nacki Year ago

    I love Joey, but i miss you and jwoww 💕😍

  • Melanie Mcclurg
    Melanie Mcclurg Year ago

    I love Joey 💜💜💜

  • Nicole Soldo
    Nicole Soldo Year ago

    Yaassss Bitch!!! Lol. Love you Joey & Nicole!!!

  • Jeniffer Ramos
    Jeniffer Ramos Year ago

    Your home looks so cozy

  • Edward Wooten
    Edward Wooten Year ago


  • 2min Covers
    2min Covers Year ago


  • wondernessful
    wondernessful Year ago

    Love chef Joey ! And Snooki of course

  • Basically Emma
    Basically Emma Year ago

    Snooki weren’t you in Jersey shore

  • 3 1 5 7 3
    3 1 5 7 3 Year ago +4

    Joey is adorbs ☺

  • Chantel Mariaa
    Chantel Mariaa Year ago

    I love this ❤️❤️😂😂

  • WildStyle143
    WildStyle143 Year ago

    Love the dirty ding dong moment 😂

  • Melanie B
    Melanie B Year ago

    Question where did you get those pickles I can live on pickles

  • Monica Lum
    Monica Lum Year ago

    I really want a pickle now

  • Christine Russell

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 your gonna get pickle drink!

  • Sweet Gulab
    Sweet Gulab Year ago +1

    Did that just happen? 3:50 Lmfao

  • Rayah Pine
    Rayah Pine Year ago

    joey is awesome

  • Chaos With The Cunningham's

    Her and jenni never hangout anymore it seems 😭😭

  • Kylee Munoz
    Kylee Munoz Year ago

    Does anyone else want to know what she did with crocodilly?😂

  • • Лошо късо

    Is there any specific good reason why for your Instagram link you decided to put a 'fan page' one and not your official Instagram link?
    *Whoever is managing your TVclip to put links in your description IS FIRE & if no one is but you are then YOU ARE FIRE*
    - have an awesome day.

  • Naomi Beery
    Naomi Beery Year ago

    Nicole...where is your husband been?

  • broncogirl83
    broncogirl83 Year ago

    Snooki and Joey- YOU CAN COME IN! ❤️ LoL Gets me Everytime Mawma. 👏

  • Christina Mohan
    Christina Mohan Year ago

    You guys are the best!!

  • Natasha Owen
    Natasha Owen Year ago

    Joey needs his own show

  • Chelsie Bird
    Chelsie Bird Year ago +7

    Snooki, please try a pickle margarita. It’ll change your life. Same ingredients as a reg marg... but 1/2 of the sweet and sour and 1/2 pickle juice

  • Sarah Kur
    Sarah Kur Year ago

    Hey snooki can I get the recipe for that hummus that looked so good and what type of pickles were in the white container. Love you and your videos

  • Anew1008
    Anew1008 Year ago +1

    Pickles are so good I love that u love pickles!

  • Taya Perez
    Taya Perez Year ago +1

    Yaaas pickle everything

  • ausbeauti x
    ausbeauti x Year ago

    snooki i just want to say I think youre beautiful and I love your lips and you have great style !

  • twins banks
    twins banks Year ago

  • Chianna Metallic
    Chianna Metallic Year ago

    The intro tho 😂😂😂 love them together

  • Brendaa Alcala
    Brendaa Alcala Year ago

    “ Needs a little more salt ” then joey puts in like half the container 🤣🤣👏🏻

  • ML Avalos
    ML Avalos Year ago

    Seriously what is Nicole saying at 03:28 ?? She is saying it in her snaps all the time just can't figure out what it is she's saying 😂

    • Deidre Dotson
      Deidre Dotson Year ago

      Could I come in is what she says. Her and Joey explain it in one of their episodes on their podcast

    • ML Avalos
      ML Avalos Year ago

      Kanakal meaann

  • Haley Torres
    Haley Torres Year ago

    I loooove your podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cɑӏҽíցհ Տհվɑղҽღ

    I'm craving pickles now! O.O

  • NeesaShawol
    NeesaShawol Year ago

    Those pickles so amazing

  • Jacky Ramirez
    Jacky Ramirez Year ago +1

    Pickle hummus yum i want some never though of it 🥒🍋🥒🍋🥒🍋

  • Adriean Cortez
    Adriean Cortez Year ago +2

    omg I love love love pickles can't wait to try the pickle shots with my sis in law when I pop out my baby lol

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Year ago +1

    Pickel party sound funny 😀😀😁

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Year ago +1

    Cool pickel party😀😀😀😁😁😁

  • Maya Castillo
    Maya Castillo Year ago +2


  • Radical_2018
    Radical_2018 Year ago +18

    Joey is my spirit animal 💚👐

  • ayatchafaqui
    ayatchafaqui Year ago +1

    Fucking pickles hahahha

  • Valeria Islas
    Valeria Islas Year ago +2

    I love you guys 💕💕

  • Dominique Porchi
    Dominique Porchi Year ago +7

    still not over how beautiful nicole looks blonde and i always love when joeys in a video!

  • Yvonne Ramirez
    Yvonne Ramirez Year ago +2

    pickle pickle pickle

  • Amy Frazier
    Amy Frazier Year ago +1


  • naltieri84
    naltieri84 Year ago

    You guys are too much. Nicole you should return to TV!!!!

  • Jay Littlefeather

    I love you two. I’m a Joey for real too.

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S Year ago +1

    Pickle cups were very clever!

  • Emely Ascencio
    Emely Ascencio Year ago

    I love pickles too😀

  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez Year ago

    Haha love this video!!! I love pickles too!! You too are so funny together!

  • Amy Monroy
    Amy Monroy Year ago +7

    The full pickle in the pickle shot 🤣🤣☠️💀

  • Esmeralda Ruiz
    Esmeralda Ruiz Year ago

    My dream is to hangout with Nicole and Jenni and eat pickles Especially fried pickles

  • amra
    amra Year ago

    Omg the Snooki signature dance!!!!! 2:32 The like hair flip move !!!!😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😂😂😩😩😩😩😩 i hope u know what I mean 😂😭

  • amra
    amra Year ago

    You're so hot Nicole!!! You too joey 😍

  • Katie Ferraz
    Katie Ferraz Year ago

    You and Joey are the best!! I love pickles!!!

  • PiecesofNika
    PiecesofNika Year ago +59

    When Snooki put the whole pickle in the bowl I died😂😂! Man I love Snooki! Y'all both are hilarious! Please make more videos together! xoxo

  • Chane Jones
    Chane Jones Year ago

    l love you

  • Bykrgirlpink
    Bykrgirlpink Year ago

    Yay !!! I love this !! Joey and Nicole forever !!!!!!

  • brittany leigh
    brittany leigh Year ago

    the hummus sounds so good

  • Margaux Evans
    Margaux Evans Year ago +1

    Pickles dipped in hummus is so good!

  • Margaux Evans
    Margaux Evans Year ago +13

    Everything in hummus is good fats

  • adam mac
    adam mac Year ago +7

    Ohhhhhh you meant that! You and I have different meanings of what a Pickle Party is. 😁 Joey's invited to mine. 😉

  • hannah kaske
    hannah kaske Year ago


    CANDICE LUGO Year ago +74

    I love when you guys do videos together!!! Joey is the best

  • Jasmine Harrison
    Jasmine Harrison Year ago

    What is Joeys Snapchat?

  • SubourbonMermaid
    SubourbonMermaid Year ago

    Love you both SO much!