9 Famous Riddles For True Geniuses Only

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • A set of famous riddles and brain teasers with answers for true geniuses only! If these riddles are easy for your then your IQ is above average, if you can solve at least 5 riddles then your have and average IQ! Solving riddles every day will improve your memory, IQ and analytical skills, so let's get to it right away:
    00:14 - A tricky riddle to tease your brain and sharpen your logic! Try to come up with the right answer before you run out of time.
    01:13 - Oh these wives, they're so ingenious! Her husband should have been angry with her, but I believe he wasn't, because her trick seemed to be almost perfect. It's only that smart policeman who revealed her little trick 😂 Are you as smart as he is? If so, you will easily crack this so called crime riddle. Share your ideas in the comments!
    02:35 - Criminals often think they can trick detectives, but not a professional one (like you!). I'm sure you will crack this cool crime riddle faster than the criminal can say the word 'money'! Challenge your brain with this tough but intriguing detective riddle.
    03:52 - No matter if you're a student now or finished your studies long time ago, it's always important to know what you can do, isn't it? This short set of questions will show if you're smart enough for high school at the moment! If you can answer at least 2/3 of these quiz questions, your mind is as sharp as a blade and you can be accepted to high school RIGHT NOW! 😉 Tricky quiz with answers to boost your brain and test how intelligent and quick-minded you are!
    06:11 - A tricky riddles that will definitely jump start your brain and will help your logic think outside the box! An easy riddles that only 5% of adults manage to solve. However, with more training you can reach the point where short riddles likes these will become nothing to you!
    07:12 - A short thriller for the smartest ones😉 Will you be able to guess how the president was killed on time? If so, you definitely deserve a position in the FBI! This tough riddle will require 200% of your logic, common sense and the power of observation. If you find it hard to crack this crime riddle on time, just pause the video and take your time!
    08:17 - Beware street vendors even if it seems to be a unique offer or you can pay more than you have to😉But the man from this fun riddle has nothing to be afraid of as he came up with an ingenious trick and saved his money. Would you guess how he managed to do this? Even if you fail, this will be an essential life hack for you, won't this?😁
    09:46 - A tough riddle requiring all your logical thinking skills! Will you solve this mind-blowing puzzle on time (what for me, I won't)? If you feel it's too difficult, you can always pause the video and think a little bit more. I used a sheet of paper to take notes and draw a scheme, otherwise I would never get it🤔
    12:13 - Where's the hidden tunnel? You see it, right? So easy! SHARE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!
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