Will It Christmas Tree?

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  • TheHERBAL39
    TheHERBAL39 2 days ago

    The cat would bounce off of it!

  • Lena Reed
    Lena Reed 3 days ago

    i love christmas

  • lionhead life
    lionhead life 3 days ago

    Link always wears the best shirts... wear does he get these

  • Homayra Naznin
    Homayra Naznin 6 days ago

    Link's shirt = Periodic Bacon ( barium + cobalt + Nitrogen )

  • Aaran Robinson
    Aaran Robinson 8 days ago

    U guys should make a vid on Hanukkah because it does not get enough attentionPS: I'm christin

  • -morebasicthanyou-
    -morebasicthanyou- 12 days ago

    they should've chosen R2TREE2

  • Lauren Store
    Lauren Store 15 days ago

    Links shirt is really cool

  • Hanna Merrell
    Hanna Merrell 15 days ago

    "oOoOo cHrIsTmAs tImE mOmMy"

  • Klint Karas
    Klint Karas 16 days ago

    Not may the firs be with you?

  • David Cassidy Garcia
    David Cassidy Garcia 19 days ago

    will it waffle

  • David Cassidy Garcia
    David Cassidy Garcia 19 days ago

    will it waffle

  • Sam Warrior
    Sam Warrior 22 days ago

    Carey Mahoney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love police Acabamy

  • NiqyTheTomato Chicken noodle soup

    When I want to watch the into

  • Tenisha Guitard
    Tenisha Guitard 25 days ago

    I have almost the same shirt as link but mine says 'O MG i love science" instead, get it?

  • Erica Mae
    Erica Mae 26 days ago

    Me: what is it good for
    Link: Absolutely nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Kristen Roberts
    Kristen Roberts 27 days ago

    You should have had the Star of David on top of the Hanukah, instead of some person I’ve never heard of

  • fizzyfox
    fizzyfox 28 days ago

    Another meaty nugget to process; so many layers.

  • Unslaadahsil
    Unslaadahsil 29 days ago

    What happened to Rhett lips?

  • ғuňţċѧsє ţuċҡғѧяԀ

    Happy chronic-ah

  • Kobe Angeles
    Kobe Angeles Month ago

    There’s no music build up in the beginning

  • BlazeFlameGaming
    BlazeFlameGaming Month ago

    loving links shirt lol

  • Flash7904 2004
    Flash7904 2004 Month ago

    Will it T shirt

  • CloverDaClever •_•

    Once I got a fortune that said “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” I fell off my chair when i read it

  • idiotsloveboxes
    idiotsloveboxes Month ago

    How much did this episode cost to produce? It looks quite expensive.

  • destasoul gaming
    destasoul gaming Month ago

    Hmm your last crishmas tree look nice but is it not a little bit blind foold.

  • destasoul gaming
    destasoul gaming Month ago

    The seconde crishmas tree i like it but of course in 3 different size from small to large and you can then choose 3 a 5 different meals for 5 to 20 person for to eat even after crishmas you could cook the left overs and giving that too the poor people for some nice last crishmas treat.

  • NForce Garaway
    NForce Garaway Month ago

    It’s a Hannukiah... Not a menorah. A menorah only has seven candles and a hannukiah has 9.

  • Meh
    Meh Month ago +1

    I once had a blank fortune after opening a fortune cookie at mandarin (the buffet)

  • Tara Nguyen
    Tara Nguyen Month ago


  • Malcolm Guglich
    Malcolm Guglich Month ago

    Will it Mug?

  • Julia K.
    Julia K. Month ago

    Why is your merch shop not called 'Good Mythical Merch' ?

  • Lord Salad 34
    Lord Salad 34 Month ago

    Oh its not ep 73 its 73.1

  • Little Lefty
    Little Lefty Month ago

    How about , Will it Gummy.

  • Little Lefty
    Little Lefty Month ago

    how about , Will it GUMMY

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham Month ago

    Wow that was great ! Let's make Will it Hot Pot !

  • Supertrain12
    Supertrain12 Month ago

    Do a "Can it toy car?"

  • cloudy doodle
    cloudy doodle Month ago


  • WA XboxYT
    WA XboxYT Month ago

    2018 anyone

  • Jayla Renée
    Jayla Renée Month ago

    You two should make a "Will it Smoothie"

  • jackie sakatch
    jackie sakatch Month ago


  • G Zappia
    G Zappia Month ago

    Wood u like to know if Rhett likes wood? Wood u???😂😂

  • Sandra Rojas
    Sandra Rojas Month ago

    Will it tamale!!!!!!!!! Rey and link

  • Humberto Lootens
    Humberto Lootens Month ago

    Will it Enchilada

    NATHAN MILTON Month ago

    Will it pancake

  • It's the internet
    It's the internet Month ago

    do "will it double awesome" 2

  • 东北幽默的爷们

    when they don't eat something nasty for a will it.......

  • Miss.P 17
    Miss.P 17 Month ago

    How about a will it candle?

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean Month ago

    Merry sithmus... you’ve betrayed my trust in good tree names

  • Son of Light
    Son of Light Month ago

    Dear Darth Santa, This year I want a Tree-Saber

  • MushBeanzo -
    MushBeanzo - Month ago

    Wish I could have some of that Star Wars stuff afternoon they were done with it!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kookies Unicorn ARMY

    I suggest Will it Hotdog?

  • Kara Ho
    Kara Ho Month ago

    1,879th comment

  • Kimberly Edwards
    Kimberly Edwards Month ago

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  • koala plays Roblox&Minecraft

    Will it pretzel that's my favorite food so can you do it will it pretzel

  • Poptartio Gummycat
    Poptartio Gummycat Month ago

    omg the cat is Chinese wtf

  • Zoey and Anna
    Zoey and Anna Month ago +1

    Will it cup like if you agree

  • Kyle_the_alien- Sail

    Mine said, someone will invite you to a karaoke party lmao

  • Talha Tube
    Talha Tube Month ago

    links shirt spells bacon

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago

    The merry sithmas tree will be a tree!

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago +1


  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago +1

    Links fortune said nothing. That could be his future. U never know...

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago +3

    U should give the car air freshener tree to a car dealership

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago +1

    I know, right, rhett, I love the smell of pine. U can't get that with artificial trees

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Month ago +2

    Make a will it hat!

  • shark stalker
    shark stalker Month ago

    just want to say in star wars it's called life day according to the star wars holiday special

  • ZoMacChaos
    ZoMacChaos Month ago

    I saw star wars the last jedi with my school the day it came out AND IT WAS AWESOME

  • ranchozaragoza
    ranchozaragoza Month ago

    Link: When the fortune cookie is blank, it means you get to write your own future!

  • Ghella Oskotsky
    Ghella Oskotsky Month ago

    Love Link’s shirt

  • Holy cheese!!! Its me!

    I don't like real trees coz I hate the smell of sap 🤢 😂

  • Chief Kin D-G
    Chief Kin D-G Month ago

    Will it Hotdog?

  • Beep Doop
    Beep Doop Month ago

    i think #3 looked way better than #2

  • Lily Bihler
    Lily Bihler Month ago


  • FranzGamez 87
    FranzGamez 87 Month ago

    Will it instrument?

  • Shauna Estes
    Shauna Estes Month ago

    **opens fortune cookie**
    "Mine says nothing."

    SCOTT NIELSON Month ago

    I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee star wars ... sssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo much thank goodness it "christmas treed." :)

  • Allison Watts
    Allison Watts Month ago

    Will it Slime?

  • Jacob Self
    Jacob Self Month ago

    Poor chess his nuts are roasting

  • Melanie Johnson
    Melanie Johnson Month ago

    What happened to your hair Link?

  • Brendan Anthem
    Brendan Anthem Month ago

    That moment when you realize GMM has basically become iCarly.

  • DavidandAmber Carter

    links shirt says bacon

  • Kiernan Nies
    Kiernan Nies Month ago

    You guys should try
    Will it cookie?
    Will it Donut filling?

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown Month ago

    happy CristmaHanuhKuanza!!!!!

  • Eugene Naputi
    Eugene Naputi Month ago

    Will it stir-fry??? And the main bad one could be the “stir-cry” with onion packed noodles with sautéed onions and an onion based sauce lol

  • Brian Min
    Brian Min Month ago

    Will it kimchi

  • Taeya Clarke
    Taeya Clarke Month ago +1

    Next will it, will it peanut butter and jelly, try different things to replace the bread.

  • Emma Mullins
    Emma Mullins Month ago

    you could have put like a star of david instead of that person

  • Ex
    Ex Month ago

    Is Kenneth Kenneth Link?

  • Ex
    Ex Month ago

    Rhett in season 2 cracks me

    RAINBOW LOVE Month ago

    Next, you guys should do "Will it Caviar?"

  • Goofy girl Elyse
    Goofy girl Elyse Month ago +1

    Do a will it slime

  • Manny Martinez
    Manny Martinez Month ago

    We like will it’s more if your eating something 👨🏼‍🍳

  • Silvana antonietta
    Silvana antonietta Month ago

    👍🎄i love the food

  • Ghost - Robo
    Ghost - Robo Month ago

    Merry Christmas and have a good day everybody.

  • Nuke bomb57
    Nuke bomb57 Month ago

    You guys are amazing I mean it your great I'm watching you at twelve o'clock because I can't sleep and I've already watched like 7 episodes

  • Pinkie pieofrainbowdash

    I'm watching this in the evening ×D

  • Sneek The Nerfer
    Sneek The Nerfer Month ago

    This has gone down hill, it feels so over produced.

  • Shea Elizabeth Smith14

    We all wonder how long it took for Rhett, Link, and their Crew to come up with these strange yet entertaining ideas...

  • Jpprogame Jp
    Jpprogame Jp Month ago


  • Jpprogame Jp
    Jpprogame Jp Month ago


  • Reyes G Sanchez
    Reyes G Sanchez Month ago

    Will it mug