FBI cracks down on aircraft laser attacks

  • Published on Jun 10, 2014
  • CNN's Rene Marsh reports on the major threat against airplanes and helicopters from laser pointers.

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  • Christopher Minor
    Christopher Minor 26 days ago

    you might as well murder someone get same amount of time. 14 years in jail? that is a little unbelievable.

  • Dennis Diamond Belvis

    Stupid kids! charge for assault.

  • SnakkXD
    SnakkXD 2 months ago

    Imagine the whole city doing that

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 2 months ago

    What happend to Auto pilot?

    • aikidodude05
      aikidodude05 17 days ago

      Oh yeah yeah auto pilot does not mean the plane flies itself it means aspects of the planes controls are automated. Also despite the many auto pilot is actually very limited in what I can do most pilots do not land on our auto pilot because human pilot is far better at reacting to sudden change it as with an auto pilot where the new information has to be plugged in then the computer thinks about it and then it reacts

  • Pomegranate Juice smoothie

    Just wait till they get invisible lasers that are not detectable by the normal cameras and they are also more dangerous

  • Martin C
    Martin C 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who wants to track down these green laser people not only for a $10,000 reward but because it's kind of dangerous who am I kidding I need money!!!! #MustPayMyDebts ☝🙏🙏🙏💯

  • Eric Crapton
    Eric Crapton 2 months ago

    “Watcha in for?..”

  • Moto Vigilant
    Moto Vigilant 3 months ago

    Makes one tracking system,
    Attaches a mirror to it,
    Uses mirror to reflect the laser pointer,
    Fixes it on a tree in a forest,
    Programs it to only work at night for 5 seconds.
    Nobody is at fault.

  • AdvancedVac AdvancedVac

    Damn imagine banking 10K for snitching on some idiot with a laser pointer

  • Sydney TI
    Sydney TI 3 months ago


  • Sydney TI
    Sydney TI 3 months ago

    They Gangstalking him with the helicopter then bust him for retaliation

  • JoBirdie
    JoBirdie 3 months ago

    Debating if 14 years of one life is fair for the 100+ lives that would potentially be lost... hmmm I dunno

  • Nocturnal Recluse
    Nocturnal Recluse 4 months ago

    Get a job.

  • cgcg0303
    cgcg0303 5 months ago

    As long as they're spraying poison OR ANYTHING AT ALL over my family home & my Children's school, THEY WILL BE BARRAGED WITH LASERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • shaqill malakhy
    shaqill malakhy 10 months ago

    Fookin laser sights

  • bella phone
    bella phone 11 months ago

    14 Year’s fuck that .

  • rpb512yvng
    rpb512yvng 11 months ago +3

    Inmate: Why are you here?
    Other inmate: Murder, you?
    Inmate: Shining a laser at a plane.

  • Eduardo Valdez
    Eduardo Valdez Year ago

    I would've destroyed that kid's fucking hands off with a sniper from the helicopter

  • MrOrangeCloud
    MrOrangeCloud Year ago

    All those places were in America

  • angel marte
    angel marte Year ago

    lol...14 years! while others ge off with probation? The US justice system is travesty, that is what happens when a nation is built on hatred and their system is contminated with the worst society has to offer. Justice is served selectively. REPORT>. Bruno was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail, and Keates was sentenced to 12 weeks, for aiming at a West Midlands police helicopter for about 25 minutes in a “repeated and prolonged attack”.

    • cgcg0303
      cgcg0303 5 months ago

      You should know with your Luciferian Masonic symbol!

  • youngtone93230
    youngtone93230 Year ago

    Dam! But if you kill a civilian just because, you get paid leave and transfer????????? What's wrong with this country man?

  • TruewoC
    TruewoC Year ago

    I was watching vids of kids pointing lasers at planes and thinking how stupid it was. Couple vids later I started thinking about how this is something I would do🤔

  • Jacques Johnson
    Jacques Johnson Year ago

    She described how they killed Diana

  • Gena Davies
    Gena Davies Year ago +1

    Maybe the local law enforcement and the government shouldn't be out gang stalking innocent people with helicopters and drones!

  • Bartosz O
    Bartosz O Year ago

    how does any lawyer settle for 14 yrs

  • El Insano Houstatron

    How to get arrested 101

  • pabloshow
    pabloshow Year ago +2

    Police state lmao

  • Greg W
    Greg W Year ago

    "What are you in for?" "I shined a laser at a cop and got 15 years". "Oh shit, I'm just in for 5 years for killing 3 people".

  • Okoboji
    Okoboji Year ago

    The moral of the story is simple. If you don’t want any trouble, don’t go looking for it!

  • truth be getting told

    Why were they watching these people in the first place on like 3 different choppers?

  • Jeff Dunham
    Jeff Dunham Year ago

    styropyro uses his 40W laser cannon

  • Keeping It Real
    Keeping It Real Year ago

    Bankers should get 0 years.

  • J P
    J P Year ago

    Damn, 14 years for shining a laser while murderers get away with less

  • Neuro HPH
    Neuro HPH Year ago

    fucking retarded judge that was, too harsh for just a laser

  • TheMegaelectronic

    I do not agree with such harsh sentences!

  • joe Poe
    joe Poe Year ago +1

    He's a white boy.....he's innocent

  • Jesse T Towers
    Jesse T Towers Year ago +1

    14 years is insane and stupid thts too much its not like he killed.

  • Aayush Patel
    Aayush Patel Year ago +1

    What if a 3 yo did it

  • John Miller
    John Miller Year ago +1

    Three times stupid and stuck on dumb.

  • Timothy Egoroff
    Timothy Egoroff Year ago

    The fbi should get life and big dicks up their asses everyday for waking thousands of people up late at night by flying low in a helicopter. This most likely being the reason the dumb kid (forced to drink tap water) pointed the laser at them in the first place.
    Fuck the clinton news network.
    When this kid gets out of jail, there will be another Steven Paddock on the loose

  • JST
    JST Year ago

    I could throw my child down a flight of stairs and get a shorter sentence

  • T Goodman
    T Goodman Year ago

    how the hell are they even on the market? and left wing pinkos talk about guns.....give me a brake.

  • assassin nitrogen

    14 YEARS!!!!!!!!

  • tibikha
    tibikha Year ago

    fuck tha police

  • Steven Marzullo
    Steven Marzullo Year ago

    14 years for nothing, nothing happened, no crash, nobody is blind.
    Just a bunch of cry baby bitch ass pigs, crying on the helicopter. I'm so tired of this soft ass sciocity we live in today.
    I can't wait for all out anarchy and western civilization to fall.

  • John GTA
    John GTA Year ago

    i sometimes feel the islamic system of justice would work just fine - in instances like this

  • SRK Bro Bruh Bros

    Why their parents let them to have this Shitty laser now Get what you paid for.

  • The ToxicBadger
    The ToxicBadger Year ago +6

    BRUH 14 years


  • Dankboyroy69 The great

    Who else is reading the comments

    UR MOM GAY Year ago

    Hillary deletes 33,000 emails
    Fbi: i'm schleep

    Laser attacks
    Fbi:real shit?

  • BP Gnosis
    BP Gnosis Year ago

    Everyone needs to stop being autistic and understand:
    This happens so much, it's obvious nobody know/cares what the risks are.
    If you do this to an aircraft, you deserve worse than 14 years. You could bring the whole craft down.

  • Diego Osorio
    Diego Osorio Year ago

    I bet the white kid got off easy but my minority brother is now fighting 14 years.

  • Morgan Sparrow
    Morgan Sparrow Year ago

    Can I shine a laser at the private plane that flies low enough that i can shoot it with a bow and arrow? the damn DNR and private planes fuck with wild life and my way of life, I think its fair to fuck with them back until they get the point.

  • Arnodude53
    Arnodude53 Year ago


  • Jumper
    Jumper Year ago

    "Laser attacks" stfu grow a pair

  • nightcore master
    nightcore master Year ago

    That's stupid just fine him and tell him don't do it again

  • Zachary Lew
    Zachary Lew Year ago

    LASER ATTACKS. oh shit

  • Nino Busgano
    Nino Busgano Year ago

    14 years is too much.... try 2 years

    • Nino Busgano
      Nino Busgano Year ago

    • BrawlFan
      BrawlFan Year ago +1

      Nino Busgano no its enough for this stupid Kid. 14 Years jail for that Kid is better than 150 dead people because of a Plane crash .

  • drizzy.mp4
    drizzy.mp4 Year ago

    I wonder where they get that long distance lazer from

  • Gmoneyman
    Gmoneyman Year ago

    Godamn knee gers

  • jayr
    jayr Year ago +1

    so i watched this video and youtube automatically suggested next video would be a "best laser pointerers to buy" wtf? youtube get your shit together.

  • Jaime Sandoval
    Jaime Sandoval Year ago

    What is the justifcation for the 14 years?

    • BrawlFan
      BrawlFan Year ago

      Jaime Sandoval bring 150 people in danger

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious Year ago

    Its a police helicopter, nothing important.

    NNST UK Year ago

    Why are people soo stupid.....

  • Woah there Ian
    Woah there Ian Year ago

    14 years HAHAHA, kid will be succing that peen for so long

  • Alex Carbajal
    Alex Carbajal Year ago

    14 FUCKING years ok ima throw a pebble at a police windshield ima get 20 years in jail BULLSHIT

  • LiberateYT
    LiberateYT Year ago

    Either he is dumb or he was drunk and also he should have been charged not arrested for 14 years

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Year ago

    You Shine a light at police 14 years, police kill a man for selling ciggerettes without tax, fucking vacation pay.

  • slow car racing
    slow car racing Year ago

    Lmao stupid in mexican soccer they aim these hoes at your eyes chill tf out you wont go blind. It is a hazard but relax guys you wont go blind

  • What Comes Around™

    There was a loser in a shitty car that cut us off while driving. The fat fuck then pointed a laser at us. Since we were a family on a trip we didn't do anything. But I can assure you if I were driving he'd be on his way to hell. God I hate assholes who do these kind of dumbass acts.

  • Tuna 156
    Tuna 156 Year ago

    Omg he shot a lazer on a helicopter the dumb fucking guy driving the helicopter could die.omg because he dosent have time to get his eye site back they can hit the brick walls up there god forbid they look the other way. This just shows you how stupid people are becoming Unless you are landing can you explain to me how this can make you crash do you just slam Forward on the controls and do a head dive into the ground basically its annoying so you take your Authority and thousands of tax dollars to catch the lazer killers

  • Krazy Bean's world

    14 years for that wtf?!

  • rich whiteboii
    rich whiteboii Year ago


    IBEATMYBICK Year ago

    i do this every day

  • Viral Clown
    Viral Clown Year ago

    Child rapist get less than 14 years

  • Cup Noodles
    Cup Noodles Year ago

    I'm happy! He knew what he was going for

  • Alex Tristan
    Alex Tristan Year ago

    fake news

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson Year ago

    What is often left out in media reporting is past convictions--a judge is justified to hand out a harsher sentence if the person has a list of previous convictions, even unrelated ones. No judge in America is going to convict a person for 14 years based solely on directing a laser at an aircraft.

  • bud morse
    bud morse Year ago

    Dumb ass kid.

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios Year ago

    Seems fair, better he get prison time than blinding a pilot and killing innocent people

  • Faceplant
    Faceplant Year ago

    14 years tho? That's way too much .... he definitely deserves a second chance.

  • uff ya
    uff ya Year ago

    14 years? how can anyone justify this

  • thederogativeworld
    thederogativeworld Year ago +7

    Ok, so I can understand that 14 years might be extreme in some peoples eyes. Doing stupid shit like this is incredibly dangerous to aircraft though, and you won't be talking the same way when a laser blinds a pilot and copilot of a 747 while landing long enough that they have to try to wave off or potentially slam into the deck in a ball of fire.

  • Jeffery Kitchen
    Jeffery Kitchen Year ago

    Only in a fucked country like America does a person get 14 years 🤔🤔🤔

    • Rex Luminus
      Rex Luminus Year ago

      Jeffery Kitchen. Too many F'N people running loose in the US !

  • Wlodixpro
    Wlodixpro Year ago

    14 years tf in poland 2 years fir a fucking rape wtf

  • Ravi shekhar Rathore

    Nice one ...

  • Valentin Rybin
    Valentin Rybin Year ago +6

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • Mark Merin
    Mark Merin Year ago +2

    I jsut don't get why it would ever seem like a good idea to do that lol

  • ICJ
    ICJ Year ago +2

    Fucking corrupt americans arresting people for 14 yrs for shining a laser at a helicopter when police officers are beating up people and only get like 5 yrs in prison its so fucking corrupt

  • My Mom
    My Mom Year ago +2

    Kid deserves 14 years.

  • My Mom
    My Mom Year ago +1


  • Noob_berry
    Noob_berry Year ago +1

    this must be annoying

  • Chicken Wilson
    Chicken Wilson Year ago +4

    It is attempted murder, the sentence is reasonable

  • WhiteBall
    WhiteBall Year ago

    Should be 100 years

  • KiCsiHUN
    KiCsiHUN Year ago +1

    Why not wear glasses the pilot? Like the doctor.

    • Axe Tf
      Axe Tf Year ago +1


    • Nobody
      Nobody Year ago

      If they wore sunglasses they might not get hit by the laser...But how tf are they supposed to see at night?

  • The Juvo-Diamond Fair!

    People who think that his sentence was too heavy, they directly put 100-250 peoples lives at risk if its at a plane. Just because they're ignorant of that fact doesn't mean that the threat isn't there.

  • MylesMCL
    MylesMCL Year ago +1

    For all the people saying that he doesn't derserve that much time in prison you are so fucking wrong that could have ended with a lot of people dead

  • Sallent R
    Sallent R Year ago +4

    These people will ruin it for backyard astronomers. I use a weak green laser to focus on stars and planets. When I turn it on its usually 5 seconds to focus on the cosmic object I want to look at, and never when there is any sound of any airplane or helicopter. Because of these idiots, its only a matter of time before we will have to turn in our telescope laser finders...and all because some 15 year old with a pointer wants to have fun and shine airplanes, thus ruining it for the rest of us.

    • dannylamb456
      dannylamb456 Year ago

      The alternative would be to let some people die from a crash like this and make an entire news story about some kid accidentally manslaughtering people because he thought "Durr, I have a laser and Imma shine it in a pilot's eyes! That's fun!".
      14 years is small fry for this kind of shit. Especially since in my country, you can be detained indefinitely for so much as talking shit about a minister, much more if you pull off this kind of bullshit.

  • Ist van
    Ist van Year ago

    Hmm.. the more the govt tells you not to do it the more people react like.... wtf! You cant tell me that! I have my rights! Dumb shit heads! Thats my tax money! Im going to insist on my rights and will go buy a laser pointer and shine em all night long!!

    • Rex Luminus
      Rex Luminus Year ago

      Ist van. You've got some real problems ! They'll fix it for you.with this shitty attitude you'll have jail time coming looser.

  • Rai Kai
    Rai Kai Year ago

    Lmao thats wgat they get