I Saved My Gay Friend With A Kiss

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
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  • Melody Evans
    Melody Evans 10 hours ago

    Alice: He's not gay!
    Parents: Prove it!
    Alice: *Fucks him*

  • Chili Spice Does Animate

    This actually happened to me once ;-;
    Eeeexceeeept im the gay

  • WetMayonnaise
    WetMayonnaise 11 hours ago +1

    "his parents were stricter"

  • Javie Loves You
    Javie Loves You 12 hours ago +1

    I thought the computer had a porn video :(

  • Ōkama
    Ōkama 14 hours ago

    I’m pansexual (i like boys and girls) but my parents and my brother is homophobs so i understand how hard it is to keep you sexuality a secret, i’m 14 years old and my parents or my brother still doesn’t know my sexuality. The only one who knows is a close friend to me that is also pansexual but we’re only friends

  • Rhythm F.
    Rhythm F. 14 hours ago

    I'm coming out when I've moved away from parents lol

  • stephen peel
    stephen peel 15 hours ago

    I think you did good job by helping your bestfriend and I hope that his parents will keep supporting him

  • Madara Bogdānova
    Madara Bogdānova 16 hours ago

    Everything would of been fine if he would of said - no homo

  • Mikey Fisher
    Mikey Fisher 17 hours ago +1

    I really want to see a picture of the two of them now

  • Istabraq Sheikh
    Istabraq Sheikh 19 hours ago +1

    I thought there was gonna be po*n on the computer lol there are some kids that are like what's po*n and I'm just like hehe nothing

  • vivacious btch
    vivacious btch 19 hours ago

    i have a gay bestfriend and the thought of kissing him sends shudders through my body, like yUCK.

  • LPSkryptonite
    LPSkryptonite 19 hours ago

    That queen magizine got me
    S H O O K

  • mikey05ec
    mikey05ec 20 hours ago +1

    I dislike religion but people have there ways I just hate super religious things it just annoys me

  • Tahmeed Mazumder
    Tahmeed Mazumder 20 hours ago

    is this a true story?

  • Šhū-Çįmįłø
    Šhū-Çįmįłø 21 hour ago

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay

  • Anya Jeon
    Anya Jeon 21 hour ago +1

    I save my gay friend with a kiss

  • Maria R
    Maria R 22 hours ago

    0:58 QUEEN

  • Timmy Barrera
    Timmy Barrera Day ago

    Moral of the story:
    If you’re a feminine boy you *must* be gay.
    In order to be a gay boy, you *must* be feminine.
    Just wanted to point that out y’all don’t get triggered 🤣

  • Ginger Gaming
    Ginger Gaming Day ago


  • ChisimGamer
    ChisimGamer Day ago

    Being kind and there for others is an asset for anybody

  • loser 55
    loser 55 Day ago

    Where's Justin Y?

  • Madilynn Lee
    Madilynn Lee Day ago +1

    5:05 being 👏gay👏is👏not👏a👏choice 👏

  • lachi :P
    lachi :P Day ago

    Girl: *HES NOT GAY*
    dad: *prove it*
    Boy: *shows roblox girlfriend*

  • Cybertooth And Midnightbloom

    Its ok for him to be gay

  • Turtle GettingBy

    I only clicked on the video to read comments

  • BrokenShadow
    BrokenShadow Day ago +1

    An alternative title:
    You’re not gay let me prove it

  • Squirrel cutie
    Squirrel cutie Day ago

    they did not disrespect Mr. Fahrenheit.

  • Emma Salas
    Emma Salas Day ago



  • Flikk Hale
    Flikk Hale Day ago +1

    I think everyone including me thought she was gonna say she turned him strait by showing him wat girls can offer 😂

    • PlebTato
      PlebTato 18 hours ago

      Flikk Hale heh me too

  • Zainab Basha
    Zainab Basha Day ago


  • Hazel Green
    Hazel Green Day ago

    his parents are horrible

  • I’m Bored;-;
    I’m Bored;-; Day ago

    4:36 why is Tyler wearing glasses in that one frame?

  • Void Waker
    Void Waker Day ago

    I was looking up on how to come out to my parents and this came up.....now I want to and now I don’t want too.....please help....

  • Ciara Doyle
    Ciara Doyle Day ago +2

    “and although his parents didn’t agree with his choice...” um, being gay isn’t a choice 🙄

  • Nuimnotwisteria
    Nuimnotwisteria Day ago

    I love this 4evr

  • Kiwi Channel
    Kiwi Channel Day ago +1

    All the things Tyler's parents did are exactly what my Uncle and Aunt do to my cousins. Except, they don't go to school, I'm also a bad example apparently. I heard them talking about it.

  • Evelyn Hasanoeddin

    But not enough

  • Evelyn Hasanoeddin

    There are some great people like you

  • Alienxx28
    Alienxx28 Day ago

    "Why can't people understand that there is something called "bisexuality 😂😂

  • Ava Breen
    Ava Breen Day ago

    * dad has belt *
    Me: ah HAY-ELL nah
    me: starts aggressively flipping through bible
    Bible: you're better off tying a mill stone around your neck and toss it into the ocean than to hurt a child
    Me: ahhh. I see. :T

  • Tae_Withthatguccigucci _Collie

    All these comments saying they thought she turned him straight. I wanna know how to do that

  • Anime Guy221
    Anime Guy221 Day ago

    She said "I caught him staring at my brother" ....why is her brother black

  • Haley Donohoo
    Haley Donohoo Day ago

    Band not nand

  • Haley Donohoo
    Haley Donohoo Day ago

    I love the nand queen

  • Doggo Da Bean
    Doggo Da Bean Day ago

    You two are *F'n LEGENDS*

    IDOL ARTIST Day ago

    daughter: dad i'm gay
    daughter2:i'm gay too
    dad:OMG so no one likes boys in this family
    son: i do

  • Shade
    Shade Day ago

    I'm homophobic and I can't stand gay stories or people

  • Cheese on Toast
    Cheese on Toast Day ago +2

    0:53 FREDDIE!!
    Hey I was actually thinking if he was allowed to listen to queen when this showed up I was like o - okay....

  • Shaun Okane
    Shaun Okane Day ago

    That's really good drawing

  • RottenChickpeas
    RottenChickpeas Day ago

    Wtf is wrong with this person? Just because he likes feminine things doesn’t mean he was fucking gay. I know of many masculine gay people. For all she knows he could have been transgender

  • Sarah Springer
    Sarah Springer Day ago +1

    I hate the way Christians are portrayed these days. True Christians don't treat their children that way. The bible says that homosexuality is a sin but that doesn't mean we should react like that. That's religious. The bible also says that religion is wrong. True Christianity isn't a religion, its a relationship.

  • ItzFake
    ItzFake Day ago


  • First Name Last Name

    2:22 who took that picture, the bedbugs?? (Lol not my original jokes but still)

  • Andjelija V X
    Andjelija V X Day ago +1

    That is not natural at all. You are not born that way, that is made by ill society. This boy wasn't born that way, he always was playing only with this girl, he didn't have an effective male figure in life. If he lived on an island with not tv or any contact with society he wouldn't know about this lgbt cult. That is simply not natural, God made us different. It doesn't mean that you need to be rude to people who are struggling in their mind with sexuality, it doesn't mean that they who 'are living for human rights and freedom of beliefs' should treat you bad because you don't support the normalization of illness. They can be really good people but to normalize the sick state of mind is nowadays a becoming reall issue. It is like, why are you not supporting sociopaths? They are just as people as you are. What they do is normal right? If you have different beliefs( at this point it is not a belief, it is a fact) you will be not respected by innovative social standards. It is the same here. If you don't use pronounce that they want you to use you are automatically getting humiliated. And it is all because you're not going to accept normalization of an illness. Just because you think that you're a woman doesn't make you one. It is same as this- just because you think that you're a giraffe doesn't make you one. Simple as that.

  • PearlGacha
    PearlGacha Day ago

    I thought the narrator is a dude

  • Lewis6kills9
    Lewis6kills9 Day ago

    Can’t be English I’m pretty sure in England church is on Saturday

    • sad
      sad Day ago

      "Sunday School"

    • sad
      sad Day ago

      Wth its sunday

  • ZekoMeta TF2
    ZekoMeta TF2 Day ago

    The friendship that I need but I didn't get

  • LoanLeaf
    LoanLeaf Day ago +1

    You saved his ass ty

  • Shaced
    Shaced Day ago +1

    She comes from England and has a American accent?

  • Djgamer A Hiphop

    Its okay at least you were there for him if you weren't there it would get bad i dont agree with the LGBT but i do respect them people should love u for who you are not who your pretending to 😊

  • Ktportal Productions

    1:20 ok there’s a difference between someone being feminine and someone being gay. Being more feminine isn’t really a determining factor in seeing if someone’s gay, but can probably leads more toward being trans.
    My friend and I are really close (we’re not lesbian tho. We both have boy crushes. Nothing wrong with being LGBTQIAP+ tho) and we walk around holding hands and this one time to show someone that it’s not awkward to kiss someone on the cheek she slapped one on me. As a goodbye we will occasionally kiss each others’ shoulder. One time we were walking and one of our friends straight up went, “are you guys like a gay couple or something?” And we were both dumbfounded. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but it struck us both by surprise. We both said no and continued with our day. It was so random and funny at the same time.

  • Khronoq
    Khronoq Day ago +1

    Retard shouldn't have used mom's makeup

  • TxN Perhks
    TxN Perhks Day ago

    Did u know when u smile u cant breathe?

    Joking just wanted to make u smiles :)

  • Sai Kwong Sun
    Sai Kwong Sun Day ago

    is it just me or do all the storis sound like the same

  • Jennifer Bradshaw
    Jennifer Bradshaw Day ago +1

    Wait if there religos and love god or stuff why are they abuseing there child?!?!

  • Chanelle Eddins
    Chanelle Eddins Day ago +1

    Im a part of a Christian family and all of us support the lgbtq+ people. Why cant his mom and dad except him😢

  • Sophia Davies
    Sophia Davies Day ago +2

    Start of video: I’m from England
    Has American accent

  • MysticMaxx
    MysticMaxx Day ago +43

    "He's not gay"
    "Prove it!"
    *"You're going to be grandparents!"*

  • Luke jason hines

    And now he's bi

  • B TS
    B TS Day ago

    *Belt* - *sharpness VIII*

  • metromelody18
    metromelody18 Day ago


  • Shayani !
    Shayani ! Day ago

    My straight female BFF kissed a girl before and said it was a friendly gesture. And that it was normal.

    I mean, French people kiss each other to say 'Hello' ._.

  • Kookie Playz
    Kookie Playz 2 days ago

    **reads title**

    me: *t h a t s g a y*

  • iiColdDay O_o
    iiColdDay O_o 2 days ago +1

    Thought my phone was going to blow up with gay prom

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza 2 days ago


  • MrOzzy Cobblepot
    MrOzzy Cobblepot 2 days ago


  • Kokona Kaitamo
    Kokona Kaitamo 2 days ago +7

    My dad is bob the builder and he refuses to fix my cousins house


  • J P
    J P 2 days ago

    His choice? It's not a choice.

  • Frank Patterson
    Frank Patterson 2 days ago

    why so many dislikes doe

  • CakeyLovesKittens 42069

    excuse me?!!! HE COULDN'T LISTEN TO QUEEN?!!! grrrr

  • Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    son: im gay
    dad: i'm glad you told me son. in fact, we've prepared something for this moment. honey, bring it out
    *mom walks in with a bloodstained cross*
    dad: welcome to christianity, son

  • William Wallitsch
    William Wallitsch 2 days ago

    Boy: Dad I’m gay
    Dad: Oh helll no.
    Boy:what do you mean?
    Dad: the hell you think
    Boy: I don’t know
    Dad: grabs lamp
    Boy: wha-

  • Wacky Random
    Wacky Random 2 days ago

    I thought she meant she 'turned him straight' when I first saw the title...oops...sorry for judging 😁

  • Honeydew
    Honeydew 2 days ago


  • Robo Radd
    Robo Radd 2 days ago +1

    Wow. Just how do you live your life without listening to queen

  • Ashlynn world Slay
    Ashlynn world Slay 2 days ago

    Let a gay be a gay

  • Alice Defreest
    Alice Defreest 2 days ago

    My name is Alice

  • 1 800 leopardspirit
    1 800 leopardspirit 2 days ago

    0:55 if this boy can't listen to queen just because freddie's queer we're gonna have some issues.

  • Don Tsang
    Don Tsang 2 days ago +2

    I cried today

    Actually happe-
    Wrong channel
    Jk you thought

  • Tayla Barnes
    Tayla Barnes 2 days ago

    Even if for that reason

  • Tayla Barnes
    Tayla Barnes 2 days ago

    Wow this is terrible sorry but if he is gay you cannot kiss him if you are a girl

    • Tayla Barnes
      Tayla Barnes 2 days ago

      You could just say he has a girlfriend and show them a picture

  • Arden Allen
    Arden Allen 2 days ago

    No English accent tho

  • Thicky Nicky
    Thicky Nicky 2 days ago

    Who wanna be my gay best friend bc everyone from my school and stuff is straight and idk gay ppl are so helpful

  • Izzy- bella
    Izzy- bella 2 days ago

    Reasons why I hate Christians:
    Children are afraid of becoming homeless because of their sexuality.

  • Mr. Krinkle
    Mr. Krinkle 2 days ago

    Noice but do you know if hes gay now

  • Eli Von
    Eli Von 2 days ago

    That girl did the right thing she literally saved him from being abused by his homophobic parents. Nothing against Christians but seriously some people go so far. Isnt abuse against the bible?

  • NCS Cat
    NCS Cat 2 days ago +1

    Who else thought there was gonna be gay p*rn on the computer

  • Anti-Logan Paul
    Anti-Logan Paul 2 days ago

    God doesn't agree with Gays, but he did say to respect peoples choices and opinions.

  • luna lovegood
    luna lovegood 2 days ago

    My name is alice too and i’m from England haha💗