• Published on Dec 15, 2015
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Comments • 2 203

  • Eros Baas
    Eros Baas 3 years ago

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • Thewidestmule
    Thewidestmule 3 years ago

    you can pay to get weapons

  • Thewidestmule
    Thewidestmule 3 years ago

    this is pay to win now

  • Killenum_133
    Killenum_133 3 years ago


  • EPiK DJ
    EPiK DJ 3 years ago

    I like that Treyarch did a throw back to Black Ops 1. If I remember right, I have about 500,000 COD points. Tiger camo ftw.

  • Broc Gogan
    Broc Gogan 3 years ago

    Go and fuck yourselve

  • Arleg 190
    Arleg 190 3 years ago

    Ur the best Ali a!!!

    MOTOX KINGZ 3 years ago

    I think it's pretty good

  • Jean Stansfield
    Jean Stansfield 3 years ago


  • Buu
    Buu 3 years ago


  • Littlejoe 003
    Littlejoe 003 3 years ago

    What about opening THEM!!

  • Bo3 3
    Bo3 3 3 years ago


  • Epicman 1432
    Epicman 1432 3 years ago

    Ali a I saw the juggernaut fridge in the background

  • Bill Williamson
    Bill Williamson 3 years ago

    When bo3 came out you were happy to see microtransactions gone but now they are out you're supporting them hypocrite much

  • Amith Swarn
    Amith Swarn 3 years ago

    Suscribe to me

  • sjshvsfwf qnwbgahs
    sjshvsfwf qnwbgahs 3 years ago

    I bought the points I never got em

  • sjshvsfwf qnwbgahs
    sjshvsfwf qnwbgahs 3 years ago

    I bought the points I never got em

  • J Noakes
    J Noakes 3 years ago

    you should try out the game "Paladins"

  • KcR Challenges?
    KcR Challenges? 3 years ago


  • callum6965
    callum6965 3 years ago

    I bought cod points and it did not give me them please help

  • Nathen Foster
    Nathen Foster 3 years ago

    Ali a I cannot get to the black market

  • Robin Waddington
    Robin Waddington 3 years ago


  • MyGuitarTwerks
    MyGuitarTwerks 3 years ago

    It's super greedy if you ask me.... It's so stupid... I hate it so fucking much. The WHOLE idea of supply drops is dumb. I can spend mother fucking 20 dollars for just a few supply drop spins. I bet I could get a few good camos on a gun I don't give a shit about and no new weapons. Dumb

  • bryan bautista
    bryan bautista 3 years ago

    he has an emoji pillow too!!!
    the invasion begins

  • fareed halteh
    fareed halteh 3 years ago

    you should be able to earn them

  • Kuang-Jay Li
    Kuang-Jay Li 3 years ago

    Heh heh call of juty

  • Boss Clan
    Boss Clan 3 years ago


  • Szumi bum
    Szumi bum 3 years ago

    0:00 music?

  • Bobby Krooks
    Bobby Krooks 3 years ago

    Nice vid:) I'm going to buy a ton of these things

  • Hassy ZuKileur
    Hassy ZuKileur 3 years ago

    If you make a video like this again
    I will RKO you...
    jk lol pls no h8

  • Jhon Smith
    Jhon Smith 3 years ago


  • Kristopher11
    Kristopher11 3 years ago

    Anybody got xbox live codes?

  • Jamie Frantz
    Jamie Frantz 3 years ago

    Does anyone else think that this is the beginning of the end of black ops 3?

  • Jude Witmer
    Jude Witmer 3 years ago

    ┻┳| •.•) Daddy, Are The hot pocket ready?

  • mike Murphy
    mike Murphy 3 years ago

    are those 50$ things real

  • Kelp Kremes
    Kelp Kremes 3 years ago

    You can get a ton of perkaholics

  • Kelp Kremes
    Kelp Kremes 3 years ago

    I think it's game breaking

  • Jec Batin
    Jec Batin 3 years ago

    Ali A play minecraft

  • Utter Disappointment
    Utter Disappointment 3 years ago

    Me reacting to buying supply drops:

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 3 years ago


  • Joshua Kohlopp
    Joshua Kohlopp 3 years ago

    how do you git to the black market

  • Sniper370's CS:GO Clips


  • Fa ys
    Fa ys 3 years ago

    Who else thought this was a supply drop opening?

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith 3 years ago

    U can extra a slots pack

  • J_GT500
    J_GT500 3 years ago

    just when you thought that treyarch was going to "save" us from advanced warfare

  • Eivin Sandstrom
    Eivin Sandstrom 3 years ago

    I think it sucks. Call of Duty is digging it's own grave. Nobody likes microtransactions.

  • Daniel momentum
    Daniel momentum 3 years ago

    5000 is a bit too much

  • Ole Brumm
    Ole Brumm 3 years ago

    FIRST !

  • mrcactusguy vlog
    mrcactusguy vlog 3 years ago

    its bad you sometimes get god ones but after you get bad ones

  • Corey Frost
    Corey Frost 3 years ago

    can I be your friend on xbox 360 (funkhart)

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams 3 years ago


  • moh alshoaibi
    moh alshoaibi 3 years ago

    gotta say much cheaper than fifa points

  • Mikey Case
    Mikey Case 3 years ago


  • Tyler OConnor
    Tyler OConnor 3 years ago

    That's stupid now the rich people will have an avanage

  • FURY_AtoMatik 562
    FURY_AtoMatik 562 3 years ago

    It's is 1.99 on ps4 for 200

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 3 years ago

    black ops 3 is ruined.

  • Chill Bill
    Chill Bill 3 years ago

    in advanced warfare it was buying to win,. cod blops 3 may go the same way

  • Vicious_Victories
    Vicious_Victories 3 years ago

    Guys I need someone to reply to me ASAP! IS CALL OF DUTY BO3 WORTH BUYING????

  • The Codcaster65
    The Codcaster65 3 years ago

    Sub to me I do call of duty black ops 3 live streams and videos

  • Luke T Gaming
    Luke T Gaming 3 years ago

    I have made a YT account and am a big fan of Ali so can any other big fans please sub and comment any advice for iPad apps for editing

  • Craig Dewey
    Craig Dewey 3 years ago

    good alia I LOVE YOU

  • audrey adside
    audrey adside 3 years ago

    why is everyone getting mad about this it's not like its gonna effect the game as far as I can see I'm okay with buying supply drops there's no variants so its fine

  • freddievd
    freddievd 3 years ago


  • amanda filsell
    amanda filsell 3 years ago


  • Boris Smet
    Boris Smet 3 years ago

    It's crap

  • Dls_Hybrid _
    Dls_Hybrid _ 3 years ago

    Look at all the dumbasses commenting before watching the whole video

  • Ender 5 Boyee
    Ender 5 Boyee 3 years ago

    Chill the fuck out everyone , you can get crypto keys very easy now , 3 to 4 for a game if you win , it's just a cosmetic thing and it's a choice

  • Paladin
    Paladin 3 years ago

    This is why they made Painshop a piece of shit

  • Master Turtle
    Master Turtle 3 years ago


  • Account One
    Account One 3 years ago +6

    Who wants to sign my petition to have COD points removed from BO3?

    DOODLEPIG 3 years ago

    Please don't become something like AW...

  • EjamGaming MC
    EjamGaming MC 3 years ago

    great now cod even has microstransactions

    • Nathan Moody
      Nathan Moody 3 years ago

      COD has had micro transactions for a long ass time

  • john downes
    john downes 3 years ago

    Being able to BUY supply drops...Good or o

  • john downes
    john downes 3 years ago

    Being able to BUY supply drops...good or 0.

  • john downes
    john downes 3 years ago

    Being able to BUY SUPPIY drops...good or

  • Nick 2 Elite
    Nick 2 Elite 3 years ago

    its actually 500 suply drops if its 1 cryptokey each COD point

  • William Gon
    William Gon 3 years ago

    are you going to play cod 3 the most

  • Hakz Woppo
    Hakz Woppo 3 years ago

    Check my channel plz I do Fifa bo3 and

  • Alexandra Novoa
    Alexandra Novoa 3 years ago


  • Markuette P
    Markuette P 3 years ago

    This comment section is full of retards who didn't watch the entire video and the people with sense explaining how stupid they are.

  • Daniel Clarke
    Daniel Clarke 3 years ago

    So bad

  • Agbete Stephen
    Agbete Stephen 3 years ago

    Fucking Black Ops 3, them hungry driven evils ! Just fuck'em off !! So now we should pay to get items ? Just like in these many apps on Android ? Fuck'EM man !!

  • Apenguini
    Apenguini 3 years ago

    I say bad because its mostly the same as Advance Warfare

    • Markuette P
      Markuette P 3 years ago

      Who gives a flat foot fuck what you say, especially when what you say is wrong.

  • Baygs
    Baygs 3 years ago

    I love how his shirt says "always grindin" but he's only for Prestige 2

  • Jay Martin
    Jay Martin 3 years ago

    Not only do they have crappy servers that don't even have host migration in the fucking game, now they go and do this just like advance warfare... It's fucking BS I swear... Did EA buy activision or something? IDK what's going on but this is a terrible move... Before the game came out they were so adamant that nobody would be able to buy there way through the game, yes, it won't make them any better on multiplayer, but even still it's just complete and udder GREED on activision's part.

  • LIND
    LIND 3 years ago

    just did a suply drop opning subscribe to my channel and watch

  • xBrOwNeDoG
    xBrOwNeDoG 3 years ago

    typical shit... mindless fuckwhits buy this shit

  • Dag
    Dag 3 years ago

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  • J. F
    J. F 3 years ago

    At least no pay to win :)

  • Boricua King
    Boricua King 3 years ago

    Bo3 should have made customizable online character alike advance warfare ....

  • Shane Mcgrath
    Shane Mcgrath 3 years ago

    I hope they don't change bo3 into advanced warfare

  • Alex Master
    Alex Master 3 years ago

    COD points first came out in the mobile black ops zombies

  • Kya Ackerman
    Kya Ackerman 3 years ago +1

    If they add better guns than that'll SUCK! It's a pay to win system and that's why people stopped playing AW because lvl. 1 would come in with obsidian steed and wreck Master Prestiges just because of their gun not because of skill. Like if u agree!!!!! Let the community and trey arch offices know!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheap Games
    Cheap Games 3 years ago

    I hate that this game is SOOOOO exensive but I found the best website that has a ridiculous price for all gmes PC PS4 and Xbox. Go to my chanel to click the link

  • Lapex
    Lapex 3 years ago

    Love your vids keep it up

  • Djmickey Mouse
    Djmickey Mouse 3 years ago


    JAKRS 3 years ago

    The people who say this is bad,
    Why? All it can give you is camos. Its not like you have to buy these like tf

  • Shalev
    Shalev 3 years ago +1

    ok i question ?
    the dlcs for pc will come out late ?

  • Jason Rogers
    Jason Rogers 3 years ago

    their stupid as fuck

  • NightNight
    NightNight 3 years ago

    I hated Supply Drops in AW