‘Fresh Eggplant’ Was Actually Made THREE WEEKS AGO! | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jan 14, 2017
    You've got to feel a little sorry for the waiter here...
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Comments • 5 728

  • Neebs Methy
    Neebs Methy 11 hours ago

    Everyone sound like Nino

  • Jocelyn Caaam
    Jocelyn Caaam 20 hours ago

    K but can someone drop Andrew's instagram @

  • Abbas Mohamed
    Abbas Mohamed 21 hour ago

    You know it's bad when you speak english and get english subtitles under every word you say. A little "riwwiculous", isn't it?

  • Syd R
    Syd R 21 hour ago

    His muda was a mudda

  • Littletom The monkey

    Elmer fudge is that you

  • EliteSaiyanWarrior

    Frank Youuu're deththpicable. Frank is not like motht cooks he can't thtand being criticized

  • DemonShadowLady
    DemonShadowLady Day ago

    “It’s impossible to be here at 11 in the morning” I work at a restaurant that opens at 5:30. But sure, it’s impossible

  • Mia Morrison
    Mia Morrison 2 days ago +1

    i love their accents , sound like they’re from Bugzy Malone

  • Gacha Love
    Gacha Love 2 days ago +1

    1 am in the morning watching this

  • Ardeshir Panahi
    Ardeshir Panahi 2 days ago

    Is it just me or are Boston accents the hottest in America?

  • Abradolf Lincler
    Abradolf Lincler 2 days ago

    impossible to get to work at 11 am? how has this guy gotten this old..

  • Diego Cuela
    Diego Cuela 2 days ago

    That a face with a scream inside what saids: YOU FUCKING KIDDING JESUS CHRIS FUCK ME

  • Farouk Hamaima
    Farouk Hamaima 3 days ago

    Name of the restaurant pls looking for full blown Ramsay freak out

  • Unloveable Boi
    Unloveable Boi 3 days ago

    Andrew went from excited and hyped to scared and anxieous after he made that salad....

    And that's a whole mood....

  • Call Me Dark
    Call Me Dark 4 days ago

    I love the waiter and I felt bad when he messed up on the salad

  • TJ G
    TJ G 4 days ago

    That guy is not sober. He is back on those same drugs. Look at his eyes. Those are not eyes of a sober man.

  • Cody Mays
    Cody Mays 4 days ago

    Andrew looks like a young Mario Lemieux.

  • Alx
    Alx 5 days ago

    I feel bad for Andrew.

  • - noori
    - noori 5 days ago

    poor andrew 😢

  • Xaiiros YT
    Xaiiros YT 6 days ago

    Who else loves the Italian accent?

  • FUMI
    FUMI 6 days ago

    i swear the fakeness of this is apparent by the editing, its textbook reality tv, fortunately, im a foodie lolol i cant get enough of kitchen nightmares, hats off to the crew who makes this show

  • DarlinqqLPSAnimates
    DarlinqqLPSAnimates 6 days ago +1

    *Nino* would've served it fresh...

  • life time
    life time 6 days ago

    or food sorry

  • life time
    life time 6 days ago

    the only meaning of f word is fuck

  • WMM M
    WMM M 7 days ago

    Fwank muggy stubba to moka mummajumna an garb to gunna

  • greenscreen 33
    greenscreen 33 7 days ago

    Half these comments are people wishing Andrew tossed their salad

  • Dean Vukosav
    Dean Vukosav 7 days ago

    When you are so high on cocaine you can't taste your own food and can't afford two times a week shopping for fresh ingredients :D

  • cmm98
    cmm98 7 days ago

    Guy In the purple shirt reminds me of Vinnie stigma from agnostic front

  • Amu Zenemij
    Amu Zenemij 7 days ago

    Instead of making a salad ,he should have made Andrew Absolute Penne hahaha

  • Mr Shrimp
    Mr Shrimp 7 days ago

    The waiter looks like walter junior from breaking bad

    DEEHIVE 7 days ago

    Bruh it’s cool how he just speaks , how he feels

  • Gamingwithcb1 Womack

    Gordon is so strict about food he tried so hard he’s no mean fire Gordon!!

  • SweetieKass
    SweetieKass 8 days ago +1

    In a non sexual way Andrew could like ummmm get it

  • winter july
    winter july 8 days ago

    how did this gordon video get so many millions

  • reeseslightning11
    reeseslightning11 9 days ago +1

    I wanna give Andrew a hug. Poor guy.

  • fook off
    fook off 9 days ago

    God damn Andrew you fine ass bitch 😡

  • Don Nowak
    Don Nowak 10 days ago

    Anthony sounds like Hank Azaria voicing a simpsons character. Not ripping on him, just an observation.

  • Frank Nunez
    Frank Nunez 11 days ago

    They talk funny af

  • Ray Brunson
    Ray Brunson 11 days ago

    You ´ve made all that freakin work for nothing.

  • Allan RWO
    Allan RWO 11 days ago

    Andrew is CUTE.

  • comical cameoloeon
    comical cameoloeon 12 days ago

    The pasta is all home made... 😡

  • Jammyfish
    Jammyfish 12 days ago

    Most chefs I know work 18 hour shifts 6 days a week.
    This guy moans about starting at 11 am?
    Hope Gordon goes nuclear on him :-D

  • Avery Ley
    Avery Ley 13 days ago +1

    That dudes voice reminds me of Yoda

  • M. Nurhaikal
    M. Nurhaikal 13 days ago

    Lol. The part where he said Frank looks older than 47 cracks me up.

  • Lemmonade Juice
    Lemmonade Juice 13 days ago

    That accent though...


    Well Frick

  • JazzyJacy
    JazzyJacy 14 days ago +1

    andrew is so cute😭

  • megan rachelle
    megan rachelle 17 days ago

    so many accents lmao

  • Gideon Jones
    Gideon Jones 18 days ago

    If he's cooking from noon to 2am, I understand being unable to make it to work before 11. Barely...

  • Yoan Ulin
    Yoan Ulin 18 days ago

    Bugs bunny still exist

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 18 days ago

    Anthony sounds like a cross between Bugs Bunny and Moe off the simpsons

  • Bryan Tankey
    Bryan Tankey 19 days ago

    It's always funny to see Gordon's reaction.

  • Orangey Gurl
    Orangey Gurl 20 days ago

    The guy in the violet longsleeves sounds like Kripke from the Big Bang Theory 😂

  • chembleton
    chembleton 21 day ago

    Fwank is vewwy wazy cook

  • Aryan Swaroop
    Aryan Swaroop 21 day ago

    Soaking wet...

  • JessicaWhite
    JessicaWhite 23 days ago

    Andrew is cute.

  • Beck van Rooyen
    Beck van Rooyen 24 days ago

    its impossible to be there at 11..??

  • Joe Rauzes
    Joe Rauzes 24 days ago

    How can you invite the Super chef and give him old stuff? Is that rational?

  • Lynn Dragoman
    Lynn Dragoman 24 days ago

    My brutha is a lazy cook from a convicted felon heroin addict?

    Sergio QUINTANILLA 25 days ago

    I have a pleaser personality and watching GR really helps me get over it. He deadass pushed the salad back after the rather cute guy spent that long preparing it in front of him... wow

  • Rx QUEEN
    Rx QUEEN 25 days ago

    3 week old "fresh" eggplant. what a fucking garbage chef.

  • Józef Hofmann
    Józef Hofmann 26 days ago

    Eggplant turns disgusting after it's 4-6 hours old; let alone 3 WEEKS!

  • Anthony Moran
    Anthony Moran 26 days ago +1

    Andrew sexy asf

  • Camryn Prenger
    Camryn Prenger 26 days ago

    on the bright side, the salad was actually washed. on kitchen nightmares it's pretty rare that anything passes any sort of hygiene test

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts 26 days ago

    I don't like pork chops.

  • Sierra Kay
    Sierra Kay 27 days ago +2

    Awh, poor waiter was probably so nervous making that salad.

  • Ricardo González
    Ricardo González 27 days ago

    Andrew would be perfecf for a live action Punch out! movie.

  • nur tina
    nur tina 28 days ago +1

    my pansexual ass says that andrew is adorable and i want to hug him and give him all my wholesomeness + happiness.


  • Raven Miller
    Raven Miller 28 days ago +2

    Wth average cooks at pizza hut can go prep at 6 am but its "impossible"???? To go in at 11 ?????? Thats way past sleeping in in my book let me take over the restraunt 😂

  • T.L. Wolfe
    T.L. Wolfe 28 days ago +1

    What are the accents of those two men?

  • Gigi Pot_Pot
    Gigi Pot_Pot 28 days ago +1

    frank sounded like niko from gta IV

  • Tequisa Holloway
    Tequisa Holloway 29 days ago +1

    Damn 47

  • nut zeeb
    nut zeeb 29 days ago

    Wait? He's 27??!

  • David Conde
    David Conde 29 days ago +1


  • strength training by Speckert

    2 years clean my ass.

  • strength training by Speckert

    “All the pastas are hand made”.....you know you are screwed.

  • Aida Batres
    Aida Batres 29 days ago

    I felt bad for the guy doing the salad then realizing he wasted his time cuz the lettuce was wet. 🤷🏽‍♀️😱

  • Gymnasmic
    Gymnasmic Month ago

    I don't think Gordon Ramsay has ever finished a meal on this show.

  • MrSpeedweasel
    MrSpeedweasel Month ago

    That waiter has absolutely nothing going on behind his eyes.

  • Patrick Savage
    Patrick Savage Month ago

    Sometimes I think people serve him bad food on purpose just to watch his blood boil to the limit.

  • dragonball slayer326

    Three weeks he made the eggplant three weeks ago?? What is wrong with this owner

  • niansillabffs
    niansillabffs Month ago

    Tweety Bird

  • SCORP 1
    SCORP 1 Month ago +2

    The owner has an awesome voice!! He should go do voice overs for hollywood cartoon movies!!

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Month ago


  • okuplok
    okuplok Month ago +1


  • Morgan Joy
    Morgan Joy Month ago


  • Baby Wan
    Baby Wan Month ago

    This shit funny as hell but what im learning is never to eat at mom & pop joints neva eva eva😬

  • Braba Mala
    Braba Mala Month ago

    Why do people feel bad for stupidity?

  • L DS
    L DS Month ago

    Wtffff why do they talk like that?

  • Eris Studios
    Eris Studios Month ago

    Wow three weeks

  • Chesco
    Chesco Month ago +6

    *My mudda & fudda end up fwying the eggplant."*

  • Y Marina
    Y Marina Month ago

    He doesn't even fwy di eggpwant anymore, my mudder and fadder fwy dem.

  • trace norton
    trace norton Month ago

    Fwank is a vewy wazy cook, he doesn’t even fwy da egpwants anymowe, my mudda n fadda end up fwyin it

  • David Thorn
    David Thorn Month ago

    2 years clean, brilliant. yea its nice lmao ..he's on cocaine now

  • Finn Wolfhard Is my God

    I feel like a thot when I say this but Andrew is *FINEEEEE*

    sowwy im kinda horny

  • VC1
    VC1 Month ago

    That is some crazy accent, is he from a 1920's cartoon?

  • Jeremy Heyman
    Jeremy Heyman Month ago

    1:00 why did he just put a dish in the pot and leave it their 😂

  • Squeet
    Squeet Month ago

    Help me out here guys, at 1:09, did he just blanche the plate?

  • Diarmuid Coyle
    Diarmuid Coyle Month ago

    Gordon sometimes
    food dosnt have to be perfect to make people like it make them happy

  • Rayure Le Pas Velu
    Rayure Le Pas Velu Month ago

    Anthony is the new Elmer Fudd. He needs to fix his vocab.