• Published on Apr 9, 2018
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    Hey S-Club, Today I test out a bunch of youtubers favorites makeup products to see if they are as good as they say they are. Enjoy! xo
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    --- Products Used ---
    -Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Photo Finish Primer Water
    -NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
    -Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme Light
    -RCMA Makeup No Color Powder
    -Tom Ford Beauty The Ultimate Bronzer
    -Burt's Bees 100% Natural Blush with Vitamin E - Bare Peach
    -COVER FX Glitter Drops
    -Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray - Life's A Festival Collection
    -Benefit Cosmetics Foolproof Brow Powder 03 Medium
    -Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define
    -Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette
    -MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
    -Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner
    -Maybelline Color Sensational Inti-Matte Nudes - Naked Coral
    -MAC Lip Pencil - Stripdown
    TVcliprs mentioned:
    -Casey Holmes
    -Manny Mua
    -Jaclyn Hill
    -Desi Perkins
    -Amanda Ensing
    -Laura Lee
    -Carli Bybel
    -Jackie Aina

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    Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com)
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  • Riley K
    Riley K 5 hours ago

    Anyone notice for the foundation it said oundation? Just me? Kk

  • Roisin Cooney
    Roisin Cooney 13 hours ago

    It’s the fact i was reading through comments seen the Justin Bieber one and went looking on your insta😂😂

  • Victoria Gagliardi

    Thank you for putting both US and Canada 🇨🇦 prices!

  • Deanna Christine

    I absolutely love your nails in this video! So cute! I miss your brown eyes though they’re so warm and soulful 😊

  • Zoey Russell
    Zoey Russell 2 days ago

    the. foundation.

  • Amelie Hubert
    Amelie Hubert 2 days ago

    Section increase medical tsrunb knowledge locate hi famous fiscal white process diamond sure.

  • Julia Hooper
    Julia Hooper 2 days ago

    Where’s all the sisters?❤️HEY SISTERS

  • Keely Oberlander
    Keely Oberlander 3 days ago

    Did anyone realize that when she showed what foundation she was using on the screen, it said " oundation"

  • Allison Lewis
    Allison Lewis 3 days ago

    Ok low key kinda just clicked on the vid for sister James and then he was not even in the video :(

  • xxTroye Sivanxx
    xxTroye Sivanxx 4 days ago

    Justin Bieber commented on your Instagram😹🙀😹🙀

  • Daryn Burgos
    Daryn Burgos 5 days ago

    Absolutely love love soft glam my go to even for everyday looks

  • Cat Doherty
    Cat Doherty 5 days ago

    Your eyes are so pretty

  • Piper Doka
    Piper Doka 5 days ago

    I’ve been binge watching all your videos for the past 3 days hahah, ur such a kind hearted person

  • 5 Asmrists
    5 Asmrists 5 days ago

    5:58 “ASMR TAPPING”

  • Alyssa Rach
    Alyssa Rach 7 days ago +1

    wolfie jr... how about just Junior:)

  • Izzy Archer
    Izzy Archer 7 days ago

    Such a good video x

  • Hey Sasha
    Hey Sasha 8 days ago

    OMG Justin Bieber commented on ur post

  • Hailey Gordon
    Hailey Gordon 10 days ago

    If your a fan of the lipstick, try shade 565, almond rose

  • Ash Robson
    Ash Robson 10 days ago

    The cover fx glitter drops don’t mix/work well with power, so that’s why it turned out the way it did x

  • Amy Little
    Amy Little 12 days ago

    Who else noticed the "Nars Natural Radient Longwear "Oundation" lol she forgot the f in foundation.
    . or am i just dumb and its really called an oundation 😂

  • sally saloo
    sally saloo 13 days ago

    I love soft glam so much 💝💝

  • Brooklyn Jade
    Brooklyn Jade 13 days ago

    why are there so many hate comments on this video? let her live her life

  • BurntPancake Cat
    BurntPancake Cat 13 days ago

    Who agrees that Sylvia and Sister James Charles should do a collab? 💞🙌

    ALEXANDRA SHONN 14 days ago

    i was watching this while doing my makeup and i pinched my eyelid with my eyelash curler so hard😂😩

  • shooketh
    shooketh 15 days ago

    1:53 you misspelled foundation

  • LifeasPham
    LifeasPham 16 days ago

    What foundation shade are you??

  • Cecelia Doty
    Cecelia Doty 17 days ago

    Pause at 15:14 and 15:15 anyone else notice?

  • Amera Kaid
    Amera Kaid 17 days ago

    Every time I hear your intro I get hyped and I adore it😂💕

  • emie :D
    emie :D 19 days ago

    ...i swear james charles was in the thumbnail...

  • Logan Evans
    Logan Evans 20 days ago

    Oh I’m gosh my god gosh sorry 😐 was I gonna we love 💕 this is a fun day to y’all come over and get it and done

    • Logan Evans
      Logan Evans 20 days ago


    • Logan Evans
      Logan Evans 20 days ago

      Oh my gosh goodness I’m sorry sorry 😐 is the day you get home back

  • Rainbow Unicorn14
    Rainbow Unicorn14 20 days ago

    Everytime she said Sienna I though it was my mom calling me

  • Alexis P.
    Alexis P. 22 days ago

    Where’s the mascara?

  • Cassie Keller
    Cassie Keller 23 days ago

    Her brows were on fleek tho

  • Abigail Stafford
    Abigail Stafford 24 days ago

    i loooovvee this look

  • caely_ things
    caely_ things 24 days ago


  • Phylicia 2005
    Phylicia 2005 27 days ago

    I feel like now people talk ab Nars concealer more than shape tape 😂😂😂

  • SimplyMili Xx
    SimplyMili Xx 27 days ago

    Omg this video was posted on my birthday!! Xx

  • XxLOVERxX ¡
    XxLOVERxX ¡ 27 days ago

    What about James Charles

  • Gabby Cracraft
    Gabby Cracraft 28 days ago

    the brow powder in my opinion made them better than she usually has

  • Pizza sky g.
    Pizza sky g. 29 days ago

    Did anyone notice at 1:54 how she forgot the f in foundation

  • Daisyzed
    Daisyzed Month ago

    The best thing happened to me yesterday. So I had a performance yesterday, and I had to put foundation on. But my skin was soooooo luminous. And I put on a mat foundation. When I had finished I put on a mat setting spray. And my skin was still luminous

  • beauty roses aj
    beauty roses aj Month ago

    Love your eyeshadow look

  • Izzy Nickel
    Izzy Nickel Month ago

    haha at 1:57 it says oundation instead of foundation 😂😂

  • Layla Barclay
    Layla Barclay Month ago +1

    Anyone watching after the break up trying to tell past Sylvia through the screen I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lily Ash
    Lily Ash Month ago

    Full face using catrice

  • RachelSharpe 13
    RachelSharpe 13 Month ago

    I actually LOVE the soft glam palette. I go for it everyday! ❤️

  • Saurabh Rajpal
    Saurabh Rajpal Month ago

    Omg 2 million

  • Brenda Bonet
    Brenda Bonet Month ago

    Sylvia, I love you, I’ve been watching your videos for years now. You are the queen of makeup, but I really disagree on the things you said about the Soft Glam palette. It is amazing, beautiful pigment, maybe sometimes a little fall out but not often, gorgeous colors and they are nice and blend-able. It is your opinion and I respect that but for me it’s amazing. But then again, I don’t have such high expectations

  • Laqoundra Hemphill
    Laqoundra Hemphill Month ago

    I love your video even though I don't where or have any makeup I always love to watch you videos

  • Lanelle Nagaran
    Lanelle Nagaran Month ago


  • Chloe Foiles
    Chloe Foiles Month ago +1

    bro justin bieber commented on your IG. cant believe you didn’t responf

  • Carla Arrieta
    Carla Arrieta Month ago

    What about James Charles?

  • Corine Williams
    Corine Williams Month ago

    Love the look but in my opinion your lashes are to thick and they make your eyes look half closed.

  • Vivi com Mamãe
    Vivi com Mamãe Month ago

    I love all of your eye shadow designs they look AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Priscilla Muneton
    Priscilla Muneton Month ago

    U accidentally forgot the f in foundation on the second product lol

  • sean langley
    sean langley Month ago +1

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  • Slime Tootsie Roll
    Slime Tootsie Roll Month ago

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  • Marlene Luviano
    Marlene Luviano Month ago

    That cover fx highlighter didn’t work for me either I hate it

  • beloved izzy msp
    beloved izzy msp Month ago

    1:53 its foundation

  • Aimee Lucas
    Aimee Lucas Month ago

    I know this video isn't new but i am currently ill with chicken pox (i know i am very dramatic just ignore that😂) but i have been binge watching all your videos and you are so funny and you inspire me soooo much i love you😍

  • Lilah L.
    Lilah L. Month ago

    You should try Frilliance! It is a great makeup brand for acne-prone skin! I think you would love the highlighter!

  • Tegan CatGirl
    Tegan CatGirl Month ago

    You have shishter James Charles in the thumbnail but you don't talk about him that is the only reason I came.

  • Emma Broch
    Emma Broch Month ago

    How come James charles was on the thumbnail and she did not use any product from him

  • fayl yt
    fayl yt Month ago

    Sylvia is like the makeup version of Rosanna pansino

  • å.ö
    å.ö Month ago

    am i the only person that watches her videos just because u like her personality 😂 low key me 💗😏

  • Forgirl 73
    Forgirl 73 Month ago

    Btw, when you check for flashback, use your back camera - it works better.

  • Shari moffat
    Shari moffat Month ago

    Is it just me that notices that she put oundation instead of foundation

  • Kate Gonzales
    Kate Gonzales Month ago

    Justin bieber commented on ur insta

  • EllensVids
    EllensVids Month ago

    justin bieber commented on your Instagram

  • Sabrina Alonso
    Sabrina Alonso Month ago

    sarahi is my spanish name

  • minion8102
    minion8102 Month ago

    did anyone see she put oundation instead of foundation

  • amanda sassine
    amanda sassine Month ago

    I love all your makeup looks I just turned 18 I’m into makeup now but I can’t find really good makeup where I live

  • sean langley
    sean langley 2 months ago +1

    Justin bieber commented on your Instagram!!!😋😂

  • sean langley
    sean langley 2 months ago +1

    She has a small forehead!!! Lol


  • Larissa
    Larissa 2 months ago

    I’ve had that same problem with the soft glam pallet, I think it is a really pretty pallet but it can be difficult to work with sometimes and it also does come out darker than it looks in the pan to me, not sure if anyone else has this problem? But still is a very good pallet! Btw love your vids!💜

  • Isabella Herrera
    Isabella Herrera 2 months ago

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  • Hiya Gurnani
    Hiya Gurnani 2 months ago

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  • Hiya Gurnani
    Hiya Gurnani 2 months ago

    She wrote oundation

  • Sassy Land
    Sassy Land 2 months ago

    My skin is rlly dry and my foundation commonly “leaves” my nose anyone know any foundation that will help with that😭😭😭In desperate need

  • kady thompson
    kady thompson 2 months ago

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  • BeautyFanatic27
    BeautyFanatic27 2 months ago

    You click baited me! I wanted James Charles and left without him. 😢

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor 2 months ago

    You should try zoellas favourite concealer (collection lasting perfection) she raves about it in like every makeup video

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    C’anna Miller 2 months ago

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  • L&A
    L&A 2 months ago

    Anybody else notice that she wrote “NARS NATURAL RADIANT LONGWEAR OUNDATION” instead of foundation😂😂love y’all

  • Anna Lucia
    Anna Lucia 2 months ago

    Did any else see oundation not foundation 1:55

  • OhSnapItsKat
    OhSnapItsKat 2 months ago


  • Jayda Marie
    Jayda Marie 2 months ago

    my mom has thoses mermaid brushes to

  • Sara Violeta Covault Tyrihjell

    Why did you put James Charles in the thumbnail if he didn't have a product you tried?

  • Amber Seabaugh
    Amber Seabaugh 2 months ago


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    Whitney Huskins 2 months ago

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    Koality Naylor 2 months ago +1

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  • Nonsense And insanity
    Nonsense And insanity 2 months ago

    I was hoping she would use the noodey patoitie pallet
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes

  • Nonsense And insanity
    Nonsense And insanity 2 months ago

    The baking powder was not recommended by James Charles

  • Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly 2 months ago

    What brush did you use for the liner and the small pencil brush for the lower lashline???

    KELLY4EVER 2 months ago

    1:55 sylvia it is foundation not oundation

  • Lindsay Wagner
    Lindsay Wagner 2 months ago

    did anybody else see whenever she showed the foundation she put oundation