10 Most Dangerous Things Discovered in Space

  • Published on May 14, 2018
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Comments • 952

  • Cody Whitlock
    Cody Whitlock Year ago +507

    I love his energy! He’s so entertaining 😂🙌

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 10 days ago

    in fiction a gamma ray burst was what gave the fantastic four their powers

  • Phillyboi215
    Phillyboi215 19 days ago

    I love your video Matt. But honestly I hate the happy background music. I like the scary music for some reason lol. Like on the mysterious, strange and cryptic topics

  • Michael Norman
    Michael Norman 22 days ago

    I've had a conora ejection before.

  • Brian McCarroll
    Brian McCarroll 23 days ago

    Lil wanyne

  • Majestic Leo
    Majestic Leo 24 days ago +1

    The human been loves lies
    Just like tasting the white sugar
    As they doesn't know that someday it will destroy him /her at the end..
    Wake up people.

  • Val Tozer
    Val Tozer 24 days ago

    the big rip is a rip off. its false. the universe is expanding then contracted and then expanding even more contracted again and expanding more than contracting a little bit more so on and so forth. you humans just haven't been around long enough. if your hypothesis is true then that means that there would be a center of the universe. where everything came from (the bang) and an outer edge (where one would see this "RIP" LONG before it happens. ) but this is not what you see. do the math people! imagine the universe is like a big leaf but made with a sponge-like material each section where a fiber meets another is a Galaxy over the time of a trillion googles it grows and shrinks and each "leaf" is on branches those are the "universal highways" but because each universe is made in different ways, one can not easly travel from one to another, the same reason of "why is a soap bubble round?" .

  • Val Tozer
    Val Tozer 24 days ago

    ok 7:40 ruffly you talk about BLACK HOLES . Point of fact the reason why space is black is because there are so many things in space that admit different color (millions of colors) that they all blend together to make the color of black. white is the ABSENCE OF COLOR. thus black holes are just "holes" that are like open doors into "pockets" of space that have so many things that admit light but its compacted Galaxys clusters after clusters. and the force that sucks things into it, is not gravity per say, but something akin to it, but much much stronger, so if you go into one, you better have a good engineer on hand to get you back out.

  • Michael Umphlettee
    Michael Umphlettee Month ago

    Where is Bruce Willis when you need him?? What about Ben Affleck?? Lmao jk

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 2 months ago

    Your welcome for the nightmares!

  • If you like Pinacoladas

    Oh great. Another 10 things in space that can kill us. You gotta wonder whether God created us, or whether He's been searching for us for billions of years just so He can squish us.

  • Radinka Lappen
    Radinka Lappen 3 months ago

    when you said five years, for a split second, I could swear that my heart stopped beating. 😂😂😂

    SUDOPC 3 months ago

    and the big bang was a supernova

    SUDOPC 3 months ago

    black holes do not "eat/suck up" planets they use their dense orbit to fling planets across the solar system

  • sarah lazaro
    sarah lazaro 3 months ago

    Why is it that he has no hair on his head, but has so much beard and chest hair xp

  • Hannie Mochi
    Hannie Mochi 4 months ago +1

    Butt I thought the earth was flatttttt

  • Wickedelic MK
    Wickedelic MK 4 months ago

    that intro scared me, lol

  • Dankest Fox
    Dankest Fox 4 months ago

    Can I get a big rip in the chat for scientists not being able to explain his perfectly white teeth?

  • Jenna White
    Jenna White 4 months ago

    Bruce Willis for asteroids? NOPE! I want the freedom to be able to check off as much of my bucket list as I can before death, no matter how expensive or insane. And trust me when I say that means I will take no prisoners, and probably die somehow along the trip from never resting.

  • RJK Films
    RJK Films 4 months ago +1

    Number 1. Asgardian soldiers

  • Aysha Afzal
    Aysha Afzal 4 months ago

    What if a black hole sucks another black hole? What would happen? If it's possible?!

  • Kam3man
    Kam3man 4 months ago

    #1 Cthulhu

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 4 months ago

    These are all theories or hypothetical ideas! Correct? Somebodyyy please tell me.

  • AlpacaBoi7
    AlpacaBoi7 5 months ago

    They’re velocity is so high, they’re even higher than the biggest drug addict

  • Justin Burrichter
    Justin Burrichter 5 months ago

    You forgot about Magtar(it has magnetic force so powerful that you will be ripped apart down to the Adam level) Alien invasion, rogue sun's

  • TheOv3rlordK1ng
    TheOv3rlordK1ng 5 months ago +1

    And i know your gay which you hide for some reason?

  • TheOv3rlordK1ng
    TheOv3rlordK1ng 5 months ago +1

    Dam your teeth are so annoying. So white yet such a bad shape. The bald head just doesnt help. Total annoyance

  • James Meritt
    James Meritt 5 months ago

    In a galactic collision, stars and planets are tiny. Sure, there will be some slingshotting, but how about the much bigger hydrogen clouds? When they collide that fast, wouldn’t they emit very, very strong radio waves?
    BTW: after you described cometary tails as a type of propulsion system, I had trouble concentrating on anything else. I’ve never heard THAT one!

  • Dismaying MiSt
    Dismaying MiSt 6 months ago

    Your facts videos are so entertaining to watch

  • Youwannaknow?Stalker
    Youwannaknow?Stalker 6 months ago

    8 is cronal MASS ejection, CME for short. Don't believe me, an event of one hitting earth is called 'the perfect CME.' It caused aurora borealis lightshows as far south as rome, for anybody interested.

    • Youwannaknow?Stalker
      Youwannaknow?Stalker 6 months ago

      Also, a white dwarf can explode by becoming close enough to a main sequence star close to the same mass, but it's incredible density drains the star of mass over time. Eventually, after reaching critical mass, it explodes in a type 1 A supernova.

    • Youwannaknow?Stalker
      Youwannaknow?Stalker 6 months ago

      Also, hyper-velocity stars exist from binary star systems moving through space, then caught in the gravitational field of a large enough black hole at a steep angle, one devoured and the other slingshot out like the rock that david killed goliath with.

    • Youwannaknow?Stalker
      Youwannaknow?Stalker 6 months ago

      Also, stars don't ignite. They pressurise hydrogen atoms with enough force to fuse their nuclei either by brute force or with the incorporation of quantum tunneling - depending on their mass - to kickstart nuclear fusion.

  • That's What She Said
    That's What She Said 6 months ago +1

    Play this video on speed x2, he sounds like he's on Steroids!

  • kingofthenerds
    kingofthenerds 6 months ago

    Interstellar planets entering our solar system be like: *yeet*

  • Veglia Borletti
    Veglia Borletti 6 months ago

    Cosmic Strings why didnt you include???

  • Ayako Tami
    Ayako Tami 7 months ago

    ''Do interstellar restraining orders exist?" LOL That cracked me up. 😂 But a planet hitting us is 😱😵

  • Justin Griffith
    Justin Griffith 7 months ago

    The big rip is just a hypothesis so not concerned about that in the slightest no what makes my lose sleep is the *bullet* black hole that could just plow through our solar system out of nowhere and devour us all.

  • Dash Paz
    Dash Paz 8 months ago +1

    Can you do a top ten series’s of early civilization stuff like 16/17th centuries or earlier

  • Ever Hernandez
    Ever Hernandez 8 months ago

    groovy video thank you 😁

  • Alex Isada
    Alex Isada 8 months ago

    So basically these rogue planets are just massive thots? In that case, on behalf of the Milky Way let us all say “BEGONE THOTS!”

  • Sansgamer _Yt
    Sansgamer _Yt 9 months ago

    When a supernova explodes I’m planning on being dead then the star can explode

  • The Gaming Devil
    The Gaming Devil 9 months ago +1

    Yeah I'm not worried about any of this stuff on this list because I know for a fact we're going to be fine

  • Paige Coon
    Paige Coon 9 months ago

    Well I'm not going to sleep tonight😂

  • Kaleb Du Mez
    Kaleb Du Mez 9 months ago

    Merci beaucoup pour les sous-titres en français!

  • Augustus Caesar
    Augustus Caesar 9 months ago

    gamma ray bursts?

  • KateMagic Tarot
    KateMagic Tarot 9 months ago

    I always feel so small and insignificant in the most encouraging and motivating way whenever I learn things like this about space. We are so lucky. All of us.

  • Opaque Night
    Opaque Night 9 months ago

    I love your thumbnails. 🤣

  • Marlene Smith
    Marlene Smith 9 months ago

    Your videos are always so interesting and make my day! Been watching your videos for a few years now

  • William Kethon
    William Kethon 10 months ago

    despacito 2

  • SmoothC Inc.
    SmoothC Inc. 10 months ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the possibility of a metastable Higgs field. That stuff is truly a cosmic horror to me

  • Elizabeth Palmer
    Elizabeth Palmer 10 months ago

    So what I'm hearing here is that I need to avoid Stars? I think I can do that

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye 10 months ago

    I bet we would have figured out self sustaining intersteller travel long before the world ends. the world may end but that doesn't mean we have to.

  • Holden Rose
    Holden Rose 11 months ago

    does this guy think hes funny or something?

  • Otto von Bismark
    Otto von Bismark 11 months ago +1

    11. Alien toaster invasion

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 11 months ago

    thats my favorite game of bumper cars

  • Sammei
    Sammei Year ago

    *_I just cannot understand the emotion in your face on the thumbnail._*

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith Year ago

    Anyone else peep thank me later in the back?

  • Steve Walton
    Steve Walton Year ago

    What threats in space I dunno everything

  • Colleen McClain
    Colleen McClain Year ago


  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Year ago

    You really scared me when you said “In the next 5 years.”

  • red shadow
    red shadow Year ago

    Don't worry. The space force will protect us

  • edward lubin
    edward lubin Year ago

    feel gud post of the year

  • Buzi Gaming :D
    Buzi Gaming :D Year ago

    love the background music

  • FOX
    FOX Year ago

    Why we dont mobilize our self to turn earth into gigantic space ship structure, so we can fly away from our expanding sun. Right?

  • TGE
    TGE Year ago

    Got a video pulled from yt, dunno how to send it via this, maybe type video ground moving, n is appx 5th, non native, nicely dressed people. Unless you've seen, lookin' through your things as of yet

  • A Wierd Awkward Person

    Me waiting to see GRBs

  • i give you cookie

    um I'm in bed

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough Year ago +1

    Thanks for the nightmares matt.

  • marloes
    marloes Year ago

    His videos are a cure for depression

  • Eugene Noel
    Eugene Noel Year ago

    O_O O_O O_O O_O

  • GibbletPlays
    GibbletPlays Year ago

    number 1 should have been *free real estate*