10 Most Dangerous Things Discovered in Space

  • Published on May 14, 2018
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Comments • 936

  • Cody Whitlock
    Cody Whitlock 4 months ago +445

    I love his energy! He’s so entertaining 😂🙌

  • Oscar Kethon
    Oscar Kethon 13 days ago

    despacito 2

  • SmoothC Inc.
    SmoothC Inc. 15 days ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the possibility of a metastable Higgs field. That stuff is truly a cosmic horror to me

  • Elizabeth Palmer
    Elizabeth Palmer 21 day ago

    So what I'm hearing here is that I need to avoid Stars? I think I can do that

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye Month ago

    I bet we would have figured out self sustaining intersteller travel long before the world ends. the world may end but that doesn't mean we have to.

  • Holden Rose
    Holden Rose Month ago

    does this guy think hes funny or something?

  • Angry Grandma
    Angry Grandma Month ago +1

    11. Alien toaster invasion

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez Month ago

    thats my favorite game of bumper cars

  • Sammei
    Sammei 2 months ago

    *_I just cannot understand the emotion in your face on the thumbnail._*

  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith 2 months ago

    Anyone else peep thank me later in the back?

  • Steve Walton
    Steve Walton 2 months ago

    What threats in space I dunno everything

  • Colleen McClain
    Colleen McClain 2 months ago


  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 2 months ago

    You really scared me when you said “In the next 5 years.”

  • red shadow
    red shadow 2 months ago

    Don't worry. The space force will protect us

  • edward lubin
    edward lubin 2 months ago

    feel gud post of the year

  • Buzi Gaming :D
    Buzi Gaming :D 2 months ago

    love the background music

  • F.O .X
    F.O .X 3 months ago

    Why we dont mobilize our self to turn earth into gigantic space ship structure, so we can fly away from our expanding sun. Right?

  • M G
    M G 3 months ago

    Got a video pulled from yt, dunno how to send it via this, maybe type video ground moving, n is appx 5th, non native, nicely dressed people. Unless you've seen, lookin' through your things as of yet

  • A Wierd Awkward Person
    A Wierd Awkward Person 3 months ago

    Me waiting to see GRBs

  • i give you cookie
    i give you cookie 3 months ago

    um I'm in bed

  • Logan
    Logan 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for the nightmares matt.

  • marloes
    marloes 3 months ago

    His videos are a cure for depression

  • Eugene Noel
    Eugene Noel 3 months ago

    O_O O_O O_O O_O

  • GibbletPlays
    GibbletPlays 3 months ago

    number 1 should have been *free real estate*

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 3 months ago

    number one should be vacuum decay, it left me with almost having imsomnia

  • Pokemonpower Girl
    Pokemonpower Girl 3 months ago

    .....well I'm ded

  • Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar 3 months ago


  • God True
    God True 3 months ago +1

    Kill me

  • Leon Biscan
    Leon Biscan 3 months ago

    can a high - velocity star escape a black hole

  • Rulea 22
    Rulea 22 3 months ago

    It’s still crazy how people still believe in space 😂®️ they call space space because that’s what’s here a lot of space because it’s flat 🤷🏽‍♀️®️

  • Marcus Ray
    Marcus Ray 3 months ago

    Thank you for making me smile x

  • Troy Combs
    Troy Combs 3 months ago

    iv heard that a giant black hole makes our planets in orbit or something?

  • gold coin
    gold coin 3 months ago

    Matthew:yeah that's something to think about when you sleep
    Me:how did you know

  • PTRS 41
    PTRS 41 3 months ago

    We should take the earth.... and push it somewhere else.

  • leolionking711
    leolionking711 4 months ago

    I like how I get more and more paranoid watching these kinda things but I still watch more anyways XD

  • Gus Cleitus
    Gus Cleitus 4 months ago

    it's fungus. i can see it already. you're fungus, i'm fungus, everything is fungus. in space, no one can hear the fungus.

  • Muhammad Mozimal Ali khan


  • FykerMyker HQ HD TV
    FykerMyker HQ HD TV 4 months ago

    Gamora should be #1. 😂

  • Elizabeth Huerta
    Elizabeth Huerta 4 months ago

    god is coming!

  • Artsy Sapphire
    Artsy Sapphire 4 months ago

    Awesome TVclipr

  • Connor Colontonio
    Connor Colontonio 4 months ago +2

    Asteroid NT7 could collide on February 1st, 2019

  • Rainey Dawn
    Rainey Dawn 4 months ago

    I wish I have 1/2 of your cheeriness and energy Matt!! Another great video!

  • KidsApp Tv
    KidsApp Tv 4 months ago

    very interesting video 😋 so lovely video


    I loved all of this I did but... I LIKED THE END MORE I mean it’s a big list

  • Glasses&Mouthplates
    Glasses&Mouthplates 4 months ago

    As Matt was going through all the entry list towards the end, I kept on imagining a bright flash of light suddenly shining from a corner of his screen, and then we ALL realize that we just got instantly killed by a gamma ray.

  • let's get to 1500 subs with no videos

    this video is filled with "thats what she said"

  • Marisela Rodriguez S
    Marisela Rodriguez S 4 months ago

    Love your videos.

  • Detective carnage
    Detective carnage 4 months ago

    Hmm, This could be useful for my fanfiction

  • bocaj oicruc
    bocaj oicruc 4 months ago


  • Yuriy Fitsay
    Yuriy Fitsay 4 months ago

    2x speed...

  • ShadowCim
    ShadowCim 4 months ago

    When Matt said Galactic cannibalism, am I the only one who thought of Hellstar Remina

  • Ezequiel Pena
    Ezequiel Pena 4 months ago

    Ok lets be honest our solar system and space is basically Agari.o

  • Alexander Whittaker
    Alexander Whittaker 4 months ago

    I love his facial expressions

  • these2kings0305
    these2kings0305 4 months ago

    Number 11: The Death Star

  • cristen united for isreal isreal is gods holy land

    the big band naver happened and the world wont end theat way god well unforcntly end it read the bible

  • Gwynn Music
    Gwynn Music 4 months ago +1

    Seriously how are we still alive 😂🤣🤪

  • GhostRights
    GhostRights 4 months ago

    "Space is filled with an unimaginably large number of things."
    You don't say.

  • anu dbz
    anu dbz 4 months ago

    Can u do 10 proofs that earth is not flat

  • Bubba Shurum
    Bubba Shurum 4 months ago

    Mat ur video are awesome keep up the good work

  • justinchad109 ironwolf
    justinchad109 ironwolf 4 months ago

    If u have a beard how do u not have Head hair don don don donnnnnnnnnnn like if u agree

  • Helen Sisk
    Helen Sisk 4 months ago

    the big rip thats what happens to me when its a monday

  • TheMasked Artist
    TheMasked Artist 4 months ago

    Space is like anime, everyone is overpowered for no reason.

  • Jim James
    Jim James 4 months ago

    BRING...IT...ON Space!

  • shadowthetwisted
    shadowthetwisted 4 months ago

    Nah, big rip wont happen, it's gonna be the big crunch. That's how the universe works, once it gets so big, it will collapse in on it's self, just like a star would, and create a singularity.
    Since matter can't be destroyed, even a trillion+ years from now, the matter will still be around. Even if nothing else seems to be left.

  • Sebas Prat
    Sebas Prat 4 months ago

    i should stop watching this kind of stuff

  • Arlene Sanchez
    Arlene Sanchez 4 months ago

    I fainted

  • SHADOWripper 02
    SHADOWripper 02 4 months ago

    they are all deadly but look so cool

  • Beastmode 101
    Beastmode 101 4 months ago

    Honorable mention: Donald Trump

  • Mid Alpha
    Mid Alpha 4 months ago

    astronomy is fun.

  • Qwert05846394728
    Qwert05846394728 4 months ago

    I really like your enthusiasm towards the video Matt. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Marrianne Zhao
    Marrianne Zhao 4 months ago

    If I'm not terrified of space already, I definitely am now

  • eric deherrera
    eric deherrera 4 months ago

    Turned into most "theoretical things in space"

  • TBNRwars Champ
    TBNRwars Champ 4 months ago +1

    As your watching this you look out the window.
    “That looks like a comet coming towards us”
    As you watch the comets

  • armando sanchez
    armando sanchez 4 months ago

    Super nova is something that stitch did in space

  • james lewis
    james lewis 4 months ago

    gravity ?

  • Malaan 7
    Malaan 7 4 months ago

    Matt, the background music is unbearable in this video. Otherwise, the video is awesome.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 4 months ago

    Galactic cannibalism isn't that bad I wouldn't think of it as one galaxy eating another one but two galaxies merging to from one big galaxy and our solar system would've a chance to be ejected out of the galaxy cause our solar system is on the outer part of the galaxy and the odds of solar system smashing into each other is very low it would be like 1 in 10 billion which is a bit high but it's not

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 4 months ago

    I don't think white dwarf stars explode spontaneously and even if a supernova happened 100 light years from us which is pretty close by interstellar standards it wouldn't do any damage but when supernova happens two beams of high energy gamma rays come out of each end of the star these gamma ray burst GRB have the potential to wipe out Half of our ozone layer and kill all species that are in the way of it from thousands of light years away but they won't destroy planets just organic life maybe it would melt like 1 km deep into planet if it was half a light year away but these grbs rays would have a radius of hundreds of light years over a distance of thousands of light years

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 4 months ago

    If Intestellar planet comes near the sphere of influence of the sun and if it enters orbit around the sun the odds of it hitting another planet is pretty low but if it goes through our solar system on a trajectory which takes it through the inner solar system our planet's and other planets orbits would be altered measurably and if it was a brown dwarf which aren't planets by the way comes it our solar system all the orbits would go haywire earth might even become a interstellar planet

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 4 months ago

    CME(coronal mass ejection)won't burn off a part of our atmosphere we've our magnetic field to protect us sure it will destroy a part of our magnetic field but not the atmosphere

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 4 months ago

    Asteroids being fired into our solar system by a supernova chance that happen if is really low but asteroids leaving their star system due a planet's or a moon's gravitational force that happens all the time

  • jordan licup
    jordan licup 4 months ago

    Good thing the magnetic feild protects us

  • Ice Crusader The LEGENDARY

    Lop xD i was just studying galactic cannibalism xD

  • Ice Crusader The LEGENDARY

    Im hoping for the GAMMA Ray burst

  • Max Nieves
    Max Nieves 4 months ago

    Thanos is coming

  • [GD] Kwee67
    [GD] Kwee67 4 months ago

    If only my Teacher were like this :(

  • Stone Monstrux
    Stone Monstrux 4 months ago

    Don't scare me like that

  • Tyler Whieler
    Tyler Whieler 4 months ago

    when the universe rips

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧The egg has hatched ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  • NegativeFour21
    NegativeFour21 4 months ago

    10 Most Dangerous things found in space

    well now wwe know where Matt came from

  • Kenzie Hill
    Kenzie Hill 4 months ago

    Matthew you’re great I like your energy plus I learn when watching your content and you add humor too wish you could give Chills some pointers 😅

  • ChxrgerHellcxt
    ChxrgerHellcxt 4 months ago

    Interstellar Restraining Order 🤣

  • wolflover help me im dying inside


  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 4 months ago

    I wish all my enemies encounters this dangerous things. 😡

  • Warp Drive
    Warp Drive 4 months ago

    When the list starts with comets and asteroids, you know the list gonna get crazy!

  • Noel and David Herman
    Noel and David Herman 4 months ago


  • the golden gaming freddy


  • Sapphire Sky
    Sapphire Sky 4 months ago

    Where's Eugene these days??? Miss that guy. So nerdy LOL

  • Zincz
    Zincz 4 months ago

    pause at any time and you got yourself a shitpost

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 4 months ago

    Yeah, comets are really dangerous! Look what they did to Dusty Depot!