What’s the 16✗16✗16 Laptop?

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the MSI PS63. The best laptop from MSI for portable creative work, productivity and gaming while rocking a massive battery life.
    Available Here - amzn.to/2Rfksvt
    Equipped with a GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q and a i7-8656U and a claimed 16 HOUR battery life, the PS63 Prestige laptop from MSI brings some of the best performance to a thin and light 15" device. This device has much better performance over the 2019 Razer Blade Stealth.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  4 months ago +1731

    I think more companies should do this CPU/GPU combo. 13 hours of battery life is no joke. Thanks for watching!

    • Lucas Orellana
      Lucas Orellana 19 days ago

      So i just bought it and at 80% battery it says 1.40 hour left haha , am i doing something wrong?

    • Azan Ali
      Azan Ali 26 days ago

      @MWW PlayZ I can't find this song anywhere. Can you help me a bit more finding it?

    • Azan Ali
      Azan Ali 26 days ago

      @MWW PlayZ Finally! A reply after 3 months. Thanks.

    • MWW PlayZ
      MWW PlayZ 26 days ago

      @Azan Ali Fili - Splash

    • life is a lie
      life is a lie 2 months ago

      We don't what is good display for you so please compare it with the best displays in the market

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan 21 hour ago

    Up until the price I was in love 😍 with it. But later on 😔

  • Sergio Pellegrini

    Hi I have some questions about the ps63 modern, the most important is the management of the vents of the dissipation system which, if I understand correctly, is partially addressed to the monitor, according to the version with ssd 256gb if this is born partitioned as in 512gb or if it comes out whole. Of course if the owners wanted to refresh the discussion with observations of use in the medium term, including system stability and even the quality of the screen, it would be appreciated. Personally, I like it a lot but I wouldn't want to find a 1400 euro package. Thank you again.

  • K. S.
    K. S. 4 days ago +2

    MSI GS65 or MSI PS63 is better?

  • Ws Tang
    Ws Tang 7 days ago

    No TB3, passed

  • eltate
    eltate 8 days ago

    Battery life when gaming??

  • Nyi Htun
    Nyi Htun 9 days ago

    This Laptop with GTX1650 GPU in my country is just $1400

    • Nyi Htun
      Nyi Htun 7 days ago

      It is Myanmar!
      Only MSI is Very Reasonable Price in My Country!

    • Pedro Soares
      Pedro Soares 8 days ago

      @The Park me too

    • The Park
      The Park 8 days ago

      Nyi Htun what country? I’m planning to buy this laptop for college

  • ensi80
    ensi80 12 days ago

    in the second slot ssd is sata or nvme? because sata attack is missing 1 "tooth" while nvme 2 "teeth"

  • How bout' you chill
    How bout' you chill 17 days ago

    I hope the price goes down when all the creator focused laptops are released after computex

  • Deepen Patel
    Deepen Patel 19 days ago

    Is this laptop enough for MACHINE LEARNING stuff??

  • FrenzyFragz
    FrenzyFragz 20 days ago +1

    Dave Lee, I have a question:
    I currently have a Dell XPS 15 and I find the fan noise to be very annoying at times. On simple tasks such as chrome browsing with only 1 or 2 tabs open the fans constantly go on and off which is very annoying. Obviously the fans are loud during demanding tasks such as gaming but I don't want them to turn on after only a few minutes on google chrome. So, my question is, "Is the MSI PS63 quiet while idle or while doing some simple web browsing?" Please let me know @Dave Lee

    • FrenzyFragz
      FrenzyFragz 20 days ago

      this link describes my problem: www.dell.com/community/XPS/Annoying-fan-noises-on-2018-XPS-15-9570/td-p/6129832

  • JayVi
    JayVi 21 day ago +1

    Man, I've grow fond of watching your reviews . They're all quite thorough, and you're very informative while being casual about it. Keep up the great work !

  • Save us M1SAKI
    Save us M1SAKI 25 days ago

    Internal temps??

  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 26 days ago +1

    This 16×16×16 laptop video has 999K views.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout 26 days ago

    Thanks to this review and a couple of others I purchased the PS63 8RC today. A beautiful laptop.

    • Kilgore Trout
      Kilgore Trout 26 days ago

      @gleeba Still too early to say but it is not excessively hot. I think it was running pretty hot during some updates but in normal usage it has been fine. www.msi.com/Laptop/PS63-MODERN-8RX/Specification Mine is 8RC version with GTX 1050 max Q design. I paid Australian $1990 in Australia, which is US$1369 . It wasn't on discount but was one of a few 15-inch laptops with Win 10 Pro, a fingerprint scanner, a TPM chip that I could source (other specs: i7 8565u, 16gb ram, 512 GB SSD). My other option was an Asus Vivobook S15 for A$1600, but this is a nicer laptop in terms of fit and finish, better display quality, faster SSDs and much better battery life. Other than those, I would be looking at a XPS 15, which would be more $ and personally I prefer the look of this laptop. Here is an indepth review of my laptop with all the temp specs: www.notebookcheck.net/MSI-PS63-Modern-8RC-Core-i7-8565U-GTX-1050-Max-Q-Laptop-Review.403141.0.html

    • gleeba
      gleeba 26 days ago

      How is the performance and thermals and did u get the one with gtx 1650, how much did it cost?

  • tkymike
    tkymike 26 days ago

    why would you connect that to external gpu.. the cpu will bottleneck so badly.

  • Coffee Flush
    Coffee Flush 27 days ago +13

    This is the MSI of my dreams. Very cool. There are lot of us non gaming people who need gaming specs

    • Parth Sethi
      Parth Sethi 17 days ago

      Hell true

    • Aminudin Ali
      Aminudin Ali 25 days ago

      msi itself is known for its gaming specs, you may want to look at asus zenbook

  • aaleeksii
    aaleeksii 27 days ago

    1,800 euros in Finland with 1050 non-TI, fuck that

    • Luukasa
      Luukasa 24 days ago

      nyt 1,600 verkkokauppa.com:issa
      silti vähän liikaa

  • DeShawn Terrance
    DeShawn Terrance 28 days ago

    I don't understand how a proprietary barrel connector charger is cheaper than a standard Type C port

  • Moustache Pikachu
    Moustache Pikachu 29 days ago

    Why not r5 1600 and gtx 1660 smh

    • MWW PlayZ
      MWW PlayZ 26 days ago

      now it comes with a GTX 1650

  • AbsoluteScotch
    AbsoluteScotch Month ago

    double fps = double enjoyment. you funny, dave.

  • Maalo
    Maalo Month ago +6

    now it comes with 1650 card !!

  • Jackson McKinney
    Jackson McKinney Month ago +13

    What's the point of having a USB c port without thunderbolt 3 and charging capability?

  • bmt134
    bmt134 Month ago

    Just picked one up with a GTX 1650 max q!

    • Forrest Vodden
      Forrest Vodden 20 days ago

      The Microsoft store has it in the US.

    • random_ user
      random_ user Month ago

      bmt134 where? I havent seen it anywhere...

  • Abed Kattab
    Abed Kattab Month ago

    Which one would you choose this laptop or the creator p65 8rd

  • Kenny Loh
    Kenny Loh Month ago

    Would be nice if they have 4k screen.

  • Joao Pereyra
    Joao Pereyra Month ago

    1200 for a gtx1050ti? You rather add $100 and get a rtx from a lenovo y740

    AUX CABLE Month ago

    Please give review of asus tuf fx505dy

    PHI CHIVORN Month ago

    captions khmer Cambodia

  • WTH!
    WTH! Month ago

    the price is a no go

    METAL NIGHT Month ago

    Which is the best gaming laptop having Getz 1070

  • thisissooolegit
    thisissooolegit Month ago

    I need something like this that is touchscreen and TB3 (TB3.1) preferably ... Anyone have any options?

  • Wacky xx
    Wacky xx Month ago

    d appreacte if someone answer me,
    I brought the msi gl63 with i5 8300h
    My cpu usage in bfv is always near 100%
    Causing a bottleneck with the rtx 2060
    So the gpu is using around 50 to 60% with few drops
    The ram is 16gb single channel
    If i add another 16 stick will the cpu usage decrease , is it the game ? Or the cpu
    I'm very disappointed spending 1500 on a laptop that doesnt even uses its full potential ...

  • Ayrton S
    Ayrton S Month ago

    never thought id sell my macbook. but here i am!

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy Month ago

    mac computer charge thousands and you can't play shit on their stuff. :)

  • WhyNot
    WhyNot Month ago +3

    I bought one recently,
    it's the most good looking laptop i've ever seen, really nice design !!

  • Romain J
    Romain J Month ago

    Could you give your thoughts on the PS63 8SC, with the GTX 1650 max-q Vs. the PS63 8RC with the GTX 1050Ti?

    • Romain J
      Romain J Month ago

      @Toshiro alshamary thanks for the reply. Funny thing, the 1650 build is cheaper than the other!

    • Toshiro alshamary
      Toshiro alshamary Month ago

      I believe the new 1650 is slightly better gpu

  • Charles Tannehill
    Charles Tannehill Month ago +1

    If thunderbolt 3 was supported, this would be a beast. 720p (small screen, remember?) at ultra settings would be better and good enough for fun on the side at work. And when you get home, plug into your external everything. Gpu, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Manufacturers are sleeping on thunderbolt 3. I would gladly sacrifice other features for thunderbolt 3.

    sTEADYONE67 2 months ago

    Good for edting videos ??

  • HelloHa
    HelloHa 2 months ago

    I bought this laptop and I actually can't believe that the build quality was deemed acceptable. When you hold the closed device in your hand to carry the screen flexes onto the body. The bottom right panel didn't click into place and kept "clicking". The right speaker made the entire chassis or keyboard vibrate causing distortions that drove me insane. The speakers where also very underpowered. The screen brightness was also somewhat underwhelming. I couldn't see this laptop last more then 1-2 years in daily use. (I have a 2012 MacBook pro that lasted me 7 years and is still going). You are much better of spending a couple of hundred more on a Lenovo X1 extreme and get a body that will last you a lifetime. This is what I did when I returned mine! This laptop is completely overpiriced or underengineered. Sure it's light but at what cost.

  • Christine Nguyen
    Christine Nguyen 2 months ago

    MSI PS63 vs MSI P65?

  • Quake
    Quake 2 months ago +2

    could have been gtx 1060

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 2 months ago +55

    Oh wow a thin gaming laptop, very cool
    Razer: Am I a joke to you?

    • angrydragonslayer
      angrydragonslayer 28 days ago +2

      razer is the apple of non-apple laptops

    • Manel Costa
      Manel Costa Month ago +4

      Modern design, good thermals, wallet: Am I a joke to you?

    • Sk. Saad
      Sk. Saad 2 months ago +8

      Wallet : Am I a joke to YOU ?

  • poikatiikeri
    poikatiikeri 2 months ago

    i wish someone would make this kind of maschine with touch screen and pen support

  • 李增恩
    李增恩 2 months ago

    There are two fans in ps63. One is for cpu and one is for gpu. What will the fans work if i buy ps63 without external gpu ? Does that means the one without gpu will have better performance by cooling the cpu with two fans ?

  • miguel soares
    miguel soares 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me how this performs in crash bandicoot ??

  • a n
    a n 2 months ago

    Waiting for the i5 ver.

  • Reymund Manaog
    Reymund Manaog 2 months ago +3

    Hey Dave, can you do a video about "best laptop to get for 2019"?

    • Empty
      Empty Month ago

      look up paradox of choice

  • I am not dead
    I am not dead 2 months ago

    69x69x69 then I buy

    • Luukasa
      Luukasa 2 months ago

      doesn't that make it more like a desktop

  • Lithium
    Lithium 2 months ago

    hello dave! can you give us a link for the intro music? i can't seem to find it anymore on soundcloud and elsewhere. thanks

  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 2 months ago +1

    I’m possibly going to buy but in some time and I use a headset always so speakers don’t interest me

  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 2 months ago

    I’m possibly going to buy but in some time and I use a headset always so speakers don’t interest me

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 2 months ago +1



  • moh. ferdian
    moh. ferdian 2 months ago

    This laptop name is remembering me on an German concept ww2 aircraft

  • Duraid Adnan
    Duraid Adnan 2 months ago

    I give a thumbs down for MSI 16*16*16 for its price but after I search a lot of different companies I started to change my mind and understand your point of view, I found a lot of companies advertised their laptop that have MX150 the same price or higher. thnx for reviewing this great laptop

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos 2 months ago

    Hey Dave! I was hoping you could share your thoughts on the MSI P65 Creator (1060 model). Would really appreciate some advice on it!

  • Sơn Đoàn văn
    Sơn Đoàn văn 2 months ago

    please ! msi ps63 8M UMA no card, 1 or 2 cpu fan ?

  • 무민
    무민 2 months ago

    1:52 비상탈출....? 한국새럼....?

  • Muneer Pv
    Muneer Pv 2 months ago +1

    Could you make a video about the best budget laptop for an architect( medium user, not for students)

  • destroyer ng
    destroyer ng 2 months ago

    is this laptop suit for content creation?

  • Borbali
    Borbali 2 months ago +1

    Man if the speakers were good this would have been the absolute godsend of a laptop for me. Still incredibly good, perhaps even the best for the right person.

  • JustYourAverageStemGeek
    JustYourAverageStemGeek 2 months ago +7

    I'm gonna be honest, this, and the matebook x pro are the only laptops that have a chance of me spending over 1000 dollars for a laptop. Maybe the x1 carbon bc I like that design but wow.

  • ryan king
    ryan king 3 months ago

    i really dont feel like that laptop should be 1600$ if it was a 13 inch maybe yes but no you can get the acer nitro spin 5 with a full size 1050ti
    and its just as thingand 16gbs of ram for 1100$

  • Steff Ormeling
    Steff Ormeling 3 months ago

    1:07 league of legends

  • Won Dong Myung
    Won Dong Myung 3 months ago

    좋은리뷰 감사합니다. 구매에 많은 도움이 되었습니다.

  • Marc Frank
    Marc Frank 3 months ago

    they should turn it into a tablet / surface pro like device

  • Abcputt
    Abcputt 3 months ago

    the only question I have is, how good is it for running Lightroom /photoshop?

    • Shy Boy
      Shy Boy 3 months ago

      Abcputt anything can run those it’ll do amazing

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom 3 months ago +1

    Should I get this instead of the xps 15? And please suggest me some similar laptops (only a light/casual gamer and going to college soon)

    • Dom Dom
      Dom Dom 2 months ago +1

      I haven't chosen yet😂 but hows the ps63 going

    • Amir Hosseini
      Amir Hosseini 2 months ago

      Which one did u get? I got my msi ps63 just today

  • TheImmorpheus
    TheImmorpheus 3 months ago

    Does anyone here know when this will be available in the UK?

  • Maicon Matos
    Maicon Matos 3 months ago +5

    Hey Man Your Description Is Wrong, "I7-8656u"

  • XEKT1k
    XEKT1k 3 months ago

    what is the refresh rate on this laptop? im guessing 144hz right?

  • TheRamboBeast
    TheRamboBeast 3 months ago

    great product, but silly they didn't use USB-C charging

  • Gadgets 4 Malayalam
    Gadgets 4 Malayalam 3 months ago +1


  • Dominik
    Dominik 3 months ago +1

    Love it

  • Matěj Bagar
    Matěj Bagar 3 months ago

    I originally thought it was 16 cores, 16 mm thick and 16 hours of battery life.

  • ZXX
    ZXX 3 months ago

    MSI is garbage, sorry

  • Lil Ramen
    Lil Ramen 3 months ago

    i hoped that it would be 16 threads, 16 vega cores and 16 tb of storage.

  • Panurge
    Panurge 3 months ago

    I wish more "gaming" pc companies would quit with the flashy "RGB" hardware and just do minimalist good looking designs like this

  • Jansher Aidan Bakhshi Nongrum

    Awesome review! Would you recommend this over the Asus Zenbook 15 ux533fd?

  • Blueflames424
    Blueflames424 3 months ago

    This or MSI GS65 Stealth?
    Sacrifice the '16-hour' Battery for higher performance?
    (Not looking at this for gaming, but for photo editing. Should i spend the extra buck or go with the PS63?)

  • msi
    msi 3 months ago

    Oh its just a 1050Ti... thought its good

  • Infipon YT
    Infipon YT 3 months ago

    Except for me I'm the *BEST*

  • 최영우
    최영우 3 months ago +2

    한국어 자막 고마워요 thanks for korean language subtitles

  • osbert
    osbert 4 months ago

    Wtf are you talking about? MSI isn't a gaming company. By your rationale Asus, Acer and Gigabyte are gaming companies.

  • Star Trooper
    Star Trooper 4 months ago +1

    What mouse are you using dave

  • chau wai cheng
    chau wai cheng 4 months ago

    Ask one question, which will u choice? Because two laptop nearly the price...! Thx.
    1.MSI~PS63 (GTX1050)
    2.Razer Blade 2018 (GTX1060)

  • Sponsi
    Sponsi 4 months ago

    It's a U processor, this is where the battery life comes from...

  • ADE Marc Alexander
    ADE Marc Alexander 4 months ago

    The video title got translated to Italian, so I surprised to find out it was in English. Not a great deal for me, but it is for sure annoying as hell! 😝

  • Kosta D
    Kosta D 4 months ago

    Ive just received my MSI PS63
    The white box with laptop inside weighs 2.5kg . I want my money back . Is the 1.65 kg specified without a battery or what?
    Without a battery

  • Myth Miracle
    Myth Miracle 4 months ago

    Sir can you help me picking a laptop , for architecture .. mostly on rendering hehe im not good at this heh
    Thank yahh

  • Firoze Mehta
    Firoze Mehta 4 months ago

    300nt is good brightness? That dim screen is the only reason I'm not buying this laptop, I'm surprised you didn't mention it.

  • Nocturnal101 Ravenous
    Nocturnal101 Ravenous 4 months ago

    Id like to see this a little more specced out, Basically I think the CPU is fine certain games you might end up with a bottleneck, the mobile regular 1050ti or a 1060maxQ or a 1060 MexQ would be nice for that extra power, but I can see what they are going for selling this with a 1050Ti and a U series processor for that price feels a bit off, but if it was around the $1k to $1200 range I can see being perfect for a great all arounder.

  • Flynn McTaggart
    Flynn McTaggart 4 months ago

    What mouse were you using in this? Looks like a wireless Logitech gaming mouse

  • Flynn McTaggart
    Flynn McTaggart 4 months ago +1

    Everyone is saying the screen is more like 228 nits not a full 300. Was yours a full 300, Dave?

  • Carlos Fuentes
    Carlos Fuentes 4 months ago

    Any alternative to this? something powerfull with good battery , but with a 1050 so i can play some games?

  • jonatopik
    jonatopik 4 months ago

    Im trying to choose between this one and the Legion y730 for creative work

  • Christopher Andrew B. Naingue

    Dave, which is better?
    ASUS Zenbook 15 UX533FD
    or MSI PS63?
    I need assistance, ASAP

    • Christopher Andrew B. Naingue
      Christopher Andrew B. Naingue 3 months ago

      ​@TBQNEE /Alex I prefer the performance

    • TBQNEE /Alex
      TBQNEE /Alex 3 months ago +1

      @Christopher Andrew B. NaingueI think Asus is a little but more premium, with the keyboard that elevates. I want it for university and for now if there is no sale for any of those two i'll go with asus :)

    • Christopher Andrew B. Naingue
      Christopher Andrew B. Naingue 4 months ago

      @TBQNEE /Alex I know right!? -_-
      This is why i can't decide what to buy between this two laptops T_T

    • TBQNEE /Alex
      TBQNEE /Alex 4 months ago +1

      Christopher Andrew B. Naingue same for me hahaha, they both look the same!

  • Youtube _user
    Youtube _user 4 months ago


  • 許少昀
    許少昀 4 months ago

    Love this device. I think it would be a great laptop for casual players.

  • V M
    V M 4 months ago +1

    I don't understand how you get so good fps scores in Overwatch. Or rather why I keep falling behind so much. I have Lenovo Legion Y530 with i5-8300H, gtx 1050ti, 8GB ram (single channel) with the 144Hz/300nits screen. Winver 1809 with latest bios updates. -0.140 undervolt and gpu +400Mhz memory overclock.
    I pretty much max out on average 100fps in Overwatch even in low settings. But still get like 70-90fps on ultra preset. But I just can't get this to go to the 144 fps mark.

      ALICE THE BOSS 4 months ago

      Single channel is a problem and u need more than 8gb of ram