What’s the 16✗16✗16 Laptop?

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the MSI PS63. The best laptop from MSI for portable creative work, productivity and gaming while rocking a massive battery life.
    Available Here - amzn.to/2Rfksvt
    Equipped with a GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q and a i7-8656U and a claimed 16 HOUR battery life, the PS63 Prestige laptop from MSI brings some of the best performance to a thin and light 15" device. This device has much better performance over the 2019 Razer Blade Stealth.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  9 months ago +1917

    I think more companies should do this CPU/GPU combo. 13 hours of battery life is no joke. Thanks for watching!

    • Aiman Adnan
      Aiman Adnan 4 days ago

      Hey Dave, can you recommend any laptop like this but cheaper than msi? Best combo cpu gpu ultrabook. Thanks.

    • Rye Guy
      Rye Guy 17 days ago

      Dave Lee thank you for being literally the best tech reviewer

    • Hugo Machado
      Hugo Machado Month ago

      Try to bring the MSI Prestige lineup, 14 and 15 versions, with 10gen Intel CPU's.

    • Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman 2 months ago

      Please help me how do you get 13 hours. My battery dies after 6 hours. Help me it's urgent please

    • Nam Yun
      Nam Yun 4 months ago

      @jinwei ooi You also won't get that kind of battery life playing games on the MSI. 1050 ti is no joke when it comes to power consumption.

  • Sudhanva Ganesh
    Sudhanva Ganesh Day ago

    Hey Dave really appreciate it if you could review the new MSI P14/15!

  • Jayden Kim
    Jayden Kim 2 days ago +1

    Now you just gotta review the MSI prestige 14

  • Cryo Cream
    Cryo Cream 11 days ago

    *e x c e p t f o r m e I m t h e b e s t*

  • Robert-Jan van Loon
    Robert-Jan van Loon 12 days ago

    MSI is crap, there are better alternatives to this

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 14 days ago

    Is 16mm correct? What's the thickness of the Razer blade stealth

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 15 days ago

    Hi Dave, have you had a chance to see the updated 15in prestige? It has an Intel 10th gen cpu and 4k display. Just wondering what you thought of it.

    KIM ANN 15 days ago

    How is this proper gaming experience and dell xps 15 not?

  • Areeba Khan
    Areeba Khan 18 days ago

    Can you make a review video on msi prestige 15

  • Cyborron
    Cyborron 21 day ago

    Do a review on the Msi prestige 15

  • ahmed mamdouh
    ahmed mamdouh 26 days ago

    Guys it is 999$ us on B&H website
    Is it safe to buy it from them

  • daddy jamal
    daddy jamal 26 days ago +2

    Guys I study CS should I get this laptop or the helios 300 2019??

    • King Of the monsters
      King Of the monsters 21 day ago

      @ExTr3Me thanks

    • ExTr3Me
      ExTr3Me 21 day ago +1

      King Of the monsters CS is computer science so coding and stuff like that

    • JL Arasula
      JL Arasula 22 days ago

      Go with the Helios 300 it’s cheaper and more powerful but if you don’t want to carry such huge and heavy laptop just go with the msi.

    • King Of the monsters
      King Of the monsters 25 days ago

      daddy jamal what does CS mean ?

      But back to the point if you don’t game and the only thing you need is CPU power and a thin form factor than buy the MSI but the acer kills it in gaming

  • Léonard Ehouabolet

    Which laptop with similar performances and prices is lighter tha the MSI PS63?

  • Léonard Ehouabolet

    Great review video! Thanks so much!

  • Bilal Hasan
    Bilal Hasan Month ago

    I bought the 8RDS Model off amazon for $1070 and it was pretty worth. Build quality is amazing, especially the touchpad which feels really good. The brightness is also not SUPER bright, but people are over exaggerating how bad the problem actually is, its not that big of a deal. The real problem is the thermals. They are terrible. If u plan to game, buy a cooling pad because it really helps. Other than that fantastic laptop! I really recommend it, perfect balance if u are a student.

  • Chook Pan Quan
    Chook Pan Quan Month ago

    this or MacBook pro 13 256gb or xps 15 2in 1 256gb for university. hopefully it can last 4 years. Thanks!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago

    just get a asus 15 gtx 1650

  • TH3MS
    TH3MS Month ago

    That screen ratio and touchpad sucks though. It looks kinda ridiculous too.

  • sanjeev naik
    sanjeev naik Month ago

    hey dev i am not able to install XTU on this laptop. gets a message unsupported application. any guess?

  • Dude
    Dude Month ago

    Okay now I’m stuck. I was sure I was going to buy a Razer Blade 14 now seeing this... I DONT KNOW

  • Sannihith Sunny
    Sannihith Sunny Month ago

    Dont you dare call Intel GPU garbage. I spent 2 years playing games on that gpu.

    PRADEEP KUMAR ROUT Month ago +1

    Heard a lot of cons about the brightness issue of this laptop? Is the display of this laptop really very dim?

    • sanjeev naik
      sanjeev naik Month ago

      not all well. MSI PS63 -8SC as the great bright display.

  • Shiro_Tenshi
    Shiro_Tenshi Month ago

    Can you do a review of some of the newer MSI creator laptops? like the Prestige 15 with the 10th gen cpus

  • Umer Ilyas
    Umer Ilyas Month ago

    Hi Dave! Can you upgrade the storage with another M.2 SATA card?

    • Umer Ilyas
      Umer Ilyas Month ago

      @Rick Lee Thank you friend.

    • Rick Lee
      Rick Lee Month ago +1

      Umer Ilyas yes you can. It has another m.2 slot, but it’s SATA only, not NVMe/PCIe. The back is easy to take off and you have direct access to the 2 x m2 ports and RAM

  • SuBaRaShii~
    SuBaRaShii~ Month ago

    Hi Dave, will the Prestige 15 be coming shortly?

  • Jorge Félix González Acosta


  • WTH!
    WTH! Month ago

    way overprized

  • Sai Prashanth
    Sai Prashanth Month ago +2

    Most manufacturers these days trend to make laptops thin and light and do not focus on build quality. They trend to make laptips that could potentially last only for 1-2 years. The plastic hinge and bezel on this model is extremy weak and prone to failure. Also, the 2 air vents blows hot air on the LCD display similar to Zenbook and this could potentially reduce its overall lifespan under heavy load.

  • Ridwan Dinata
    Ridwan Dinata Month ago


  • { THRILL }
    { THRILL } Month ago

    Gimme.I want it

  • Nerd Lingo
    Nerd Lingo 2 months ago +1

    Was looking at the Razer Blade 13, Lenovo Flex 15, Asus Vivobook, but when i came across this i instantly fell in love with it, im looking at one that is $749 and come with an MSI mouse, mousepad, and headphones. (model doesn't have the 1050Ti)

  • Mo7amed el_hassan
    Mo7amed el_hassan 2 months ago

    i get it for 1254 $

  • Dale Kim
    Dale Kim 2 months ago

    hinge is ok?

  • Andre Shirinian
    Andre Shirinian 2 months ago

    Dave, I'm in the market for a new Everyday work / gaming laptop. I don't need anything crazy for editing, just basic spread sheets, emails and web surfing. My top picks are the MSI PS63, ROG Strix Scar / Hero III, Acer Predator Triton 500, MSI P65, MSI GS63. What would you say is the best option?

  • Little Waffles
    Little Waffles 2 months ago

    Only problem is the average LTT viewer will see that CPU and think its an extreme bottleneck, thus shouldnt be used.

  • Movie World
    Movie World 2 months ago

    The best design I've ever seen, I love it

  • Wichaya Sritrakool
    Wichaya Sritrakool 2 months ago +5

    Me: Watching this video on my MSI PS63 lol

    • Wichaya Sritrakool
      Wichaya Sritrakool Month ago

      ​@ankit nagdeve Yeah, but the temps are fine for me.

    • Wichaya Sritrakool
      Wichaya Sritrakool Month ago

      @DezThePez I highly recommend ! ps. I just saw the comment sorry

    • ankit nagdeve
      ankit nagdeve Month ago +1

      @Wichaya Sritrakool Ohh heating is only a bit issue right..

    • Wichaya Sritrakool
      Wichaya Sritrakool Month ago +1

      @ankit nagdeve I don't know about Deep Learning and AI but I run MATLAB simulations on this thing. I would say average performance for a thin core i7-u laptop. ps. I need to use cooler boost fan mode when I run simulations to cool CPU down. (average of 67-68c on cooler boost & 72-73c on auto fans)

    • ankit nagdeve
      ankit nagdeve Month ago +1

      @Wichaya Sritrakool thank you buddy for replying quickly.

  • fairy jimin
    fairy jimin 2 months ago

    should i get this or the rog gl503?

  • CrystalEyes
    CrystalEyes 2 months ago

    This or LG Gram?

  • bliz xavier
    bliz xavier 2 months ago

    Can u make review on hp envy 13

  • Long Lee
    Long Lee 2 months ago

    to be honest, i wouldnt call a laptop that runs anything less than gti1060 a gaming laptop

  • gimmie55
    gimmie55 2 months ago +1

    so its a dell xps 15 9570 with a slower processer and smaller battery, no 4k, no thunderbolt and worse build for almost the same price

  • Rafael Perrella
    Rafael Perrella 2 months ago +2

    This laptop needs an upgrade now that GTX 1650 is available. The only big NO from me is missing thunderbolt. If I can't connect an eGPU to it easily then I'd also need a desktop.

  • Morteza Seyedi
    Morteza Seyedi 2 months ago

    Does it thermal throttle?

  • Yichen HE
    Yichen HE 2 months ago +1

    With a discount, you can purchase the brand new i7 model around 1100 dollars with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. This price is pretty insane.

  • EJ Evolve
    EJ Evolve 2 months ago

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  • S. N.P
    S. N.P 2 months ago

    This for 999 or refurbished xps 950?

    • Jay C
      Jay C 2 months ago

      Definitely this

  • chandu sai
    chandu sai 2 months ago

    Mr dave.. Msi ps 42 prestige is better for normal Gaming.? Or not.?

    • Matthew Jacobs
      Matthew Jacobs 2 months ago

      @chandu sai I mean you can also just Google it lol

    • chandu sai
      chandu sai 2 months ago

      @Matthew Jacobs I said about msi ps42 not ps63. Everything is good at specifications comparing with others unless they have been tested.

    • Matthew Jacobs
      Matthew Jacobs 2 months ago

      chandu sai just look at the specs

  • Jeric Perey
    Jeric Perey 2 months ago

    Hey Dave. Please review the New Dell Inspiron 15 with gtx 1650. I think MSI might have a good competition on that cause it also has a good battery life and also not a tru gaming laptop.

  • adiel kanantha
    adiel kanantha 2 months ago

    thunderbolt 3:(

  • Mohd Haris
    Mohd Haris 3 months ago

    is that logitech G403?

  • Zift
    Zift 3 months ago +1

    bought this one with 1650, looking really forward to get it in couple of days! hopefully i ill have 150 fps on csgo and can play newest games at low settings at 60 fps, ill see.. 12 hours is perfect to bring it at uni, and works decent for gaming, hopefully :P

  • charl chaos
    charl chaos 3 months ago

    I like it but like you i think it should be cheaper £1100 to 1200 would be more accepting, its only a 1050ti and there after 1070 money.

  • Liam Yang
    Liam Yang 3 months ago +10

    16x16x16, the answer is 4096. I don't understand why you've never said the number "4096" in this video.

    Edit: I just realized, this comment is a horrible joke
    Edit2: I didn't actually edit this comment.

  • Jason Deb
    Jason Deb 3 months ago

    Dave post best laptops for machine learning and data science

  • Prudhvi Raj
    Prudhvi Raj 3 months ago

    Are there any other laptops close to this kind of battery life (12 hrs) ?

  • Tra Nguyen
    Tra Nguyen 3 months ago

    If it has Thunderbolt 3, I wouldn't hesitate buying it!

  • Jordan The Kiwi
    Jordan The Kiwi 3 months ago

    I like how this laptop costs more than my whole gaming setup

  • Banepus
    Banepus 3 months ago

    Yepp, buying this instead of a shitty macbook.

  • Eli J
    Eli J 3 months ago

    I bought this but it's really struggling running PUBG with good frames which is kinda why I got it. Any tips to increase fps besides in game settings?