The Pipo Bowl - Sep 20, 2018

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • Dan LeBatard Show - Florida International is taking on the Miami Hurricanes in the Battle for 305, also known as The Pipo Bowl. This week, Pipo had a few choice words for the LeBatards and Pablitos that are just straight hatin'. - Sep 20, 2018
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  • Adam Jameson
    Adam Jameson 12 days ago +2

    This segment is the origin of my 2nd favorite re-join for the show, right after the "I'm clinically depressed bc of this guy" re-join. Good stuff.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin Month ago +1

    Doctor Dope!

  • Mike Yu
    Mike Yu 2 months ago


  • Packman 04
    Packman 04 3 months ago

    Gold! Pure Gold!

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill 5 months ago


  • Vicente Cuevas
    Vicente Cuevas 6 months ago


  • Kentrel Boyd
    Kentrel Boyd 7 months ago +3

    Pipo threw a few truth bombs in there about Dan

  • Gleesh
    Gleesh 7 months ago

    Pipo is amazing

  • Manuel Perez Loizaga
    Manuel Perez Loizaga 7 months ago +3

    Pipo is awesome and Dan is great for giving him the freedom!

  • James Barker
    James Barker 7 months ago +1

    Casper got his rims

  • James Barker
    James Barker 7 months ago +4

    One of the best skits in shipping container history

  • James Barker
    James Barker 7 months ago +1

    Pipo is %100 GOLD

  • Just a Random Internet Dude

    Would love to see a segment with Pipo either or both Surfer Hockey bro or death metal hockey guy

  • malimills
    malimills 8 months ago +1

    best rejoin

  • BudSmokin Pandaz
    BudSmokin Pandaz 9 months ago +1

    The black dude never looks amused by anything, is that his job? To look like he hates every second of his job? Lol it's not just this vid either.

  • Rick Czach
    Rick Czach 9 months ago

    Big guy telling me how to be a fan lmfao

  • Soul on ice 82
    Soul on ice 82 9 months ago +2

    After that commment about Dan keeping Papi around so people would like him more... everybody waited to see how Dan would react b4 they laughed. Surprised Billy had the balls to go there

    • EasySnake
      EasySnake 8 months ago +1

      Soul on ice 82
      Dan has all the power if he wanted to none of those guys in the shipping container would work there. The fact that billy still has a job shows that Dan took the joke well. Mark Hocman used to be on the show. He and dan had a following out and he left the show and never came back.
      Dan is not bashful. He is actually somewhat arrogant. Dan has talked a lot about being insecure earlier in his career as a writer and even having panic attacks for getting scooped at the Miami Harold. But he is 50 years old, used to be a respected journalist and now very rich. 50 year olds with that much career success are rarely insecure.

    • Soul on ice 82
      Soul on ice 82 8 months ago

      EasySnake I can’t tell if Dan has thick skin & is used to all the race & fat jokes. Or if he is really insecure & uses the self loathing thing as a mask. Billy was throwing some haymakers & Dan looked like he was trying to laugh it off

    • EasySnake
      EasySnake 8 months ago

      Soul on ice 82
      I feel like he got too carried away in the character. He also basically called him what hispanics call other hispanics when they act too white.

  • richswitch 22
    richswitch 22 10 months ago +9

    Chris's laugh in the background makes me happy!

  • ZackAttack Missouri
    ZackAttack Missouri 10 months ago

  • jonlamontagne
    jonlamontagne 10 months ago +4

    Imagine you WATCH this show for the first time and see Billy do Pipo and then hear his meek voice another time. It is literally the complete opposite from his real personality!

    • Soul on ice 82
      Soul on ice 82 9 months ago

      jonlamontagne I keep trying to put people on this show, but there are so many nuances, it’s really hard to find an episode that will make sense

  • kkynard
    kkynard 10 months ago +7

    Thi is HANDS DOWN the best show on ESPN! Pipo for Prez 2020

  • canes
    canes 10 months ago +4

    we need a pipo fsu miami reaction

  • Michael Daniels
    Michael Daniels 10 months ago

    tremendo pipo!

  • agtrainer921
    agtrainer921 10 months ago


  • Charles Yenko
    Charles Yenko 10 months ago +5

    They dislike us because they aren’t us 😂😂😂 pipo > Billy

  • narcissist31
    narcissist31 10 months ago +1

    is billy's website or is it a third party?

  • SpanishSymbiote
    SpanishSymbiote 11 months ago +5

    “Que carne ni más carne. Así viene el sahngweech meng.”

  • Julian
    Julian 11 months ago +23

    I wanna hear Pipo call Stephen A, I think their intensities would counter each other perfectly

  • Max Ehrmann
    Max Ehrmann 11 months ago +12

    Love when Dan gets ripped by his underlings!

  • Jordan Weibel
    Jordan Weibel 11 months ago +10

    Why doesn't Billy get more mic time? Seriously. This is amazing. Why isn't he getting more air time?

    • Soul on ice 82
      Soul on ice 82 9 months ago +2

      Cuz Billy will overthink the character then get all weird and self conscious about it. Then it’ll stop being funny

    • Jordan Weibel
      Jordan Weibel 11 months ago +2

      scott wood yeah I know I listen every day.

    • scott wood
      scott wood 11 months ago +2

      Local hour bruh

  • King AMMO 6090RP
    King AMMO 6090RP 11 months ago +2

    Love the Audio 😂😂😂😂😂👍

  • Jay Bewan
    Jay Bewan 11 months ago +7

    Pipo is dope bro!!!

  • Uncultured Barbarian
    Uncultured Barbarian 11 months ago +6

    I admit, I love the Pipo bit. I always need more Pipo

  • Jeff Newman
    Jeff Newman 11 months ago +66

    They disLIKE us because they AREn't us... Absolute GOLD!

    • Tyrone Cunningham
      Tyrone Cunningham 10 months ago

      I rewind that bit on the podcast a million times, I swear. It make me crack up every time.

  • David Berry
    David Berry 11 months ago +18

    Dade with a little bit of Carlos Albizu lmao

  • UnforgettableNienke
    UnforgettableNienke 11 months ago +14

    Doctor Dope lol

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 11 months ago +16

    Wish Pipo was around last season 😂😂.

    • Mike Francesa
      Mike Francesa 11 months ago +3

      Him after that Notre dame throttling man...wouldve been dope

  • Phil Safkow
    Phil Safkow 11 months ago +6

    Sounds like Steven Bauer in Scarface.

    AZBRN CARDINAL1111 11 months ago +5

    Pipologio from Miami!

  • MCH
    MCH 11 months ago +41

    Pipo will always be dope.

  • shindean
    shindean 11 months ago +21

    I haven't laughed this hard since the machete episode😂😂😂

  • Zhongyang Shi
    Zhongyang Shi 11 months ago +46

    Pipo roasted Danno good with that Papi burn

  • Xigbar? As If
    Xigbar? As If 11 months ago +81

    The Pipo bit is the best new thing on the show lol.

    • Monex 5
      Monex 5 11 months ago

      by far..

    • Just a Random Internet Dude
      Just a Random Internet Dude 11 months ago +1

      No. VIII Axel aka Flamesilocks 2 dollars

    • Xigbar? As If
      Xigbar? As If 11 months ago +3

      Freddy B I guess I'm just a hater.

    • Freddy B
      Freddy B 11 months ago +6

      No. VIII Axel aka Flamesilocks it’s not the best thing!!!! It’s just dope bro!!! What’s wrong with you? You didn’t get enough moose juice ? This guy

  • Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan 11 months ago +15

    Pipo a UM lifer being played by Billy in an FIU shirt... I guess I don't get the show!

    • VJ
      VJ 10 months ago +8

      Thats the point most UM fans have never seen the campus

    • Deezlevision
      Deezlevision 11 months ago +18

      nope. you don't