49ers Suspend Radio Analyst For Comments On Ravens QB Jackson's 'Dark Skin Color'

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • The San Francisco 49ers have suspended a radio color analyst for remarks he made about Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson regarding the player's "dark skin color," the team confirmed Wednesday. (12-4-2019)

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  • Kngzjoker Kngzjoker

    Everyone makes a mistakes, this is what this was, a mistake... shit happens even though it shouldn’t have.. I know for a fact he didn’t mean anything by it... so let’s just move on and quit being snowflakes over this my god this country is getting worse and worse anymore.

  • BiggBadWolf _
    BiggBadWolf _ Month ago +1

    He’s completely downplaying Lamar skill and ability.

  • BeatsByFlexxn
    BeatsByFlexxn Month ago

    This shit racist and sad. And of course all he get is suspended . Dead ass sad

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt Month ago

    If this was true then the Browns would actually be good at football.

  • Billy Stone
    Billy Stone Month ago +1

    Not NEAR as bad as the things I’ve heard people say (grew up in mississippi) but still dude, cmon you know you can’t say things like that.

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez Month ago

    I’m a mixed male so maybe I have no place to say this, but I didn’t find what he said offensive. Sorry Lamar has darker skin? He wasn’t insulting the man.

  • ljscott13
    ljscott13 Month ago +3

    As a former collegiate and pro ball player, I find the statement ridiculous. For people here who believe it's a true comment, its ridiculous. To think that defenders are actually fooled due to the color of a players skin speaks to the commentators situational ignorance. For those who believe its true, if not racism, then at the very least, it shows your lack of knowledge of the game.

  • Mike Reeves
    Mike Reeves Month ago +1

    You tell the truth......now you are apolgizing!

  • OhLord ImGreat
    OhLord ImGreat Month ago

    I'm super black and hate racist people with everything I got.. and I can honestly say that I'm not offended by that.. the colors are Similar 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • joe momma
    joe momma Month ago +1

    Only black people can talk about people's race and skin color. Duh

  • Fredro Wesley
    Fredro Wesley Month ago +1

    White people not surprise

  • DJSiQRiQ
    DJSiQRiQ Month ago

    Everyone keep playing pretend

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom Month ago +1

    Ok, so now now making empirical, factual, easily provable, prima facie observations is considered racist? Gimmie a break! 🙄

    • Simon Dewitt
      Simon Dewitt Month ago

      This isn't even close to factual. If skin and uniform color hid the ball then Cleveland wouldn't have sucked for the last 50 years

  • Sophono
    Sophono Month ago

    and the one game he was suspended he missed the game of the year

  • Yo Shane TUBE TV
    Yo Shane TUBE TV Month ago

    Why tf would you say that lol dudes an idiot

    IAMTOPWRENCH1 Month ago

    What a load of crap. It’s getting to a point where you can’t say anything about anybody due to the fact that somebody is always offended by something somewhere somehow. Frankly, I’m offended by everybody being offended.

  • indo popstar
    indo popstar Month ago

    what he said was definitely extremely retarded

  • Ahmed Alam
    Ahmed Alam Month ago

    This is like that key and Peele skit🤣

  • David White
    David White Month ago +2

    Look at all the pasty cave dwellers caught in their feelings. I Love it!🤣🤣🤣

  • Nateblast90
    Nateblast90 Month ago +1

    The comment was ridiculous, but not Racist.

  • Mario Morales Sr
    Mario Morales Sr Month ago

    every one gets away with just an apology 🤦‍♂️🤔🤦‍♂️

  • Supa Rio85
    Supa Rio85 Month ago +11

    He just might had been tryna make a good point.... I'm Black and I kinda see what he's talking about.... It's like Boise and the Blue field.... Sensitive Earth....

  • Aber Sabeel
    Aber Sabeel Month ago +1

    Racism is embedded in the mind of Americans psyche

  • SJ N
    SJ N Month ago +3

    Unfortunately I'm white as casper so I don't know what to think on this.. Seems like a dumb thing to say tho

  • StarBoy 916
    StarBoy 916 Month ago

    The more i think of it? Its a bit suspect. I know what he was trying to say but it came off funky especially the more you think about it.
    Im black and i dont like jumping to conclusions. Initially i didnt think it was that bad. But it is a bit sus... But i know he didnt mean no ill behind it.

  • Omar Pasha
    Omar Pasha Month ago

    What a stupid comment! Completely remove this dude from his job! Put this rat in the 49er locker room with the players, and he will have every ethnic group calling each other filthy names!

  • Ĺaura Ķamis
    Ĺaura Ķamis Month ago

    TELEVISION announcers should have a lawyer sitting next to them or talking to them with an earpiece if they want to keep their job eventually sports announcers and news will be all females less chance of offending the new genderless world

  • Lou Santo
    Lou Santo Month ago

    Gotta be careful what you say; if it is even to cross the mind as even marginally inappropriate, then it should NOT be said under any circumstances.

  • Dana James
    Dana James Month ago

    It always amazes me when I hear comments like this because in today's social media frenzy and potential back lash of virtually everything you say, why would you even go down this road? You know what the consequences are going to be. He was fortunate that he only got suspended and not fired, which will almost always happen. Just not very bright on his part.

  • andrew chan
    andrew chan Month ago

    Try saying the verb in Spanish for to deny

  • CeeJay Ayyeee
    CeeJay Ayyeee Month ago +2

    He knew wtf he was saying.

  • Kiss My Glass 85
    Kiss My Glass 85 Month ago

    This is why I’m ashamed to be white...

  • Fern559 LST
    Fern559 LST Month ago

    Lol I was telling everyone the same thing I couldn’t tell who had the ball that’s not bad thing to say

    • Simon Dewitt
      Simon Dewitt Month ago

      Then you are also wrong. I can prove it. If what you're arguing is true then Cleveland should be good at football.

    BRM BRM Month ago

    Just nasty

  • jlj0609
    jlj0609 Month ago +1

    How is he hard to see???!!! He’s an effin big ass man running with a football. That was a stupid ass comment and he needs suspended. He’s a moving object!

  • Carter MM
    Carter MM Month ago

    Dear White People
    STOP! Please just stop. First the Hockey announcer with the immigrants, now this guy. Man, it’s like Jimmy the Greek all over again just not as in depth. 😂
    These people (not all white people btw) either want a race war or want to be Martyrs. Either way, CHIIILLLL! You’re 1st amendment right doesn’t mean you can’t get fired or your ass kicked lol.

  • Roderick Billings
    Roderick Billings Month ago

    Is it that Damn hard for some White people ( usually conservative ) to simply admit a Black NFL QB succeeded due TO HIS TALENT / ATHLETIC PROWESS / SHARP DECISION MAKING BRAIN ?

    • Ten Eleven
      Ten Eleven Month ago

      What is your definition of conservative?

  • Jakdup Jackson
    Jakdup Jackson Month ago +10

    Lmao, he was just stating facts...

    • Jakdup Jackson
      Jakdup Jackson Month ago

      Alejandro Sandoval People are too sensitive these days...

    • Alejandro Sandoval
      Alejandro Sandoval Month ago +2

      Jakdup Jackson .. yeah but he didn’t really have to make that comment..

  • CEO Jones
    CEO Jones Month ago

    C'mon with this victim bullshit. What Black person is honestly offended by this? Better question...are you offended or is someone trying to tell you that you SHOULD be offended? C'mon man, the football is brown and his arm is brown. Is it the exact same complexion? No, but it's close enough if you have to make that decision in a fraction of a second during a football game real time. He made a very fair point. Nothing to see here folks...move along with that woe is me bullshit

    • Nateblast90
      Nateblast90 Month ago

      As an African American, the comment was stupid, but not racist.

  • Jason Deverick
    Jason Deverick Month ago

    Hes so black hes purple

  • clifford hill
    clifford hill Month ago

    It's amazing that so many things are about race these days. I don't know Ryan personally so I choose to defer to what Richard Sherman says about him since he does know him. One thing that is interesting is that just a few weeks ago Russell Wilson was in town playing the 49ers and that announcer didn't say anything about it being hard to see the football with him playing!

  • Chris DeMoss
    Chris DeMoss Month ago +1

    Shit colored skin

  • Les Matthews
    Les Matthews Month ago

    Shalom Isreal,
    Yet another wake-up call, to show you how Esau operates. Come out from among them.
    Look at that $hit-eating grin that he has on his face 0:26-28.
    Ecclesiasticus 12:10-12
    [10]Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.
    [11]Though he humble himself, and go crouching, yet take good heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto him as if thou hadst wiped a lookingglass, and thou shalt know that his rust hath not been altogether wiped away.
    [12]Set him not by thee, lest, when he hath overthrown thee, he stand up in thy place; neither let him sit at thy right hand, lest he seek to take thy seat, and thou at the last remember my wods, and be pricked therewith.

  • G G
    G G Month ago +2

    But is there some truth to his comment?

  • Jeremy Battle
    Jeremy Battle Month ago +2

    I’m Wesley snipes black and I think that’s kinda dumb...

    • Fred Kaiba
      Fred Kaiba Month ago

      New wine & New creature unless his eyes are black, you're wrong. Lol lame joke

    • New wine & New creature
      New wine & New creature Month ago +3

      But no one can see you at night unless you Smile.

  • Bransen
    Bransen Month ago +10

    Racist? Maybe
    Insensitive? Yes
    True? yeah i mean it is true lol
    Hotel? trivago

    • Simon Dewitt
      Simon Dewitt Month ago

      If this is true then how do you explain the Browns sucking for the last half century?

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Month ago

    What makes him an “analyst”? He watches adults playing children’s games and talks via radio. Am I an auto analyst if I stand on the sidewalk and watch traffic?

  • Nova Star
    Nova Star Month ago

    This is a story about colors...all you have to do is stand up and sit down....LOL

  • Kwame Brown
    Kwame Brown Month ago +2

    Dont forget the extra bone in our feet that makes us run faster 😒

  • Ron Cobb
    Ron Cobb Month ago

    Ryan committed a faux pas. A POC makes that same comment... a joke. A Person of Non-Color says it..........RACIST!!!

  • Kennedy Henry
    Kennedy Henry Month ago

    I tell you people i just lol at all the things that they say about us because it let me know one thing greatness

  • Demond McCray
    Demond McCray Month ago

    Based on the comments that I've read. You can just say what you want regardless of your job. Ok....Go to work today and say something offensive to someone....Then explain your right to say what you want because you can and see how that works out.....You dumb asses!

  • David K.
    David K. Month ago

    This is the dumbest thing ever. his skin color is the same as the football and it’s hard to see the football, how is that racist to say ? That’s like someone telling me David you have brown skin... oh I do, well you’re racist for saying that. Do you realize how dumb and un educated that sounds? It’s ridiculous how sensitive people are and how you can’t comment on anything about anyone or you’re going to offend them. I guess zebras don’t have stripes and their not black and white, oops I’m racist now because I said there not black and white. It’s amazing how we will end up not identifying anything as anything. Y’all can have that, I’m going to stay over here. Lol

  • W M
    W M Month ago

    Jesus... meanwhile at your local abortion clinic, children are being murdered cut up and sold for profit. Also meanwhile, 25% of homeless in America are minors. Meanwhile this is a game where a bunch of dudes who slap each other on the ass all day take a ball from one side of a field to another. WAKE UP

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner Month ago

    It wasnt racist
    It was just a bad comment

  • Amber Abalama
    Amber Abalama Month ago

    I demand the football be bright yellow!! With purple polkadots, and throw some glitter on it just in case.

  • Mr. Ruiz
    Mr. Ruiz Month ago +1

    Regret Nothing Tim
    As a dark skin it's TRUE

  • Brando Yager
    Brando Yager Month ago

    Lol and the dumb shit never ends here in America.

  • Natalie M. Laczek
    Natalie M. Laczek Month ago

    "Inappropriate comments" more like racist comments @AllenKPIX

    • Rahim N Castro
      Rahim N Castro Month ago

      I'm a person of color......at no point was this commentator being racist.. to be "Racist" he has to believe he his superior than the other...... all he was trying to say is the ball was hard to distinguish due to his color of skin.... He definitely shud of chosen better words but No harm no foul... Now, that's not to take away LJackson Game... This guy is an MVP... Have a Good Day Bless...

  • Fray Jay
    Fray Jay Month ago

    Part of the reason why david blaine is so good at slight of hand type shit