Trump meets with students following Florida shooting

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • President Trump hosts a listening session at the White House with high school students and teachers who have been affected by school shootings. Subscribe to The Washington Post on TVclip:
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  • Patricia P
    Patricia P Year ago

    Don't arm teachers!
    It's so freakin stupid and how long till a teacher goes crazy and kill students?
    There is a lot of countries where guns are legal at a young age, but there is still more shootings in USA. Find out why that is!
    Prevent more deaths!

  • Maria sevilla
    Maria sevilla Year ago

    Everyone says it's not the time to debate but to grief so I want to know when is the right time to fix the laws of approving minors with guns do we have to wait for another school to start another shooting go to vote for this insanity to stop innocent kids in the hands of evil Vote please i usually do not vote but this shooting in Florida Vegas and Texas inspired me to vote I have 2 kids I don't ever want them to go through this please be a voice and vote it's time to say enough.

  • nanpopco nanpopco


  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    Trump is a glorified murderous corrupted liar. He doesn’t care about these students and that innocent souls were taken away. How can I prove that if you ask? Nikolas Cruz was his diehard supporter who committed the atrocity and Donny boy refuses to condemn him.

    Make USA Great Again by voting blue in November everyone. Get out and vote so we can take our country back, the gop can give a shit about how much of an asshole from hell Trump truly is

  • Trumplovin Wigga
    Trumplovin Wigga Year ago

    Broward County police are fucking cowards

  • Tony D
    Tony D Year ago

    Trump, Ryan and the others are owned by the NRA, the don't care how many children get slaughtered.

  • Gursimran
    Gursimran Year ago

    Hi i am from england but i am so sorry for u guys its not all trumps fault but he should ban guns i am sorry for everyone who was there at the time and all there family's this would have happened if hilary or teump was there so pkease stop hating on trump god bless all of those people 😔😔😔We should not remain in sadness we should remain happy because those people who are sadly passed wouldnt like us to be sad
    If i spell anything wrong sorry i am only ten I dont think they should have guns anywhere in the world
    God bless America

  • chris boulet
    chris boulet Year ago

    what's going on here?...this has been edited...and it was edited to make Trump not look like an idiot..I have seen theunedited version folks ...the cut is at 1.24.20...trump asked the room if anbody DID NOT like his idea...after he asked if they liked it...the camera showed the room...and EVERYBODY was raising their hand,,,,indicating that they DID NOT LIKE HIS IDEA....EVERYBODY...OK?...THIS HAS BEEN EDITED TO ELIMINATE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE MEETING...AND i CAN'T FIND A VERSION THAT HAS IT NOW...SO....WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

  • Aylonah Cherese
    Aylonah Cherese Year ago

    I would never want to meet this man in person. I just couldn’t.

  • dar1
    dar1 Year ago

    But just cause you kids got shot, doesnt mean I can go against my NRA cronies and their monetary support , I used to buy me 6 ft painting of myself. We have to focus on the important issues here, like "did you see how big my hands were in the painting kids?" How about I have us get you guys some guns too, and you can have shootouts in between classes. See kids, thats what I am,,a problem solver, ok bring in the next group!

  • Police officer taden Roblox police deparment

    Could have a lock on the guns and when a shooter walks in the principal tells the code over the intercom

  • Xyce Bedet
    Xyce Bedet Year ago

    Washington Post, you need to cut the first 26:31 seconds of the video.

  • Ey bby
    Ey bby Year ago

    Japan has strict gun laws and only 11 deaths occurred while the United States had more than a million. Gun control does work.

  • D3pr3ss1on
    D3pr3ss1on Year ago

    People think its safe to be with a gun it dosent make me feel save at all!

  • D3pr3ss1on
    D3pr3ss1on Year ago

    Ok so my mom and dad were talking about trump she told me excally two girls where trying to tell him somthing but he said: GET THE HECK OUT OF MY OFFICE after that thats all i heard from my mom and dad note: he wanted to arm teachers!

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Year ago +1

    I'm sorry but what will giving teachers guns do? I bet there will be at least one crazy teacher out there to get mad and start shooting. Giving teachers guns does not make anybody feel safe. And I also think people need to stop blaming mental health, if it was a Muslim that shot the school people would say it was a terrorist attack. But when there is a white guy you blame it on mental health. Yes he did have issues, he lost his family and maybe did have mental problems but I just think people should stop saying it was mental health. I am only in 7th grade but I do feel I have quite a lot of knowledge. Anyways sorry if I possibly offended anyone.

  • Jack Foster
    Jack Foster Year ago +1

    Betsy Devos is a shill with her notes

  • Ramon Gutierrez
    Ramon Gutierrez Year ago

    #makeacommentavote #vote#makealikeavote

  • The Eye of Why
    The Eye of Why Year ago

    at 1:24:20 the President asks if people like his idea (armed teachers etc.) and the video cuts and returns again. It appears maybe someone did not like his idea and the video was edited out.

  • Swissffun Nani
    Swissffun Nani Year ago

    fucking hell, that idiot dad and his stupid daughter talking about drills, armed teachers, swat teams --- they are totally wacko and should be banned from owning guns!

  • TheSimplechunk
    TheSimplechunk Year ago

    1:34:11 is a wise informed opinion... unlike the rest of the fire with fire tactics thrown around

  • brandon bentley
    brandon bentley Year ago

    I'm a Republican and wholeheartedly believe in background checks. Nickolas Cruz had had MANY complaints of violance with guns and knives and the authorites failed to press charges to not give him a record. There are already very strict laws in place in every state when it comes to gun ownership. Tragedies like this are not because of the lack of laws but the lack of enforcing laws already in place like bringing rounds of ammo to school and knives, and threatening neighbors and shooting in a residential area like Nickolas Cruz did on MULTIPLE occasions...also in Florida you don't have to have a permit to have a pistol either like in my state of NY. Violent criminals can not have guns by law...if the NUMEROUS people who were informed about Nickolas Cruz's actions had TAKEN action then he at least wouldn't have had firearms...

  • Jack R
    Jack R Year ago


  • Monica Alvarado
    Monica Alvarado Year ago

    monica alvarado hi Donald tramp not you are family hi my name is kira
    tramp Donald his me kira
    are you going well for me hall me kira this ate my is kira

  • Loueh OiOi
    Loueh OiOi Year ago

    How about we compare how Obama reacted to the Newtown shooting versus Trump with the Parkland shooting. Yeah. One of them actually cared, the other is Trump

  • RedSeaReef
    RedSeaReef Year ago

    Chis Como is a POS. Spreading fake news. I’m beyond pissed with media spreading lies.

  • RedSeaReef
    RedSeaReef Year ago

    This is one of the best presidential moments ever. Everyone is mocking this. This is incredible.

  • Gerardo Giron
    Gerardo Giron Year ago

    Watch video about Florida shooting school in 2 hours.

  • M James
    M James Year ago

    I refuse to watch this, the frog-faced, fat-assed, puss filled pimple we have as president. he is such a stupid form of human cells, just like his supporters. Go ahead and blast me, you fucking "I need my guns" people. It must be sad to live in a state of constant fear.

  • kawika dav
    kawika dav Year ago

    America needs guns without them we are dead.

  • Imagorilla
    Imagorilla Year ago


  • Robin Soper
    Robin Soper Year ago

    Trump is a coward and lackey for his "base". The NRA who has bought and paid for him. He is a complete fraud. Hatred and selfishness oose out of him. He couldn't even remember to say "I hear you", even though his puppeteers wrote it on his little cheat sheet. Already rated the worst president in history, he will be impeached and/or indicted before his term is up. Mark my words.

  • Michael Woodruff
    Michael Woodruff Year ago

    I want my tax dollars to go to armed guards in schools. I want my tax dollars to go towards trained people who can lock doors remotely and have eyes on the whole school. I want my tax dollars to go towards easy exits in every room of the school. These are solutions, not taking away the second amendment.

  • TruckerRochelle- RachelRolandaHarrisBoyd

    I believe Trump will be making the changes that's needed . Let's be hopeful !#####

  • nanpopco nanpopco
    nanpopco nanpopco Year ago +1


  • daniel G siegel
    daniel G siegel Year ago

    The camera clicks are soooooo annoying

  • Walter Fisher
    Walter Fisher Year ago

    While all churches have security, schools should have monitor viewing all entrances. Alarm on doors when opened necessary for code to turn off. Prevention should have been long ago. Kids or public places are not 50% safe any more. That freedom is over, events are risky too.

  • F8oK8
    F8oK8 Year ago +2

    Gun nuts are some of the most fearful people I've ever met.

    • roflswamp6
      roflswamp6 Year ago

      F8oK8 fearful? Your the ones trying ti take our rights

    • Steven
      Steven Year ago +1

      I'd rather be a gun nut than just a dumb antigun nut like you because atleast I can defend myself and im not just a sheep waiting in line to be slaughtered.

    • nanpopco nanpopco
      nanpopco nanpopco Year ago


  • P. Hamilton
    P. Hamilton Year ago

    This shooting represents a "tool" of the Left...the victims being the unwitting "useful idiots" for the Left to score political talking points...knowing that no true solution exists...but it makes for a useful narrative against Republicans, the NRA and the 2nd Amend.

  • Gear Barrel
    Gear Barrel Year ago

    Thank you for posting this in its entirety.

  • UrsinRath
    UrsinRath Year ago

    Reopen mental asylums and put all radical libtards there.

  • Fred Vanderbeek
    Fred Vanderbeek Year ago

    Last week a Presidential Portrait was unveiled with a Repeating Back Ground
    Some say it is the snake in the Garden of Eden. Others say it is just a garden variety con-man or 'snake in the grass' scam artist. Most acknowledge that the theme of 'Repeating Pattern' is a Back Ground Checker'd
    I had no idea if it was real or if the video was a prank. If it was real, it meant it was purposely designed to harmful, incite discord, inflamatory reactions, nothing peaceful. I thought it was a really sick joke not funny at all.
    The next day I discovered Obama really did hire the artist for his portrait and admires his art. So the woman in the video was really telling the truth
    The radio today says that a teenager who had been kicked out of school 3 times shot people and delusional heterophobic politicos who've destroyed our education system are screaming the shooting tragedy is President Trump's fault
    That of course made everyone wonder what kind of paintings, decorations politicos homes are decorated with. What are role models - grade school teachers 'Expected' to explain to children right now? If a number of them quit / protest the heterophobic jibberish they would be replaced with________. Very similar to what Obama did to identify and then 'weed out' a large number of good, decent, honorable military officers during his presidency.
    Chaos brought to you by Mutual of Obamaha and the Clinton Foundation.
    I sincerely believe the Mutual of Obamaha Gang all just signed their own death warrants.
    No matter how many people they have killed, no matter how many homes and livelihoods they've destroyed, Life Love Music and Laughter ARE Going To Go On Without Them ☺

  • Based Mexican 2
    Based Mexican 2 Year ago

    When there is a Muslim terrorist attack lets see them have one of these meetings with the survivors and those affected. Let's see the libtards go nuts

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago

    The NOT. WANT TO STOP THE Schools shootings if they did they would agree with armed guards or gun carrying teachers. They have no ideas they just want total control of people.

  • avidalocan
    avidalocan Year ago

    I wonder why classrooms and other key points in a schoolyard can't be fitted with remote controlled guns that pop out of the ceiling like sprinklers and are used by police or experts in drone warfare to target an active shooter. A few armed drones wouldn't go astray either. This technology is just around the corner because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It would cost a lot of money but the public relations payoff if it worked would outweigh the cost. Sending cops there is too slow.

  • JACOB 007
    JACOB 007 Year ago +1

    worst president in us history

    • Billy Bob Joe
      Billy Bob Joe Year ago

      Now that's debatable.

    • VeriniFilm
      VeriniFilm Year ago

      you think Trump coulda prevented that kid? You're delusional

  • Paula Russo
    Paula Russo Year ago

    Volume is so off

  • Stop Israel's Genocide

    That orange haired guy has a screw loose! Those youngsters don't get anything from this bunch of Washington swamp of imbeciles! Time to impeach this creep and his VP!

  • YouT00ber
    YouT00ber Year ago

    The comments the guy who’s son died at Columbine made about connectedness was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while.
    That was actually a very real and impressive discussion and all sides got a fair chance to speak.
    That was refreshing to watch.

  • Biasly Unbiased
    Biasly Unbiased Year ago +9


    • belly tripper
      belly tripper Year ago

      Unbiased is learning to type.

    • fdmzoppp13
      fdmzoppp13 Year ago

      republicans think god makes the sun rise every day and they'll do ANYTHING for him. They don't believe in SCIENCE.

    • Trumplovin Wigga
      Trumplovin Wigga Year ago +1

      Trump has done and will do more then any democrat. Broward County police are cowards.

    • Trumplovin Wigga
      Trumplovin Wigga Year ago +1

      unbiased fuck your desperate to think that

    • J Cooper7
      J Cooper7 Year ago

      Travis Decker you can't talk sense into these morons .:they are literally to far gone

  • Derrick Holzhey
    Derrick Holzhey Year ago

    kids yall need to be careful on how your trying to take action there are so twisted people that would what ever they can to get dems back in power if there was a gun control and less guns in america the evil fuckers would have a all out ball game and openly kill as many as possible Americans will bleed then there are ones willing to go that far number one reason hillary lost to start this comment and if anyone is reading this show the world what im saying i love this country and i will always be thankful for our country to be where it is if there was no guns more blood shed in our streets and the young ones that had to indoor the horrible event in Florida had to happen the way it did yall kids need to stop saying its trumps fault its like trump told that kid that killed 17 kids to kill as many as you can then get back to me and then ill pay you i mean come on yall kids need to stop and realize as ill say welcome to America united we stand divided we fall i cant even imagine how things would be in 10 years from today the left is playing out these incidents and just sitting back and waiting patiently to make there next move in all the wrong places just because hillary loosing not once but twice thats has a reason for that to accure you kids need to be carful on what you say because there are some crazy ass individuals that dont give a fuck plus anti Americans if guns where banned there will be a large amount of blood shed in America then the ones that could have used a gun to protect there familys to be gunned down after breaking into peoples homes and kill familys and get away with it cause there would not be able to track down guns in bad i mean bad peoples hands then what how would yalk kids to handle that protesting dosent allways work like that you kids should be a little more honest with reality is that to hard to handel wake up yall not the only people in this world with issues look at war islamic countries come hear to put there agenda in our faces its not trumps fault why dont all you kids sit down and ask obama questions on why he never did anything while terroist where killing Americans very easy bombs in boston marathon and goes back to the Busch era about 911 you kids need to carefully think deeply on what you may show on how you feel and see as one coming together and tackle the main goals and stop making it seem like we have no choice to take away the second amendment watch if this takes place which i hope to god this horrible event will fall into the laps on democrats and put the real fear and danger into the ones in America who will never in a life time get the true feeling on being a real american with pride and that will be me im a real American and i will never back down to what i believe is right will law and constitution you kids are the future of America i mean do you even see how things have tooken a hard flip on how this country has its ways on handling situations thats why we have to keep thank you for reading this leave comments on how what you think about this so kids stay in school and say no to drugs im 6 years clean i struggled with a addiction problems drank all the time smoked weed everyday for years im surprised my lungs healed after i quite smoking cigarettes i use to drink and drive drink very heavy experimented with coke weed meth herion lsd ecstasy so this killing of 17 innocent students that where killed should have never took place for the young ones these things happen unfortunately in the most tragically plots of someone that would stoop that low to get satisfaction for there own needs to feel normal but ill say it rap music now a days is infecting the minds of millions thats kinda like brain washing humans to hear see taste hold throw keep destroy kill cheat hate fight push take hurt cry pain saftey life death heart bad evil fact lies greed trick plots at the end of the day this is what we are facing its like there shoving this into peoples eyes to maybe not wanting to see and just live their lives peacefully and share love with familys across this amazing country dont loose a grip on what the American people expect in building lifes not loosing those lives that are closer too we all have heart but sometimes these hearts are being ripped right out of our chest and that cant be replaced once its gone all hope could be less wanting then more wanting be safe peoples and see the light is hear but sometimes you have to search for the light and fight threw the dark god bless America amen also im allmost done expressing my feelings my baby mama put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger so i too know how it feels to loose a love one she was my all and she left me with my daughter and her baby boy from another father not being able to not spend time with her mom so we all have loved lost ones see not just the schools its every where its an not wanting event to have to live with i too suffer from this and ill never forget her i loved her so much shit im crying right now see death happens to others as well think about that

  • Mijo1810 The Terrorist

    fuck trump, he works for the NRA

  • FF 79
    FF 79 Year ago +1

    U.s.a. is a very stupid country.

    • FF 79
      FF 79 Year ago

      no, now u are in error. becouse the Problem is not trump or only him, it is from the time of Nixon that USA had presidents of shits annoying the entire world.Obama and his Administrations are responsible for all the wars from 2011 across nord what do u want say?

    • Twenty One Mayday Fall Outs at the Disco !
      Twenty One Mayday Fall Outs at the Disco ! Year ago

      FF 79 it's alright, it's not your fault Trump won.

    • FF 79
      FF 79 Year ago

      im sorry

    • Twenty One Mayday Fall Outs at the Disco !
      Twenty One Mayday Fall Outs at the Disco ! Year ago

      FF 79 I agree. And I call this country my home and prison.

  • Mannello Sébastien
    Mannello Sébastien Year ago +1

    What a hypocrit society, having fun with firearms without tragedy's, that's impossible. To avoid more tragedy's you have to prohibit them or kill every people having a dangerous behaviour for anticipate a potential crime. In Europe we have " NO GUN'S, NO DEATH " Exept terrorism. Think about this... Love-Love !

  • Brent Anderson
    Brent Anderson Year ago +1

    I would like to see any of these people in this group run the country before the current president. Change!!!! Do the right thing.

  • Brent Anderson
    Brent Anderson Year ago +1

    These students are so intelligent, and so strong!

  • Tiger J
    Tiger J Year ago

    Guns are to kill. Ban them COMPLETELY !!!

    MERCH Year ago +4

    The constitution is not up for debate folks, If you have a problem with it, do what everyone else did and have a revolutionary war.....oh wait...the left doesn’t have guns...

  • Davor Gazic
    Davor Gazic Year ago +1


  • Senada Pasic
    Senada Pasic Year ago

    Here is what your real problem is if you succeed with eliminating machine guns . Bombs . They will learn to make bombs.
    In the meantime , it is insane for teens to have machine guns because most schools always scapegoat and bully people and most systems do the same so you will always have teens who are tempted by the automatic gun.
    It's insane for anyone to have a machine gun
    If a shooter has a gun ,people can charge him and bring him down with so few bullets . With a machine gun're done . I am surprised anyone gets out alive . I was happy to hear there were so few deaths because an automatic is a lot more dangerous than that.

  • Senada Pasic
    Senada Pasic Year ago +1

    Here's the real shocker . The US has 300 shootings like this each year . Unbelieveable.
    An armed teacher will frightening minorites . Students will be tempted to access the gun which must be readily available (within a few seconds) .
    You see how shooters are getting more creative . They want the challenge or will shoot the teacher first .
    Most people and first responders are often too traumatized to react . It's only in the movies that they think clearly and react quickly.

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 Year ago

      It depends on where they put the gun, but a couple of these punk gang banger kids will overcome a teacher any day of the week.

  • Delaney Pratt
    Delaney Pratt Year ago

    How is this not a gun legislation issue? The issue here is that a fucking mentally deranged lunatic can obtain a weapon designed solely for destroying human beings.

  • Roy Mustang
    Roy Mustang Year ago +2

    I'm Brazilian ... I said almost the words that Trump said, to a stupid communist I know ... Every day, Trump makes America better! I hope Americans never go through a government like the Brazilian "middle communist" government ... We live here without defense against criminals and corrupt, they take our weapons and criminals have more guns than ever, the Brazilian government makes us like rabbits amid foxes. And I pray for the day when Brazil can have free people who can protect themselves from evil, because evil is not fought by roses and apple juice, evil is fought by good people with war power. If you know a Brazilian, tell him that Brazil is collapsing, and we need to find someone like Donald Trump, like Jair Bolsonaro, people who really want to free us, people who want to improve our lives. God bless the Americas and Brazil!

  • Bill Manrique
    Bill Manrique Year ago +1

    The problem are not the guns or the assault weapons, the problem is the people that have access to them when they don't have the maturity or the responsibility to carry them. The Second Amendment must remain intact, without the second amendment we become unsafe and vulnerable, that's why it was enacted. Don't be confused by those that seek desperately to disarm us so they can over power us and enslave us

  • kir kan
    kir kan Year ago

    At this time world is such a shithole :( Guns in America will remain, Putin will get re-elected and those two will continue splitting other countries apart such as Korea. I am a long time Immigrant in USA - was raised in Russia, can and have to firmly state that America has too much pride that kills young, innocent kids. Political ego must stop - you don't pay your taxes to have politicians allowing for such things to systematically happen. Disgrace - take example from other countries, solve the issue - drown gun loving little cock imbeciles in their suffer - allow future to exist! My Condolences dear people.

  • Shan Santee
    Shan Santee Year ago

    This meeting is bullshit, why isn't Emma Gonzalez in this meeting? Fuck Donald Drunk!

  • nanpopco nanpopco
    nanpopco nanpopco Year ago +2


  • Top Notch
    Top Notch Year ago

    Trump until 2025

  • luvindaopera111
    luvindaopera111 Year ago +1

    The goddamned GOP owns our government. They NEVER allowed gun reform bills to even be voted on while Obama was in office, so NO BLAMING HIM! Talk to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell about all of this, people! Those effers are the ones with blood on their names. THEY have taken MILLIONS of DOLLARS from the NRA (and Russian, btw, have laundered money through the NRA to vote AGAINST Hilary!). The GOP is bought and paid for by the NRA and Russians! They will NOT vote AR-15 off the list EVER because the NRA doesn't want that. They will NOT be able to pass the age raised up on gun sales because the NRA doesn't want it. There are letters from the NRA to every elected official REQUIRING each candidates stance on the 2nd Amendment and THAT determines whether or not and how much they will fund their campaigns! Good gawd! This is being in a headlock by gun selling greedy bastards! I've HAD IT with all this pretending and lies from Drumpf and the sellout GOP. Get out if you can't do anything for saving lives via gun reform laws. And yes, it's more than that....but that IS the starting point!!!!!

  • Brian S
    Brian S Year ago

    I'm a Russian Bot 🤖Beep! GUNS ARE GOOD! BUY MORE GUNS

  • NoPatienceMan
    NoPatienceMan Year ago +3

    Secure school parameters is the answer. Do I need to be pulled over by three police officers in three different police cars to receive a ticket.. Ridiculous... Solution is securing the school zones... That’s it... Enough is enough!! This is coming from a law biding US citizen, that enjoys the ability to own guns. Additional weapons inside means additional bullets flying around and still hitting our children....

  • Zombiedoodle8 The pro

    I like SAntA

  • Milijana Petrovic
    Milijana Petrovic Year ago +4

    Trump is a good hearted humen being...may god always bless him.

    • nanpopco nanpopco
      nanpopco nanpopco Year ago +1


  • Mxyzptlk -25%
    Mxyzptlk -25% Year ago +1

    putin was quoted as saying "thank you comrade trump, 17 dead future opponents to our regime."

  • Mxyzptlk -25%
    Mxyzptlk -25% Year ago +1

    LMAO.. first world country, with a 3rd world rapist in chief...

  • Kerza AG
    Kerza AG Year ago +1

    How about don't sell guns to kids with mental disorders. That kid who shot up the school had severe mental problems. That's it, you don't need to take everyone's guns away.

  • Vedran Noneofyourbusiness

    So Donald invites a select (less outspoken and pissed off and anti-Trump) few carefully vetted number of victims to throw him some softballs on his home turf while he and Governor Scott pass on the CNN town hall in the county where it happened, while sending Rubio out to get reamed for their indefensible policies. We deserve better government.

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza Year ago +1

    How can a high school kid afford a rifle? I think the mental health issue will help but what we need is to have armed school personal. And a plan. You can ban all the guns, but CRAZY CRIMINALS will make a gun or get one illegally.

  • mostobolt
    mostobolt Year ago

    Work on sound quality, please!

  • Ecletix420
    Ecletix420 Year ago +1

    Do not believe a word this administration says. Actions speak louder than words.

  • jw2399 C
    jw2399 C Year ago

    I would like to know how he was able to carry a AR15 in? talk about bad security, at my school you can barely get in w/ paper clips.

  • Samzino Boss
    Samzino Boss Year ago +1

    Trump's solution is to arm teachers with guns to deal with attacks internally. Well rip gun control again doubt it will ever happen as Americans hold onto their fear.

  • Red Coyote Jam Garden

    We need stricter democrat control. They commit basically all mass shootings.

    • Toddler Trump
      Toddler Trump Year ago +1

      You're obviously one of those mentally unstable numbnuts the NRA and GOP keep referring to.

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green Year ago +2

    The kids want a ban on the sales of AR15s and all assault weapons and to have all such currently owned weapons confiscated. It's their lives that are at stake and we should listen to them and legislate accordingly. In order to do that, all politicians who currently take bribe money from the NRA have to be voted out of office so that reasonable and compassionate politicians can take their places.

  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang Year ago +2

    My heart break for those families that lost their children at the shooting. My heart is much greater pain for those unborn child. Who is going to speak for them????
    If gun need to be ban, what about clinics that kill unborn babies? I do not understand about the liberals now.

    • kawika dav
      kawika dav Year ago

      Ban alcohol and vehicles they kill more people. Then we talk about gun ban.

    • LizzyLiberty
      LizzyLiberty Year ago +1

      REAL HUMAN CHILDREN WITH NAMES just died. Their body barely cold. You want to make it about your non-human with no names. You don't have enough humanity in you to care aboout REAL HUMANS. Go pray for your soul or burn in hell.

    • Jay S
      Jay S Year ago +2

      1) If your heart was broken, you'd be dead
      2) This is about the victims of gun violence. Get your head out of your ass and you might realize this is not the place to post your political/religious agenda.
      3) You have more empathy for less developed, non-viable life rather than fully developed humans with full mental and emotional capacities? Hmmmm...

  • Trish6704
    Trish6704 Year ago

    I Won't Back Down
    Tom Petty
    Well, I won't back down
    No, I won't back down
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won't back down
    No, I'll stand my ground
    Won't be turned around
    And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down
    Gonna stand my ground
    And I won't back down
    (I won't back down)
    Hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out
    (I won't back down)
    Hey, I will stand my ground
    And I won't back down
    Well I know what's right
    I got just one life
    In a world that keeps on pushin' me around
    But I'll stand my ground
    And I won't back down
    (I won't back down)
    Hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out
    (I won't back down)
    Hey, I…

  • Alfred Neuman
    Alfred Neuman Year ago +3

    KEEP IN MIND that neither Presidents Clinton or Obama did anything about the gun issue - and together they were in office for 16 years. Trump's been in office for about 1 year. Obama didn't even do anything about it when he had a Democrat majority in Congress!

    • Alfred Neuman
      Alfred Neuman Year ago

      You are correct, though I would phrase it differently. No president has done much of anything on the issue.

    • TheCrusader1789
      TheCrusader1789 Year ago +2

      Alfred Neuman Bush didn't do shit either. And trump won't do shit either. There will be more mass shootings.

  • ReachALifeTV
    ReachALifeTV Year ago +3

    PRAYING before the listening session ...PRICELESS.

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac Year ago +1

    Assault weapons belong in the military, not on the fucking streets in the hands of kids, teens or young adults. This is pathetic that this keeps happening and fuck all is being done about it, absolutely pathetic! I thank God everyday that I live in Canada where guns are illegal and healthcare is free. Although we have an asshole for PM, Justin Trudeau who is doing everything he can to destroy us, Canadians are strong and we will overcome his dumbass. Vote him out in 2019. My prayers and condolences to the victims, their families and all the survivors. I’m so tired of saying that... this needs to STOP NOW!!!

  • Mark Ferrer
    Mark Ferrer Year ago +1

    The right to self defense is one of our most fundamental rights. Few people will argue against that. However, some believe that people should not be allowed to arm themselves. Libertarians strongly disagree. Imagine a small person, walking home after a late shift at work. Imagine that person is attacked by someone twice their size. The victim fights back but is unable to defend themselves against the much larger attacker. Now imagine if the victim was armed. With the help of a gun, the victim has a chance at self defense against the much larger attacker. Gun rights are important for everyone, but especially those that are physically weaker. Banning guns would not curb violence or deaths…it will just change the nature of violence and deaths. It would result in violent criminals having more power to perpetrate violence against innocent people. Violent criminals will be emboldened if they know that average Americans are unable to defend themselves. And banning guns would mean people who should be free to go about their business, for example traveling home from work after dark, will live in greater fear. It will mean that people who live in more dangerous areas (and who are typically poorer) have fewer options to defend themselves and their families. Libertarians support people’s rights to defend themselves and to arm themselves. We see it as immoral for government to try to prevent someone from doing so.

    • Vincent Rodriguez
      Vincent Rodriguez Year ago

      So if a couple of criminals are able to get their own M.O.A.B all the sudden everyone needs to have his or her personal M.O.A.B?

  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth Year ago +7

    The girl in the white shirt just said what everyone needs to hear

    • ecce lux
      ecce lux Year ago

      That infringing on civil liberties is un-American?


    THE BIBLICAL weakness.

  • Haylee Arrana
    Haylee Arrana Year ago

    Wait.. For the people who have an issue with having teachers and staff being armed. Why not use a tranquilizer gun. It will do better then nothing..

    • dilaksho
      dilaksho Year ago

      Haylee Arrana it is a good idea but its costly and hard to use...unless they had training or something but the point here is to disarm the shooters because its a long term solution

  • Dumb Turtle
    Dumb Turtle Year ago +3

    These kids need to speak their mind more. I don't know how the trauma of what they went through plays into how they spoke, but their responses were too short and respectful, they need to understand that their voices hold far more weight than any of the adults in the room because they were there. Schools institutionalize kids to think that they have to wait until they are adults before they can meaningfully contribute to society. But that's BS and it took me a long time to realize that the waiting period is self-imposed.

    • tkitch
      tkitch Year ago

      Mr. Joebro your exactly spot on! With the trauma and shock of being in front of the president they could hardly get words out of their mouths. That was there only chance there and they needed to say alot more. They acted way to nice.

  • Dumb Turtle
    Dumb Turtle Year ago +1

    50:25 & 55:45 best speaker in the circle

  • Keith Pieterse
    Keith Pieterse Year ago +1

    A "listening session" at the White House??? The Bald Blockhead a.k.a. senor Troompie with the copper-coloured hair implants is STONE DEAF. The same applies to his crooked little mouthpiece [spokesperson] Sarah "Knuckleduster" Sanders.
    The insane JACKASS, steaming barrel of pig's excrement - PORCUS not POTUS - must get a heart attack before his term is over! I hope the American voters will sort out the OUTHOUSE of democracy in Washington D.C. As for the gun lobby: Stand with your feet apart and bend at the hips, shove the muzzle of the automatic rifle as deep into your posterior orifice as possible...PULL THE TRIGGER!

  • Kayman Fani
    Kayman Fani Year ago +16

    Listen you don't have to like the guy. But at 50:20 with the father of the girl killed. Trump is tearing just a bit. I think he has very simple emotions. And the simple anger of that father resonated deeply with him.
    There is something there. Hard to understand him. But there is something there

    • Kayman Fani
      Kayman Fani Year ago

      It's been two weeks since I wrote this comment and it's sad to see how much people don't want to give the guy even one second of credit. A smidgen. The father is a new yorker who speaks Trump's language. Simple anger. Pissed off. Wants to react. That's Trump as his essence. But Trump also is a macho Man who has this twisted need to keep anything and everything emotional within lest it be considered a weakness. He's not going to wipe tears away. He's not going to actually cry. Because that's a weakness. You have to accept that fact about him. Sorry that bothers all of you

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 Year ago

      They have to do both. Change laws, and make public places more secure.

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 Year ago

      Heck, a person can be off the school grounds with a good sniper rifle/scope and pick kids off like cans in your backyard and they can be several hundred yards off under cover and it would take them a while to pin point them down. So having a bunch of guards on school grounds can't prevent that.
      You'd have to have bullet proof glass on all windows, you'd have to have those expensive security doors, and a team of armed guards, etc. etc. That costs money, which isn't available.

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 Year ago

      A bandaid is only so effective, with what you are saying.
      Do you know how much money it takes to make every school secure? Remember, it's almost impossible to make every school secure, even if there was enough money. How many banks get robbed every year? THOUSANDS. Most of them are also done, with, uh hm, with at least one gun. And Banks typically have guards on staff and banks are much smaller than a typical school. You are talking about something that's also unobtainable to stave off a possible situation of a shooting at a school. Some schools are quite large and it would take a team of people, video surveillance equipment throughout, and people watching the surveillance monitors.
      What you want is also a pie in the sky. It's just as easy to do both as it is to do what you are talking about.

    • Toraguchi Toraguchi
      Toraguchi Toraguchi Year ago

      Oneness100 A total waste of my time reading all that. Immediate action and achievable goals. That's what we want. Changing gun regulations etc is pie in the sky talk. And while you fight for gun regulation another shooting will have taken place. Just make the schools secure, then worry about gun regulation. You'll be lucky if you get something done in 30 years. Any monster who is thinking at this juncture - more shootings implies more pressure for changing gun laws - deserves to be shot.

  • Trish6704
    Trish6704 Year ago +1

    I was so-o-o- hopeful when I saw the President and Vice-President actually listening to the Parkland students and parents and then, not even 2 hours later, I read and saw the White House push back. Chump and the Senate and Congress are going to make it mandatory for TEACHERS to be armed and carry weapons??? Are you kidding me that you are going to DUMP this on the teachers? No other country in the WORLD makes their teachers carry weapons. I have 2 sons that are teachers. Both of them peace loving individuals and now you are telling teachers of this country they will have to decide whether to shoot someone?? WHAT THE HELL?? All I can hear from the NRA and President Chump is ---- ITS YOUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY ---- Let them know we have had enough !!! Raising the buying age to 21 is not acceptable. Neither is reversing the background checks Chump overturned last week. I was surprised they banned the Bumstocks. But now is your time kids. It says in the Bible -- "And a child shall lead them" .. Make the most of this opportunity the Lord has handed you.

    • Trish6704
      Trish6704 Year ago

      You don't achieve a peaceful society by packing a gun. What I didn't tell you was my family has been struck by gun violence beyond belief. You see my eldest son (who is a teacher) had a fiance. 10 years ago she was gunned down by a stalker to a point where there was nothing left of her. My son walked in during the middle of the carnage. The stalker put a gun to his own head and blew his brains out in front of my son. My son spent 6 months in a mental hospital that specializes in PTSD. The NRA doesn't tell you about the aftermaths of these stories. People think its over and done with once the victim is in the ground. Chump and LaPierre know these things -- THEY JUST DON'T CARE. -- NO GUNS except for those who should have them (police) and military. Unless you experience such tragedy first hand, you have no idea.

    • roflswamp6
      roflswamp6 Year ago

      Trish6704 iam peave loving becausebof it ive been beat up and couldnt defend my friend and i will change that and never go back your two sons love life by the sounds of things they should learn to defend life

    • Steven
      Steven Year ago +1

      Trish6704 I'd much rather have an armed teacher with my child while they're at school than an unarmed teacher who can't defend my child against an armed attacker. Banning guns and passing more gun laws defys common sense and fixes nothing and it would make the public that much more unsafe because then only the criminals and those who wish to cause people harm have guns. I'll never give up any of my guns because I will never give up the ability and the right to defend and protect myself and my family.

  • Trumplovin Wigga
    Trumplovin Wigga Year ago +12

    Trump will do more then anyone else has ever done you democrats will always blame trump for everything.

    • Trumplovin Wigga
      Trumplovin Wigga Year ago

      Your lying if you say your not a wanker typical democrats

    • ecce lux
      ecce lux Year ago

      You still have six more years.
      Cry harder, loser.

    • Toddler Trump
      Toddler Trump Year ago +1

      Republicans are good at two things:
      1) Raping children.
      2) Raping children.

    • ecce lux
      ecce lux Year ago

      Democrats are good at two things:
      1.) Acting like children.
      2.) Standing on the graves of children.

    • kawika dav
      kawika dav Year ago +1

      Trump is doing a great job.

  • Trumplovin Wigga
    Trumplovin Wigga Year ago +12

    The shooting isn’t trumps fault. His going to fix it. You trump haters will still find something to complain about.

    • Alexander
      Alexander Year ago


    • Trumplovin Wigga
      Trumplovin Wigga Year ago

      Turns out Broward County police are cowards. Keep blaming trump u pussys

    • dilaksho
      dilaksho Year ago

      Mark Armage get out of this argument Mark thats not my point

    • dilaksho
      dilaksho Year ago

      Jake Phillips think for long term Mr. Jake, long term. I am being most utterly respectful (unless someone like sir Trumplovin Wigga is being a bit to arrogant for my taste) so give me the same amount of respect. I think you are perfectly capable of expressing your emotions without insukting me or my country. why are you coming for Canada? we here certainly do not need your opinion, currently conquering the Winter Olympics, being one of the biggest and most peaceful countries in the world and so on. The point I was trying to make is that arming teachers will only make the states seem like a much more violent country than the globe already think it is. And it will be.

    • Mark Armage
      Mark Armage Year ago

      dilaksho You're watching way to many crap movies, that's self defense.