Ganondorf VS Dracula (Zelda VS Castlevania) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    DEATH BATTLE!  25 days ago +422

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  • Aioh Hades
    Aioh Hades 15 hours ago

    zack vs cloud plss😁😁

  • Dark Classless
    Dark Classless 17 hours ago

    Hellsing vs castlevania

  • The Howling Gamer
    The Howling Gamer 19 hours ago +1

    If we're trying to claim it's triforce power vs chaos it's still a tie as both make alternate worlds as shown by link to the past. Not bothering with any of gannon's puppets for the fight while understandable is lack luster when even bothering to bring it up. And on the topic of minions Gannon has another ace up his sleeve, the nightmares of BOTW players, the guardians which has has direct control over. To say that they don't use a form of holy weaponry would nullify the point of them being used against him, or having a strong damaging effect to him and the blights. When it comes to soul stealing this is the guy that employees redeads and has his soul sealed by a holy weapon not dark magic. On the topic of soul stealing or power ripping however, Dracula has had his power ripped away and stolen by mortals as seen in Aria of sorrow. Finally, while I wasn't able to find all data related to the vampire killer the amount of holy attached to it seems to be from that of a single human (with vampire powers starting to afflict it) soul. Where as the triforce of power is a relic of a GODDESS and even the sword that is used on gannon that only wounds him comes from the power of six holy spirits meaning it's holy element should be far grater than the vampire killer.
    That being said one point for dracula that was never brought up was his regeneration ability as also in Aria of sorrow is shown to be one of the three main keys for unlocking his power. Also Dracula does have a clear advantage in respawn time taking only 100 years when without the aid of others Gannon needs a few generations. Also if we are indeed counting Soma there are a large large LARGE number of attacks that are being left out that Dracula would have advantage over as well as weapons.
    I can't even say that it's a clear thing for gannon or Dracula, but just a KO against death battle once more for not doing proper research.

  • WolfSyd Productions
    WolfSyd Productions 20 hours ago

    I have been waiting YEARS for you guys to make this battle!!! It was awesome!! The outcome was totally predictable though. 😅
    I've played my fair share of Zelda and Castlevania and I was pretty dang sure Dracula had this in the bag. But still, I've been waiting to see this battle and you did not disappoint! 😀

  • StringPuppet Maestro
    StringPuppet Maestro 23 hours ago

    I knew Dracula would win it.

  • TerminatorGundam300
    TerminatorGundam300 23 hours ago

    If Ganondorf went against Alucard ( Hellsing Ultimate ), would Alucard win? He has armor piercing Holy bullets, has around 2.5 million lives to spare, and has survived Holy weapons before.

  • DemonWolf God
    DemonWolf God Day ago +1

    I hate imagining them saying fight when I watch this

  • jedder
    jedder Day ago

    "Never to return ever, EVER-" ROFL

  • Steven Beltran
    Steven Beltran Day ago

    Dracula: Your right, your not a man, your a Pig.
    The coolest burn on Ganon I've ever heard😳

  • Sebastian De Alejandro

    It just me or Mario defeated mostly all the categories of Dracula except of power

  • Bladed Angel
    Bladed Angel Day ago

    Ganon returns every 100 years?
    So Does Dracula?
    Alright, guess that means I expect a rematch in 100 years.

  • D3RPY PON3
    D3RPY PON3 Day ago

    Anyone know the song name at 9:23

  • TheDoomAmbassador

    Hellsing's Alucard officially in Death Battle when?

  • Kermit the Infinity frog

    Ganondorf: my weakness is holy weapons

    Dracula: How about a holy nuke

    Me: that might work

    GHOST Day ago

    Step 3 kill Luigi Hahahaha 😂🤣

  • Black Soul
    Black Soul Day ago

    I’m happy
    I heard Dracula yell “What is a man!”

  • Mohamed Nasser
    Mohamed Nasser Day ago

    That was the coolest fight ever

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    BOTW Calamity Ganon might have stood a better chance, given that it basically said "F--- a physical form, Imma be a massive, kingdom spanning corruptive entity that takes over stuff." Dracula and his castle would have a harder time standing up against four gigantic magi-mecha specifically designed to wipe out evil overlords and an army of laser shooting robots, not to mention Calamity Ganon itself.

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran Day ago

    Boomstick's voice changed since I last watched one of these.
    Boomstick's new voice is very annoying.

    • PonmonofNuggetor
      PonmonofNuggetor Day ago

      Samus Aran It’s been the same for a long while now (it was different in season 1 though)

  • SmashBoi 0316
    SmashBoi 0316 Day ago


  • MyNameA Jeff
    MyNameA Jeff Day ago

    16:42 He really hit him with the side-B nuetral-B combo

  • Watari Piox
    Watari Piox Day ago

    Geralt of Riviera (The Witcher) vs. Talion (Shadows of Mordor)

  • Sol Badguy
    Sol Badguy Day ago

    Had hoped to see Ganondorf pick up a second victory, but after seeing the Tri-Force of Power destroyed, I knew it was all over Ganondorf. I honestly didnt know much about Castlevania but I could quickly see that Lord Dracula had vastly superior endurance.

  • APenguin :3
    APenguin :3 2 days ago +6

    This battle is inaccurate, i was able to beat the dracula boss in smash bros with ganondorf

    • SurpremeCalamitas2002
      SurpremeCalamitas2002 13 hours ago +1

      that is unfair, bosses are created to be defeated, they were based on the original game series, not on a crossover

  • Sw1ssArmorCh3se
    Sw1ssArmorCh3se 2 days ago +1

    sigma vs sigma; megaman and overwatch

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin 2 days ago

    Was that DIO when he was young?

  • BloodPix
    BloodPix 2 days ago +4

    Me : My boy Ganon deserves a win man...

    Me at the end : Definitely not today bro.

  • Belzybob 300
    Belzybob 300 2 days ago +1

    Just saying Ganondorf could of one with just one move


  • Sean Hill
    Sean Hill 2 days ago

    #Homance? I get the characters and the balance of crass and sophisticated....but super unnecessary joke at the expense of women and blaming women because of a specific man's own inability to control his hormones, real or not, I just hope you guys consider how much you impact young men, males, and women who watch this as well...long time fan, much respect always, firmly friendly feedback on that joke. Thanks for listening to your fans too like you do. ✌🏿🙏🏿✌🏿☀️

    • Sean Hill
      Sean Hill Day ago

      @UltimateBlade No I haven't, tell me more of this "joke" thing you speak of. Are you good at these joke things? I wish to learn more sensei.🙏🏿

    • UltimateBlade
      UltimateBlade Day ago

      Ever heard of a joke? I know it might be new to you, but I would've figured you'd know what it is by now.

  • Ben Moss
    Ben Moss 2 days ago +1

    The Spectre (DC Comics) vs Death (Castlevania)

  • Iron monger scorpien

    do broly vs Naruto

  • Rodri G
    Rodri G 2 days ago +1

    So Dracula can be beaten by Link, I would like to see a castlevaina with Link in it.
    He may struggle in some parts, but he has an unbreakable shield at least (and if he is from botw he can also parry and slow time)

  • ClaymoreRoomba
    ClaymoreRoomba 2 days ago +2

    Netflix Baki Vs. Netflix Ohma
    BAKI Vs. Kengan Ashura

  • zeoking silver
    zeoking silver 2 days ago

    someone having bacon tonight

  • magicoA
    magicoA 2 days ago

    “I am no mere super vampire,I am a god!!” Well,there’s your thesis for why he wins haha

  • G 4orce
    G 4orce 2 days ago

    Poor ganondorf.. i really wanted to kik dracula's ass and finish him off with that bad ass punch

  • Tosh-LordLegendWolf
    Tosh-LordLegendWolf 2 days ago +1

    I feel that if it’s standard form Dracula vs ganondorf, Drac would win. But if it’s the “beast” forms with brute strength only, Ganon would win.
    I would be a bit confused if Drac lost this DB, even though I was cheering for Ganondorf.

  • Hakum Lartey
    Hakum Lartey 2 days ago

    They always have my character losing on some bs lol

  • Hakum Lartey
    Hakum Lartey 2 days ago

    Did they really just say link can move at light speed?

    • Norrec Vizharan
      Norrec Vizharan 2 days ago

      There's a difference between reacting and moving at such a speed, but considering how lasers are literally concentrated beams of light, it makes sense.

  • Dude XD
    Dude XD 2 days ago


  • Connor Tobin
    Connor Tobin 2 days ago +5

    This is one of their best animated battles to date

  • TurboJ
    TurboJ 3 days ago +6

    “Ganondorf is a wizard that doesn’t know what a wizard is” -Almost every LoZ player ever

  • Leonardo Rios
    Leonardo Rios 3 days ago

    Also, Ganondorf didn't use all of his attacks that death battle showed us.

    • PonmonofNuggetor
      PonmonofNuggetor Day ago

      Leonardo Rios That doesn’t mean much if Ganondorf has the same weakness and Dracula has a more efficient way of exploiting said weakness, as well as having a better resistance to such a weakness

    • Leonardo Rios
      Leonardo Rios Day ago

      @PonmonofNuggetor oh, but I do know Dracula's weekness.

    • PonmonofNuggetor
      PonmonofNuggetor Day ago

      Leonardo Rios That wouldn’t change anything at all. Just because it wasn’t shown in the animation or mentioned doesn’t mean it wasn’t considered. The only things that truly mattered were the Triforce of Power, the Chaotic Realm, the Sword of Six Sages and Demonic Megiddo. None of Ganondorf’s other attacks would even make Dracula flinch. The only hope he had was with his holy weaponry, which is nothing compared to the holy nuke Dracula has.

    • Leonardo Rios
      Leonardo Rios Day ago

      @PonmonofNuggetor they should have a rematch with new moves and tricks.

    • PonmonofNuggetor
      PonmonofNuggetor Day ago

      Leonardo Rios Neither did Dracula

  • lucksman
    lucksman 3 days ago +1

    Alucard(Hellsing) vs Dracula(castlevania)

  • Leonardo Rios
    Leonardo Rios 3 days ago +1

    I don't think that finished Ganondorf's life. Surely he will be reborn again.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 3 days ago

    It's Dracula.The original lord of darkness.Was anyone surprised?

  • Zach The snack
    Zach The snack 3 days ago

    Spider-man noir vs spider-man 2099

  • Mr. Papaveraceae
    Mr. Papaveraceae 3 days ago

    Animation was amazing! Great music and still a good fight. Ganon at least got a couple good surprises.

  • dReliq
    dReliq 3 days ago +8

    "By now you've probably already heard of blue apron"
    By now I'm counting the amount of skips it takes to get past this

  • GreatMomentsTV
    GreatMomentsTV 3 days ago

    That's for the homie Bowser muthafucka!

  • Game Blaster
    Game Blaster 3 days ago


  • Aidan How
    Aidan How 3 days ago +1

    But ain't the triforce of power a holy artifact

    • Norrec Vizharan
      Norrec Vizharan 2 days ago

      It's more of a well of energy that he draws upon rather than being a physical weapon/tool, so I dunno if it'd count.

  • Nikodim Zafirovski
    Nikodim Zafirovski 3 days ago

    Commenting on every video I see part 399

  • Mr. Dodo
    Mr. Dodo 3 days ago

    They should at least Dio vs Alucard (hellsing)

  • yeet boi
    yeet boi 3 days ago +1


  • Blits Riderfield
    Blits Riderfield 3 days ago

    This is bologna.

  • Abo Alashraf
    Abo Alashraf 3 days ago

    He lucky he didn't face dracula castlevania lord of Shadows

  • Michael Alucard
    Michael Alucard 3 days ago

    You guys need to setup Sephiroth Vs Dracula Himself. Those guys are extremely powerful

  • Scottt Car
    Scottt Car 3 days ago

    Dark wing duck vs duck dodgers