Alien Xenomorph Biology Explained! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

  • Published on May 18, 2017
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    The Alien franchise has shown us many forms of aliens from facehuggers to xenomorphs, but how does it all work? Kyle bursts through with an explanation in this week's Because Science!
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  • Lucho Portuano
    Lucho Portuano 3 hours ago

    Say "Zeee goo" one more time, and my head will explode.

  • Batmankoff
    Batmankoff 7 days ago

    This is NOT accurate. The addition of Alien 3, which is actually quite enjoyable, SIMPLIFIES the process. As we see with the runner in A3, the xeno takes on traits, and DNA, of it's host. The host acts as the egg to the facehugger acting as a sperm. Two xenos don't fertilize the eggs. The queen doesn't need to be fertilized, that's what the host is for.

  • MultiTomtom23
    MultiTomtom23 7 days ago

    Se goo *lol* goo rne weaver *ROFL*

  • Revolver Ocelot
    Revolver Ocelot 10 days ago

    The black goo affects xenomorphs aswell

  • Byron Armstrong
    Byron Armstrong 12 days ago

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the genesis of the term Xenomorph in the Alien Franchise. Xeno means strange, foreign... or "alien."
    The first time we hear the term "Xenomorph" in the Alien franchise is during the Colonial Marines briefing in Aliens
    Hudson: Is this going to be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?
    Gorman: All we know is that there is still is no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved.
    Frost: Excuse me sir, a what?
    Gorman: A xenomorph.
    Hicks: It’s a bughunt.
    It's a generic term to mean not-from-earth-creature. All they meant, is we've lost contact with the colony and it may be an alien... maybe something native to LV-426. After all, if they have never seen a RidleyScott-Aliens-alien before, how could they have a name for it? Yet somehow pop-culture grabbed that one line and decided that this is the name for "The Alien".
    Xenomorph != RidleyScott'sAlien. I wish people would stop calling it "The Xenomorph" But then what would we call it? The Alien? That isn't any better.

  • Ezra Edison
    Ezra Edison 13 days ago

    What is a zip back goo? Or what the hell? I have the alien box set but have not watched Prometheus yet.

  • Mr. SkyrimDoggo
    Mr. SkyrimDoggo 15 days ago

    For i am now cursed with bad dreams

  • tob ffutsmodnar
    tob ffutsmodnar 16 days ago

    Xenomorph ethnoplanet

  • Theundeadempire
    Theundeadempire 17 days ago

    I wanna know how their blood can be acidic and if their vision in the games is possible, how they can see an outline of your heat signature through walls.

    MrSIRAWESOME98 17 days ago

    this video is making me want to go back and watch the movies lol

  • missing password
    missing password 18 days ago

    Xenon morphs average life cycle(of games) is, egg (laid by queen), to face hugger, to chest buster, then the chest buster cocoons itself, and turns into a praetorian or drone(average xeno ends at drone), if turned into praetorian then it enters another cocoon stage where it becomes either a carrier, ravenger, or queen if the situation demand it

  • Jason Austin
    Jason Austin 18 days ago

    Ze goo!

  • kratos thewarlord
    kratos thewarlord 19 days ago

    I was eating

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson 19 days ago

    You've made a slight error:
    1.733 *squared* equals 3.003(289)
    1.443 *cubed* equals 3.004(685)
    So Alien only had 1.443 "horror"... I could have sworn it was much more than that... 🤔
    Hate to sound like a nit-picker, but...Because Science!

  • Vickers 22
    Vickers 22 21 day ago

    What came first Xenomorph or the egg?

  • Tonni G
    Tonni G 25 days ago

    How does your hair work? 😃

  • Jacob Hane
    Jacob Hane 26 days ago

    I heard of a jewel wasp that first cuts off a cockroach's antennae, stings it, lays the eggs in it, then entombs the unfortunate bug as the grub eats the host from the inside out

  • WeiPhing Foo
    WeiPhing Foo 27 days ago

    In 9:34 it sounded like he is going to sneeze

  • Dylan Chester
    Dylan Chester 29 days ago

    TZEE GEU....

  • Crazy Raptor
    Crazy Raptor Month ago

    "And SE goo"

  • epiccthulu
    epiccthulu Month ago

    this makes my second fav franchise cooler

  • Geronimo -JohnMo-
    Geronimo -JohnMo- Month ago

    If the xenomorph we're familiar with started with the humans finding the goo, how have the Predators been hunting them for as long as they have?

  • Queen Nyra
    Queen Nyra Month ago

    Don't forget the Neomorph. They also were created by the black goo

  • SleezyPiranha
    SleezyPiranha Month ago

    This the same goo from district 9

  • Lol games
    Lol games Month ago

    Your can say that "life finds a way "

  • Torva Messorem
    Torva Messorem Month ago

    And then Covenant throws a monkey wrench in your whole theory

  • Zamolxes77
    Zamolxes77 Month ago

    Prometheus, please don't bring that shit up, its actually a black comedy lol.

  • shelia hudsons
    shelia hudsons Month ago

    I love this outstanding work! Kindly publish similar to this! Thanks and cheers!

  • a human that exist
    a human that exist Month ago

    7:20 so.. cell rape

  • Mendicant Biased
    Mendicant Biased Month ago

    In the director's cut of Alien we see some crew members getting turned into eggs. And the Queen Xenomorph has her own personal facehugger that turns it's victim into a host for the Xenomorph Queen. We see the special Queen facehugger in the director's cut of Alien³.

  • RedArmyRockstar
    RedArmyRockstar Month ago


  • Only the
    Only the Month ago +1

    EYES ?.???!!
    How they contact to the enviroment

  • Kier Canning
    Kier Canning Month ago

    How long does it take the embryo (deposited from a facehugger) to grow into a chestburster? And what is the average lifespan for a fully grown Xenomorph?

    BECAUSE I'M BATMAN Month ago +1

    Oh fuck! I can see the apocalypse already😂

  • lI_Toasty_Il
    lI_Toasty_Il Month ago

    Gotta love alien vaginas.

  • Lulu_the_zombie
    Lulu_the_zombie 2 months ago

    Idk how my friend like this stuff but still i watched it just for my friend because im a good friend

  • wilson chew
    wilson chew 2 months ago

    Spiderman is a Xenomorph!

  • Eric Mejegård Bo6
    Eric Mejegård Bo6 2 months ago

    Life finds a way...


  • C M
    C M 2 months ago

    I thought the dog alien was just affected like the worms. anything that aliens gestate in area variant of the Host.

  • A Tr
    A Tr 2 months ago

    The moral of this story is that wasps are assholes.

  • Travis Russill
    Travis Russill 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does Kyle Hill look and act like If Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) made a love child?

  • Mr StealYourMeme
    Mr StealYourMeme 2 months ago

    Sex-Ed for aliens

  • Topheye
    Topheye 2 months ago +4

    Life, uh... finds a way.

  • jon kidd
    jon kidd 2 months ago

    Wasps are savage

  • Bobby Papoutsis
    Bobby Papoutsis 2 months ago

    Lol, I love Kyle and his sense of humor, but let's be honest here... I don't think the god of thunder would be incapacitated by a face hugger. Kyle is Thor, right? The Mighty Thor? Actually, Kyle should do a video on what happens​ if a face hugger planted an embryo into someone like Wolverine, or The Hulk... Would the chest burster be able to escape Logan's body, or would his healing factor purge the alien, and use it for nutrients, like Superman's body did in that one crossover?

  • Brendan Balken
    Brendan Balken 2 months ago

    Alien 3 smh. I like 1,2, Prometheus and Covenant. One is the best. But Covenant was underrated.

  • Zachary Fisher
    Zachary Fisher 2 months ago

    Moral of the story: Don't take your helmet off when confronted with an alien vagina snake.

  • Dan
    Dan 2 months ago

    Fuck you get a hair cut

  • Parker Swanbeck
    Parker Swanbeck 2 months ago

    You didn’t tell the correct cycle. It starts as xeno queen. Not xeno + xeno

  • Dark Machine Nation
    Dark Machine Nation 3 months ago

    Yes!! My favorite movie!
    ...besides AVP, Covenant, and Prometheus...

  • Karitora
    Karitora 3 months ago

    1:32 "You're tired of having good dreams right?" I mean, I WAS about to sleep, but hell, nightmares can be fun so HELL YEAH.

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor 3 months ago

    1.733 Horror , that concept should become an official measurement for Movies ! :D

  • Aaron Stockton
    Aaron Stockton 3 months ago

    Lol bad scientist

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw 3 months ago

    I hate the new movies so much.

  • j Cadence
    j Cadence 3 months ago

    Doesn't the horizontal gene transfer thing work for A3 and AVP also? Given the form is modified by its host? (A3: Dog alien because dog host, etc?). Or am I missing something here?

  • Ruben Vuittonet
    Ruben Vuittonet 3 months ago

    The first review I read on Prometheus said, "Prometheus is the stupidest movie ever made. That said, see it on the biggest screen you can find." Beautiful, but stupid.

  • Sargeras 40666
    Sargeras 40666 3 months ago

    The science is utterly fascinating, but the acting part is not.

  • Vlad the Inhaler
    Vlad the Inhaler 3 months ago

    Prometheus was trash.

  • The Spanish Inquistion
    The Spanish Inquistion 3 months ago

    The black goo is alien jizz. end of story.

  • Juszl Z
    Juszl Z 3 months ago

    The Yautja originally gave us what we see as the classic xenomorph. They purposefully infected humans with the facehugger though.

  • Lucy Logan
    Lucy Logan 3 months ago

    A3 is gud m8, fite me

  • The Phsychotic Maniac
    The Phsychotic Maniac 3 months ago

    (Covenant) The black goo is a biological weapon created by the engineer that was put back against the engineers that eliminated the species when people explore the planet black plants release spores that join then go into a body and eventually becomes the neomorph

  • The Phsychotic Maniac
    The Phsychotic Maniac 3 months ago +2

    A xenomorph doesn't mate the queen lays eggs

  • The Phsychotic Maniac
    The Phsychotic Maniac 3 months ago

    Queen - egg - royal facehugger - infected host (s) - royal chestburster -grows up to a queen and starts again

  • Tristan Dragon
    Tristan Dragon 3 months ago

    Yep should not have eaten Pizza while watching this

  • Jon Kain
    Jon Kain 3 months ago


  • Steven_Dean
    Steven_Dean 3 months ago

    Hahaha love your videos.

  • Rage Lion
    Rage Lion 3 months ago

    It is not Xeno+Xeno= egg,the queen produces the egg

  • Jumbosaurus
    Jumbosaurus 3 months ago

    I was eating some of my moms potpie while watching this. Didn't know anything could make something that tastes so good, taste disgusting...

  • Isaiah AshcroftBillings

    Make some on the predator please

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid 3 months ago

    the way you ended this video tells me you could probably over think I am sandwich but then again I've been told I can do the same it's nice to see that I am not alone in this particular power or ability or curse whatever

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid 3 months ago

    the dog hybrid can be explained because the xenomorphic lifestyle ones the embryos and Trent and planted in a hose whether the host be human animal or whatever the hosts genetic structure is incorporated into the Z amorphic offspring therefore if the eggs of the traditional xenomorph as we know it where to encounter let's say a lion then The Offspring would be a cat like offspring incorporating both the original xenomorphic badassery as well as including the most awesome traits of the cat or feline DNA now of course xenomorph egg Facehugger xenomorph through host but this can produce unique results based on the species that is the host just like the black goo affects any and all creatures it comes in contact with the Facehugger embryo scenario has the a similar property the embryo as it grows absorbs genetic structure and incorporated into itself thus creating short-lived and somewhat Phantom species they exist only because of the host in which Dave Incorporated but the base program of xenomorph egg hugger host Offspring doesn't change but because of their genetic memory transfer and genetic trade accumulation the evolution of the overall species does get altered based off of in counting new hosts so that the overall alien species does grow in strength and gain new abilities and therefore new genetic possibilities when it encounters New genetic hosts personally I would love to see what the black goo would do with a spider that would create a rather intriguing genetic splicing and a rather spectacular offspring

  • Majkel San
    Majkel San 3 months ago

    good luck with Alien Covenant in the mix :D great vids btw! :)

  • Tuniverse. dark
    Tuniverse. dark 3 months ago

    How do you record these? How do you make your videos?

  • BlackStarWing333
    BlackStarWing333 3 months ago

    DeathWings do the same dam thing

  • Nathan Jora
    Nathan Jora 3 months ago

    It's the goo that is at fault, with the incoherence with Alien3, not Alien3. Alien3 was coherent with Alien and Aliens. And is good in lot of ways.

  • Bryan Gomez
    Bryan Gomez 3 months ago

    Covenant kinda threw a huge wrench in your xeno theory. The whole protomorph and new chestburster plus the information that David interfered in the creation of the species doesn't quite fit into this model. I hope you'll make an updated version to show everyone that science is subject to change and theories can be disproved when new evidence is presented. (I know we're in the realm of science fiction, keyword fiction, but it'd still be nice to see how you guys figure the information we got from covenant fits into this)

    • Bryan Gomez
      Bryan Gomez 3 months ago

      About an hour after typing this I see that you DID already make a video after covenant came out trying to fit it into your theory. My bad. Anyone else looking for a link to the video, you can find it here:

  • Piemasteratron
    Piemasteratron 3 months ago

    Yo dawg, how would an alien be successful in bypassing a human immune response? The first encounter of the two species the xeno would have to start from scratch in its and race against us

  • ZigZag2000
    ZigZag2000 3 months ago

    Well Covenant proved you wrong.

  • Akaihiryuu77
    Akaihiryuu77 3 months ago

    According to Covenant, the xenomorphs were created by experiments involving the black goo, engineer DNA, human DNA (they're very similar anyway), and a species of parasitic wasp native to the engineer homeworld (with lots of gene splicing, breeding over generations of the wasp, etc). So the black goo WAS involved, but it isn't a magical xenomorph creator.

  • Calvin magnan_2213080
    Calvin magnan_2213080 3 months ago +2

    Vagina Snake

  • Jack Jacky
    Jack Jacky 3 months ago

    hey do a naruto's clone jutsu explanation kinda curious about that

  • The Primal Earth
    The Primal Earth 3 months ago

    coyote: 0_0

  • Felix-The-Ghost
    Felix-The-Ghost 3 months ago

    I found the brush off gag of Alien 3 distasteful. The movie is good, unfortunately the theatrical version and theatrical trailer are bad.

  • Felix-The-Ghost
    Felix-The-Ghost 3 months ago

    Alien 3 is a good movie, just not the theatrical version. I also liked Alien 4 even though it attracts a lot of snarky comments. Alien Covenant seems to be the most disappointing one. Is Prometheus worth watching?

  • TheTrenchface
    TheTrenchface 4 months ago

    But.... This is all obvious....

  • Shadow HD
    Shadow HD 4 months ago

    I watched this just to learn.
    How do the xenomorphs keep their race alive? Xeno + xeno = 1 egg, right? So if two xenos make 1, how do they not go extinct?

  • Honky Von Christ
    Honky Von Christ 4 months ago

    Hehehe vagina-snake. What?

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green 4 months ago

    The only real problem now since you fixed your mistakes is explaining the random off the wall xenomorphs like the giant and missle runner aliens honour guard alien and the egg shaped alien good luck

  • Blake Beacham
    Blake Beacham 4 months ago

    So any explanation as to why Xenomorphs can survive almost a full magazine from an M4 and headshots from a Glock pistol

  • starkiller nah
    starkiller nah 4 months ago

    In the beginning,how you drew the goo I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought this looked like a carrot

  • Trevor Donohoe
    Trevor Donohoe 4 months ago

    with due respect does the nerdist ever answer anyone...thanks

  • miguel duque
    miguel duque 4 months ago +2

    5:28 5:35 lmfao the whole part then the sperm glass break lol

  • Rajeev Devalall
    Rajeev Devalall 4 months ago

    Can you please do a follow up video now that we have Alien Covenant. What I don't understand is that David genetically engineered the Xenomorph in the home planet of those really large alien beings. Hence all the eggs where on that planet. But when we go back to the original Alien (1979) they land on the planet where Prometheus crashed.
    Secondly, in the original alien the showed the large human dude sitting in ship when they entered the space ship to explore. Note the eggs where on the ship not the planet that Davud created them on. So big human dude sitting on chair. But in Prometheus the big human dude leaves his ship after it crashes to attack Dr. Shaw.
    Unless I'm missing something.

  • Michael Raskulinec
    Michael Raskulinec 4 months ago

    I didn't know jesus was a biologist!

  • Red Dragon Gamer
    Red Dragon Gamer 4 months ago

    "ze guu"

  • hmmm nope not interesting

    Why does he say “Ze goo”?

  • the gaming reader
    the gaming reader 5 months ago

    Now I can tell my biology teacher that I did my homework and learned some new words! (This is freaking complicated!)

  • boss mewtwo
    boss mewtwo 5 months ago


  • The Bard and Bear
    The Bard and Bear 5 months ago

    And not a single bit of this takes into account the Dark Horse canon regarding Yautja and how they spread the Xenomorphs around the galaxy and whatnot a long, long time ago. Nor does it factor in that Prometheus was garbage.