Terrible 2nd Half Officiating Gifts Packers Win Over Lions | NFL

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • The refs single-handedly ruined the game for the Lions multiple times in the 2nd half of tonight's game. Trey Flowers was called for 2 illegal hands to the face penalties in which he never even touched anyone's face, and Kerryon Johnson was robbed of a 3rd down conversion because of an overturned reception call.
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  • TexasBoy Easye
    TexasBoy Easye Day ago

    Home cooking... hate to see it

  • Sparkfx
    Sparkfx Day ago

    As a saints fan - I feel bad for the lions. I almost wish everyone could boycott the NFL until they stop this because it is blatantly obvious that the refs are cheating and trying to make games closer by giving calls away to teams that are down or just straight up giving games to fit some bigger narrative. It's fucking infuriating and I wish there was some way to sue the fuck out of this piece of shit organization. No integrity.
    ALSO: HOW THE FUCK. LIKE HOW THE ABSOLUTE FUCK. IS THAT HANDS TO THE FACE? NOT TO MENTION NOT HOLDING AGAINST GREEN BAY. You can see the O line guys are clearly holding with hands outside the shoulder pads and pulling Flowers away from the QB by either his arm or the grab on his pads / jersey. This happens to Cam Jordan on the saints all the fucking time. Like literally at least 5 times every game that I just randomly see without re-watching in slow motion or anything so I'm sure it's way more than that. We just played the Bucs and won - however. When we went up 20- 0 we started getting holding calls against us, and all kinds of bullshit calls. Yet the bucs were doing blatant holds even worse than seen here. Oh not to mention we got 3 illegal hands to the face calls in a row right around that time in the game too.
    It's just bullshit. All to extend the drives and give the losing team more of a chance to make sure the game is close. I fucking hate it. NFL is absolute trash and I really wish something will happen and they will get their asses sued and maybe even some jail time. But we know that will never happen because people will continue to watch no matter how obvious and fake it is. It's literally getting almost as bad as wrestling.

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible 4 days ago

    I'm a packers fan, even I admit that's bad bad officiating

  • Bram Sortwell
    Bram Sortwell 8 days ago

    This kind of stuff has been happening all year: officials rescuing the Packers when critical plays went wrong. I live just south of Green Bay and have no real love for the Packers - just for the game. The NFL is almost unbearable to watch.

  • Qwertos
    Qwertos 8 days ago

    So they can see two "hands to the face" calls where he was touching the shoulder pad but they can't see J.D. McKissic's head being turned 90 degrees and a defenders hand wrapped around his facemask?

  • Maddy Rose
    Maddy Rose 9 days ago

    This video leaves out the obvious defensive interference call against Green Bay that was not called. I was watching this game, intrigued by the fact that the Lions were winning, and then the refs just took it from them. Usually, bad calls are spread out evenly throughout the game benefitting each team on occasion. In this case, they were all in the 4th quarter and all went against Detroit.

  • YaFiGazTheYunGiN
    YaFiGazTheYunGiN 10 days ago

    From a saints fan we feel u detroit trust me we feel u

  • Christopher Gabbard
    Christopher Gabbard 13 days ago

    Why the refs make bad calls against the Lions??????

  • Clash with Jacob 2019
    Clash with Jacob 2019 15 days ago

    The lions are not that good of a team why do the refs keep costing them games!!!!

    GAMER KID 16 days ago +1

    Trey Flowers: High fives Aaron Rodgers


    Refs after the game: Aaron Rodgers. Where's my money?

  • Real Hyper YT
    Real Hyper YT 17 days ago

    I'm a Lions fan and once I saw those calls I sat in silence wondering what just happen.

  • James Vs. Movies
    James Vs. Movies 19 days ago +1

    The Lions haven’t been relevant in years. What does the NFL and the Refs have against them?

  • LiamReviewsLEGO Official

    The commentator is a lions fan

  • Sirius Mind
    Sirius Mind 20 days ago

    Are you not entertained !

  • Devin McGrath
    Devin McGrath 21 day ago

    I am not a lions fan or a green bay fan, and those calls were bullshit

  • Koricica
    Koricica 21 day ago

    What was the online casinos wager and odds of this game?

  • J. A.
    J. A. 22 days ago +1


  • Daquan B
    Daquan B 23 days ago +1

    Reciever: takes a deep breath
    Ref blows whistle: unnecessary breathing 15 yard penalty

      GAMER KID 16 days ago +1

      Unnecessary breathing 😂😂😂😂

  • Oscar Bosco
    Oscar Bosco 25 days ago

    If refs aren’t punished for this stuff they’re just going to keep doing it.

  • Steve Russell Vlogs
    Steve Russell Vlogs 25 days ago

    Unpopular opinion:
    The last call was bs but the first was a good call.

  • Mandude Dudeman
    Mandude Dudeman 26 days ago

    To say that the Refs had nothing to do with how this game ended means you are in denial and need to seek professional help.

  • MrBank325
    MrBank325 26 days ago

    This is getting ridiculous. Refs should not be deciding games on a consistent basis.

  • helmedon
    helmedon 26 days ago

    People think Lions fans are just whining when they complain about getting screwed by refs. This is nothing new. Any time Detroit is playing better than a big market team we see poor officiating.

  • Diego
    Diego 27 days ago

    Meh a wins a win, thank you refs that big check going your way 😌😫

  • pa triot
    pa triot 27 days ago

    What the hell happened to GBs uniforms?
    Another reason I don't watch the NFL.

  • Rob
    Rob 27 days ago

    Football is americas toughest professional team sport. damn refs this season about to make this a soft ass sport

  • Alexander Wood
    Alexander Wood 27 days ago

    sorry but that was obviously hands to the face. Y’all are blind if you think that woesn’t

  • PJxrector
    PJxrector 28 days ago

    lol u trash

  • P Cass
    P Cass 28 days ago

    You know ESPN told booger not to be so critical of the officials after this even though this is exactly what we want from an announcer

  • P Cass
    P Cass 28 days ago

    The white announcer wanted to back the refs so bad but booger kept his ass in check

  • The Justifier
    The Justifier 29 days ago +2

    Everyone keeps forgetting that the refs legitimately gave the lions a touchdown in the first half even though the guy was down at the 1 yard line

    • Uranium 235
      Uranium 235 28 days ago

      I said the same thing, but most people here probably never actually watched the full game, and the fact that the officials gave the Lions the touchdown doesn't fit with their narrative that the officials gave the game to the Packers.

  • eRic
    eRic 29 days ago

    as a Lions fan, you would think this hurts. but really, we're so used to it that it just doesn't surprise us anymore. however, I am happy that this is finally openeing everyone else's eyes to how bad the league hates our franchise. in the last ten years, no one has been screwed more than this team. it's not even a conspiracy anymore. it's blatant and out there. the league has their favored dynasty teams that they want to do well. it's all about money, obviously. they want the Packers or Cowboys to win the NFC and will do whatever they can do help that happen. for more evidence on the NFL's hatred for the Lions, just look up these plays: Calvin Johnson no-catch vs Chicago, picked up pass interference flag between Hitchens and Pettigrew vs Dallas, illegally batted ball vs Seattle, phantom face-mask on Rodgers vs GB. and these are only four of the worst.

  • Jorji
    Jorji 29 days ago

    im not a lions fan but this game pissed me off so much, holy shit

  • Clem Fivekiller
    Clem Fivekiller 29 days ago

    It's a known fact Detroit is on the NFL's shit list since like forever

  • Elevated Emotions
    Elevated Emotions 29 days ago +1

    Fire All American and hire Mexican Referees 💯

  • Aces High
    Aces High 29 days ago +1

    Actually, the Lions were given a free touchdown on an earlier blown call, whereas the Packers were only given yardage, SO THE GAME WAS NOT GIVEN TO THE PACKERS. Also, the Lions have a reputation for dirty play anyway.....

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas 29 days ago

    i wonder what the Packers record really is, meaning without help from the referees.

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy 29 days ago +2

    Reality check. Detroit’s first touchdown, was NOT a touchdown. So quit bithin!

    • Uranium 235
      Uranium 235 28 days ago

      bithin? I think you mean bitchin'!

  • Big B Meyer
    Big B Meyer 29 days ago

    Oh so when the Packers get some love from the ref's it's a problem???

  • Squidward Tennisballs
    Squidward Tennisballs 29 days ago


  • Paul Miazga
    Paul Miazga Month ago

    It's not poor officiating. It's called the refs are bought and paid for. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

  • Tobias T.
    Tobias T. Month ago


  • Ancapistan Will RIse

    I agree the running back never caught the ball, it was bobbling the whole time and he didn't secure it. In fact that was a pretty easy call to make. The other two with illegal hands to the face look like BS calls.

  • Speakz
    Speakz Month ago

    Thankgod for the refs

  • war ran
    war ran Month ago

    Dont worry. Green bay never wins and sucks ass.

  • Romo
    Romo Month ago

    You know it's a problem when the ref does the lambeau leap

  • Film Shark
    Film Shark Month ago +1

    actually when you look at the full clips of the hands to the face calls, not just the parts they showed on tv, you can see when he has hands pushing on the head or neck area which by rule is hands to the face. also, the refs handed he lions a touch down on the goal line that he did not have. and if you really wanted to win, you would've gotten in the end zone just ONE more time during your hundred trips to the redzone. don't be salty lions, just be better.

    • Uranium 235
      Uranium 235 28 days ago

      At 1:43 you can clearly see Bakhtiari's helmet moving. It WAS hands to the face.

  • littlemiller6
    littlemiller6 Month ago +1

    The packers were not gifted anything. They had amazing third down defense and allowed 0 tuddies second half

    • Matt Dokho
      Matt Dokho 26 days ago

      And its bad when even Packer cans say that win wasn't deserved.

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J Month ago

    This was such BS. A thumb is not his hand, only his thumb barely touched the mask. That does not count at all.

  • James Davis
    James Davis Month ago

    Not even a lion fan but this seems to happen every lion game I watch.

  • kong xiaoli
    kong xiaoli Month ago

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers played a game against the Oakland Raiders on

    Sunday afternoon. After the game, head coach Matt LaFleur presented Rogers (others) with

    a game ball and his teammates lost their senses.

  • Jmdietr
    Jmdietr Month ago

    I didn’t think the refs could get any worse than last year but Jesus they keep getting worse every game

  • Blake Pietila
    Blake Pietila Month ago +1

    On the second hands to the face if anything they should have called holding on the offense.

  • HenlxxY
    HenlxxY Month ago +1

    I’m a Packers fan and that was a shitty call on the lions. They would’ve won that game. The lions are good sports.

  • NYDelly Dell
    NYDelly Dell Month ago

    NFL refs looking like the NBA refs

  • Ball is Life
    Ball is Life Month ago

    this pisses me the fuck off

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man Month ago

    Make hands to the face reviewable too

  • Remens
    Remens Month ago

    Trey Flowers: Wipes sweat off of face
    Refs: Illegal use of hands to the face

  • Petey Pete
    Petey Pete Month ago

    First one was correctly overturned

  • R3N5HAW
    R3N5HAW Month ago

    STOP WATCHING THE NFL... Once it happens to your team you will realize these people will swing games when and if necessary. CORRUPTION. BOYCOTT THE NFL