Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Sophia Panych, Allure's Digital Deputy Beauty Director, tries out almost every method of hair removal, including using shaving, epilating, using hair removal cream, waxing, tweezing and more. Sophia waits two weeks to see how her hair grows back. Find out what method might be the best method for you.
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    Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure
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  • Cerenity Allen
    Cerenity Allen Hour ago

    This was funny but I could feel her pain on my own legs

  • Mariana C
    Mariana C 3 hours ago

    Sugaring “gel” or “wax” is supposed to be applied AGAINST the hair growth and removed in the opposite direction.

  • Sayuri VKG
    Sayuri VKG 4 hours ago

    I am using an epilator for my legs. Well is true that my hair got thinner over the years and is growing in patches since using it. But I still face issues with the ingrown hairs and the strawberry skin aspect.

  • Raquel Nunes
    Raquel Nunes 4 hours ago

    epilators are the devil

    cOLIN RITMAN 5 hours ago

    It took me 8 minutes to realise i pressed on this video and still watching it.

  • June H
    June H 6 hours ago

    She's too squeamish to be doing this. Should've asked me to do this video instead.

  • Gaby 12
    Gaby 12 6 hours ago +1

    Oh boys say that us girls have it easy..

  • Funny 0494
    Funny 0494 7 hours ago

    I'm a tan girl with thicc hair. That's no good.

  • Kimberly Reyes
    Kimberly Reyes 8 hours ago

    Me too

  • Mia Cain
    Mia Cain 8 hours ago

    Came here for the duck tape 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • RM4_Timber Sings
    RM4_Timber Sings 9 hours ago +1

    All those tan insta model sad af cause they can’t get laser hair removal xD 😂

  • Лень батьковна

    girl if you're so painful from the epilator, don't even try laser. just don't. you won't survive the bikini

  • user name
    user name 12 hours ago +1

    I wish they did a close up on her legs while she was removing her hair

  • Ulker Ahmedova
    Ulker Ahmedova 14 hours ago

    2weeks later my hair never can be like that. My feet will look like man. 😂 my mind laser is the better than them.

  • Yuumi
    Yuumi 16 hours ago

    Do this again but with someone who has dark thick hair thanks :)

  • Losxver uwu
    Losxver uwu 20 hours ago

    I have the Epilator... It HURTS SO MUCH at the first part. But if you use it often then it's much more easier.

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 20 hours ago

    The hair gonna grow back unevenly🤡

  • Katelyn Stewart
    Katelyn Stewart 21 hour ago

    what was that shaving lotion she used at the beginning?

  • Samantha Mostowicz
    Samantha Mostowicz 21 hour ago

    damn some look so painful tho
    but I really want to do the sugaring tbh👀🌹

  • Samantha Mostowicz
    Samantha Mostowicz 21 hour ago

    “actually no I don’t get it....sorry”
    me too lmao😬😂

  • Lizzy Reads
    Lizzy Reads Day ago

    She said it "took off three layers of skin"but we only have three layers of skin....

  • Disaster Wolf
    Disaster Wolf Day ago

    Chop off your legs, problem solved.

  • Hon, Please
    Hon, Please Day ago

    Ok get out if my recommended now

  • InfectionGames YT

    Last resort:Duct Tape

  • vioumalet
    vioumalet Day ago

    I've been using epilators for over a year and after a few months it started to not hurt at all. Even though the sound of the machine is intimidating it doesn't hurt anymore, so I can just get my legs done in 20-30 minutes. Also epilators weaken the hair so they grow back much slower. I personally prefer them over any other method.

  • Skylar Sandin
    Skylar Sandin Day ago

    i have enough leg hair to make a blanket. in order to keep it at bay, i must shave every day. but do i? NOPE. pants are so much easier.

  • April Flowers
    April Flowers Day ago

    I just use the disposal razors every couple weeks

  • Lindsey Bottoms
    Lindsey Bottoms Day ago

    Which one do y’all use?

  • Rebeca Hernandez

    Me pregunto que hace una harina pan en un video de Allure...

  • Crystal L. Glenn

    Epilators hurt!!!!

  • poisonedsodapop
    poisonedsodapop Day ago

    She really needed to have had some time with a safety razor before using it on her legs. I haven't cut myself with my safety razor yet. You just have to be really gentle. It has a learning curve. And I used it on other areas before I ever tried mine on my legs. So don't feel scared away from them if you were looking for a new method! Just think of being gentle, and be gentler than that when you first are learning.

  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross Day ago

    ... I didn't realize that I was supposed to use so little shave cream... How embarassing... And I laughed as she used the epilator, my hair is thicker than hers and it's not _that_ bad. Somewhat painful, but not absolutely torturous. I unsuccessfully used it once on one leg, it's just too slow. DSC razors are good though!

  • btsARMY with jams

    2 months of spending in my recommendations, I finally accepted to watch it

  • X Sofia
    X Sofia Day ago

    She is so funny

  • Princessbuttercup

    Her voice reminds me of Sofiya Nygard.......

  • Tamanna Khan
    Tamanna Khan Day ago

    I never waxed nor shaved my legs or arms hair

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts Day ago +2

    U should have got someone w loads of leg hair she’s got almost ntn.

  • Ioana Maria
    Ioana Maria Day ago

    I tried doing the wax but I just couldn’t pull the strip properly.

  • Calumhoodismine mwuah

    this girl don't even have hair on her leg lol

  • 10,000 subscribers with two videos?

    Why did i watch this whole video even though i’m never gonna actually use all these methods?

  • AvaFromEngland
    AvaFromEngland Day ago

    My body hair is so blonde and thick that you can't even tell it's there.

  • kbish :3
    kbish :3 Day ago +7

    Me : *shaves legs*

    My Leg Hair : *grows back after one day* i'm 'boutta end this woman's whole career

  • sinyora noor
    sinyora noor Day ago

    My mom always uses the epilator and when I tried it once I cried

  • Stephanyyx0 00
    Stephanyyx0 00 Day ago

    Follow me on ig @ stephanyyx0 & then dm if you saw this on TVclip 😂

  • GalacticHuskyPuppy UwU

    Yeah I’m getting the cream

  • Ellen Driver
    Ellen Driver 2 days ago

    Did she have to keep that marker on her legs for 2 weeks?

  • Ellen Driver
    Ellen Driver 2 days ago

    Did she have to keep that marker on her legs for 2 weeks?

  • wtfdaniellaaa
    wtfdaniellaaa 2 days ago

    Can we please see someone WITH leg hair, this lady looks like she’s just removed her hair. How are we supposed to see the difference?

  • shoz noor
    shoz noor 2 days ago +1


  • Emma Pearce
    Emma Pearce 2 days ago

    Omg this helped me so much!! Thank you for this vid!!!!😋😁

  • Babygirltashx
    Babygirltashx 2 days ago

    Actually going to buy a hard wax kit and i already have a laser hair removal thing

  • Sia Chokshi
    Sia Chokshi 2 days ago

    My leg hair deserves to be in this video

  • xXMountain DewXx
    xXMountain DewXx 2 days ago

    I once tried the straight razor since it was the only one I had laying round. Damn those cuts hurt

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 2 days ago +1

    So basically if you have sensitive skin you’re screwed....great

  • Kyzerjamm
    Kyzerjamm 2 days ago

    So that’s why there was a super hard sponge in our shower.. turns out it was a rock?

  • Tory Sharp
    Tory Sharp 2 days ago

    Thanks! I’ll go get my duct tape I’m so exited to try it out!!

  • Łunar Søuł
    Łunar Søuł 2 days ago +4

    Beauty is pain, my friend.
    Jk, don’t hurt yourself for something as unimportant as beauty and good looks.

    • Łunar Søuł
      Łunar Søuł 5 hours ago

      Jassi Bam np.

    • Jassi Bam
      Jassi Bam 7 hours ago

      +Łunar Søuł Haha, okey, i am sorry, i thought you're an army... Sorryyyy😅

    • Łunar Søuł
      Łunar Søuł 7 hours ago

      Jassi Bam JK means ‘Just Joking’ or ‘Joking’... Not Jungkook...

    • Jassi Bam
      Jassi Bam 8 hours ago

      Jk? Do you mean Jungkook? Are you talking about him trying to curl his eyelashes with this eyelash curler and looking like a cute adorable baby? Do you even know what i am talking about? Because if not, just search "BTS" on TVclip and you'll fall in a deep, deep, deeeeeeeep hole, where you can never escape from... Armys know what i mean😂

  • Alpine_swift
    Alpine_swift 2 days ago

    What’s the disadvantage of using tape to wax your leg hair? Apart from it being painful of course. Like will it make your skin dry or something?

  • Shadow Pico
    Shadow Pico 2 days ago

    why is this in my recommendations I never had any leg hair. or arm hair. or armpit hair. I don't know why, it just runs in my family. but oh my God removing unwanted hair looks hella painful

  • Lydia Ahn
    Lydia Ahn 2 days ago

    Reasons why I hate beauty standards and being a woman RReEEeEeEEeEeE Life Sucks

  • Porscha-J & Dacia-D
    Porscha-J & Dacia-D 2 days ago

    What am I doing?!

  • Uzma M
    Uzma M 2 days ago

    I cannottt with the epilator either 😭 it hurts tooo much

  • Tatum Carter
    Tatum Carter 2 days ago

    set ur bottom half on fire, the hair will burn off

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 2 days ago

    i wanna shave my legs and arms but im afraid of people who would approach me and ask me why i shaved

  • Comical Wolfie
    Comical Wolfie 2 days ago

    For beginners, I recommend the fast pass of the epilator

  • jean foster
    jean foster 3 days ago

    Why the hell she is in such pain? Amateur

  • Makayla
    Makayla 3 days ago

    She doesn’t even have a lot of hair

  • Vivian__ Roy
    Vivian__ Roy 3 days ago

    Get someone who has noticeable leg hair. It helps shows the results better.

  • floryzia
    floryzia 3 days ago

    i will never have hairless legs.

  • floryzia
    floryzia 3 days ago


  • Stephanie T
    Stephanie T 3 days ago

    I can barely see her hair. Please get someone with darker hair next time

  • Peaches
    Peaches 3 days ago

    there's another hair removal method that I've been using brazilianly for 4 years now, called HALAWA. Some said it is sugaring but unlike the one in the video, the wax is more sticky and does not require the wax sticks. My esthetician kind of just use her (gloved) hand, procure the wax like the ready made wax strips, take the wax off it, spread it like so on the area say 3-4 inch long, then rip it. then she reuse the same wax for like 7-8 times depend on the thickness of the hair removed, before getting new batch of ready made wax until every hair is gone.

    COMMANDER LEXA 3 days ago

    I wish I was boy 😂😭

  • Hey its Em.
    Hey its Em. 3 days ago

    TVclip, I watched it. Leave me alone now thanks.

  • Emily Luther
    Emily Luther 3 days ago +1

    I’ve tried waxing and honestly I didn’t even flinch, guess it all depends on how ur pain tolerance is 🤨

  • Aine Whelan
    Aine Whelan 3 days ago

    All my facial and body hair is invisible(i have no eyebrows i meen NO eyebrows)

  • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY

    Can use a tape for a sake of TVclip experiment hm

  • Sommei
    Sommei 3 days ago

    For the sponge ones, that you "have" to wet. You can just rub your leg and the hairs fall off after a while. Painless.

  • y o yo
    y o yo 3 days ago

    Thanks to my father, I'm hairy.

  • shivani balram
    shivani balram 3 days ago


  • Janelle Tate
    Janelle Tate 3 days ago


  • The Best Person Ever Alive

    I accidentally used my moms pumet stone because I didnt know what it was like if you accidentally did something

  • Malachi Norvell
    Malachi Norvell 4 days ago

    You forgot the normal hair buzzer to shorten the hair, then lighter.

  • Miss Latoof
    Miss Latoof 4 days ago +2

    Yeah, I have thick hair and A LOT of hair, and my mom made me use the Epilator until under my knee.....I’m 12.....it hurt A LOT that it made me cry, and I don’t usually cry, but this one, it feels like you’re getting electrocuted, DON’T TRY IT, I’M WARNING YOU.

  • Fran Cobban
    Fran Cobban 4 days ago

    When I first tried waxing with wax strips I cried and I couldn't finish it bc I have rly sensitive skin and I'm a wimp 😂

  • BananaBread
    BananaBread 4 days ago

    I have sensitive skin and thick fast growing leg hair, really won the genetic lottery there aha

  • Melissa Kumar
    Melissa Kumar 4 days ago

    Damn i would not be her she got guts that could ruin ur legs

  • This comment is bullshit !

    I feel you so much hahaha

  • Misha Ryland
    Misha Ryland 4 days ago

    What about electrolysis?

    SIMA ROY CHATTERJEE 4 days ago

    She practically doesn't have leg hair!!! Wtf

  • Kristin Matte
    Kristin Matte 5 days ago

    Man multiply this by thighs, bikini line and 100 other spots if you’re hairy and it’s just an expensive painful gendered nightmare.

  • Joshua Gonzalo
    Joshua Gonzalo 5 days ago +2

    Is that blood?

    No sweetie it's ketchup

  • Fiammetta Mishal
    Fiammetta Mishal 5 days ago +3

    Welcome To Yet *ANOTHER* Episode Of *WhY tHe FrIcK iS tHiS iN mY fRiCkEn FlApPiN' rEcOmMeNdaTiOnS?!*

  • Ariana Patel
    Ariana Patel 5 days ago

    Lmao I use that exact cream for my leg hair

  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson 5 days ago

    I like my leg hair

  • Ardo Con
    Ardo Con 5 days ago +1

    I let it grow. When you don't shave the hair grows in tapered and is quite soft and comfortable.

  • Olivia Edmundson
    Olivia Edmundson 5 days ago

    I tryed the duck tape

    It barley worked

  • Sälty Ss
    Sälty Ss 5 days ago

    I learned more in this video than how much I learned at school today

  • Graham Cracker
    Graham Cracker 5 days ago

    I have that Venus razor

  • TotallyNot AnAlien
    TotallyNot AnAlien 5 days ago

    I buy two packs of disposable razors with 6 blades each from Dollar tree or three packs of five blade razors ALSO from dollar tree