Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Sophia Panych, Allure's Digital Deputy Beauty Director, tries out almost every method of hair removal, including using shaving, epilating, using hair removal cream, waxing, tweezing and more. Sophia waits two weeks to see how her hair grows back. Find out what method might be the best method for you.
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    Every Method of Leg Hair Removal (21 Methods) | Allure
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Comments • 6 342

  • Lauren Shahdanian
    Lauren Shahdanian 24 minutes ago

    The woman did not use the electric razor right you are supposed to move it in circles not straight lines

  • Katelyn Erbe
    Katelyn Erbe 2 hours ago

    wax strips feel like duct tape

  • Amar A.
    Amar A. 2 hours ago

    Epilators don’t hurt at all what? 😂

  • Ms Mewhenimgone
    Ms Mewhenimgone 4 hours ago

    Watching reincarnated Jodie Foster rubbing her legs with some strange things for 16 minutes was surprisingly entertain thanks though

  • Angeleque SUA
    Angeleque SUA 4 hours ago +1

    I mean.. do your legs really needs to be hairless to be love/ likable. "Not all" people will like us even though how hard we try.
    If a girl is not as hairy as a gorilla, I guess there's no need to remove those hairs.

  • Inesita Lopez
    Inesita Lopez 4 hours ago

    I really want to see the same video but with a people with real hear I mean, omg in 2 weeks her hair doesn't grew up
    I'm jealous

  • BumbleNaut The Whale
    BumbleNaut The Whale 5 hours ago

    Why am I watching this, I don’t shave lol. I just don’t choose to.

  • Kaja
    Kaja 6 hours ago

    youtube was begging me to watch this. it’s been in my recommendations for ACTUAL MONTHS.

  • Brooke Purtell
    Brooke Purtell 7 hours ago

    can kids use the2nd method?

  • Shrek-a- luigi
    Shrek-a- luigi 7 hours ago

    I am actually so scared of shaving my legs 😱

  • TrashCubed
    TrashCubed 11 hours ago

    Screw shaving, if you really want to remove your hair just wax. It takes a little longer, but is better for your skin, have to do it less often... etc.

  • tiny cookie
    tiny cookie 18 hours ago

    I needed this because my legs and arms Harry af

  • Anna Elephant
    Anna Elephant 21 hour ago +1

    My sister just said she loves me

    Don’t believe it😔😑

  • 에리스elise
    에리스elise Day ago +1

    i dont have that many legs

  • Demi Jansen
    Demi Jansen Day ago

    How did i get here....

  • Reem
    Reem Day ago +2

    Best option: laser hair removal. I haven't shaved in like 7 months ✌️

  • Genesis Serrano
    Genesis Serrano Day ago

    I watch this so much I have a problem

  • Isolated Cup
    Isolated Cup Day ago +1

    Is it weird I absolutely love her voice

  • Mini Sclera
    Mini Sclera Day ago

    *yeah im sticking to just razors..*

  • Just blooming
    Just blooming Day ago

    Some of these methods I never heard of. and a poma stone I use that to clean the bottom of my feet

  • Aphrodite D.
    Aphrodite D. Day ago +1

    Being a woman is so difficult sometimes tbh 😩

  • Eva _lbnss
    Eva _lbnss 2 days ago

    When i tried the epilator for the first time it didn’t hurt🤷‍♀️

    • crystal forever1
      crystal forever1 15 hours ago

      Eva _lbnss u probably took of the head that had tweezers and a used the smooth head without tweezers

  • creme devil
    creme devil 2 days ago

    One time I was talking with my mum and the topic of shaving came up and she was talking about having to do it once a week and I was like “but for me it took a month to grow back”, oh boy she was jealous

  • valentina faith
    valentina faith 2 days ago

    imagine taking painkillers before waxing when blades exist

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 2 days ago +1

    I kept on wondering , how much was she paid to do this ?

  • Sydney Knight
    Sydney Knight 2 days ago

    I had a razor ad before the video

  • Min Yoonkook
    Min Yoonkook 2 days ago

    I don't have any leg hair.. but y'all complain about leg hair while i have a god damn forest on my armpit 😂

  • XxMyloxX - Gaming
    XxMyloxX - Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Sees 21 Methods to remove leg hair: eh
    See duct time on thumbnail: *clicks*

  • Just Lexi Here
    Just Lexi Here 2 days ago

    just chop off your legs
    no legs no hair.

  • victoria lune
    victoria lune 2 days ago

    aw, i just loved you sophia, what a good sport and so endearing.

  • Maddie Becker
    Maddie Becker 2 days ago

    I don't understand how that girl has so much more hair than me

  • Sarah Raines
    Sarah Raines 2 days ago

    I hate shaving. 😩

    AMELIA DELPILAR 3 days ago +1

    Who else noticed in the corner, there's a picture of the shave tool thingamajig.

  • Abby Herrera
    Abby Herrera 3 days ago

    is it weird that i wanted to see something go wrong with the duck tape..? i think i need help.

  • AnD i oOp-
    AnD i oOp- 3 days ago +2

    6:50 that glove leaves yur legs so smooooth i have tried it on multiple occasions and no regrets from me 😍😍if u shave and then rub it against yur skin after it leaves it hella smooth

  • Am na
    Am na 3 days ago

    They should try all this with a Pakistani or middle eastern chick lol

  • Marianna Mako
    Marianna Mako 3 days ago +4

    Did I seriously just watch 16 mins straight of ads?

    AMENA Z 3 days ago

    Should’ve brought someone hairier to try this on the results would’ve been more visible

  • xs_ fox
    xs_ fox 3 days ago

    Safety Razor are very easy to use. They are cheaper and make no waste. I use one for 8 months now and never cut myself.

  • art_lover
    art_lover 3 days ago

    Which hair remover causes the least pain?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 days ago

    Why did they not even mention electrolysis? If you want permanent hair removal, that’s it.

  • i love cats
    i love cats 3 days ago

    I'm going to try sugaring

  • King Nikki
    King Nikki 3 days ago +1

    They should use me for this video I have hair 10 times darker, longer and thicker than that

  • Ashley DiGiacomo
    Ashley DiGiacomo 3 days ago

    The white one in the first few minutes you have to do in circles

  • big chungus
    big chungus 4 days ago

    No thanks imma just use my good ol' razor/shaver

  • Maria Buso
    Maria Buso 4 days ago

    Me: watches
    ad: You need to shave your leg hair before it becomes your hair!
    Me: Why....

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Dang.. Y’all should of asked a man with hairy legs 🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Keilani Ortega
    Keilani Ortega 4 days ago

    She has NO leg hair I uave lots and im only 10

  • Angelina berga
    Angelina berga 4 days ago

    I use wax strips and yes I is a little painful but I hate it because it's soooo messy like

  • garbage can
    garbage can 4 days ago +8

    i thought joana ceddia was the queen of removing leg hair on camera

  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 days ago

    I've never shaved my legs my whole life yet I found this video so interesting

  • Mash Mash
    Mash Mash 4 days ago

    Me: only klicks on the video to see a woman shaving her legs with duck tape
    Woman: not gonna do that
    Me: ....

  • Erjonadi
    Erjonadi 4 days ago

    I'm 15, I use an epilator to shave my legs and it doesn't hurt as much as she makes it seem🤷. I also shave my armpits with the epilator just with a different tip

  • Rez Da Sketchz
    Rez Da Sketchz 4 days ago

    xD i tweezed my leg hair....and it doesnt hurt

  • timtam20292
    timtam20292 4 days ago

    I came here for the masking tape.

  • Kamila Abdumuminova
    Kamila Abdumuminova 4 days ago +1

    Who would do this to themselves?
    Me: my mom

  • Annushka Noor
    Annushka Noor 4 days ago

    she looks like a combination of Elizabeth moss and Margot Robbie

  • speedpaint nasla
    speedpaint nasla 4 days ago

    I tried shaving my leg once......

    .....I was crying for an hour.....it was my first time...

  • KittyKat143
    KittyKat143 4 days ago +2

    "So you don't burn yourself-" "OW!"

  • kamal chahal
    kamal chahal 4 days ago

    oh god great i am scared of shaving my leg hair

  • x Patronuz
    x Patronuz 4 days ago

    Oh wow I use an epilator XD

  • Lilja's Art
    Lilja's Art 5 days ago

    Using an epilator is much less painful if you stretch your skin with your other hand while epilating :) But it does hurt at the first time. The second time is already less painful, like writing said.

  • Elizabeth Zhiryada
    Elizabeth Zhiryada 5 days ago

    Okay sorry to be rude but I wish you did all methods because I was really interested to see the results of what worked the best, of youre gonna sign up and do this, do it all!

  • Jennifer Thomas
    Jennifer Thomas 5 days ago

    She waxes but is afraid of duct tape?

  • anahi zaracho
    anahi zaracho 5 days ago

    me estás cargando?esa mujer apenas tiene 3 pelitos😂

  • Spring
    Spring 5 days ago

    My grandma uses a stone now I know why she has it in the shower

  • Haley Donovan
    Haley Donovan 5 days ago +102

    I thought pumice stones were only used to remove dead skin and calluses from your feet and heels what the hell

  • Haley Donovan
    Haley Donovan 5 days ago

    I use a disposable razor that bends????
    Edit: forgot the brand name. It may be Bic but i doubt it. They're pink and come in a pack of 4

  • Haley Donovan
    Haley Donovan 5 days ago

    I only shave if I'm wearing shorts, skirts or dresses in public

  • arianna
    arianna 5 days ago +224

    if y’all think i’m tweezing each individual hair-

    • Vee _
      Vee _ 4 hours ago

      It would make me cry

    • winsletvfx sophie
      winsletvfx sophie 17 hours ago


    • Irene x
      Irene x Day ago

      @3mraldGate If you have cero sensibilitie in your skin then yes lol

    • 3mraldGate
      3mraldGate Day ago

      @Ciara W So it's a good idea? 😂

    • Ciara W
      Ciara W Day ago +1

      My friend does it. She says it comes back with normal colors and barely thicker than before. It takes her hours.