Film Theory: The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies - What REALLY Happened?


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  • NormalBoots
    NormalBoots 2 months ago +9389

    Thanks for the shout out MatPat!

    • Paarth Kulkarni
      Paarth Kulkarni 7 days ago

      Well if Sharknado can call itself based on true story then any movie can call it based on true story

    • Dangerous infa pig
      Dangerous infa pig 2 months ago

      I love pbg!!!

    • Jampier Acosta
      Jampier Acosta 2 months ago

      NormalBoots no problem :)

    • edgar poe
      edgar poe 2 months ago

      NormalBoots I LOVE PEEEEBS

    • Lolsean Of memes
      Lolsean Of memes 2 months ago


  • swatpolice890
    swatpolice890 5 hours ago

    5:34 I DIED

  • CallMeKes
    CallMeKes 8 hours ago

    Not bad enough that the person who input the subtitles decided to add their own thoughts on the matter being discussed...but they misspelled thing and used totally improper grammar as well.

  • Strangelee Rose
    Strangelee Rose 19 hours ago

    Mat Pat, please make a theory about the creature of Jeepers Creeper.

  • gator 0
    gator 0 20 hours ago +1

    I love the strangers great movie bad recreation

  • Anna Commanda
    Anna Commanda 20 hours ago

    Salt bitches salt

  • ɪᴅʀɪɴᴋʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ


  • younh boy vault
    younh boy vault Day ago

    Also who thinks there teacher is uglyer then everyone in the movies

  • younh boy vault
    younh boy vault Day ago

    Who else thought that the nun and anneibelle and the rest can't touch you because you go to church every sunday

  • Paris Kodjo
    Paris Kodjo Day ago

    This genuinely scared me

  • Brennan Metz
    Brennan Metz Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Erin Clarke
    Erin Clarke 2 days ago

    First you have to belive in ghosts and/or demons for it to be scary.
    Anecdotes aren't evidence.

  • kweshtinmarc Gaming
    kweshtinmarc Gaming 2 days ago +1

    ME: put i have a reflection in my comput- OH GAWD NOOOOO!!!!

  • SillySimoleon
    SillySimoleon 2 days ago

    Well I live in Connecticut so mine as well go and see that doll

  • saltyant687 5346
    saltyant687 5346 2 days ago

    8:04 ... is that from gta?!?!?! The ghost that you see at like 12 on one of the mountains!!

  • Raven the engineer
    Raven the engineer 2 days ago

    how to survive a horror movie:
    (optional) step 1. don't watch it
    step 2. comment about everything
    step 3. talk in a baby voice
    step 4. laugh at how stupid something is (loudly)

  • PogoZombie231
    PogoZombie231 2 days ago

    Would if your lying

  • Luca Guglielmi
    Luca Guglielmi 3 days ago

    Are u taking the piss

  • Macey -The One Gamer

    Dang it. The video ended. Life is over.

  • Teen Fit
    Teen Fit 3 days ago

    The little girl talking like the old man is just so creepy

  • ShadowFaith GT
    ShadowFaith GT 3 days ago

    0:16 meme review

  • DJ Music
    DJ Music 3 days ago

    I need to go back to church more often.

  • youtube is hard
    youtube is hard 3 days ago

    F for the news anchor tho I feel u man

  • Otterssoul
    Otterssoul 3 days ago

    sorry, WHAT is the story of the conjuring? Seriously, who does your sound design and thought that was a usable effect?!

  • katelin rose
    katelin rose 3 days ago

    one day ima get a nightmare from this

  • Andromeda Planet
    Andromeda Planet 3 days ago +1

    Matthew: Hi!
    Me: Hello!

  • JaredAdamz 1992
    JaredAdamz 1992 3 days ago

    Well *the Strangers* was inspired not based on a true story. *the Blair Witch Project* said the footage was found a year later in that alternate universe. So...your move

  • Its_Ya_Girl_Amelia11

    MatPat gets me every time he gets me so into it then goes to HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY A FLIM THEORY

  • SWAG Louie
    SWAG Louie 3 days ago

    Who turned around

    AYDEN GARCIA 3 days ago

    Dude you got scared of a gummy spider

    REE EEE 3 days ago


  • Paul Drake
    Paul Drake 3 days ago


  • JustAnOrdinaryMelon
    JustAnOrdinaryMelon 3 days ago


  • life
    life 3 days ago

    The conjuring was ight but the conjuring to was scary I still think about that bish

  • Da BOMB
    Da BOMB 4 days ago

    8:33 MatPat: NONONONO Me: Bye matpat

  • Ice Legend
    Ice Legend 4 days ago

    Dont turn around
    Dont worry I'm sitting in a corner with garlic a cross baseball bat and the lights on and a torch to burn all the dolls that come at me

  • Wolf Darkwood
    Wolf Darkwood 4 days ago

    I like to think that spirits throwing furniture around is just reveling at how strong they are in the afterlife unlike their old feeble bodies/not so fit selves that allow them to throw shit so easily

  • Joshua Holloway
    Joshua Holloway 4 days ago

    why do you have to make your editing so scary but yet your already telling a scary story, your overkilling the spook factor, (maybe thats just because i don't watch to many horror movies

  • Illicitbike278
    Illicitbike278 4 days ago

    Annabelle is....... a real story. The doll the movie is named after is a physical doll that is possessed by a demon like entity and can beviewed at The Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. Like Robert the doll they warn you to not open the case and unlike Robert it doesn't mind having photos taken without permission. Look it up

  • Davin Basile
    Davin Basile 4 days ago

    Ok who else could not hear anything he was saying with that voice changer at the beginning?

  • Tez O’Reilly
    Tez O’Reilly 5 days ago

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments👋🏼

  • yorgos protogeros
    yorgos protogeros 5 days ago

    They didnt investigate the England case because the weren’t aloud in the house of the family.

  • Nick P
    Nick P 5 days ago

    The way I think about the supernatural is this. We live in a 3D plane. Imagine a 2D person (if such a thing could exist) living his life on a 2D plane, trying to discover all the secrets in the world. He's super smart, he does all these tests and everything, but no matter what, nothing he creates will be able to perceive the 3rd dimension...because the instruments he creaets are subject to the same problems that he is...they will always be limited by the dimension that they exist on. Now...suppose one of us (who lives on the 3rd dimension) walks past this 2 dimensional person. He will see us for as long as we exist on his 2D plane of sight. To him, we would be a "ghost". Yet nobody would believe him because he can't prove it. That's how I think ghosts are for us. They exist on a different plane that we have no way of perceiving no matter what (because our brains aren't capable of doing so...we're not as smart as we think we are, we only have awareness, which creates the illusion that we're smarter than we really are). But sometimes they "cross" into our dimensional sight, and for those moments we are able to see them.

  • dylan bailly
    dylan bailly 5 days ago

    Well magic can't be real so I'm completely convinced that this is completely false

  • G&K Brand
    G&K Brand 5 days ago

    3:52 is that the phantom manor at Disneyland Paris?!?!

  • GhostieDoodles
    GhostieDoodles 5 days ago

    0:17 review...

  • cute_cuby_lioncub ya

    , I turned around and my cat was staring at me evil I was scared so ya.... I will leave

  • lumberjack 717
    lumberjack 717 5 days ago

    Oy mat pat come talk to me when you get thrown up against a wall by spirits ok.

  • Chiara 068
    Chiara 068 5 days ago

    Am i the only one looking behind me because MatPat said we shoudn't?

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King 6 days ago

    glad i watched this at noon

  • Monika the cycle-path

    I mean, I talk to spirits and demons all the time and there are plenty of nice ones. But I can understand that a few dead apples spoil the bunch.

  • Matt 10
    Matt 10 6 days ago

    The scariest thing in the movie is Catholicism.

  • Lumzetuff
    Lumzetuff 6 days ago

    0:16 MEME REVIEW!

  • Frog Roaster
    Frog Roaster 6 days ago

    5:35 though

  • SuperFuzzyBros.
    SuperFuzzyBros. 6 days ago

    The cringe counter on this video is at a 10000000 out of 101. Please bring your next video down to a 10 or possibly 20.

  • Bowman Vowell
    Bowman Vowell 6 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that deep blue sea were bull sharks

  • Queen Alice
    Queen Alice 6 days ago

    *when the opening scares you and you realize you can't make it through this*

  • Tyreem Jones
    Tyreem Jones 6 days ago

    That voice changer used in the beginning of the video gave me more BO2 vibes than scary vibes

  • BaileyT06
    BaileyT06 6 days ago

    2:45 HA I'm actually sitting in the corner >:3

  • No Name
    No Name 6 days ago

    anyone who actually knows a really scary movie?
    watched Conjuring 2, but after I saw the old man appear, I didn't think there was a lot of suspense anymore
    also watched the Hell Fest and there were gross scenes in it, but it wasn't necessarily scary, as you could easily know what would happen and who would die
    Maybe I should just watch thrillers instead of horror?
    Cuz those make me sit on the edge of my seat~

  • Miloplayzz 122
    Miloplayzz 122 6 days ago

    Omg pbg commented on your Visio I love him so much he is my fave youtuber

  • Anonymus Pirolye
    Anonymus Pirolye 7 days ago

    Really? Is that this the thing ur up to now? Talking about movies while ignoring the story of them? I bet the next will be Monsters University. Talking about universities around the world, totally unreleated to the actual movie.

  • EZHAAN Ali
    EZHAAN Ali 7 days ago

    But why did you use all freaking ghosts in intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Achyuth Anil
    Achyuth Anil 7 days ago

    See the video with English subtitles on.

  • Ty Jay
    Ty Jay 7 days ago

    *Slowly looks behind me
    Welp, there goes my sleep tonight

  • CyberLord8080
    CyberLord8080 7 days ago

    I hear many voices when I'm alone.

  • Maxx Doran
    Maxx Doran 7 days ago

    It’s all nonsense and make believe. None of it ever happened. THE END

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 8 days ago

    I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing at the term “de-demonised”
    Like, seriously?! xD
    Edit: also, 7:03 she’s *CLEARLY* just jumping off the bed🙄

  • animemer2005 games
    animemer2005 games 8 days ago +1

    that was close for a moment i thought you were going to say homework but it is just the truth

  • S1NN
    S1NN 8 days ago +1

    For the first time in my life I’m watching these videos in day light

  • MoosieSushi
    MoosieSushi 8 days ago

    Seriously watching the beginning with the scary scenes my grandma coughed and I screamed and she started yelling at me🤣

  • Ravenclaw BNed
    Ravenclaw BNed 8 days ago

    You mean *Scaredy-Pat?*

  • Aura Galaxy Gaming
    Aura Galaxy Gaming 8 days ago

    the subtitles are on point 👌

  • Prudencio Bernal
    Prudencio Bernal 8 days ago

    Ahhh! Kill it!

  • Sister Ariella
    Sister Ariella 8 days ago

    Is it just me or do horror movies not scare you. Not hate I love the conjuring movies but I just don’t get scared. Again no hate the conjuring movies are amazing and I love and the director did an amazing job.

  • Jaraii's Sugakookies

    MatPat: Don't turn around
    me: can't turn around because im lying down

  • Jaraii's Sugakookies

    dude wahhhhhhh
    im scared
    (jk not scared)

  • nguyen minh
    nguyen minh 9 days ago

    luckily it's lunch time here in my country so I don't have to look back to check the shadows in the corner hahaha

  • charles bare
    charles bare 9 days ago

    nope im out

  • Caitlin Elise
    Caitlin Elise 9 days ago

    technically you can say anything is a “true story”. as long as it’s not on contract it’s completely legal.

  • My Dog
    My Dog 9 days ago

    Captions says Muahaha but the video says mua-he-whaha

  • Elsa Anna
    Elsa Anna 9 days ago

    500 horror films claim they’re based on true events

  • mnev 316
    mnev 316 9 days ago

    Y the jump scares in the intro asshole

  • frownley the rabbolf
    frownley the rabbolf 10 days ago

    WELP I scrolled through the comments cuz I got scared 😂😅

  • Darkboy
    Darkboy 10 days ago

    U are amazing i'm watching u for 3 hours and still feeling like watching more

  • Ariel Regala
    Ariel Regala 10 days ago


  • CocoTheChocolateMilk :p

    Fuck, I can't sleep now

  • Kaga
    Kaga 10 days ago


  • Whet
    Whet 10 days ago

    Before I turned around I said “finally, take me” and was disappointed just to see my wall

  • Deimos
    Deimos 10 days ago

    The old man sound like *Springtrap* in freddy fazbear's pizzeria simulator

  • SweatyN3rdKilla
    SweatyN3rdKilla 10 days ago

    what i want to know is where is all the video evidence because they were recording a lot in the film

  • SweatyN3rdKilla
    SweatyN3rdKilla 10 days ago

    everyone's mentality: *sees door move slightly from the wind*

  • Gareth Jacobsen
    Gareth Jacobsen 10 days ago

    The warrens are nothing but conmen

  • SpiceyNorwayne
    SpiceyNorwayne 10 days ago

    Turns on night light

  • :I
    :I 10 days ago

    Just remember ghosts or whatever hate masturbation. If you ever feel a presence just whip it out

  • Pastella W a i f u
    Pastella W a i f u 10 days ago +1

    Anyone down for summoning a demon? I got candles and red paint so we all good

  • The fennec fox gamer
    The fennec fox gamer 10 days ago

    mat: and don't turn around to see that figure creeping up behind you....
    me: **turns around and smacks face on the wall** I FORGOT THAT WAS THERE

  • Chara
    Chara 10 days ago

    The strangers is soooo gooood!!!

  • Rico Karyadi Karyadi
    Rico Karyadi Karyadi 11 days ago

    "We're looking for the scariest thing, the truth" Why? Do you have to point out that I'm 29 and i don't even have a girlfriend.

  • A.M. Chikara
    A.M. Chikara 11 days ago

    DemonMatPat and Post-ExorcismMatPat (Watch with Captions)