Film Theory: The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies - What REALLY Happened?

  • Published on Oct 25, 2018
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    The Conjuring, like many horror movies, claims to be based on "true events". I wanted to know, how TRUE are these movies? I talking names and dates - REAL sources. Theorists, today were are going to see if these ghost stories have ANY TRUTH to them at all!
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  • Georgia p.
    Georgia p. 3 hours ago

    Έχεις ώράια φωνή φίλε 😂😂

  • Earth Is A Donut
    Earth Is A Donut 7 hours ago +1

    I do not believe in ghosts or demons, but I do believe there is an arsehole up there

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 11 hours ago

    (Hope I haven't commented before and just don't remember it. LOL)
    Eh, I've had too much weird shit happen to me that has no logical explanation to just shrug off everything. Most of it does have a logical explanation, but a handful of things in my life just don't.

    Once story is one I told on another channel.
    Shortness of it is, we saw a black shadowy mass in our yard, under the lamp post, or a light that was screwed onto our phone pole. The light didn't even give the figure a form, just the silhouette of man. Which, once my step-dad and grandfather came out with a gun, ran and hoped over our barbed wire/electric fence in one leap.
    My grandfather thought it to be the neighbors, however, my step-dad says it didn't look human. And for that thing to have jumped a fence, which was barbed wired, and had the electricity turned on, and was my height at the time, so five foot one inch, stiff legged. (Not the mention that fact the landed wasn't even a landing, but a hill that went straight down before leveling) All without us seeing him leave, hearing him leave, or finding him? Just too strange. As after he jumped the fence, they did chase over to where he left with a high powered flashlight There was no places to hid without us seeing him go into it, the grass was low as it was when the grass died after the first frost. The nearest hiding spot would have taken a run on a slope about five minuet, and from the porch to the fence was only a half minuet run.
    So yeah, it was unexplained, and our neighbors even said that no one, not even that crazy x boyfriend of hers, had been over there. And they were our land lords, so they weren't inclined to lie to us if we were in danger, the grandmother was the owner and she was very honest to us about everything. (She later would tell us, where he brother neglected to do so, that he was selling the house. So yeah...)

    Other things happened at that house that refuses to be logically explained. So I believe in the strange and paranormal. Too much of it has happened to me for me not to believe it.

  • Hunter Stump
    Hunter Stump Day ago

    You mean the government not doing a good job? NO say it ain't so?

  • EeveeKat
    EeveeKat Day ago

    "look at the shadow behind you" DO U MEAN TEH FLOOR TAT IS MADE OUT OF FLOOOR BEHIND MI???????????????????????????????

    • EeveeKat
      EeveeKat Day ago

      OwO female demon?Tell me more!

  • killer bee
    killer bee Day ago

    who is the girl at 0:04 ?

  • sienister
    sienister Day ago

    You should not be worried because it is based on a true story it is not the same its not 100% true

  • Joshua Obas
    Joshua Obas Day ago

    I love horror games

  • Abbiler
    Abbiler 2 days ago

    no one:
    matpat: D A W L

  • Some Blue Dude
    Some Blue Dude 2 days ago

    So what do 3rd party people gain........ Money

  • Felixe Pellizzari
    Felixe Pellizzari 2 days ago

    matpat: don’t turn around
    me: *turns around*
    *is sitting with back against wall*

  • Ally Winter
    Ally Winter 3 days ago

    1:02 technically, a megalodon was a huge prehistoric shark. That was real... •^•

  • Sparrow Hood
    Sparrow Hood 4 days ago

    There's a porcelain doll in our basement and I have seen a ghost in this house... I'm not sleeping tonight

  • Amber Fortson
    Amber Fortson 5 days ago


  • Adreona Rivera
    Adreona Rivera 5 days ago +1

    The strangers is a true story it was based on a true murder

  • tryhard
    tryhard 5 days ago

    2:40 "dont look behind you"
    Me:is on a couch. Me:a demon is in my chouch

  • Electric Energy
    Electric Energy 5 days ago

    *looks behind*
    Oh hey it’s that serial killer who’s been stalking me...

  • Crazy Place Entertainment

    Annabelle is based off of a real story of a raggaty ann doll that moves and then strange things happened that had many in the family killed

  • Trevor Edwards
    Trevor Edwards 6 days ago

    0:41 Don’t ya mean Scardy Pat! Budnum Ching

  • Julius Reyes
    Julius Reyes 6 days ago

    Didb MatPat forgot the opening credits? Hahaha

  • I kermited suicide
    I kermited suicide 7 days ago

    time for my daily dose of nightmare fuel

  • Avery Animations
    Avery Animations 7 days ago +3

    When mat pat said don’t turn around I turned around and saw my brother right up close to my face doing a creepy smile.
    He got punched in the face.

  • Kuma The Weeb
    Kuma The Weeb 7 days ago


    No sleep tonight

  • James Hond
    James Hond 7 days ago

    3:17 Why tf is Satan narrating?

  • Sonni D
    Sonni D 8 days ago +1

    So i'ts based on a true story...

  • Sonni D
    Sonni D 8 days ago +2

    Pray for me...I'm going Full Screen

  • Vraj Patel
    Vraj Patel 9 days ago

    1:10 little I wish (I really wish)

  • sᴏᴏʙɪɴ poolѕι

    *K n o c k K n o c k*

  • Claire Elise
    Claire Elise 9 days ago +2

    The scariest thing in this video was the greedy apple case! Man that was breathtaking!!! Luv you Matpat

  • leoaranza
    leoaranza 10 days ago

    A lot of factors in the series are fabricated (such as the nun) simply for added fear, j really recommend reading books such as “the demonologist”

  • Lunlis Tsukihime
    Lunlis Tsukihime 10 days ago

    It's 2:14 am...why am I watching this?

  • Aya Jones
    Aya Jones 10 days ago

    2:40 Lol I already see that dude all the time.

  • Bman Ebic
    Bman Ebic 11 days ago

    I turned around, saw nothing, Then realized that I should have a shadow and freaked out

  • Suga Is Mah Bias
    Suga Is Mah Bias 11 days ago +1

    howdy partners

  • CosmicSpaghet
    CosmicSpaghet 12 days ago

    0:45 heriditary stuck with me like that and kinda fucked me up for a solid 3 days

  • J Ditsfights256
    J Ditsfights256 12 days ago +1

    Matpat: don't turn around
    Me: I'm on a toilet so I actually can't turn around. Lol jokes on you

  • My name is and isn’t Bob

    Watch some random dude steal this videos intro and say it’s the trailer for the conjuring 3

  • dinogamer 1234
    dinogamer 1234 12 days ago

    dont u guys ever get scared when u see these?

  • Rishujeet Rai
    Rishujeet Rai 12 days ago

    Going through all these TVclip theories I feel like a researcher of some sorts lol

  • geeksquad44
    geeksquad44 12 days ago +1

    Watching those movies made me peepeepoopoo

  • D3athStr0k3
    D3athStr0k3 12 days ago

    When he said turn of the lights I urned to my doorway cause that was behind and right then my friend walked through it and it gave me a heart attack

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 12 days ago

    "Clapping demon is scary, therefore I am scared."

  • ATOMICFURY06 2606
    ATOMICFURY06 2606 13 days ago

    I got my bible in my hand and my rosary in my pocket

  • _ CJEMM5D _
    _ CJEMM5D _ 13 days ago

    What shadow mat....I'm on my kindle and leaning against the wall right now

  • Lim Cheryl
    Lim Cheryl 13 days ago

    Mat pat : we are finding the scariest thing

  • Angelo and Estevan BFF forever

    The safe house 👮👮👮👮👮👮👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️🚪📺🛋🛁🚽🛏🗄🕯👨🏻👩🏻👱🏻👦🏻👶🏻

  • water blox
    water blox 13 days ago

    The nun scares me most

  • BigBangVince
    BigBangVince 13 days ago

    so basically, after world war 3 and the world is turned into an apocalypse

  • 薩
     13 days ago


  • Your 0% friendly neighbour IW fanboy P2W IW lel

    5:19 look at the top of the screen

    • D3athStr0k3
      D3athStr0k3 12 days ago

      screw you screw you screw you. That looks like my cousin and now I feel to call a exorcist. Next reunion going to be a nightmare literally.

  • Water Malone
    Water Malone 14 days ago

    there's a girl in my class who says there is a nun demon in her grandma's house.

  • bobingtonsee 123
    bobingtonsee 123 14 days ago

    Im on a couch, if i turn around ill see the couch

  • ScrotMailPlayz
    ScrotMailPlayz 14 days ago

    Maybe Sherlock Holmes have a better explaination

  • ScrotMailPlayz
    ScrotMailPlayz 14 days ago

    Movie title: Bade on fiction
    Me: that movie is amazing
    Movie title: base on true story
    Me: this movie is so fake so they can just grab buck from gods believer

  • Laroviski
    Laroviski 14 days ago

    There was a _freaking _*_MIRROR_* behind me.
    do I really need to explain what happened?

  • Sommy Bunny
    Sommy Bunny 14 days ago +4


  • rob mclaughlin
    rob mclaughlin 14 days ago

    Just to be clear, the Warrens never really investigated the enfield case. Ed showed up for 20 minutes, realized there was no money to be made and left. Maybe if you tried a little more research and a little less cute narration.

  • the gamers empire
    the gamers empire 14 days ago

    That was a Spooby Theory the theory was so spoopy I could drop a log

  • The Cubing Verse
    The Cubing Verse 15 days ago

    Man ur video gives me chills

  • Mclamborghini Physics
    Mclamborghini Physics 15 days ago

    Mat pat said to turn around because there was someone behind us but I was on the toilets so take that

  • Gacha Bs
    Gacha Bs 15 days ago

    Literally is it just me because I literally don’t get scared of jump scares in movies

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 16 days ago

    No mention of how the Warrens were complete con-artists, even going so far as to hire a horror writer to make up scary stuff that never happened? I thought that would've been important enough to bring up. Oh well.

  • Katt Lol
    Katt Lol 16 days ago

    I did turn around, My sister was right behind me watching over my shoulder,I slapped her

  • Jasper :/
    Jasper :/ 16 days ago

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the chills D:

  • Sequence X
    Sequence X 16 days ago


  • Theater nerd
    Theater nerd 16 days ago +1

    The Conjuring movies about the hauntings have been reveled from the parents and the murderer. They told the interviewer that the murderer was going too be convicted. His lawyer didn't want him to go to jail, so he sat down with them over a bottle of wine. His lawyer said that, "We could make some money, we could get him out of jail." So yea... just wanted to say this... yea ....

  • Taffy-Dils uwu
    Taffy-Dils uwu 16 days ago

    Wanna know what sucks??
    It isn't the games or movies that frighten me, it's these theories;-;;

  • Bear Trimmer
    Bear Trimmer 16 days ago

    "Dont turn around"
    Me: *turns around * Hey dude, whats up? How ya been?

  • OPgaming\Reaction 101
    OPgaming\Reaction 101 17 days ago

    You only talked about the legal stuff and not the movies)

  • Thrasher Gamer
    Thrasher Gamer 17 days ago

    Man the truth is so scary I don’t know if I will watch another video

  • P I P S C H T I C K
    P I P S C H T I C K 17 days ago

    Idk why but I want Mat to come with Shane and Ryan the next time they do a demon episode

  • Henry Kaufman
    Henry Kaufman 17 days ago

    anyone watching after Annabelle Comes Home?

    DAM DANIEL 17 days ago

    yo y'all need Jesus fam

  • Ruby Salisbury
    Ruby Salisbury 18 days ago

    Hi mat

  • erick aguilar
    erick aguilar 18 days ago

    Ah spoopy