MINING VISIBLE GOLD from the Vein in Australia!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Today I set out on a gold mining adventure in the golden triangle of Victoria, Australia and find some awesome chunky gold thanks to Famo59!
    Want to win a 1.1 Gram Gold Nugget?
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  • Famo59
    Famo59 6 months ago +498

    I am so happy to help a fellow TVclipr when he asked me to help him out to find a Gold Spot..
    Klesh you are a true gentleman and will be more than happy to have you at my camp fire 🔥 in the Goldfields.
    Cheers Tony.Famo59👍🤓🍺⛏

    • Col b
      Col b 22 days ago

      @Kowboy USA lol. Well, we had to get some compensation.
      After all, we got most of the weird ass critters on earth.(kangaroos, koalas, wombats, platapus, echidna, etc,and a lot of the rest are nasty unsocial cranky buggers that just wanna killya . :))

    • Christian gama
      Christian gama 24 days ago

      where i can buy that metal detector sir

    • david drury
      david drury Month ago

      where is that spot please in victoria

    • Ken McCulkin
      Ken McCulkin Month ago

      @KleshGuitars Where was this spot mate.

    • Ken McCulkin
      Ken McCulkin Month ago

      Where is this spot Mate.

  • Crafter Blox
    Crafter Blox 7 hours ago

    Wow the new Minecraft texture pack is realistic as fk

  • Demarco Goss
    Demarco Goss 10 hours ago

    I don’t understand this type of stuff so when he was like WHOAAAAAAH I was like what the freak do you see

  • sticustom
    sticustom 11 hours ago

    You are walking around in Australia, in summer, in the bush, with thongs on. You have heard of snakes haven’t you? Crazy.

  • Rex Peterson
    Rex Peterson 4 days ago

    Put the lotion in the bucket

  • μυθοπλαστης μυθοπλαστης

    next time use a diam pick axe , way faster

  • Mellie and My pets
    Mellie and My pets 7 days ago

    Donut use a wooden or stone pickaxe true words

  • Mellie and My pets
    Mellie and My pets 7 days ago

    Gold is yellow 💛🐤🐥🐣🐡🌙⭐️🌟✨⚡️💫☀️🌼🌻🌞🌝🧀🍌🍋🍟🎾🥎🏵🎗🏆🎷🎺💛💛💛💛💛💛🔅🔆〽️⚠️⚜️🔱

  • The_meme_lord
    The_meme_lord 8 days ago

    It's easy to find gold,

    just go to a mesa biome and find a cave

  • Always Good
    Always Good 11 days ago

    Really good on the health and safety there a pair of bloody flip flops in a fucking mine🤔🤕🤕👻

  • Skyler Munn
    Skyler Munn 13 days ago

    Me hearing the detector
    The cops are here hide.

    • Skyler Munn
      Skyler Munn 9 days ago

      @KleshGuitars I can finnaly cross off get a reply from a cool TVclipr on my bucket list.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  12 days ago


  • MrCoolcool666
    MrCoolcool666 13 days ago

    Anyone notice he signed 2009?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  12 days ago

      Chris did as he was signing it, but we just left it :D

  • Slump Gawd
    Slump Gawd 14 days ago

    Tip, set a blanket down to ensure you catch everything that falls when using the pic axe

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  12 days ago

      Good Idea Slump Gawd! Thanks for watching!

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    Hardcore minecrafter

  • Alec Akin
    Alec Akin 17 days ago

    Oh no! I think R2 is stuck in that rock!!

  • Batman The Dark Knight

    Near 3:25 I saw the words nice

  • shoved to the right?
    shoved to the right? 24 days ago

    LOL 'Put it in the bucket!' Great video man braver than me..... Australia + cave + spiders - ME!!! LOL

  • t u
    t u 24 days ago

    How are you so excited about such a tiny amount of gold LOL, your expression made it seem like there was nuggets in there by the gram

    • t u
      t u 24 days ago

      KleshGuitars oh okay I didn’t look at it that way

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  24 days ago +1

      Compared to what I find in Colorado, this gold is a month's worth of work in one day.

  • marco dijkman
    marco dijkman 26 days ago

    I so badly wanna swing my detector there but its like 100000km
    away :)

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago

      yeah it's pretty far away from the US or any other country :D

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 27 days ago

    With all these minecraft comments I wonder only one thing
    Have you ever played minecraft?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago

      I live stream minecraft sometimes on Twitch (kleshguitars)

  • Tyler Barbier
    Tyler Barbier 27 days ago

    I should be doing schoolwork but instead here I am watching some dude mine for gold on youtube

  • Bleed 12
    Bleed 12 28 days ago

    With your pending technique it looks like you dumped have to go back but that’s OK

  • Col b
    Col b 28 days ago

    lol @ water hard to find in Victoria ..
    Come to West Aussie young man.
    Over this side , we dont drink coffee, its so dry and water is so scarce, we just grind our beans and tip a teaspoonfull on our tongues. let saliva mix in , suck it dry and spit out the grounds.
    I'm jokeing of corse.
    We swallow the grounds as well ;))

    • Col b
      Col b 22 days ago

      @KleshGuitars Still a lot of gold being found here, with newer, better detectors. so im sure you'll have a great time. (and its incredibly beautifull country)

      A mate, a month ago, 1st time ever detecting, in an area that'd been picked over often, 50 yards from camp, dug up from about 15 inches down, a just under 5 ounce nugget.( jammy bugger lol )
      i think its safe to say, hell be trying that again lol

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago +1

      Ill visit WA, i'll have many gallons of water, gas and food in me Ute before heading out!

  • maguway lag-ao
    maguway lag-ao 29 days ago

    ayna nga banda dayta pards

  • Tyler Workman
    Tyler Workman Month ago

    Wears snadles to go mining lmao

  • D Mimz
    D Mimz Month ago

    Metal detectors give false signals all the time. They are possessed

  • Angie! At the Disco

    Real life minecraft?

  • remy deen
    remy deen Month ago +1

    Resource Insider gold mining exploring update
    : Starvation In The Yukon - Gold Mining In The North

    MX LTED Month ago

    How did you get a medal director from texture pack

    MX LTED Month ago

    Is it just me or do I get Minecraft vibes after watching this

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago +1

      I get minecraft vibes from everything. I play it too much

  • andon angel
    andon angel Month ago

    Get your boney skeletal marrow shitting ass back to Australia 😆

  • david drury
    david drury Month ago

    where is that in victoria

  • Stp User
    Stp User Month ago

    "Chunky pieces" :-) great video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Five Musketeers of doges

    Love your channel

  • ZX10R ABS
    ZX10R ABS Month ago

    and that would require 100% gold content....hmmmm silly American

  • ZX10R ABS
    ZX10R ABS Month ago

    .1g or about $4 usd... at 1-2 hrs of can sling burgers and make 3X that wage

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Sure ya can, but what fun is slinging burgers?

  • MarquesTheProducer
    MarquesTheProducer Month ago

    Metal detector sound 😭

  • Mike's Collectible Madness

    Amazing video and amazing channel and amazing job my friend 😀😎👍

  • Removable
    Removable Month ago

    sledge hammer that shit

  • H20thehacker yt
    H20thehacker yt Month ago


  • James Alexandros
    James Alexandros Month ago +2

    3:06 sounds like my robot dog😂

  • Auto infinity
    Auto infinity Month ago


    DAVID BUCKLE GOLD Month ago +1


  • Reverse John Wick
    Reverse John Wick Month ago

    John Wick but he's a gold digger?

    • Reverse John Wick
      Reverse John Wick Month ago

      Aye, you kinda remind me of him with that beard. Should probably say, good video.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago


  • Jboy Ortega
    Jboy Ortega Month ago

    why wont you bother using mercury?

  • Нюра Калинина

    Посмотрите канал Maximov Ro !!!!!!!

  • GORZA18
    GORZA18 Month ago

    hoooly shit you think that was good, i was in a small creak at the bottom of two valleys that i have walked many times with heaps of gold mines and i scored and i got like quadruple that

  • Milano
    Milano Month ago


  • HyperspacePotato
    HyperspacePotato Month ago

    4:50 anyone fortnite :D
    fucking kill me

  • Al Lada
    Al Lada Month ago

    After digging gold from the wall it's a good idea to look for it on the ground not just run the detector over the spot where it was and say its gone Now.

  • andon angel
    andon angel Month ago

    Hey bendigo boy, hope ya find some potato sized nuggies :)

  • Richard Marchant
    Richard Marchant Month ago

    How do we become friends so i can come on some adventures with you looking for treasure 🤙😁

  • Yeetroot The Beetroot The 2nd

    wait is Australia also the nether

  • Yeetroot The Beetroot The 2nd

    Australia is a mesa biome no wonder he wasnt deep

  • Yeetroot The Beetroot The 2nd

    mate you found a spider

    i live in australia

  • Archy Grey
    Archy Grey Month ago

    Sure are alot of minecraft comments here

  • Ayoub El Mekki
    Ayoub El Mekki Month ago

    loved the gnawa music

  • charlie dalton
    charlie dalton Month ago

    at 6 mins 49second they are gold on the roof

  • Shanky _
    Shanky _ 2 months ago

    How am I supposed to make a golden sword with only a half gram?

  • WhyClaireY
    WhyClaireY 2 months ago

    I love that this man is mining for gold in sandals 😂 iconic