Joe Rogan Experience #1413 - Bill Maher

  • Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, and television host. The new season of his show "Real Time with Bill Maher" premieres January 17 on HBO.

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  • Frank Delgrosso
    Frank Delgrosso 10 minutes ago

    Oh god Joe baiting him on the get married bit was priceless, Bill walked straight into it clueless until Joe flat out assumed the role of the woman and even then it took him a moment.

  • Lou Villa
    Lou Villa 16 minutes ago

    Bill needs to get off his high horse

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 19 minutes ago

    Bill Cosby, it's a sick somapiliac is drugging and sleeping with a woman, it's a parahilia!

  • Ricky Daniele
    Ricky Daniele 37 minutes ago

    Gary Busey?

  • J A
    J A 42 minutes ago

    Bill Mayer is a lying dog faced pony soldier!

  • Sandie Mann
    Sandie Mann 5 hours ago

    I tried to listen to this podcast but Maher just as his HBO show he goes into his “oh these awful kids these days” crap! I’m older than him and couldn’t disagree with his judgements more. Bla bla bla boring! Maher is ready for the retirement home.

  • St James
    St James 6 hours ago

    58:19 thats where you’re wrong sir

  • Swampfox M
    Swampfox M 14 hours ago

    Douchebag bill

  • Vwvento Schwarz
    Vwvento Schwarz 14 hours ago

    Thanks for putting the headphones away. Great interview, I loved it!!

  • Lisa LPH
    Lisa LPH 14 hours ago

    Thank you for telling boys that the shit you see in porn is NOT what women want!

  • DarVienasAs
    DarVienasAs 15 hours ago

    I have to say, it was very interesting podcast. Very interesting topics touched, and it all went very naturally. Thanks.

  • Sean Greis
    Sean Greis 21 hour ago

    Steve McQueen: Asbestos from his racing suits caused the lung cancer...

  • Phil
    Phil Day ago

    Bill "I invited myself on your show" Maher. That was a quick one.

  • Matthew Mackay
    Matthew Mackay Day ago

    I love both of you and agree 99% of the time. There is one area however that i wonder if either of you would feel differently had you experienced what i have. Thats the area of healthcare. You see, i was born with several painful genetic disorders. In my 20s i pushed myself hard and even did an iron man so i know how to push myself. Shortly thereafter the health problems just started cropping up and I've spent the last 25 years fighting doctors, insurance conpanies and my own body. Where once i trained to run 26 miles and look great naked, i now find myself training regularly to be fit enough to even survive my full time job.and pay the bills. I mention this because i felt certain attitudes of yourself and Mr. Maher are influenced by maybe having been born with great health and maybe (just a theory) little experience with our broken healthcare system. No disrespect intended, maybe you'd be interested to know how the chronically ill get by in this country.

  • steveN111333
    steveN111333 Day ago

    1:49:35 ....the way Bill whispers "....Way worse..." kind of freaked me out a bit !

  • Bonnie Brown
    Bonnie Brown Day ago +1

    Alabama will never go Liberal, they are too nice and have common sense.

  • Donamtrx
    Donamtrx Day ago

    Ya know what's off putting....bald vagina. Ya know who has a bald vagina...little girls. Women replicating a little girl's vagina to turn on a man & invite him to fuck what looks like a child...THAT is off putting to say the least.

  • Pablo Ramirez de Arellano

    free time in mexico and he gets homesick, what a douche!!

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist 2 days ago

    Hypocritical piece of shit Bill is. Socialism for thee but not for me. Sick puppies 😷

  • Chance Stodolak
    Chance Stodolak 2 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Andrew Wilkins
    Andrew Wilkins 2 days ago +4

    Joe get Louis CK on the show. I would like to see that. I think other people would too

  • Jo Zippy
    Jo Zippy 2 days ago

    Joe Biden Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Staffer

  • Ranel Rimas
    Ranel Rimas 2 days ago

    Condescending guest. No eye contact. Too much ego. Puts his feet up...

  • Neva' eh's Natas
    Neva' eh's Natas 2 days ago

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • Bill Wight
    Bill Wight 2 days ago

    I hope he is happy, recession is imminent. Idiot.

  • Curtis Neilson
    Curtis Neilson 2 days ago

    supposedly, cosby drugged them to avoid them knowing they had sex so that they couldnt get hung up on them or ask for money or cause problems.....he didn't think he had to drug them for sex and probably didnt.

  • GlobalPsychosis
    GlobalPsychosis 3 days ago

    Worthless scumbag motherfucker.

  • Ryder Storm
    Ryder Storm 3 days ago

    Bill Maher...can’t say I like him but for the most part he is sensible. Then he goes and wishes for a recession..cue corona lol

  • John Marksman
    John Marksman 3 days ago

    Im sure Gibbons are Monogamous

  • I Prosopon
    I Prosopon 3 days ago

    Hitch didn't start making films in the late-30's. He started during the silent film era. Also, they didn't have the insane budgets of today or SPFX tech. Had to rely on actors acting, directos directing, and dialog. - Not shit blowing up every five minutes and CGI. That said, yeah, most of the movies from that era are a rough watch. As you were.

  • GravityBoy72
    GravityBoy72 3 days ago

    Bill Maher... still pushing climate change and shaming anyone who disagrees.
    But he's different from normal progressives though....
    Same old.

  • John Marksman
    John Marksman 3 days ago

    Seems like Maher's show brings a lot of people to the polls when on

  • Ranel Rimas
    Ranel Rimas 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay.

  • fireblade2681
    fireblade2681 4 days ago

    Bill Maher is an out of touch celebrity robot.

    BARBARA NORTON 4 days ago

    In defense of some overweight peeps, drugs for depression will put weight on you whether you want it or not. I had over 50 pounds in a year. I had to quit the fucking drugs and it took years to get the weight back off. (because I am older and it does not come off as easy). The point is, it can be more then food. How many people are on this shit? Doctors know it and ignore it. smh Should we shame them? and how do we know the difference?

  • bozworthy
    bozworthy 4 days ago

    Bill seemed really likeable here

  • Michael Grove
    Michael Grove 4 days ago

    Keanu Reeves, Dave Chappelle, Trey Parker n Matt Stone and Marshall Mather... I've said enough

  • ben webber
    ben webber 4 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Jay Leno AND Macully Culkin! Joe knows hahahaha!!

  • Michael Haas
    Michael Haas 4 days ago

    You can tell Bill is thinking 'WHF am I doing here with this underling". I got some news for old Bill, I've never watched you, but I watch and listen to Joe Rogan every day. He is much more entertaining than you are Bill.

  • Mickey Mook
    Mickey Mook 4 days ago

    Bullshit. My old girlfriend LOVED having her face cumed on.

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Joe should have Dee Snider on, I believe Dee was in front of congressional hearing about satanic music and was brilliant !

  • Roberto Puig
    Roberto Puig 5 days ago

    Bill was hoping for a recession on the economy saying that it would be worth it , to get rid of Trump , never mind all the people that get screwed. Wonder what he has to say about that after all he has enough money not to be affected, dushbag.

  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson 5 days ago

    BM is a lefty puppet ...

  • WendyMarie R
    WendyMarie R 5 days ago

    Take a chill pill, Bill.

  • blag6666
    blag6666 5 days ago

    USA is a freak house. You are ignorant, stupid, ugly, fat, ultra-materialistic and you matter for your Government, as long you are consumer.

  • illuzion Plays
    illuzion Plays 5 days ago

    The documentary, Divorce Corp, is an amazing look at Family law.

  • Timothy Walls
    Timothy Walls 5 days ago +7

    bill maher is not my favorite person but i respect his right to have his own opinions... but i dont think things are too long. i like long form podcasts. thats what got me into joe rogan to begin with.

  • N-Key 2
    N-Key 2 6 days ago

    Originally, marriage was a financial contract between two families, including dowry. If there was a divorce, the family of the bride not only wanted the dowry back, they wanted all the $ they'd spent on ceremony & celebration.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago +1

    "I like to be with my friends, the other comics. I know a lot of friends, and have a lot of comics. Who are my friends"

  • Steven Shortridge
    Steven Shortridge 6 days ago

    Wow....Bill Maher was COOL!! He was a nice surprise guest! I was impressed! Rock on BILL!!

  • dvdschaub
    dvdschaub 6 days ago +2

    Has Bill ever watched is own show? The panel is always talking over each other.

  • ShockCo Truth
    ShockCo Truth 6 days ago

    When there is no more progress to be made, people will engage in things that dont make progress ....civilization is like a meal. You begin by taking a seat at the table, ease into it with an appetizer, then graduate to the main course. By the end, you are full, and just want to pick at something sweet and unnecessary.

  • Aaron Andersen
    Aaron Andersen 6 days ago +7

    Steve McQueen (actor) died of Mesothelioma, which is a rare lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. McQueen believed he was exposed during his stint with the Marines (removing asbestos from pipes), as well as on sound stages and driver's suits where it was used extensively for flame resistance.

  • J J
    J J 6 days ago

    The federal government has done a lot of things smoothly that you don't know about because of its success.

  • Bradley D. Bennett
    Bradley D. Bennett 6 days ago

    It's called in media res, Bill.

  • agwtaw2
    agwtaw2 7 days ago +2

    Maher used to be great, now he's just a democratic establishment stooge

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 7 days ago +4

    Two intelligent people having a conversation. What is this odd thing happening?

  • Istvan Minh
    Istvan Minh 7 days ago +1

    Wow. I thought I would hate this. Bills pretty even keel then

  • Sean Bucklin
    Sean Bucklin 7 days ago +1

    Bill was wishing for a recession to get rid of Trump. Good thing he is rich. A lot of us are screwed with America shutting down.

  • Yafa Farahdel
    Yafa Farahdel 8 days ago

    They don’t watch you because you are a piece of crap.

  • Yafa Farahdel
    Yafa Farahdel 8 days ago

    I hate this man with every fiber of my body! The SOB should be so happy the Market tanked MF

  • Tim Norton
    Tim Norton 8 days ago

    Dick pics, lol. I'm waiting for paleontologists to find cave drawings of dick pics

  • mendel
    mendel 8 days ago +1

    Did these guys just admit on TVclip they watch porn?

  • Lance Grimmez
    Lance Grimmez 8 days ago

    "hey google, search Charlie Chaplin gay penguins fcking kids"

  • Noam finnegan
    Noam finnegan 8 days ago

    Bill fuck off, your not funny anymore and the jokes you get laughs with are written for you. Shame your like Steve Jobs, all the credit none of the work. Fingers crossed you go the same way.

  • Zach Walker
    Zach Walker 8 days ago

    We can't pass out money to Raytheon and general dynamics

  • Zach Walker
    Zach Walker 8 days ago

    Dosnt matter who the dems run they've fucked up so badly and so often. They should hide their face for the next 10 years. Disgrace

  • Zach Walker
    Zach Walker 8 days ago

    Marriage = pure wretched fucking hell like I've never seen. Or heard about blows my fucking mind. Blows my mind.

  • Zach Walker
    Zach Walker 8 days ago

    Lol porn I don't think that poor girl is really stuck and I'm pretty sure that ain't her brother.

  • Zach Walker
    Zach Walker 8 days ago

    I went and looked at the cemetery of the first settlers that where here lot of them didn't make it past 25 some of them made it to there 70s not many lot of babies and mothers.

  • Ruben Freire
    Ruben Freire 8 days ago +2

    I really like how Bill Maher, was in a body position such as it acknowledged Jamie and Joe, both at the same time.

  • Quarry
    Quarry 9 days ago

    This guy maher, wanted anything to happen to the USA. Just to make Trump look bad . He got his wish a virus that's killing People.

  • bluewaves overfuji
    bluewaves overfuji 9 days ago

    loved it..brilliant show and Bill Maher is not the dick that I've been led to believe.. looking forward to checking out his show and will be great to see JR on there.

  • Frederic Mari
    Frederic Mari 9 days ago

    James Corden didn’t take the easy route. He says he’s tried to lose weight all his life and he couldn’t/can’t. He didn’t justify fat. He just pointed out fat people know they’re fat and have had plenty of “feedback” already. Fat shaming is real too. So adding to it isn’t necessary.

    • Frederic Mari
      Frederic Mari 9 days ago

      Victor : we certainly shouldn’t be proud but I don’t think being ashamed really help. It’s just more useless stress. I believe it is fair to seek to change what you can to lose weight but not everyone has the time/opportunity/money/set up to exercise and eat right.

    • Victor
      Victor 9 days ago

      As a fat person, we should be shamed.

  • Frederic Mari
    Frederic Mari 10 days ago

    Re. divorce, the initial positive idea is that it’s a partnership - the man works outside & the woman keeps house. The issue is that one job is paid, the other is done for free. If men paid 50% of their salary to their stay at home wives, divorce settlement would not have had its philosophical underpinning. Not that I recommend that - paying your wife is a shitty idea. But you get the point. Society depends on *many* housewives taking care of chores/children. And that’s unpaid. That’s the issue (originally).

  • ian redgate
    ian redgate 10 days ago

    face of the cunt

  • Shane DiPietro-Bean
    Shane DiPietro-Bean 10 days ago

    I actually found porn by accident I was like 10 and the idea of seeing women naked was really fascinating to me so I kind of was like maybe I can look that shit up and I was looking at nudes before I before I looked up porn😂 proud to say even taught myself how to jerk off lol

  • Shane DiPietro-Bean
    Shane DiPietro-Bean 10 days ago

    All hail Bill Maher!

  • Akos M.
    Akos M. 10 days ago

    There had been no gay penguins before Leslie Knope had 2 male penguins united in holy gay matrimony

  • ian stewart
    ian stewart 10 days ago

    Hi. 1 - those here that post omigod bill can b ok. Yeah yeah bills ok. 2. - i really appreciate the convo on porn. I dont quite get the denial of craziness that excites us but ireally worry for the young that dont have enough e perience before witnessing all the shit that porn shows us. 3 - now we r living a pandemic. This discussion would b totally different when they r referring to how soft we are. 4- it takes lots of time to listen watch this, but u got the time now!!,