Stormzy talks growth, the OGs, public pressures & more with Dotty on 1Xtra

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • BBC Radio 1Xtra's Dotty talks to Stormzy about new album ' Heavy Is the Head' , relationships, glastonbury, success and more
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Comments • 329

  • Hendrix Lynch
    Hendrix Lynch 7 days ago

    “Best idea wins” is not a Kanye quote. Lol. Love to Kanye but nah.

  • Eboni Taylor
    Eboni Taylor 7 days ago

    BIG UP TO YOU STORMZYYY!! Absolutely amazingggg! Doing your thing and continuing to shine and bringing people like my cousin on your track and allowing her to collab with you because you see her happy your just doing you!! Don’t worry Stormzy...I will meet you soon😂😂😂

  • tinashe fireyi
    tinashe fireyi 8 days ago

    Thats how you know that man really growing when man start checkin himself I knew that shit when I started checking myself

  • Tochi Anu
    Tochi Anu 8 days ago

    Is there a better interviewer out there than Dotty? Brilliant interview

  • dgjaiw 52iq
    dgjaiw 52iq 12 days ago

    Stormzy is correct mate! Unapologetic

  • Craigyboy00
    Craigyboy00 13 days ago

    There's no genre in a studio just art. Genre is for fans and music is for musicians

  • Tatz
    Tatz 13 days ago

    2020?😂i think he changed his views abitt

  • James Chuka
    James Chuka 14 days ago +3

    "Wiley I could NEVER diss you on a record bro" 1 month later Still Disappointed with 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SwiftStarBwoi420
    SwiftStarBwoi420 18 days ago +7

    Stomzy said he could never diss Wiley on a record.... Fast forward 3 weeks later an man drops a madness on Wiley saying he's disappointed LOL

      ROCK ROYALTY 13 days ago

      Thats happens when you send for man by dissing his mum. #error #merky

  • Simon Gardner
    Simon Gardner 19 days ago +14

    19:06 well that changed lol

    • Mona the Goddess
      Mona the Goddess 17 days ago

      I was just about to say the same thing LOL Never say never

  • Gurdit Singh
    Gurdit Singh 19 days ago +41

    "I could never diss you on a record bro" - I'm so disappointed 😂. Stormzy merked Wiley tho

  • judas rapknowledge
    judas rapknowledge 19 days ago +2

    I love stormzy , but he can't talk good in interview ....he bores me alot in all his interviews

  • Ridwan Patel
    Ridwan Patel 19 days ago +1

    That wiley impression 😂😂😂

  • Trigga Rackso
    Trigga Rackso 20 days ago +2

    18:30 run my likes

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie 22 days ago


  • India Bliss
    India Bliss 22 days ago

    Huge respect for this guy

  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes 24 days ago

    What exactly did he do that disrespected Maya?

  • Tommymaggot1
    Tommymaggot1 26 days ago

    Like the grime NAS love em

  • Bugsyzante
    Bugsyzante 28 days ago

    Racist bastard

  • Imagination turtle
    Imagination turtle Month ago

    What a G

  • Natasha Israil
    Natasha Israil Month ago

    Its awesome...... thank you xxx

  • Michael Quirk
    Michael Quirk Month ago

    Britain 100% racist ???
    Stormzy is such a pathetic hypocrite.
    Calling Labour supporters racist proves he's as ignorant as shit...
    Another ungrateful rich celebrity spewing disdain on the fawning public that made him famous...🤮🤮🤮

    • TheHatedHater
      TheHatedHater 16 days ago

      Your comprehension skills are lacking.

    • Bam Bam ELEGUNDE
      Bam Bam ELEGUNDE 18 days ago +1

      Thats not what he said, the news outlets twisted it. The interviewer asked him is there racism in the UK? He said yes, 100%. Not "there is a 100% racism in UK."

  • Mo
    Mo Month ago +3

    14:10 Hes talking facts here.

  • chescarino
    chescarino Month ago +1

    wow, chicken connoisseur got his own show now!!

  • Ajanta Dhoot
    Ajanta Dhoot Month ago

    Life hack,, watch this video at playback speed x2

  • Mister006
    Mister006 Month ago +7

    Excruciatingly difficult to understand man. There's far too much dancing in his explanation regarding Maya Jama, because of his embarrassment. I don't think ownership is full with man. Don't get me wrong, he's put out his apology and statements of how he screwed up, but I still don't see ownership. Ownership takes a different tact, and uses far fewer words.
    Stay single and married to the music, my dude.

  • Israa Morgan
    Israa Morgan Month ago +1

    Stormzy is the most genuine, down to earth guy. Always touches on such important topics and uses his influence to to good. He deserves it all and the album was a masterpiece. Can’t wait to see you in New Zealand

  • GreatManKenny10
    GreatManKenny10 Month ago

    Top bredda

  • Never met a poor socialist

    His white chick is hot. Capital H.

  • mr J
    mr J Month ago

    fucking idiot


    Dotty my babes real talk xxxxxx
    Stormzy your making me proud real g stuff it's mad love your boy sirshys 😎&Dotty Love ur voice it's my morning comfort 😘😍😘😍😂

  • D D
    D D Month ago


  • D D
    D D Month ago

    What paper do you read

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    How do you feel about living in Europe

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    A sugar tax I’m not fat why should I be taxed

  • D D
    D D Month ago +1

    A real issue is 30% less sugar on co co pops, they taste so bad,

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    A hung over breakfast

  • D D
    D D Month ago


  • D D
    D D Month ago +3

    Stormzy with glassembry don’t have control of the weather, ok wellie boots sold separate with weather

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    Why isn’t there a will Smith legend 2 ???????

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    Will Smith, entertaining actor rapper legend

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    I’m lush

  • K Sattar
    K Sattar Month ago +16

    I can see why people like this guy, so down to earth

  • Bev R
    Bev R Month ago +5

    Dottie like the interview, well on point.
    Stormzy life is a journey and on that journey you will be learning, so continue to learn and grow and enjoy, no matter what age, I’m double your age and still learning. Nothing wrong with that. All the best 🙏🏾
    The album is good, my daughters friend laughed when I told her I bought it.

  • Olivia North
    Olivia North Month ago +20

    Lessons is the best song in the album 🙋‍♀️

  • joel court
    joel court Month ago

    Chicken connoisseur rude boy

  • bonnie holt
    bonnie holt Month ago +3

    Just admit you still love the girl (that's real) stop blubbling and beating round the bush saying bruv??? Just admit you are broken hearted? That's deep that's growing that's trusths, not bruv this bruv that... just answer the question

  • Ally Jones
    Ally Jones Month ago +1

    Thank god for this talented young man👏🏾✌🏿

  • Anxious Mind
    Anxious Mind Month ago +3

    Hate that he sees the scholarships as winding up the nation. Only pissed people off because there is so much power in it. Your money, you do you.

  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago

    GET AT zee_khan99 on insta

  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • ZRK 99
    ZRK 99 Month ago


  • Stickii
    Stickii Month ago +47

    Lessons is a song that hopefully will be a wake up call for all the bruddas out there that have a good woman, a queen and think twice about straying. It's hard to find a good woman and it's also hard to find a good man , and if you are lucky enough to find that someone don't take that quest and blessing for granted.

  • Shocker99
    Shocker99 Month ago

    I like how some sounds never change. It's been a while since i've listened/watched radio 1/1xtra but that intro has been the same for at least 10 years now. And the sound Dotty used to introduce Stormzy hasn't changed either. Mad.

  • mia raja
    mia raja Month ago +1

    Love dotty haha